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Why do you need a step-down transformer?

  1. You use foreign appliances
  2. Avoid damaging your appliances
  3. For your personal safety


Different electrical devices are necessary for most households. Every electrical company in the Philippines believes that in order to make full and safe use of all your electronics, you must have at least a few protective devices installed.

One of the most useful electrical devices in the Philippines is a step-down transformer. This device is essential for households that make use of appliances or devices that were manufactured in other countries.

Power is a necessity. But when it isn’t handled properly, it can be harmful to people. That’s why it’s important to have some of these utility electrical devices so that you can safely use all of your devices.

Focusing on one of the many devices, here are a few reasons why you would need a step-down transformer.


You Use Foreign Appliances or Devices

You Use Foreign Appliances or Devices

The most popular reason why Filipinos need a step-down transformer is that they have appliances or devices from other countries. The appliances that are manufactured in the west, for example, all require around 110 volts because this is their standard working voltage there.
In the Philippines, however, the standard working voltage is at 220v—double the required voltage of foreign machines.

With a step-down transformer, you’re basically altering the voltage levels provided by the grid and tuning it down to 110v or 120v, depending on what’s required for specific appliances.
This is relevant in the Philippines because of the very active community of OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers) that commonly bring home appliances from the country that they resided in. If these devices are from the U.S. or Europe, they would usually require 110v — half of the national standard.

In order to use these properly, you will need a step-down transformer.

Keep in mind that this is not limited to foreign appliances (although it does apply to the majority of appliances that need a step-down transformer).

Always remember to check the voltage requirements of your devices and appliances before you plug them in.


Avoid Damaging Your Appliances

Another great feature of step-down transformers is that it doubles as a voltage protector. It already decreases the voltage level to the optimum amount. But at the same time, it also allows the electricity to stay in a safe range so that there won’t be any fluctuations in the voltage.

Keep in mind that even a slight over- or under-voltage can lead to your devices getting damaged. Electronics are designed to function with a single, consistent flow of electricity. Too much power and it’ll overheat and probably damage the system. Too little and the electrical system would either not function properly or it will force itself to operate at even if it wasn’t getting enough power. Both can lead to serious issues when left unchecked.

When your appliances are plugged into a step-down transformer, you’ll be sure that it won’t experience any volatility with its voltage and electricity levels because the transformer changes the voltage levels to what it needs.


For Personal Safety

For Personal Safety

Not only can the appliances be damaged, the people who use them may be in danger too every time that there’s an unstable current or volatile voltage levels. Often, this won’t be easily seen because everything is happening in the electrical system.

It’s important for your safety and the safety of everyone around you that you make sure that your appliances are functioning properly. This requires that the source of electricity is also proper and balanced.

With step-down transformers, you make sure that your appliances are provided with the right voltage in the optimum range, and that it won’t cause any kind of damage to the appliance.
When the appliance is well maintained, you need not worry about it suddenly shocking you out of nowhere.


Key Takeaway

There are many Filipinos that live overseas working to find a better life. For their relatives back home, a step-down transformer is the beacon of light that allows them to graciously enjoy the pasalubongs from their loved ones.

Meiji Offers different types of step-down transformers. For instance, the TC MODELS rated from 50 watts to 750 watts & the ST MODEL where you can choose from 1000 Watts to 10,000 watts step-down transformers are perfect for your home.

Not only will the step-down transformers enable you to use appliances with different voltage requirements optimally, it will also help protect these appliances, and yourself from the many possible electrical hazards that can happen.

Trust the advice of an electrical company in the Philippines when it comes to the overall usefulness of step-down transformers.

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Why should OFWs get AVRs and step-down transformers?

  1. Optimal Device Function
  2. Protection from Voltage Problems
  3. For Home and Family Use


The primary function of an AVR, or Automatic Voltage Regulator, as its name suggests, is to regulate voltage. Oftentimes likened to a voltage stabilizer, these two are almost identical if not for very specific differences. Transformer suppliers in the Philippines explain their difference as follows: A voltage regulator is designed to provide a constant voltage at a given output, regardless of the changes in the prior load current. A voltage stabilizer, on the other hand, provides a constant voltage on a specified output regardless of changes in the incoming voltage.

