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How would you use your imported oven toaster rated at 110V if our voltage supply here in the Philippines is 220V?

Use a step-down transformer

The answer is just simple, use a step-down transformer as it converts alternating current (AC) from one voltage to another voltage, like from 220V to 110V.

But some of you may be confuse, because aside from the voltage rating, wattage rating must also be considered. So the real question is how you will know what rating of transformer you will need.

Determining the rating of your equipment

Determining the rating of your equipment is easy. Technical parameters are usually written at the back of your equipment. You should know the voltage requirement. Usually, imported equipment is rated at 110V or 100V. Keep in mind that MERALCO gives out only plus and minus 10% accuracy of the normal 220V. That is why you need a step-down transformer.

For instance, your imported oven toaster is rated at 1500 watts and runs on 110V power supply. If it’s rated in amperes, you’ll just have to do the math of conversion. Usually, the safest allowance of the transformer you can give is 3 times the wattage rating of your equipment. So the safest transformer that can support your oven toaster is a 5000 watts step-down transformer, step-down because MERALCO supplies us 220V and you have to transform it into 110V.

Many equipment require a large burst of current

Many equipment such as those motor-operated like washing machine and compressors require a large burst of current when during start-up and transition to normal operating circumstances. Some may not be motor-operated but most of them has cooling or heating element such as microwave oven, sterilizers, coffee makers and the likes.

In both cases, you should use much higher wattage of transformer. This allowance is for safety purposes like in-rush currents.

Meiji Electric offers you Step-down transformers

Meiji Electric offers you Step-down transformers with a thorough voltage conversion of 220V down to 110V or 100V. Wattage rating is from 50W up to 10,000W. Anything in between, we’ve got it for you! Meiji Step-down transformers have 110V and 100V outputs in international outlets and come with built-in fuse protection.

Step-down Transformers Transformers 50-100W

So give the best support to your equipment by using Meiji Step-down Transformers!


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Fathers’ special day is soon to come. Spend time with him this coming Sunday! Here are some activities that will surely make your dad smile from ear to ear.

dadsonWatch movies together

Movie watching with your dad could be a great bonding for the two of you as most dads are fond of action movies. Watching movies especially on flat screen TVs would make your movie watching feel like a home theater setting. Flat screen TVs are all the rage these days and come in all sizes. They come in LED, Plasma, or LCD models, depending on your preferences. Make sure to do this with snacks on your lap!

MicrowaveovenCook for him

Dad will appreciate easy to cook recipes and healthy meals that are prepared by their kids. You could use a microwave oven or an induction cooker to make healthy and delicious dishes.

rocking dadRock and roll with your Dad

Using your sound components, may it be musical instruments, speakers, amplifiers or even a vintage record player, you can make him sing every Sunday morning or after office hours particularly this coming Father’s Day. Whatever genre of music he enjoys, make him feel relaxed or join the beat.

article-0-1C64745600000578-99_634x422Exercise Together

Have a Sunday work-out using an electronic treadmill or an exercise bike. Nothing like a day of cardio exercise and burning those unwanted excess fat keep dad strong and healthy. It’s sure to make both of you happy and energized for the rest of the day.

workshop-hell-do-better-than-me-one-dayExtend a help in the garage

Support your dad in repairing damaged appliances, chairs and tables, and other broken stuffs at home not by interfering on his works but by simply cleaning his tools and devices. Wipe his old-aged electric drill, planer, saw, etc. You could also learn from these tools and use them when you grow older.


All these activities include devices that most likely came from abroad and are being sold here in the Philippines. Since, we have a different voltage supply here in our country which is 220 volts; we have to transform the voltage supply to what the equipment requires. Whatever imported gadget you choose to give to your dad, make sure to incorporate it with Meiji Step-down Transformer.


Meiji Step-down Transformers are designed to accurately make the voltage supply compatible with the voltage requirement of the appliance. Step-down transformers “step down” the voltage supply to match the smaller voltage requirement of the appliance. Typically, the voltage used in most homes is 220V to 110V; as a result, the typical step-down transformer converts 220V to 110V.

Plugging your flat screen TV on 110V outlet allows your equipment to have an input of 110V thus making it function properly as the required voltage is being supplied. Just be careful not to exceed the wattage capacity. Do the same to other imported appliances you have in your home. In this way, your dad will conveniently enjoy the time you spent on each other and could buy you something in return!

Happy Fathers’ Day!


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First, Meiji was only known for step-down transformers.These step-down transformers allow you to use imported appliances of 110 working voltages countries, here in the Philippines. Since we have a working voltage of 220, it steps it down to 110V in order for appliances from the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico,  Japan (100v) and others to work in our country.

This time, Meiji has also allowed our appliances from our country to be brought abroad. With the Meiji STEP-UP AND DOWN transformer, you don’t need to start all over again in buying new appliances as you start a new life abroad.

Meiji Step-up and down transformers come in 2 wattages: 500VA and 1000VA.


step-up and down transformer


As you will see, Meiji’s STU-500 is very handy. It comes with a built-in handle that allows you to easily carry and move it with you from one place to another. At its upper left, you also find a USB port which you can to charge your gadgets on. The Meiji STU-500 also has a RED power switch that turns on and off your step-up and down transformer without the hassle of unplugging all the devices plugged into it.

There are also 2 socket outlets. One labelled as OUTPUT 110v and another as OUTPUT 220V. This means, if your appliance has a working voltage of 220V (bought from the Philippines), then plug this appliance on the OUTPUT 220V socket. If however, the appliance has a working voltage of 110V (bought from Canada), then you must plug the appliance on the socket outlet labelled as OUTPUT 110V.


input voltage selector


It is very important that you place the input voltage correctly. Input voltage means the working voltage of your current area, so if you are in the Philippines, make sure that you input voltage is at 220V. Whereas if you are in Canada, you need to change your input voltage  to be 110V.

NOTE: Plugging to an incorrect input or output voltage will result to damaging your Meiji Step-Up and Down Transformer unit.



step-up and down transformer 1000


The features and how to use your STU-1000VA, is similar to your STU-500VA.

But as you can see one of its differences would be its size. With your bigger step-up and down transformer 1000VA , you need to calculate well the allowance for your baggage weight.

Still with a handle to carry it around with you, but this time, its power source is via a Meiji miniature circuit breaker. This way, if there should be overloading of power, your circuit breaker will automatically shut off to protect the appliances you plugged in and to safeguard your step-up and down transformer as well. Your unit also has a light indicator to inform you whether you step-up and down transformer unit is switched on or turned off.

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