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Extension cords are basically found almost Extension Cords with Surge Protectioneverywhere.  It’s practically a need in our society. It can be seen in our respective homes, offices and schools. Most of us might not even notice these extension cords since they have always been there positioned in that area for such a long time. Having established this, let us look into other ways our extension cords help us.

  • Extensions

Especially this Christmas season, when we need to plug-in more devices than we usually do; for example a Christmas Tree as a Christmas decor, an extension cord would be of great help. This time of the year also, we would often use extension cords when relatives and friends gather in our homes. This can be used to provide power for extra electric fans and the like. From the word itself, these cords help us in extending our electrical power source. For instance, if you lack a plug where you need to have one, you can have your extension cord do the work.

  • Many-in-one

You can have your television set, speakers, DVD player, and other gadgets plugged into the extension cord and use them at the same time. Most often, socket outlets only provide two holes which can plug-in only two appliances. With the use of an extension cord, you can plug several low wattage devices and provide power. You don’t even need to unplug all of them after using, you may just turn off the main power switch or unplug the extension and all of the power source will be cut. Meiji also models which have individual switches for the particular outlet. How convenient!

  • Connector

An added feature of extension cords these days are ones that have a USB Extension sets connector. If you are the type who often use cameras and upload the images right away, then you can benefit on this extension cord. No need to worry about outlets at your home, or in your favorite coffee shops!

The Top 3 mentioned uses of extension cord will not be utilized if we over use it. Please be aware of the AMPERE /WATTAGE RATINGS of the extension cords we purchase. Make sure that the devices you will plug-in are appropriate for your extension cord.

Safety should always come first. Note  that overloading may cause short circuits and/or worse start a fire.  Choose wisely.

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