Technically speaking, a voltage regulator is overall better, while the voltage stabilizer can be more specific at times.

Because of this, it’s a well-known fact that AVRs are practical to have, especially if you’re an OFW. When there’s a difference between the required voltage of appliances and the source of power, AVRs are what you need!

Many OFWs who bring their own devices and gadgets practically need to have an AVR as well for all the right reasons. Here are several reasons why OFWs need AVRs!


For Optimal Device Function

For Optimal Device Function

Every electronic device has a set voltage requirement. This indicates the amount of voltage it needs to function at an optimal state. Any lower and the electronics will suffer a few hiccups or become slow. Higher voltages won’t mean better performance, rather it might actually damage the device because of overvoltage.

Why is it important to be wary of voltage requirements? Because there are different voltage levels in different countries.

The most common ones, 110v, 120v, 210v, and 220v are the usual standards. As it may seem, there’s a large difference between 110v and 220v.

In the Philippines, most devices are designed to operate with 220v while in Western countries, most devices require 110v. Step-down transformers are perfect for this because it’s primary function is to lower the voltage level to a certain amount. In this case, it can lower 220v to 110v in an instant. They also double as a voltage protector so you can enjoy twice the benefits with one device!

This makes all the difference to OFWs who work in western countries because most of their devices work to get powered optimally with 220v outlets. However, in a country that has only 110v outlets, you’ll always experience undervoltage when you’re plugging into an outlet—potentially damaging your devices.

That being said, with the help of voltage regulators, you’ll be able to plug in your device and automatically get the voltage that you need.

This will help appliances and chargers’ function at their best capabilities.


For Protection from Voltage Problems

There are many factors that might lead to voltage related problems, particularly under- and overvoltage. Oftentimes they’re not bad enough to warrant repairs. However, constant exposure to these will have a significant effect on your devices.

Undervoltage occurs when your device is not able to receive the minimum required voltage in order for the device to function properly. This can lead to electronics becoming underpowered, unable to function normally.

Overvoltage, on the other hand, happens when the voltage received exceeds the normal values required which can cause insulation damage to the devices. When left unwarranted, these can lead to short circuits and other damaging effects.

Most of the time, these conditions happen because of unforeseen voltage fluctuations caused by different circumstances—oftentimes on the side of the electricity provider. Some of the more common causes include the following: voltage surges, lightning, and power overload.
Again, automatic voltage regulators are probably the best countermeasure against this for specific appliances because it takes into consideration all these instabilities of voltage and compresses it into something more consistent. By doing so, it protects the devices plugged into it from the damaging effects of experiencing under- and overvoltage.


For Home and Family Use

For Home and Family Use

One of the most important reasons why OFWs need an AVR is the fact that they will be in the midst of appliances and devices from two countries. And unless they have the same standard for voltage, you’ll definitely need at least one AVR for you and the family you have back home.
A lot of the times, you’ll be bringing devices and appliances back with you from the country you’ve worked at. And that would mean you’ll have some electronics that require different voltage levels.

Because of this, automatic voltage regulators will probably become a staple in your home because of all the appliances that need it. But that also goes for you as the one who’s working overseas. You will need the help of an AVR for you to safely and optimally charge your phone, tablet, or laptop which you use to stay connected with your family.

Nowadays, your phones or your tablets make it incredibly easy to talk with your family over long distances. However, as accessible as it may be, you still need to take care of your devices so that it will last a very long time.


Key Takeaway

The life of an OFW is hard. Living in one country while thinking of your home can get unforgiving at times. With that being said, one thing that’s a constant anywhere you go is electricity and electronic devices. Both of which are important in keeping you safe and connected.

Be sure to buy an AVR from your nearest transformer supplier in the Philippines so that you’ll have a safe and optimized way of powering up your gadgets wherever you go!

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How can you reduce the worries tied with electrical hazards?

