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no_need_for_switchAre you one of those people who tend to forget turning-off the lights when leaving a certain area, like comfort rooms? Or does your child/spouse tend to do that for you?

Well, you are not alone. There are many people who experience this. And that includes me! If you are worrying that this might affect your electricity bills (It already does, I swear!). Good news! Meiji Electric is here to help you with your power-saving dilemmas.

Using Infrared Motion Sensors

Infrared Motion Sensors could help save electricity that we consume everyday. Why? Seldom used places like conference rooms, storage rooms, utility closets and bathrooms are areas where people tend to forget to turn off the lights before leaving. Meaning, the lights will remain on until someone notices it. And what do we get in return? An unwelcoming shock and dismay as soon as your electricity bill reaches your doorstep.

Using infrared motion sensors in areas that get much foot traffic

And that is frustrating, right? You’re paying more due to carelessness or neglect. That is why most of the offices and even homes right now are using infrared motion sensors in different areas that get much foot traffic or the places we usually go into, as mentioned earlier.  Infrared motion sensor senses the person’s body heat. So, when a person enters a room installed with a motion sensor, the motion sensor will automatically trigger the light to turn on. When the person leaves, (and so does its heat), the light will turn off after the set period of time. (This can be adjusted to your preference with Meiji’s motion sensor). This ensures that your lights do not get left on needlessly for hours or even days.

Save electricity, save money

According to a study conducted by Rowan University in US, “The installation of the motion sensors alone saved approximately 30% of the electric bill.”

THE MEIJI MOTION SENSORAnd when we save electricity, we save money. In addition, we make mother nature happy. Cost efficiency as you know is very important especially nowadays. There are a lot of factors that trigger our electricity bills to spike up. Some may be uncontrollable, like electricity hike of our power providers. But others are controllable, like our consumption. That is why we need to be wise in using our appliances and use devices that could really help us save energy. And this is what motion sensors are all about. It’s not just for the convenience that you don’t need to find the outlet to open the lights anymore but also to minimize the usage of our electricity, resulting to a better outcome.  A win-win scenario!

So now, what are you waiting for? Have your own motion sensors installed in your home and office, and see how it makes your life easier.

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Our generation today became a generation of “upgrades”. We tend to have a desire to innovate or to improve products from time to time. It is human curiosity that drives us to want to try something new. We become more interested in something when we know that it is different from what we already have, seen or used.

Only change is constant in the world

Like what they say,” Only change is constant in the world. “What seems impossible yesterday could now be possible. I grew up watching Science-Fiction films like Iron Man, Batman and Star Wars. Since then I am fascinated on how they use devices that could activate and deactivate machines through the use of their movements and voices. I frequently ask myself how it feels to use those kinds of devices; but there is no reason for me to ask those kinds of questions anymore. Because of today’s innovations, what we only see in our Sci-Fi movies now came into reality.

To meet the changing demand of the market, Meiji Electric came up with another product in line with their existing motion sensors. The MS-04 Sound controlled Motion Sensor.

MS-04 SOUND-CONTROLLED MOTION SENSORmotion and sound sensor

Unlike other motion Sensors offered by Meiji before, MS-04 has PIR-MIC mode, which senses both infrared energy and human voices. Infrared Energy comes from the heat from our bodies, so even if you don’t move or you fell asleep inside the comfort room (coz you can’t get it out!), you won’t be disturbed because the lights will remain on. Also, it is sound-controlled, meaning by just clapping your hands, you may automatically switch on your lights! Convenient, isn’t it?

Control sensitivity that can be adjusted

It also has a control sensitivity that can be adjusted from 30 decibels (db) to 90 db depending upon how loud you want it. It has an ambient light detection of 3-2000 LUX so it can be used during the day and/or night. Meiji motion sensor with voice sensor also has a detection range of 4 to 9 meters with a 160 degree detection angle.

For those who want a different experience with their motion sensors, Meiji’s sound-controlled motion sensor is a must try. It gives is not just the satisfaction and convenience but the glimpse of the modern world.


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It was last Monday, February 25 when AHA GMA-7 staff came for an interview regarding Meiji’s infrared motion sensors.

It was yet another privilege for Meiji to be featured in one of GMA shows-, this time AHA, FOR FREE! 😀

Meiji and GMA

The theme of their show that coming Sunday was lights so they deemed it appropriate to include Infrared Motion Sensors. Unfortunately, they did not air it that Sunday but instead during their HEAT ENERGY episode last Sunday (March 3, 2013).

aha gma7

It was a quick, informative episode on how our our body’s THERMAL energy can be detected by the sensor in Meiji’s Infrared Motion Sensor items. With this, you may either wire it to a light bulb, thus upon your walking towards the scope of the sensor, your light bulb will lit. This may be an LED light, a fluorescent bulb, tube lights, incandescent lights and others.

