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Extension cords are basically found almost Extension Cords with Surge Protectioneverywhere.  It’s practically a need in our society. It can be seen in our respective homes, offices and schools. Most of us might not even notice these extension cords since they have always been there positioned in that area for such a long time. Having established this, let us look into other ways our extension cords help us.

  • Extensions

Especially this Christmas season, when we need to plug-in more devices than we usually do; for example a Christmas Tree as a Christmas decor, an extension cord would be of great help. This time of the year also, we would often use extension cords when relatives and friends gather in our homes. This can be used to provide power for extra electric fans and the like. From the word itself, these cords help us in extending our electrical power source. For instance, if you lack a plug where you need to have one, you can have your extension cord do the work.

  • Many-in-one

You can have your television set, speakers, DVD player, and other gadgets plugged into the extension cord and use them at the same time. Most often, socket outlets only provide two holes which can plug-in only two appliances. With the use of an extension cord, you can plug several low wattage devices and provide power. You don’t even need to unplug all of them after using, you may just turn off the main power switch or unplug the extension and all of the power source will be cut. Meiji also models which have individual switches for the particular outlet. How convenient!

  • Connector

An added feature of extension cords these days are ones that have a USB Extension sets connector. If you are the type who often use cameras and upload the images right away, then you can benefit on this extension cord. No need to worry about outlets at your home, or in your favorite coffee shops!

The Top 3 mentioned uses of extension cord will not be utilized if we over use it. Please be aware of the AMPERE /WATTAGE RATINGS of the extension cords we purchase. Make sure that the devices you will plug-in are appropriate for your extension cord.

Safety should always come first. Note  that overloading may cause short circuits and/or worse start a fire.  Choose wisely.

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Faulty electrical systems such as short circuits and power surges may lead to fire, damages, injuries, and worse, deaths. The culprit to blame could be wiring deterioration which naturally occurs over time. What’s more, electrical systems are being overloaded these days, with the proliferation of home appliances. But one of the main reasons could also be our knowledge in electrical connections in our household. In this article, we will learn more about short circuits and how to avoid them.short circuit

What is a Short Circuit?

By technical definition, a short circuit is an “accidental path of low resistance which passes an abnormally high amount of current.” It exists whenever the resistance of a circuit or the resistance of a part of a circuit drops in value to almost zero ohms.

In lay man’s explanation, on the other hand, a short circuit is a consequence of broken insulation, improper wiring or overloading as it leads to a heating effect and results in fire breakouts.

Safeguards for Consideration

1.  Check the proper size of circuit breakers in electric panels.

There is an electrical code which controls a number of circuits in the house connected to the main circuit breaker installed. The capacity of the breaker depends on the load size (e.g. outlets, microwave, dryer and vacuum). This load size is the point where the individual circuits base the current when they start to get power and determine the proper wire size to feed the circuit.

A short circuit results if the breaker exceeds the current the device is supposed to open up to. In this note, it is important to install electrical equipment according to the circuit voltage, current strength and correct wiring. One good suggestion is to avoid using multi-plug sockets.short circuit philippines

2. Check old and current installations.

If you have been living in the same house for decades and have not checked the electric installation, it is advisable to have it inspected by professionals. This is to ensure that all wirings are still safe and are adaptive to the new demands of your appliances and electrical requirement.

Modifications to the system done by nonprofessionals (relatives, friends or neighbors) might not assure the required level of safety and protection of your devices. Also conduct regular for current operations to eliminate perils.

3. Install fuses.

Fuses are protective devices placed in the circuit to quickly interrupt the flow of current when it exceeds the values for which it has been designed. It functions as the stopper of the flow of electricity when two or more conductors with a different phase or polarity come into contact in an electric installation. Resistance is formed thereby impeding the short circuit’s occurrence in the current.

4. Install magneto-thermal switches.

Just like fuses, magneto-thermal switches also prevent power surges. They are used to prevent short circuits as it monitors the current load continuously. They interrupt the electricity supply when it rises above the predetermined upper limit, thus removing fire risks. What happens next is that the circuit will be placed into fault and clamped at the max load.

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