  1. The importance of a step-down transformer
  2. Making sure your appliances are safe
  3. Keeping yourself safe


Nothing’s quite as good as taking that first sip of your favorite coffee while enjoying the morning calm. But before you get to enjoy that cup of joe, you have to make it first. It might not seem like it, but brewing with your coffee maker might be a tad unsafe depending on a few factors.

Electrical suppliers in Metro Manila encourage their customers to be particular with the voltage requirements of their appliances. Keep in mind that just because you bought an appliance in the Philippines doesn’t always mean that all of their electrical requirements are the same.

Most of the time, these electronics fall within a certain voltage range. The problem lies in the fact that voltage variations make it hard for some appliances to function at their peak.

Appliances are usually designed to require two ranges of voltage. They would either be safe for 110 volts or 220 volts. Either way, plugging in electronics in an inappropriate socket can lead to over- or under-voltage which can damage its internal electrical system.

With that being said, it’s important that you know the voltage requirements of your appliances. In addition, make use of electrical transformers to make sure that it provides your appliances with the appropriate levels of voltage.


The Importance of a Step-Down Transformer

The Importance of a Step-Down Transformer

Before continuing, it’s important to remember that in the Philippines, the standard voltage is at 220 volts. This means appliances that require 110 volts will need a step-down transformer to function at full capacity in the Philippines.

By making sure that your appliances receive the appropriate amount of voltage for them to work, it guarantees smooth and safe performance. The best thing about these step-down transformers is that all of these are “set-and-forget”. It’s able to provide a constant amount of voltage to your device quickly and efficiently in a safe, simple, and easy manner.

Step-down transformers are also capable of lowering the voltage levels to varying degrees depending on what an appliance actually needs. For example, while the typical appliance in the Philippines needs 220 volts, smaller ones need just about 110 volts. Even smaller electronics such as small-scale lights might just need around 10, 20, or 30 volts—way below the steady stream of 220 volts supplied here in the country. Step-down transformers make sure that these appliances will not experience any kind of overvoltage!

Coffee makers in the Philippines, for example usually need 220 volts. But appliances that you get most other countries will need just around 110 to 120 volts. So, if you want to make use of these appliances from overseas, you’d best get a step-down transformer from an electrical company in Metro Manila.


Making Sure Your Appliances are Safe

Whatever appliance you’re using, it’s important to make sure that they’re safe to use — starting with how they are powered. You can’t really have a pleasant morning if your coffee maker won’t start or your appliances aren’t working the way they’re supposed to be.

As mentioned above, one of the best ways to ensure that your appliances can be used is to be vigilant with its voltage and wattage requirements. Understand your appliances on a deeper level. Know how much power each appliance needs and adjust your electrical system to let it function efficiently!

To further ensure that your appliances are safe from all possible hazards, another thing that you can do is make use of electrical protection devices. Things such as automatic voltage regulators are quite effective for most applications.

You can also make use of uninterruptible power supplies to protect against power outages and sudden electricity fluctuations. UPS suppliers in the Philippines can provide you with the proper equipment for every hazard that you want to prevent.


Keeping Yourself Safe

Keeping Yourself Safe

By ensuring that your appliances are protected from any fluctuations in the electric circuits, you’re also making sure that you and the rest of the household are protected from any electrical shock.

By keeping your devices safe, you’re essentially protecting everything and everyone around it. The more secure you are, the less you have to worry about these hazards, and the more pleasant your days will be!


Key Takeaway

You don’t need a lot of things to keep your mornings safe and secure. All you have to do is to take into consideration the specifications of your electrical devices and get some electronics that are capable of protecting them!

When it comes to protecting your home from electrical hazards, knowledge is your best weapon. Learn what different voltages mean and need, and adapt your home electrical system along the way.

In doing so, you can make your home safe and secure! Instead of constantly worrying about electrical hazards, you can put your attention to enjoying life with the rest of your family!