You may also wire your infrared motion sensor to a buzzer, an exhaust fan or a door. Many business owners, incorporate buzzers in their motion sensors. This is also in connection with a timer. After store hours, when someone comes in to their store, the buzzer alarms. This way, any suspicious visitor will be threatened.

While other  homeowners connect their motion sensors with their exhaust fans particularly in restrooms. Meiji infrared motion sensors have adjustable delays. For example you’d like your exhaust fan to remain on after use, this is perfectly possible! 🙂

It was a funny, cool time with Maey Bautista (Maey B) here in our office that afternoon. She’s a natural comedian, a whacko! 😉 My staff and I truly enjoyed their visit. Thank you!!!

aha gma7-meiji

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Motion sensors are now gaining publicity in our country. They are commonly being used particularly in comfort rooms of new establishments: for lighting, for flushing  toilets, for the water faucet and some for the hand dryers.

cctv cameraTechnically, there are different types of motion sensors, depending on how they detect motion and what they activate. But regardless of their means in detecting sensors, they have been really useful and helpful to industries. It can also be beneficial to YOU; if not already.

In this article, we have researched on the TOP 5 Uses of  a Motion Sensor:

Top 5: CCTV Cameras

Whether in homes or in businesses, CCTV Cameras have already become in demand. In a time when it is hard to be sure about the family and/or the business’ safety, having a monitoring device such as this one is really a big help especially when you’re not around. Cameras with motion detectors are really selling now because of practicality. You need not check your personnel’s log book to find out who were present during the incident, or ask people individually. Watch and you’ll know! Plus it doesn’t eat up much memory storage.  This is because they get activated through motion sensors.

TOP 4: Burglar Alarmsceiling type motion sensor

More and more people invest in security devices nowadays. And now, burglar alarms are also being widely used most especially as it keeps on advancing. Through motion sensing technology, they can already monitor if there is someone suspicious lurking around your area. And sure, these people’s actions activate these devices and they soon begin calling your attention through powerful alarms.

stand alone type sensor

TOP 3:  Lights

In cooperation with our Mother Earth’s cry to save energy, motion sensors attached to lights could be a delight. Now, you can easily set your lights and they will be turned on and off through motion.  Once motion was detected by the sensor, lights would immediately turn on. After the set amount of time that motion is not sensed, lights will turn then turn off. Therefore, you no longer have to worry about increases in your electric bills just because you forgot to turn off the lights. Definitely a bargain.

2. Mobile PhonesSmart phones

Smart phones upgrade so fast. As time progresses, their features also become more advanced in order to suit people’s activities. And sure, they become more efficient. They begin to perform functions we once thought only humans could do. One of the best improvements about these phones is their motion sensing technology. Phones that are capable of detecting motion automatically change the display’s orientation depending on how you are holding the gadget. Now, you can already input a text message or draft an email even you are holding your gadget upside down. It may even call your desired contact just by shaking your phone when a particular contact was chosen. Apart from that, motion sensors in phones also give way to more fun, exciting, and involving games.

Wii console1.  Gaming

Who does not know Wii and Xbox? These two have been very phenomenal gaming consoles which changed the landscape of gaming. Both of them, having motion sensing technology, can make you feel as though you are really in the game. Unlike other gaming consoles which only shows you the game as it happens, this one enables you to be really part of it. Instead of simply controlling characters or vehicles through controllers, you move just like them and therefore get the entire feel of it. Through its ability to detect changes in your positions and movements, you can also have a good exercise.

Sometimes, we do not appreciate simple things that we find in the things we use everyday. But if we are just going to think of it, everything, even the simplest among innovations can come as blessings. Motion sensors are just one of them. Its wide array of uses, which range from essential security functions down to the exciting gaming consoles,  just proves how technology can be truly useful and helpful if we want them to be.

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Now that intruders are very prominent and full of tactics these days, they may be also finding their way to get around home alarm systems. Question is, is your house still safe? Have you installed a security system or perhaps thought about having one installed? Aside from cameras, motion sensor’d alarms are now the in thing. Be not a doubting Thomas and consider protecting your family and home with these alarms.

What are Motion Sensor’d Alarms?

Motion detectors sense any motion in a specified area or beam of coverage such as lounges and hallways. When they sense the motion, they send a signal from the control panel which commands the machine to explore and see if the action is considered “fishy.” Any motion that is out of ordinary will activate the alarm system. Identifying what is or is not suspicious can be adjusted. For instance, our normal everyday activities in the household and the pet’s walking will not mean that there’s a burglary in progress.

Motion sensor alarms come in a variety of shapes, sizes and price points. Interior and exterior ones add an extra layer of security to the overall security plan. Examples of alarms include: siren or loud alarm noise, flashing outdoor lights and telephone auto-dialer.

