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What are the uses of motion sensors that you may not have known about?

  1. Open and close automatic doors
  2. Switch lights on when someone enters a room
  3. Turn on water faucets and toilets
  4. Protect churches from theft and tampering


A motion sensor (or motion detector as it is more commonly known) is a security system used to detect movements around a perimeter. Besides protecting homes from intruders, did you know that motion sensors are what automatically open doors in grocery stores and activate hand dryers in restrooms?

High-quality motion sensors from a trusted electrical supplier in Metro Manila such as Meiji Electric can be used for both residential and commercial use. When interconnected with an automated system, it can be programmed to do a number of tasks. Meiji Electric even offers a motion sensor that detects human voices through infrared technology!

Want to learn more about the uses of motion sensors that you may not have known about? Read on!


Open and Close Automatic Doors

Open and Close Automatic Doors

Are you the proud owner of a grocery store with automatic sliding doors? Are your children always excited to accompany you to the store so that they can play with these doors? Well then, you have motion sensors to thank for that.

Particular motion detectors called active sensors are used to detect movement so that it can signal doors to open or close. Also called Radar-based motion sensors, these electrical products emit tiny waves across a certain range. These waves hit objects around the device and reflect it back into the sensor. Any motion in front of the device will cause a shift in waves, which the sensor will detect and use to activate the sliding doors.

Another use for this type of motion sensor is to automatically turn on your house lights for you once you enter the room.


Switch Lights On When Someone Enters a Room

Switch Lights On When Someone Enters a Room

Do you happen to have a variety of lights inside your home? Give yourself an easier time turning on all these lights after a long day at work by installing motion sensors.

Meiji Electric’s MS-02 is a ceiling-type motion sensor that also acts as a fully automatic indoor light controller. It can detect you entering through the door from a distance of 3 to 6 meters, automatically turning all your house lights on as you enter through the door. Make sure to position the sensor right above your doorway in order for it to accurately detect your entrance.

Besides sliding doors and house lights, did you know that motion sensors can also turn on water faucets and flush toilets?


Turn On Water Faucets and Toilets

Turn On Water Faucets and Toilets

More and more shopping malls are choosing to shift to motion-activated water faucets and toilets. Instead of pressing a lever after you finish using the toilet, it automatically flushes after you stand up. When you wash your hands, simply place your hand under the sink head and water will flow out. The integration of motion sensors in restrooms is incredibly useful for sanitary purposes.

Both toilets and faucets use a type of sensor that detects your presence rather than movement. A sensor will detect your presence once you sit on the toilet and once you stand up and leave, you will be out of its range. Your absence will be its signal to activate the toilet’s flush. In terms of faucets, it detects your presence once you place your hand under the spout, activating the water. Once you take your hand off, it detects your absence and turns it off.

Motion detectors found on toilets are called wall-mounted motion sensors. These can also be utilized in establishments such as churches to protect them from theft and tampering.


Protect Churches From Theft and Tampering

Churches and other establishments left unused at night may be at risk of theft and tampering. In order to prevent this possibility, churches have installed motion sensors that will trigger a security alarm if an unwanted intruder forcefully makes its way into the establishment. This can also be used for businesses that are not open for 24 hours.

Meiji Electric’s MS-01 is a high-quality motion sensor that can be strategically placed around a building to protect all possible entryways. Take note that motion sensors work best when motion is parallel to it, not walking directly toward it. It would make sense for you to install sensors along walls that an intruder would walk beside, such as a narrow pathway or a hallway.

Motion sensors can work as an efficient security system on their own, but their capabilities can grow even more when integrated with other electrical systems.


Key Takeaway

Avail of affordable yet high-quality motion sensors from a trusted electrical supplier in Metro Manila such as Meiji Electric for your industrial and residential needs. Protect your property with this efficient security system. Connect sensors to computerized systems to automatically activate the lights in your home. Or create a more relaxing experience for your customers by installing motion sensors that can open and close doors as well as faucets. Boost efficiency both at home and in your business by installing high-quality motion sensors.

Invest in your own motion sensors from a trusted electrical supplier in Metro Manila such as Meiji Electric to see for yourself exactly what it can do.

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