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Did you know that power problems can and do occur every day? You heard me right! Electrical disturbances happen not only during storms but every single day!

Lightning strikes against power lines and electrical substations can cause substantial damages to your electrical equipment to domestic and commercial users even if they are miles away. These spikes, surges and noise that occur every day in homes and offices can have the same devastating effect on your computer hardware and software equipment just like how lightning strikes do.

Here is an overview of electrical disturbances that bring great damages to your computer:


A spike is a dramatic increase in voltage normally lasting only a few milliseconds. This may be caused by car accidents resulting in fallen power lines and lightning during a storm. As a result, data corruption during a hard disk read or write cycle as well as component break down due to over voltage or out-of-range voltage.


Blackout is a total loss of main power. Here in the Philippines, when experiencing storms, it is expected to suffer from a blackout. This is sometimes caused by power network overload, lightning from storms and car accidents. Hence, loss of unsaved current work and possible loss of entire hard drive contents are inevitable.


A brownout is a long-term decrease in supply voltage lasting up to several hours. This is sometimes caused by switching on of large electrical loads and the over demand of utility power such as the increased use of domestic air conditioners during summer months. Just like a blackout, it often happens in our country.


A surge is a short term increase in supply voltage. This is caused by switching off of large electrical loads like commercial air conditioners, fridges and industrial motors. If you happen to live near industrial zones, a surge is most likely to happen. This results to damages or premature failure of electronic components, especially to your computer.


According to A1 Computers and Service, one electrical disturbance that we don’t realize is the EMI (Electronic Magnetic Interference) and RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) more commonly referred to as the noise induced into the power supply. This is caused by radiation from high energy equipment such as welders, radio transmitters, fluorescent lights and electric switching equipment. These devices greatly impose a distorted signal onto the sine wave. As a result, keyboard lock-up and data corruption through unsynchronized radical impulses being saved as legitimate data.


But the good news is, though these electrical disturbances happen every day, a solution is available!

Meiji Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is the ideal back-up powering device associated to your computer. This is like the icing on top of your cake!


In the event of power surges and brownouts, Meiji UPS works by carefully controlling or regulating the range of power to your electronic device connected to it, particularly your computers.

When power failure occurs, Meiji UPS will produce an alerting sound which tells you that there is no power and depending on the size of the UPS, it can let your computer keep on running, and make you alert to the fact there is a power failure which will allow you to shut down your computer by yourself.

This means that anything you are working on can be saved and then shut your computer down. It also means that in the event of any form of power surge your computer is protected from great damages.

Feel relieved from stress with your deadlines! Back-up your computer with Meiji UPS. After all, it has never been unwise to make your computer safe!

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you-were-a-college-student-in-the-2000s-if-979286879-sep-13-2012-1-600x400Dreaming about the future of your daughter, and seeing her doing her best on her studies, you can’t help yourself from being proud of her. You know she needs your support and provision as she makes her way to success.

At the time of her college days, she’s going to make her reports, assignments, reviews and hundreds of pages of thesis. She’s going to need references like books, news articles, interviews and website information. Using the desktop you bought for her, she is able to finish it with fulfillment. Though her brain will get drained from all the ideas and thoughts poured out to the topic, she will get all the work done.

In the day of her graduation, she will definitely get remarkable honors and outstanding awards. Guests and visitors of the school will shake her hand as she holds her diploma. Her face will be delighted as she shows her best smile to the crowd and make her bow.

Soon, the corporate world will come looking for her. Earning surmountable amount of money and at the same time helping her family will be her focus. She’s going to have some investments after a year. She will soon have her own vacation house in Palawan, Europe, America among many others where she can relax together with her friends and loved ones.

Finally, she will get married and become a good wife and mother to her children. She will be fulfilled with her life. What a great parenting you have done. This would be a dream come true!

No Good Life

But what you didn’t realize, when she was just making her thesis, a sudden storm hit your home system and knocked the power down! Due to the sudden shutdown, your computer got internal destruction. Files got corrupted and they didn’t get saved. Because you didn’t invest in Meiji UPS which is very necessary for computers, your daughter wasn’t able to finish her thesis, she didn’t submit any paper, and she got no honors and awards because she didn’t graduate. She didn’t get employed, no work at all, no earnings, no investments, no vacation house, no relaxation and no good life.

Everything you dreamed for her melted down like an ice cube liquefied under the sun.

Don’t let this happen! Invest now in Meiji’s Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)!

With Meiji UPS, your computer work is safer because it has backup power during electricity failure. Meiji UPS comes with 500 and 1000 power wattage. It has an input voltage of 220V-240V, 60Hertz and battery specification of 12V/7.0Ah, 1 piece for 500 watts and 2 pieces for 1000 watts. It gives you a 15 to 30 minute backup power where your computer can be easily shut down after saving your work. The best part is, you can resume your work once the power outage is fixed. Isn’t that just great!

Make your dreams come true with Meiji UPS!

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A person in a dark room with his palm in his face…

No… it’s not a scene in a horror or drama film but a typical scenario of a person who experienced a power outage while doing an extensive report in his computer without saving.

Exhausted, annoyed and irritated. These three words may shortly describe the way we feel. But cannot completely justify the feelings this horrific experience can cause. Maybe most of us have experienced this. And it can be a real hassle.  Imagine doing something for 5 hours, and then GONE! This was what happened to me. Heartbreaking!