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Engaging in regular physical activity is one of the most important things that people can do for their health. Everybody knows that obesity causes life threatening diseases like diabetes, heart attack etc. Regular exercise will maintain the performance of your lungs and heart to most efficiently burn off excess calories and keep your weight under control. Exercise will also improve muscle strength, increase joint flexibility and improve endurance. It has also been long associated with fewer visits to the doctor, hospitalization and medication.




Some people enroll in fitness centers, attend yoga classes, join fun runs or even have a buddy with them to make exercise a fun and enjoyable activity. While a selected few, set-up their own personal gym at home to avoid the hustle and bustle of going to the typical commercial gyms.


Meiji AVR

GYM Equipment Electricity

If you are one of the latter or still planning to set up your own personal gym at home, it is essential that your pricey gym equipment is properly plugged into the MEIJI AUTOMATIC VOLTAGE REGULATOR (AVR SVC-500 TO 10000).  Meiji AVRs are servo-motor type which are more accurate and durable compared with the cheaper relay type. It has 4 universal outlets (3: 220V and 1:110V).  It is used to protect your gym equipment, computers and other appliances against surging and fluctuating of electricity by maintaining the load voltage against wide variances.

Meiji Step Down Transformer


Like our transformers (ST-1000 to 10000), our AVR units have a fuse protective device for overvoltage, and the 3000w and 5000w units  also have a built-in circuit breaker to better protect your higher rated equipment.




Meiji Floor Outlet


Gym equipment cords and plugs should also not be left hanging or lying around to avoid accidents of tripping. The MEIJI POP-UP FLOOR OUTLETS (MPU 1022) AND MEIJI FLOOR INTERNATIONAL OUTLET (MFO-1022) are perfectly designed to allow easy access to a power supply because the plug can be placed at any point along the floor. You can strategically position the outlets creating easy access to a needed power source of your equipment. The Meiji floor outlet has a metal plate to protect the outlet and wiring.  You also have a choice of either pop-up, open-type or screw-type cover, which prevents dust and other material from accumulating in the outlet.


There is no denying that we live in a fast paced world and despite our busy schedules, we should take time to exercise to maintain good health. Exercising is something you should do to help increase your overall happiness, as well as relieve symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety.



Call us now at 448-7423, 414-4012 and 727-5790 to order these items. You can drop by our main office located at No.  1 Mabolo Street, New Manila Quezon City, or visit your nearest ACE Hardware, Handyman and CW Home Depot Branches!

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Fathers’ special day is soon to come. Spend time with him this coming Sunday! Here are some activities that will surely make your dad smile from ear to ear.

dadsonWatch movies together

Movie watching with your dad could be a great bonding for the two of you as most dads are fond of action movies. Watching movies especially on flat screen TVs would make your movie watching feel like a home theater setting. Flat screen TVs are all the rage these days and come in all sizes. They come in LED, Plasma, or LCD models, depending on your preferences. Make sure to do this with snacks on your lap!

MicrowaveovenCook for him

Dad will appreciate easy to cook recipes and healthy meals that are prepared by their kids. You could use a microwave oven or an induction cooker to make healthy and delicious dishes.

rocking dadRock and roll with your Dad

Using your sound components, may it be musical instruments, speakers, amplifiers or even a vintage record player, you can make him sing every Sunday morning or after office hours particularly this coming Father’s Day. Whatever genre of music he enjoys, make him feel relaxed or join the beat.

article-0-1C64745600000578-99_634x422Exercise Together

Have a Sunday work-out using an electronic treadmill or an exercise bike. Nothing like a day of cardio exercise and burning those unwanted excess fat keep dad strong and healthy. It’s sure to make both of you happy and energized for the rest of the day.

workshop-hell-do-better-than-me-one-dayExtend a help in the garage

Support your dad in repairing damaged appliances, chairs and tables, and other broken stuffs at home not by interfering on his works but by simply cleaning his tools and devices. Wipe his old-aged electric drill, planer, saw, etc. You could also learn from these tools and use them when you grow older.


