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Electricity is essential for any household or establishment, yet it can be mind-boggling just how much it costs. Many people are asking their electrical suppliers in Metro Manila for some tips and tricks on how they could save some money from paying their electric bill.

These electrical companies in Manila will then provide them with some advice that they can follow. One example of this is for them to unplug the appliances that they are not using. However, this is not exactly the most fruitful way to do it, especially if you tend to turn certain appliances on and off.

Are you experiencing this type of dilemma in your own household or establishment? If yes, then perhaps it’s now time to install an industrial timer!

Meiji, an electrical supplier in Metro Manila, has always been at the forefront of innovation when it comes to electronics and electrical safety. They are offering consumers with a 24-hour timer that they can utilize to bring down the costs of their Meralco bill.

Continue reading to learn more about Meiji’s industrial timer!

Convenience and Power Offered by Meiji’s 24-Hour Timer

Convenience and Power Offered by Meiji’s 24-Hour Timer

The Meiji Timer is perfect for when you have a lot of appliances. It has the capability to put them all in its control. In most industrial applications, the timer is used to turn the perimeter lights and ceiling fans on and off—particularly in warehouses and factories.

The industrial timer offered by Meiji is very powerful. It can accommodate circuits of up to 16 amperes and resistive from 100 to 240 volts. This provides a direct 24-hour time switch control onto your loads.

It is also equipped with a 24-hour rotary and a multiple range time setting for when it should turn on or off. In case of emergencies, it also has a backup battery that can last up to 150 hours.

As long as you comply with its load capacity of 4,400W, 20A, you can plug in more appliances and gadgets to it! It can be used for your air conditioning unit, flat screen TV, sound systems, water heaters, and many more!

The 24-hour timer is also equipped with a built-in voltage protector that keeps your appliances safe from abnormal fluctuations in the circuit. When an electrical surge happens, all the plugged-in devices will automatically turn off and won’t need to be turned on manually because the timer can restart them by itself!

It’s a pretty convenient and powerful electronic device!

Tips on Lessening Your Electric Bill with Meiji’s 24-Hour Timer

Tips on Lessening Your Electric Bill with Meiji’s 24-Hour Timer

The job of the 24-hour timer is to simply facilitate the time in which your appliances should turn on or off. In a household, it’s perfect for devices that are normally used for long periods of time!

Here are some tips that you can follow when using Meiji’s 24-Hour Timer:

Ensure your devices won’t exceed their allotted time of use

Plug in these devices into the timer to ensure that they won’t go over the time you’ve allotted for them to be used. For instance, you can plug the air conditioning unit to the timer so you can set it to run between 10 pm to 3am. By doing so, you could save yourself the trouble of waking up in the middle of the night just to turn off the air conditioner.

During the holidays, you could plug in your Christmas tree and Christmas lights to the timer so that you can schedule them to be on from 6 pm to 12 am so you don’t have to keep plugging them in and out every night.

By having this timer, you will not only save money, but you will also get to have the convenience of running all of these appliances without plugging them in and out manually.

Use the timer for multiple devices

As mentioned above, the industrial sector makes use of these 24-hour timers to ensure that their lights and ventilation system are functioning at the right time. This means that timers can be used to coordinate multiple appliances. For example, one timer can be in charge of a portion of lights, while another one takes control of the ventilation system.

The timer’s one-is-to-many nature makes it very convenient for not just the industrial sector, but also the commercial as well as residential establishments!

You can set different time settings for different devices

For residential applications, keep in mind that the 24-hour timer can work with multiple devices while also providing different time settings for each of them.

The versatility it offers surely is impeccable. As long as it’s used on the right appliances, you are certain to save a lot of money on your electric bill!


Key Takeaway

Meiji’s 24-Hour Timer is a very useful gadget for different types of establishments (commercial and residential). You can find many iterations of the industrial timer across many electrical suppliers in Metro Manila. However, the practicality and protection that Meiji’s 24-Hour Timer provides are above and beyond compared to other regular timers.

Meiji, a leading electrical company in Manila, continues to supply useful electronics to everyone—the 24-hour timer is no exception!