When you’re shopping for motion sensors with alarms, you’ll find a varied array of products, most of which have similar goals: make enough noise and light to discourage intruders. It’s important to note that these motion sensor alarms have two types: exterior and interior.

Exterior motion detectors (with lights) are usually placed in entryways, driveways, stairwells and garages. Once you purchase one, plug it into the outlet and decide for the range where movement should be detected. Timing is dusk to dawn when you’re home or away. When intruders come in without notice, the motion sensors will trigger the light sensor and automatically illuminates the dark areas of your property or makes noise with horns.

On the other hand, interior motion detectors are usually mounted near the windows and doors. Most residences use the infrared type to detect moving objects that radiate heat, which is a characteristic of a human body. When a “heat” disturbance occurs, the owners of the property can be alerted through telecommunication devices such as the mobile phone, pager or even email.


When installing new motion detectors, test the technical devices by walking through the covered area and adjust the sensitivity accordingly. You don’t want to receive unnecessary false alarms. Making simple adjustments and doing some simple planning will have your home completely secure in no time at all.

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Nowadays, safety is not just something we want, but definitely something we need. In this world there are many kinds of danger. It is very unfortunate that there are a lot of bad seeds out there, and we cannot control them. What’s worse is that we cannot even tell who has an agenda and who is innocent.

Our families, our pets, our belongings, these are the things we want to be secured about. But it would not be good for us if we choose to stay home all day, everyday. Of course, we have our jobs, school works or business to attend to. We cannot always keep an eye on our homes, where all our possessions are supposedly kept safe. All the more, we cannot stay up throughout the night to make sure no burglars enter our homes.

 It is a good thing that Meiji Electric Philippines released their very own Infrared Motion Sensor. It is like having a security guard and a guard dogs both on duty. This sensor has 3 types:

infrared motion sensors


As indicated in its type, this sensor is placed on a wall in a certain room, or in your dark hallways. It comes with 3 options you can choose to have the sensor work: On, Off and Auto. Very simply, it works as how you think it does. Turning it On means the light will be turned on with or without the presence of light less than 20 Luminance. When it’s off, of course it is turned off. And lastly, the Auto option will make the sensor light up on less than 20 Luminance and if there is motion detected.

Ceiling Type

This type of sensor is best placed in covered rooms, doorways or garage. It can reach to about 6 meters and in a 360 degree angle. This works during day and night and has a light detection of 3-2000 Luminance, but it still depends on how you want it.

Fixture Sensor Type

Now, this type is something you can place in any part or object in your home. It can even go into your lamp. This basically offers protection, as it also works during daytime and night, and has a 100 by 360 degrees detection angle. It has a distance of 6 meters, like the ceiling type.

It is good to know that anywhere you are at anytime, your family and your belongings at home (or even at work) are safe and sound. Forget the hassle and too much energy you consume and making sure your home is at peace by having a Meiji Infrared Motion Sensor!

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Security is one of the most important things wise people invest on. Why? For one because we have loved ones and resources to protect, perhaps secrets to keep, and most probably other personal reasons to keep you glued to this article.

In the past years, a trend has been going on here in our country to install cameras or otherwise known as CCTV both in our own homes and establishments. Yet a question deep inside can’t help but continually bugs me  is, ‘Is this the best security available? Or better yet, would it continue to be effective when I don’t have much time to review the day’s events in front of the monitor?

Well look no more for motion sensors are already here! As the name entails, it’s a device which when integrated with other components could alert someone (owner)  for any extraordinary movements; protecting us even in our sleep!

Before I go any further, I would like to note that motion sensors are not only exclusively utilized for burglar alarms but in activation of lights and appliances as well when entering a particular unit or room. There are certain condominiums in various financial districts that have already started implementing these devices.

In a brief, I’ll give you the top 3 reasons why motion sensors are necessary in our lives:


(1)   Security

Motion sensors are well-suited for everybody because as human beings, we all want to be secure! It’s suited for those who cannot stay at home all day to protect their homes. It’s for people who have errands/emergencies to run and if I may add,  for weary individuals who cannot afford to lack a night’s rest and needs to find  peace and security not only in their minds but in their hearts as well.

(2)   Effective

It’s really simple. You don’t have to turn or press anything,  just move and it will be activated. Meiji Infrared Motion Sensors saves you time,  energy as well electricity since consumption will only be at a minimum! It will automatically turn off after no movement and heat is being sensed within its detection range and the time delay you personally set. Not to mention, it’s  effectiveness without  scaling down walls and ceilings!

(3)   Efficiency

Meiji Motion sensors also help us save on resources. Tangible resources like hiring of guards, getting watch dogs up  to intangible ones like a good night sleep and a peace of mind resulting to more quality time spent bonding with loved ones.

Wise up and make your family and home security a priority! Choose Meiji Infrared Motion Sensors!

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