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February is the month of hearts and love, when all couples are preparing for their Valentine’s Day.  They want this day to be a special one, and look forward to making memories with their loved ones.  Couples often go on dates and vacation, others spend their day at the park, while some book overnight stays at hotels. Many people also spend the day with their family, parents, siblings or their children. February is really a great month to express your love to everyone.

Meiji Electric also wants to express their love to customers. Here are some tips on buying electrical items that may help you make this love month worry-free.


If you are able to identify the designs and types of light switches around your house, it will be easier for you to choose the right kind of switch for your lights. There are some basic types of switches that you might want to take note of. For example, there is a single pole switch that is simply an On-Off toggle to turn on lights. The Three Way Switch allows you to turn lights on or off from two locations and the Dimmer Switch allows you to find the ideal amount of light for any setting.

meiji champagne series, light switches, wide touch wiring device
Classic Wiring Devices, meiji classic series, light switches


Before buying outlets, you must first check the type of plug you usually use in your house. Some types are: International Outlet, Universal outlet, Convenience outlet with or without grounding and Air Conditioning Outlets. There are also different types of outlets in different countries, for example, in the US they use three prong outlets that are different from European countries. Here in the Philippines, the typical outlet that is used is the Convenience Outlet.

meiji classic outlet elements, classic outlets, electrical outlets
meiji champagne outlet,outlets, electrical outlets


There are many kinds of extension sets with various number of sockets and plug-types, some even have USB functions. In choosing for your appliances, you must consider the following:

First, how long your extension set will be? Try to determine the location of the outlet around your house, this will help you decide on the length of extension set that you will need.

Second is the voltage and ampere rating, you must always know the capacity of each appliance before you plug it into your extension set. This is to avoid overloading that may cause short-circuit and fire.

Lastly is the safety feature of the extension set, like the Meiji Power Strips, it has a built-in fuse and surge protection for better protection against sudden electrical overload.

6 And 3 Gang Extension sets, meiji extension sets, power strip
Extension Sets 3m With Surge Protection, Extension sets, meiji extension sets, power strip


If you cannot decide on which type of switch or outlet you want to use, better ask a trusted electrician. The main priority of buying electrical devices is the safety of your family and everyone around.  Do not just blindly choose whatever is cheap, you wouldn’t know if it is faulty and can cause inconvenience for you. Better rely on an Electrical Company that is trusted by many, like Meiji Electric Philippines Inc.

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Are you thinking of renovating your house this summer? Many take advantage of the fact that it is summer (less probability to rain), to have their houses renovated. This way, the work can be continuous and going out to depots and DIYs will not be too hard. Remember also that wiring devices including those worn-out switches and outlets can contribute much to your house’ interior. Install heavy-duty wiring devices with metal strap that can last you for good together with the new Meiji USB Outlet.images (2)It is a very wise decision to invest in extension cords these days due to the fact that they are more cost effective than installing another outlet in a certain part of the house. Due to our imported appliances from abroad, we get to deal with different types of plugs: UK Plug, American, European, etc. This is why many electrical suppliers now came up with international outlet extension sets. Here are Meiji’s Innovative Extension sets that can connect your home to convenience! Find out the wide range of choices MEIJI Electric has to offer!


These kinds of polarized extension sets are durable, reliable and safe. These are made up of copper bars to be more functional than other extension cords. With a power rating of 2,500 Watts, 6 Ampere, 250 Volts, you can maximize its capacity in holding appliances. It comes in 3 to 5-meter range to fulfill your need for a lengthy extension cord. 


It is made up of polycarbonate white ABS plastic material that brings a glossy white look clean and classy your extension cords. Extension cords should at least have a rating equal to or greater to the requirements needed to run equipments effectively. With its features of 3-5 Meter wires, 3 outlets rated at 3,500 Watts, 15 Amperes, 250 Volts you will be gratified and won’t even think twice to utilize this one. 

13 SERIES (MES-1300 to 1308)

MES-1300These kinds of polarized extension sets are durable, reliable and safe. These are made up of copper bars to be more functional than other extension cords. With a power rating of 2,500 Watts, 6 Ampere, 250 Volts, you can maximize its capacity in holding appliances. It comes in 3 to 5-meter range to satisfy your need for a lengthy extension cord. This is the type of extension cord that will exceed buyers’ expectations. 13 series extension cords consists of 3 to 6 international outlets with individual switches, comes in 2 to 3 meters and fuse for each outlet. This fuse protects your computer or any other appliances as it blows to indicate sudden surge exceeding limit and other faults. It also contains a circuit breaker to fortify its protection for your high-rated appliances. When it trips, this would be a warning that your appliance may be experiencing faults, shorts and/or others problems. On top of that, it is made up of fire-retardant plastic in grey color. With a rating of at 2,500 Watts, 10 Amperes, 250 Volts you can assure your appliance’s safety. 


The new-fangled ‘Meiji’ FSS comes in a clean pure white color and can use 6 international outlets all at the same time even with unwieldy plugs and adaptors. It is appropriate to use with all sorts of plugs without need for any messy adaptors. There’s a soft ‘double action’ shutter set up in each outlet for easy plugging and security. The ‘Meiji’ FSS has 2 USB ports which you can use for empowering your mobile phones, cameras, laptops, mp3 players and other gadgets. This Meiji power strip has an ‘easy to push’ round center main power switch with light indicator. Lastly, it has a rubberized bottom pad for steady operation during use. All extension cords provide a convenient way to use electrical equipment that can’t reach a wall outlet. Invest now in Meiji’s Extension Power Strips and be electrified to the center of the universe!
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