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Air pollution and global warming have been long-standing problems in the history of mankind. Sadly, it is our very actions and inventions that have caused and continue to to contribute to the destruction of the environment. Since we continually disregard the risks that our practices pose against Mother Nature, we exacerbate the problem at hand. It’s a good thing that more and more concerned individuals are not only participating in environmental conservation efforts, but also creating environment-friendly innovations. Not everyone is an inventor, but we all can do our part; believe it or not, minimizing your energy consumption at home is already a great deal of help.

Minimizing energy consumption has a lot of advantages. Not only will you help reduce the negative impact on the environment, it will also reduce your electric bill. In addition to using AVR in the Philippines, you can minimize energy consumption by doing the following:


Unplug Appliances Not in Use

Image from Brilliency.com

Image from Brilliency.com

We all know that turning an appliance off when it is not in use is important. From the lights to the air conditioner, the television, and computers – make a habit of turning off devices that are not in use. Don’t just stop there; remember to unplug said devices. Some appliances have a standby mode which means that even when they are switched off, it is still consuming energy. Unplugging an unused gadget even when it is not on ensures that it absolutely cannot use up energy. You might not think that this is a big deal but when you check your electric bill after a month of religiously switching off appliances that are not in use, you’ll see the difference.

Plant Shade Trees

Image from Treehugger.com

Image from Treehugger.com

Is it too hot inside your house? Beat the heat without turning on the air conditioner 24/7 by planting shade trees. If it is too hot inside your home, ditch it and hang out in your backyard or garden instead. This way, you can cool off without spending a cent and possibly even protect your gadgets from overheating! Here’s another tip: if your backyard or front yard is not big enough to fit a tree, then try painting your house a light color. Dark colors will make it feel hotter inside your home. On the other hand, if you live somewhere cold like Baguio, then using dark colors in your house can be beneficial so you won’t need to use a heater as much.

Use Power Strips

Image from Kopi Incorporation Limited

Image from Kopi Incorporation Limited

Power strips allow you to plug several devices and turn them on or off all at once. Using this helps you organize the wiring better since they are all plugged at the same place. This also means that instead of unplugging your appliances one by one, you just have to unplug your power strip. Choose a power strip with a ‘hot socket’. This will allow you to switch on one device while all the other gadgets are turned off.

Choose Energy-Efficient Appliances

Image from EarthTimes.org

Image from EarthTimes.org

There are plenty of appliances that are now energy-efficient. If you have been using the same computer for years, think about choosing a laptop or desktop with energy saving features. Refrain from using screensavers because they do not save energy at all. Instead of using screensavers, just set your computer or laptop to go to sleep or turn it off when not in use. Buying an energy-efficient device is useless if you don’t use it so make sure to put those features to good use in order to make an impact on your electric bill – and the environment.


Take these simple steps to minimize energy consumption at your own home. Through this, you get to help save the environment and spend less on your electric bill!

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In July 2012, an airplane with 208 feet wings extending far longer than normal single carriers flew around Europe for more than 24 hours. By day, it ran using the sun; by night, it still ran by the sun – this time using the power reserved from the sun during the day.

This is by far the longest and highest flight by a piloted solar-powered craft. Altitudes reached 28,000 feet above sea level and an average speed of 26 miles per hour. With 12,000 solar panels installed on Solar Impulse (the plane’s name), it glided across Payerne, Switzerland  to Jura Mountains in France.

Wings and Shape

Solar airplanes are light, flat and thin and are usually made up of carbon-fiber pipes for the frame. The wings of solar planes play a crucial role in the lifting part. These planes are often shaped like a “V” or an “X” as this orientation prevents the plane from rolling During steady flight, the airflow due to its relative speed creates a force that maintains the airplane in the air – compensating the weight and drag by propellers.

How Solar Panels Are Usedsolar powered plane

Solar powered air crafts use solar panels to collect solar energy for immediate use,b remaining energy collected for night flight. These are the heart of the planes because they cover a huge stretch of the plane. Not only are they thin (a few millimeters thick), they are also efficient and inexpensive. The solar panels cover the wings, tail and/or fuselage of the plane and convert light or solar energy into electrical energy. This device is called “Maximum Power Point Tracker”, it ensures that the solar panels are working at their maximum efficiency. How much energy is absorbed depends on the sun’s irradiance and the craft’s elevation in the sky. During the night when no power comes from the solar panels, the charged batteries provide power to the plane until the new cycle starts.

Carbon Emissions

Because solar powered air crafts do not depend on the atmosphere for producing power, no harmful exhaust gas are emitted. Solar energy is used to supply power to the propulsion system and onboard instruments. To do this, the aircraft must maintain a fine balance between collecting and consuming energy.

While flying with the help of the sun is not yet ready to replace commercial jet transportation – a few years might all be needed to make this into a reality.

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