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Air pollution and global warming have been long-standing problems in the history of mankind. Sadly, it is our very actions and inventions that have caused and continue to to contribute to the destruction of the environment. Since we continually disregard the risks that our practices pose against Mother Nature, we exacerbate the problem at hand. It’s a good thing that more and more concerned individuals are not only participating in environmental conservation efforts, but also creating environment-friendly innovations. Not everyone is an inventor, but we all can do our part; believe it or not, minimizing your energy consumption at home is already a great deal of help.

Minimizing energy consumption has a lot of advantages. Not only will you help reduce the negative impact on the environment, it will also reduce your electric bill. In addition to using AVR in the Philippines, you can minimize energy consumption by doing the following:


Unplug Appliances Not in Use

Image from Brilliency.com

Image from Brilliency.com

We all know that turning an appliance off when it is not in use is important. From the lights to the air conditioner, the television, and computers – make a habit of turning off devices that are not in use. Don’t just stop there; remember to unplug said devices. Some appliances have a standby mode which means that even when they are switched off, it is still consuming energy. Unplugging an unused gadget even when it is not on ensures that it absolutely cannot use up energy. You might not think that this is a big deal but when you check your electric bill after a month of religiously switching off appliances that are not in use, you’ll see the difference.

Plant Shade Trees

Image from Treehugger.com

Image from Treehugger.com

Is it too hot inside your house? Beat the heat without turning on the air conditioner 24/7 by planting shade trees. If it is too hot inside your home, ditch it and hang out in your backyard or garden instead. This way, you can cool off without spending a cent and possibly even protect your gadgets from overheating! Here’s another tip: if your backyard or front yard is not big enough to fit a tree, then try painting your house a light color. Dark colors will make it feel hotter inside your home. On the other hand, if you live somewhere cold like Baguio, then using dark colors in your house can be beneficial so you won’t need to use a heater as much.

Use Power Strips

Image from Kopi Incorporation Limited

Image from Kopi Incorporation Limited

Power strips allow you to plug several devices and turn them on or off all at once. Using this helps you organize the wiring better since they are all plugged at the same place. This also means that instead of unplugging your appliances one by one, you just have to unplug your power strip. Choose a power strip with a ‘hot socket’. This will allow you to switch on one device while all the other gadgets are turned off.

Choose Energy-Efficient Appliances

Image from EarthTimes.org

Image from EarthTimes.org

There are plenty of appliances that are now energy-efficient. If you have been using the same computer for years, think about choosing a laptop or desktop with energy saving features. Refrain from using screensavers because they do not save energy at all. Instead of using screensavers, just set your computer or laptop to go to sleep or turn it off when not in use. Buying an energy-efficient device is useless if you don’t use it so make sure to put those features to good use in order to make an impact on your electric bill – and the environment.


Take these simple steps to minimize energy consumption at your own home. Through this, you get to help save the environment and spend less on your electric bill!

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Had you ever thought about saving energy without minimizing the usage of you appliances?

With some little investments, here are some energy-saving devices that can surely help you lessen your electricity consumption and lower your energy bills.


Placing Meiji Motion Sensors near the doorway, front door, bathroom, basement, staircase, garage or where its convenient for you will help your savings more than you know it. Meiji sensors can also be set to turn on and off at your desired period of time.

Don’t you hate having to go back downstairs just to turn off the lights? Through this motion sensor, no need for you to be hassled. When a motion sensor doesn’t detect any movement, it will turn off automatically at your desired time. In this way, lights will be used more efficiently and energy will not be wasted.

It is also a great benefit in the front door when you’re expecting visitors. With a motion sensor, you will no longer have to keep the lights on to spot their arrival. Consuming only what you need, everything else is savings.

Here are 3 types of Meiji Electric Motion Sensors that can help you save energy:


Meiji Ceiling Type Motion Sensor


Meiji Fixture Type Motion Sensor

sensor with voice command

Meiji Wall-mount Type Motion Sensor with Voice Command









This kind of sensor is best located in covered places of the house, bathrooms, doorways or garage. Its scope is 6 meters and in a 360 degree angle. This operates during day and night and can detect light for even high intensity of light, or in any way you want it.


