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It’s school time again! With the start of school, families face new organization challenges. The kids probably feel excited and maybe a little sad that summer is over, some kids feel nervous or a little scared on their first day of school. Early morning alarm clocks, homework and projects are just some things to expect. Get organized now for the new school year ahead. Use these ideas to prepare your home and family for the busy days ahead.




  1. TCV003 Meiji Aircon to Fan TimerThe first day of school is no time for a drastic adjustment of household sleep schedules. Instead, ease children back into a school year routine gradually. By this time, late sleepers should wake up earlier, closer to the hour they’ll need to rise when school begins. An alternative way to help them wake up is to set your aircon to turn off at an earlier time. Use the Meiji Aircon to Fan Timer TCV003 to automatically set your aircon to turn off at a specific time and your electric fan to turn on immediately after.It allows you to plug-in your air conditioner and electric fan in one unit with its international and universal outlet with 4400W and 20A load capacity. This way your children will wake up earlier and you save energy at the same time.






Meal Times

  1. Don’t neglect meal times! Younger children, in particular, need to adapt to new meal routines before the school day demands it of them. Plan and prepare them fresh fruits and balanced meals to get them energized throughout the day.


School Supplies

  1. School supplies should already be bought by now. Label your entire children’s belongings so it can be returned to them when it gets misplaced.



Meiji UPS


4. Take some time to clean and organize a place for studying. Avoid too much clutter that can make kids feel discouraged to study. Arrange pens, books, calculator and computer. Make sure to connect the computer to the Meiji UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply). A UPS is a device used specifically computers as back-up power whenever there is a power outage or brown-out. That way you can save your data before shutting down the computer. This is a very good investment for children who work with their computers for their research and projects. With the Meiji UPS, you don’t need to worry when a brown-out occurs, because all the kid’s homework can still be saved.


  1. Encourage your child to eat and dress by themselves so they can manage things like taking raincoats on and off at school. Through independence, children get to enhance their skills, develop their personality and make decisions.



Limit Distractions

  1. MES 1404Limit distractions while studying. Detach kids from their cellphone, tablets and other electronic gadgets.Set a schedule on when they can resume using them. Try placing it out of their reach or place them in a charging station. The MEIJI QUAD EXTENSION SET MES-1404 will be useful since it has 4 international outlets and 4 USB outlets. With its Quad shape, you can utilize all outlets at the same time without the adaptors and cords being tangled up. You can charge up to 8 different gadgets simultaneously.






Please refer to the attached pictures of the above-mentioned ‘Meiji’ items. Drop by our showrooms located at Unit 15 Landsdale Arcade, Mother Ignacia, Quezon City and 1 Mabolo Street, New Manila, Quezon City or at your nearest ACE Hardware, Handyman or Ortigas Home Depot branches. You can call us at 448-7423, 727-5790, 414-4012 and 413-6636 and email us at sales@meijielectric.ph for your specific inquiries and items for quotation.



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It’s 2016 already and with the ever growing selection of electronic gadgets (iPhone, iPads, Android Devices, Smart watches etc.), it seems that it’s about time to upgrade power outlets with USB functionality.

New 4-Port USB Charger Extension Cord

20160108_143439Introducing the new Meiji 4-Port USB Charger Extension Cord (MES-1405). It comes in a revolutionary 4 USB outlets that has two 2 Amperes (for tablets and laptops) and two 1 Ampere (for cell phones, MP3 players, etc.) of charging power.  Now you can charge up to four electronic devices simultaneously. The device is strategically designed with four generously spaced horizontal USB Ports which provides additional room for maneuvering of charging cords and reduces entangling of cables while charging. Plus, adapter-free charging eliminates the need to buy a separate adaptor just to charge your device. This is especially useful for electronic devices whose USB charger does not come with an adaptor. There is also a LED light display when you switch the on/ power button.  Lastly, its 2 meters cord length and compact design makes it very portable, and convenient for traveling.


The Meiji 4-Port USB Charger Extension Cord is especially made to be compatible with the latest technology with an aesthetically appealing design. Now you can spend less time charging your devices and more time enjoying them!

Visit us now at your nearest Ace Hardware, Handyman and Home Depot branches and grab one now!

Or simply call (02) 448-7423; 414-4012; 727-5790; 413-6636 for a hassle free, no traffic and free parking experience.

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Hello everyone! It’s so refreshing to be back to work after the long Christmas Break! I’m sure that you enjoyed all the festivities last year, and as we open up the Year 2016, Meiji Electric is proud to present 3 new exciting items to watch out for.

#1 The Meiji 4-Port USB Extension Cord (MES-1405)




This latest extension cord has 4 USB o
utlets and is 1.5 meters in length.




#2 The Meiji Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter with 2 USB Outlets 3” x 3” (MGU-252)



The reliable Meiji GFCI now comes in a stylish 3” x 3” size with 1 international outlet and 2 USB outlets.





#3 The Meiji Quad Extension Set with 2 USB Outlets (MES-1404)




This high quality extension set has 4 international outlets and 4 USB outlets. It is 2 meters in length and has 2 main switches.




These 3 new items will be available very soon in the market, so watch out for more updates!

Call us now for your various electrical needs!

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