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During New Year, a lot of us usually make a list of resolutions on self-improvement. Some of the most common goals in New Year’s resolutions are to lose weight, make more money and to quit smoking. For a change, why not include improving electrical safety in our homes as a part of the list?

Meiji Electric encourages you to practice electrical safety measures that can help keep you and your family safe. The start of a new year is the perfect time for homeowners to start electrical safety. Some common causes of electrical fires are caused by faulty electrical outlets, old wiring, and problems with cords, plugs and switches. It is best that we are equipped with the proper knowledge to avoid any future losses that we can actually avoid.

Here are 6 items that can improve your Electrical System at home:

  1. Buy a MEIJI Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) SVC 500-10000 C360_2015-05-13-11-48-45-898for your refrigerators and flat screen TVs. It is used to protect your computers and other appliances against surging and fluctuating of electricity by maintaining the load voltage against voltage variances. The Meiji AVRs are available from 500VA to 10,000VA.
  1. Check and replace your damaged extension cords with the Meiji 13 extensionsand 20 Series Extension Cord (MES-1303 to 1306, WRP 2104/ 2027). It has a power rating from 1,200 to 2,500 Watts that comes in 3 to 5-meter ranges. It consists of 3 to 6 international outlets for the 13 series and 3 parallel outlets for the 20 series.
  1. Install the Meiji Voltage Protector (TC-V001) to your air conditioners, refrigerators, laptops, and other appliances. It is a device that protects your appliance by cutting off power as it reaches the minimum allowable voltage drop or exceeds the maximum over voltage rating. The Meiji Voltage Protector with Timer (TC-V002) on the other hand has an added feature of 8 programmable timer setting options for your various day preferences. Meaning you can set the timer to work daily, weekly, monthly, weekdays, or whatever schedule that suits you.C360_2015-05-13-12-01-05-902
  1. Buy the Meiji Aircon to Fan Timer(TC-V003) that has an international and universal outlet to set your air conditioner to turn off at your preferred time and your electric fan to turn on immediately after. The Meiji TC-V003 can accommodate an air conditioner with up to 2 horsepower. With this item, you will surely save a lot on your electricity bill this year.
  1. Install the stand-alone Meiji Smoke Detector with Alarm (MSD-02) smoke-detector-front-300x265that doesn’t need to be wired to a main system.  The Meiji Smoke Detector alarms you that there’s a major smoke or heat coming from a particular area. This way, it can help you protect your home from the tragedies of fire.


Update your home electrical system with the Meiji Home Panel Home Panel 1 branch breaker(MHP-02 to MHP 3x16P) which comes in different sizes ranging from 1-48 ways. These are modular, fire resistant distribution boxes applicable for electric circuit terminals rated at 220V line to line, 400V line to neutral system. It is easy to install and disassemble with a beautiful design so you don’t need to hide it in the kitchen cabinet.

These are just some of the innovative items of Meiji Electric that can protect your home and your family. Keep in mind that all of us promise to make changes to improve our lives especially during the start of the year. However, some will fall short just before reaching March, but that doesn’t mean your New Year’s resolutions should not be done. So get up now and go to your nearest ACE Hardware, Handyman and Home Depot branches or contact us directly to avail of these items now!

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Filipino homes are filled with various appliances, from large mainstays like refrigerators and washing machines to smaller tools like toaster ovens and hair dryers. These appliances often prove vital for day-to-day activities, and can be expensive to replace if damaged or destroyed. For this reason, you’ll want to learn how to protect household appliances from electrical disturbances such as voltage fluctuations and overload.

  1. Meiji Voltage ProtectorC360_2015-05-13-12-01-05-902

The quickest and least expensive solution for protecting appliances is plugging them into Meiji Voltage Protector. These voltage protecting devices designed to turn-off in the event of a voltage fluctuation, cutting off power to your appliances and protecting them.

Note that not all voltage protecting devices have the same feature and capacity. Meiji Voltage Protector has the capacity of 4400 watts in a 220V output. Meiji Voltage Protector also has a “power-on-delay of 2 minutes” which can help prevent inrush current that might damage your appliances.

  1. Meiji AVRC360_2015-05-13-11-48-45-898

Partner AVRs with your appliances. A more thorough and robust solution than using voltage protecting device is to use Meiji Servo-motor type AVRs for regulating the voltage even while your appliance is running. Because this type of surge protection works during a voltage spike, it avoids the appliance plugged-in to be affected by the spike. It offers greater protection for your appliances than individual power strips.

Whole-house surge protectors are usually designed to accept 240 volts, which means you’ll need 2 empty and adjacent 120-volt spaces in your panel to install this device.