You can put this type of sensor in any part of your home. The biggest advantage of this type of sensor is that it is hidden.

This also saves energy but mostly brings security, as it works during daytime and night too. It has a wide detecting angle within a distance of 6 meters like the ceiling type.


As its name says, this sensor is installed on the wall in a particular area, or in your dark hallways. It has 3 options you can select for the sensor to function: On, Off and Auto. Setting it ON, the light will turn on with or without the existence of too much intensity of light. When it’s OFF, it’s off.  And finally, the Auto option will make the sensor active on with enough light intensity and if there is motion spotted.

This Meiji sensor only works at night.

Remember that any sudden change in temperature can set off your motion sensor. So it is better not to place it close the air openings, heating elements (refrigerator, air conditioners, and lights) but instead keep it away from them as possible to maximize its function in saving energy.


If you have gadgets and appliances that you want turned on for a desired period of time, timers are just what you need! For batteries to be charged only for a short time and air conditioners that has to be turned on for just a few hours, timers, with the right use can surely help you out.

Timers are energy-saving devices that will help you to reduce your appliances’ energy consumption and even prevents them from overheating. Simply set the timer, and it will remember to turn itself off.

Meiji timers can also be used to automatically shut off standby power after electronic devices like phones and mp3 players have been fully charged. You may are also use this to turn off lights, fans, heaters and other appliances to avoid leaving them indefinitely.

Meiji Electric Timers come in three types:

TC-V002-187x300Voltage Protector with Timer (TC-V002)

Use timers to control the number of hours when air conditioners are on and shut off lights without having to get out of bed. But that’s not all, this timer has a voltage protector. No need to worry about sudden voltage surge and drops because Meiji timer will definitely secure your appliances. This means that if a certain appliance exceeds the maximum or the minimum voltage set, it will shut-off its power to safeguard it from damaging your unit. You have saved your appliances and your pocket. With a little time management set for your equipment, you can lower down your electric bill drastically.

AIRCON TO FAN TIMER (TC-V003) final-TC-V003-204x300

In a hot summer breeze and a cool feel at night, one must cope to these sudden changes. Meiji’s aircon-to-fan timer accommodates air conditioners of up to 2 horse power. All you need to do is plug in the air conditioner and the fan and set the timer at the preferred time for the air conditioner to be turned off and on. This makes your unit cost efficient and helps you relax more without being disturbed.

24-hour Timer (TC-V004)


Meijie 24-hour Timer

With the Meiji 24-hour timer, you can manage all your appliances by turning them on and off on your preferred time setting as well. This kind of timer can hold appliances up to 20 amperes.This is more incredible than other timers because it has eight programmable timer options that let you set eight various time schedules for your appliances. When you want to use an appliance for a short time only, just simply plug it in, set the timer and plug in your appliance. It will work on its own and when the time is up, it will stop consuming energy and your appliance will turn off, too!




The ESD System is commonly used in big establishments like hotels for room security and of course, to save energy. This is appropriate especially for hotels wanting to enhance their customers’ comfort and lessen their energy costs.

The custom maid ESD serves as the main electrical switch of the room and can totally override the usual switches. All lights and electrical equipment in the room run only when the card is inserted.

Through its 30-second-delay switch-off, guests can comfortably leave the room before the lights go off. Also, this is for the Hotel Management’s energy-saving act for some guests who overuse appliances even when they have left the room.

ESD can only be acquired with a system panel. In the Philippines, Meiji Electric offers its expertise in this kind of Energy-Saving Device System together with the Home Panel design.

You might be thinking, “How can I use this in my home?” Well, this is very applicable, from shutting down a room from electrical use when leaving the house, when you don’t want maids tinkering with your gadgets, computer, T.V. and leaving everything undone.

With these energy-saving devices, you can reduce your energy consumption efficient and lower your electricity bills without losing time and efforts. And at the same time, allow you to enjoy the appliances you value. For quality assurance, make sure to purchase these items from your trusted electrical supplier, Meiji Electric. Be wise and have these in your homes and businesses for effective and efficient energy-saving.

Remember, Meiji innovative products puts money back in your pocket!

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