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Living in a high-tech world, everyone has their own fashionable and expensive gadgets.

Like every year, people attend conventions for upcoming new versions of gadgets like iPhone, Samsung, LG, Hwawei, Motorola, Nokia and other leading brands. If you are searching for a new smartphone, you have to make a good choice between an iPhone or Android phone. Some people even go as far as queueing for hours or days early to get their hands on new gadgets.

Here is a recap of the top gadgets that were released in 2017:


  1. The iPhone X

Release date: November 3, 2017

Features facial recognition technology, to unlock the phone, users can activate Face ID. With no home button, the phone wakes up with a tap. iPhone X is a refreshing redesign. After over three years of essentially the same look, it’s nice to see Apple do something radically different again, absolutely the best phone Apple ever made.


  1. Apple Watch Series 3

Release date: September 12, 2017

The 3rd series of the Apple Watch has a built-in GPS and a new altimeter to track

all your outdoor workouts. With added new measurements to the heart-rate

readings, it can view your resting, walking, breathing, workout, and recovery

rates throughout the day.


  1. Samsung S8

Release date: April 21, 2017

It has a new edge-to-edge design called the ‘Infinity Display’. It’s camera has Dual

Pixel sensor and bright lens, delivering photos that are crisp and vivid. It uses

enhanced image processing, taking multiple shots and combining them into one

high-quality photo.


  1. Nokia 8

Release date: August 2017

It comes with an all-day battery life, 64GB of internal storage and the option to add a 256GB MicroSD card to bulk this out. The camera of Nokia 8 has bothie technology, which lets the phone simultaneously film what is in front of the device while also recording selfie videos.


With new technological advancements and gadgets being released, we all have multiple devices to charge every day. From phones, to tablets, to smart watches. An average person could be charging 3 to 4 devices each day, and every gadget needs a USB cable and adaptor to charge. This all leads to tangled USB cables, bulky wall adaptors and a short supply of wall outlets.


Solution to this charging dilemma

There is a solution to this charging dilemma though, The Meiji 2.1 USB wall outlet.

Meiji USB Outlet 2.1A

Meiji 1-3 Gang USB Outlets 2.1A


The Meiji USB outlet 2.1A (MCS-0524) is the latest and upgraded USB outlet that can accommodate all of your gadgets that uses the standard USB cord. The advantage of using the Meiji USB wall socket is it’s convenience. With a regular outlet, the outlets are used up by bulky wall adaptors. When you install the Meiji USB outlet 2.1A, the regular outlets will freed up and your electrical gadgets can be connected directly to the wall rather than through adaptors.


Not all USB outlets are created equal, though. A standard USB amperage output is 1A. All USB devices will charge on low amperage ports, but devices with large batteries–like the latest laptops, tablets, smartphones will take a long time to fully recharge on lower amperage ports. So for those devices, it’s better to use the Meiji 2.1 USB outlet to charge them, as it can charge twice as fast than a regular 1A USB outlet.

Meiji USB 2.1A Combination Outlet

Meiji USB 2.1A Combination Outlets


Installation of the Meiji USB 2.1A outlet is as easy as installing a normal outlet. It can also be positioned in any part of your house. It’s great to know that with all the gadgets available, there’s always a Meiji USB wall outlet that we can rely on to power us up in our everyday life. Whatever smart gadget you may have, charge it up faster with Meiji USB outlet 2.1A! Be the first to upgrade to our Meiji USB outlet 2.1A (MCS-0524) to get connected all the time.

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There was a recent report about a woman in Australia who was electrocuted after using a substandard USB style charger.

deffective USB adaptors“Australian authorities issued a warning about cheap, non-compliant USB-style chargers after a young woman died from apparent electrocution while using a laptop and possibly a smart phone.

The 28-year-old was found wearing headphones and with her computer in her lap with burns on her chest and ears at a home in Gosford, north of Sydney, in April.

Police are still investigating the circumstances of the death but the Department of Fair Trading, which has assisted with the case, suggested a sub-standard mobile phone charger could be to blame.

The woman, whom reports said was from the Philippines but had recently become an Australian citizen, had headphones plugged into her laptop, which was connected to a power socket to charge.”

–       Australian Federal Police (AFP)

USB-dependent devices have invaded into almost everyone’s life. If you own even one single digital device then most likely it includes a USB-based charging system. Though USB style chargers and adapters are very useful, some of them do not comply to safety standards. As to the news, the USB style charger did not meet essential safety requirements and were often made of inferior plastics and other insulation materials.

Good thing there’s Meiji USB Outlet!

Meiji USB Outlet (MCS-0522)

Will certainly accommodate all USB-dependent devices all over the world and provide you a maximum charging efficiency. Say “NO” to substandard USB style chargers because now, you can plug your iPods, Android phones, digital cameras, GPS, and MP3 players directly to the wall.

DSC02977-editedThe Meiji USB Outlet is made from flexible and non-fading poly-carbonate glossy-white finish which qualifies the safety standards. Rated at 1 ampere, 5 volts capacity, your charging experience will not be in vain. The Meiji USB Outlet is also a user-friendly outlet providing convenience and safety. On top of that, you can have three USB Outlets in one plate. What an incredible outlet!

You can install Meiji USB Outlet in any part of your house, or even at your office. Meiji USB Outlet is very beneficial for those people who frequently misplace their USB adapters. It is also a great help to those users who make sure that they only spend for the best items.

Preferably, we should avoid using our mobile phones while our devices are charging. But in any case, we should refrain from using substandard chargers. After all, we don’t want the same incident to happen in our own lives.

With Meiji USB Outlet, safety and convenience is guaranteed.


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usb cable-meiji With the abundance of USB-dependent devices, don’t you think it would be a lot easier if we could have USB outlets in our homes?

There is a lot to love about USB. The plugs are so small, convenient and handy. The cable can carry both data and power. Let us admit it, USB has become one of the most useful and powerful devices in our generation today.  Most phones and other small gadgets can charge from a simple USB cable plugged into a computer or an adaptor. And that is the main reason why Meiji Electric came up with another innovation that will surely give us a great convenience in maximizing the usage of our USB cables. Are you ready?

Introducing, Meiji Electric USB elements and outlets (MCS-0522).  You can now charge your phone and other gadgets without any use of your pc or laptops but right in your own outlet. How convenient, isn’t it?  Perfect in living rooms, bedrooms and offices. So instead of bringing your bulky chargers with you anywhere you go, you just need your USB cable and voila, you can literally plug n’ play with your gadgets.  With Meiji USB elements and outlets there is no need to buy another extension cords just to plug your bulky chargers. Cool? I know!

You can also mix n’ match your outlet depending on  your preferences and needs. Here are some options:

Plain USB Elements

If you want to plug your phones, tablets or any gadgets at the same time with no hassle, you should try installing this one. Perfect on desk top where we do most of our school or office works.  Or if you still share bedrooms or study tables with your siblings (like me!), this would prevent fights in charging both of your devices all at once.

Combination of USB and Standard Elements

If you are plugging multiple devices and appliances in one outlet, this is perfect for your home. This will maximize the usage of your outlets. Also, there is no need to add up another plate just to put some USB port. Highly recommended in living rooms and bedroom where we plug in our laptops, television and devices at the same time.USB-meiji

With Meiji USB elements and outlets, convenience and flexibility is on top priority. So what are you waiting for? Don’t be the last one to install a Meiji USB elements and outlets in your own homes!

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