All these activities include devices that most likely came from abroad and are being sold here in the Philippines. Since, we have a different voltage supply here in our country which is 220 volts; we have to transform the voltage supply to what the equipment requires. Whatever imported gadget you choose to give to your dad, make sure to incorporate it with Meiji Step-down Transformer.


Meiji Step-down Transformers are designed to accurately make the voltage supply compatible with the voltage requirement of the appliance. Step-down transformers “step down” the voltage supply to match the smaller voltage requirement of the appliance. Typically, the voltage used in most homes is 220V to 110V; as a result, the typical step-down transformer converts 220V to 110V.

Plugging your flat screen TV on 110V outlet allows your equipment to have an input of 110V thus making it function properly as the required voltage is being supplied. Just be careful not to exceed the wattage capacity. Do the same to other imported appliances you have in your home. In this way, your dad will conveniently enjoy the time you spent on each other and could buy you something in return!

Happy Fathers’ Day!


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Since Philippines has a fixed 220 voltage supply, it is recommended to use a step-down transformer for 110V rated appliances. With this device you can step-down or convert the voltage supply (AC) from 220 volts to 110 volts to be used in your 110V rated appliances.

But for some appliances that run 24/7, do you wonder whether it may overheat?

Worry no more as Meiji has read your mind even before you think it! A new step-down transformer with exhaust fan!

transformer with exhaust fan








Refined and More Improved

Meiji Step-down Transformer with its additional feature, exhaust fan, is a refined and more improved item to be used with your imported appliances. The main purpose of the exhaust fan installed in the step-down transformer is to prevent the transformer itself from overheating. This is a great advantage in temperature control as an exhaust fan can be used to push warm air outside, leaving cooler air inside the transformer. Having an exhaust fan is one great technique in preventing your step-down transformer from getting over-heated due to long hours of use or heat emissions from motors. As we are informed, heat generated by electronic devices and circuitry must be lessened to improve reliability and prevent device failure.

Lightings also call for a step-down transformer when used as constant. They may not be used for 24 hours, but they are used for a very long time. Likewise, the transformer connected to them operates with the same time duration which may result to the unit’s temperature rise. Step-down transformers should maintain a certain heat limit. .

Stay cool with the new heat-enduring and long-lasting Meiji Step-down Transformer with Exhaust Fan!

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You’ve sure heard about step down transformers in the context of electricity. You might not be familiar, though, of the structures and technicalities underlying how it works. At the least, you should be aware of its usage benefits.


In a fundamental scale, transformers are electrical devices that work by converting electricity from a certain voltage how transforerms workto a different voltage as necessary either by stepping up or down, in the same frequency.

Saving energy

Much have been said and written enumerating the different types of transformers with a variety of wattages. But in terms of the saving energy, ever wonder about the truth (or myth) that by using high wattage than low wattage transformers, you can actually save more energy?

Let’s try to analyse by taking this example. A beauty salon owns three transformers: one having 100W and two having 50W. Their electrical tool that is mostly used to finish dressing up the hair of every customer is the hair blower which consumes 20W of power. On a typical working day, hairdressers use hair blowers simultaneously to serve customers efficiently in regard to time.

Given below are two cases. Which do you think saves more energy?

  1. Plugging two hair blowers in each of the two 50W transformers; or
  2. Plugging four hair blowers in one 100W transformer

Note that using simple arithmetic, the result of power consumption is the same for both cases: 80W. But by considering the materials used inside the transformer, it is concluded that using higher wattage transformers can save more energy than lower wattage transformers. This rationale can be simplified by the principles of resistivity.


Resistance is the property of a material that hinders the electric current’s flow. It is calculated using the formula: R = pL/A, wherein resistance (R) of the wire is taken as the quotient of the product of the length (L) and resistivity or constant of a particular material (p) and the area of the material (A) which is the copper wire in the transformer.

Applying this formula theoretically, we can say that when the area or diameter of the copper wire is smaller, the value for resistance is bigger.

The opposite is true; by having a bigger diameter of the copper wire, resistance drops. And bigger gauge size or diameter of the copper wire is exactly what higher wattage transformers are composed of.

So there you have it! We busted  the myth! 😀

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