But there is no reason for you and I to experience this anymore. With Meiji’s Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), you can finish all your work without any worry of data loss. Meiji UPS provides us with a 15-30minute backup power during power failure. This also depends on the load plugged into the Meiji UPS.  It’s like having a spare battery for your PC. UPS not only gives us more time to save our files but also to properly shutdown our computers to avoid damages to our internal hard drives. If you are still not convince of its necessity in our computer, I’ll show you why you should be!

Here are 3 reasons why having a UPS is important:


one of the most sensitive appliances we own is our personal computer. PCs are built with electronics and micro chips that can be very reactive to electrical surges. And as we had mentioned in our articles, one sure way to have an electrical surge would be a power outage. You wouldn’t want to keep buying a PC or having it repaired, do you?


Again by using Meiji UPS, there will be no reason for you to redo your work when power loss occurs. It beeps when power is out which alarms you to save your work immediately. Continuous beeping also sends its user the message that the Meiji UPS is low in battery


If you want a long-term investment, Meiji UPS is the one for you. It not just protects your computer from surges, but also has a built-in AVR that prevents surge from damaging the computer connected to the UPS. For the price of one, you can reap the benefit of two!meiji ups

Say no more to wasted time. Bid good bye to redoing hard work! It is better to be ready than sorry! Invest on something that will surely benefit you. With Meiji Uninterruptible Power Supply, work efficiency and security is ensured.  🙂

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uninterruptible power supplyUninterruptible power supply or uninterruptible power source (UPS) serves as a temporary “battery when the main power source is interrupted or cut off.

It protects users from losing important data especially documents that are still being worked on.

UPS also helps users to save and properly shut-off computers  even after power supply has been disrupted.

As good as it sounds, we still have to be smart consumers in choosing the best UPS in the market.

Let’s discuss to you the different types of UPS and from there, be the one to choose which qualities you want your UPS to have.

  • Standby

This is the most common type of UPS found in our homes. It is the one where our personal computers are plugged-in. As its description connotes, the power stands by for a few minutes only. Standby UPS offers the simplest flow of power source. With its high efficiency and convenient size, these types of UPS come in very handy at a relatively low cost.

  • Line Interactive

This type of UPS is used in a larger scope than that of Standby UPS. Line interactive UPS offers additional filtering and provides voltage regulation whenever needed after a down power is experienced. Your Line Interactive UPS offers a built-in AVR with it.

  • Standby-Ferro

Moving on, Standby –Ferro UPS is the type that offers high satisfaction on filtering and reliability when it comes to power interruptions. However, when coupled with generators or the modern computer load, it becomes unstable.

  • Double Conversion Online

A more advanced type of UPS is the double conversion online UPS. This type of UPS has its two components working together however, producing an inefficient result. Because of the heat generated when this UPS works, it can immediately affect the life span of the UPS, as well as the ones that are plugged into it.

  • Delta Conversion Online

When talking about large loads of power, this type of UPS is the best choice. It works just like the Double Conversion Online UPS but differs on the effect it causes itself and the ones plugged into it. Energy losses are also eliminated with this type of UPS.

No single type of UPS is meant to address the different needs when a disruption on power supply is experienced. It also differs on the type of users it will serve. Remember to pick the one that best suits your need.

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Have you ever experienced a sudden brown out while you were doing a final paper for school? That would’ve been okay and even understandable, since you cannot control the electricity in the community. But if you haven’t saved your 45 page document that you have been writing for over 6 hours now, that would be a problem. It can be a real hassle to experience a sudden loss of power on your computer at the wrong time. If you don’t want to lose any more information accidentally on your computer due to power cuts, there is a way to avoid these situations.

An Uninterrupted Power Supply or UPS is a device used specifically for computers as a back-up for battery or power whenever there is a power outage. For those who are work with their computers most of the time, or even for those who have several important documents in their computer, this device is a highly recommended product to invest on.  Let me tell you why.

1. Reliable power.

As long as your UPS battery is still alive and while it  is connected to your computer, you can attach the UPS plug to an outlet and it will maintain its charge at all times. If a power cut happens, it will automatically turn to its battery power, keeping your computer on for as long as the battery could last. Of course, it’s not recommended to finish the UPS battery either, but it will allow you to buy time to finish/save the data you need before it shuts off.

help2. Allows you time.

You won’t have to worry about losing important documents anymore. Because your computer still runs on its battery, you still have ample time to save your documents or transfer it to a laptop for further use. Data can’t always be retrieved once a computer shuts down accidentally. By using a UPS, you can protect your work at all times. Most of us keep important documents in our personal computers, so it is definitely wise to use a UPS for easier access to these documents.

3. Propershut down.

If a computer shuts down abruptly, it could end up rebooting. If this occurs often, it could end up damaging the hard drive, causing even more problems for you. Not to mention unnecessary and inefficient expenses.

4. Cost Efficiency.

If you have to buy a new computer every so often because of the sudden power outages that cause rebooting and endangering the hard drive, that would even be a bigger expense than buying a UPS for your computer WITHOUT the headache and hassle.

5. Protection from surges.

Meiji UPS also comes with surge protection. In  case of surges, your UPS will regulate the output. Meiji UPS has a built-in AVR specifically for this function. As a result, it prevents the spike or surge from damaging the computer connected to the UPS.

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