  1. Meiji Extension CordC360_2015-05-13-11-54-53-257

Meiji Extension Cords are rated at 10A and are made from fire retardant plastic material.

This can be a good solution if you are dealing with many appliances but you lack wall outlets or you need power supply near your working area, just be sure that you would plug-in these extension cords to an appropriate AVR. Meiji Extension Cords have built-in fuse protection in case of an overload. Each outlet has its own individual switch. So when you are done using one outlet, you can turn off the switch to save on power.

  1. Meiji GFCIC360_2015-05-13-12-08-58-574

In many countries, especially here in the Philippines, GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlets are required in kitchens and bathrooms, and other wet areas. These outlets monitor the electricity flowing into and out of each socket and shut off the flow if the difference exceeds a certain amount.

Install Meiji GFCI outlets throughout your home. These outlets help protect against “ground faults” – when electricity flows out of an appliance’s wiring and into the ground through the nearest conductor. If this conductor happens to be a person, severe injury or death can result. Meiji GFCI outlets are rated 20A with sensitivity rating of 6mA.

Updating your existing outlets with GFCI outlets (especially in wet areas like kitchens and bathrooms) is a quick way to add additional protection against electrical problems with your appliances.

  1. Meiji UPSC360_2015-05-13-11-47-06-567

Protect appliances from power outages using Meiji Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). A UPS is like of large power strip that contains a backup battery. If any problems are detected in the incoming voltage (which includes both surges and power outages), the battery engages, allowing you to operate the appliance without interruption. Meiji UPS also has a built-in AVR. Using this with your desktop computers may also save your files from sudden damages.

So the next time you think about protecting your home and your valuable appliances from electrical problems, make sure to contact Meiji Electric, your trusted electrical supplier here in the Philippines!

For any updates please call Meiji Electric Philippines Inc.

Tel. Nos. (63-2) 448-7423 / 414-4012 / 727-5790 / 413-6636

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Some of us may already know that our electronic and electrical devices are designed to work at a certain maximum voltage supply, and extensive damage can be caused by voltage that is higher than that for which the devices are rated.

The amount of current in a circuit depends on the voltage supplied

kolinFor instance, your aircon unit at the given rated voltage will carry a current just enough for the wire to absorb (giving off light and heat), but not hot enough for it to melt.

The amount of current in a circuit depends on the voltage supplied: if the voltage is too high, then the wire may melt and the light bulb will “burn out”. Similarly other electrical devices may stop working, or may even get burnt if an overvoltage is delivered to the circuit.

When the voltage in a circuit or part of it is raised above its limit, this is known as an overvoltage

When the voltage in a circuit or part of it is raised above its limit, this is known as an overvoltage. This is could be very dangerous to your equipment and to the whole house!

Good thing there’s Meiji Voltage Protector! This powerful plug-an-play device can surely protect your appliances from unexpected over voltages. By its automatic cutting-off of the power supply, your appliances are protected from over voltages and further damages.

Meiji Voltage Protector Catalog No. TC-V001’s power-on delay helps prevent transient voltage


Meiji Voltage Protector Catalog No. TC-V001 is rated at 20 Amperes, 4400 watts, 220 V, suitable for our country’s electrical distribution system. One great advantage of this voltage protector is its power-on delay which helps prevent transient voltage. Meiji Voltage Protector can be suitable for air conditioners, refrigerators, laptops, desktops and other appliances within the suggested load capacity. It also has light indicators to advise you if it’s running normally.

What are you waiting for?  Have your appliances protected just within your means with Meiji Voltage Protector.

With Meiji, your safety and convenience is our priority!

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Have you experienced having your computer broken by a sudden surge of electrical current? Perhaps you’ve had a light bulb pop for the same reason. Homes nowadays are furnished with modern appliances that are very high tech and efficient. However, the one disadvantage that these technologically advanced equipments is their susceptibility to power surges. Here we will discuss why your home needs to have voltage protectors.

What are power surges?

A power surge also known as transient voltage is a sudden increase in the flow of electricity that is significantly beyond the designated level for your appliance. For example, the standard voltage output of electrical outlets here in the Philippines is 220 volts. In the event of a power surge, the voltage of electricity that goes out of the electric socket and through to your appliance’s power supply skyrockets to indefinite heights but definitely way over 220v.

computer burn out

Why power surge protection is needed nowadays

If a surge is high enough, your appliances could be severely damaged. Computers are the most common victims of this very unpredictable occurrence. A computer that is hit with a power surge could immediately stop functioning. The worst part of that is you could lose the data stored in it in an instant! Components such as microchips and hard drives are too easily damaged by a sudden spike in electricity flow. Just imagine what happens to a light bulb if too much electricity is flowed through, it will explode in a fiery flash of light! It is for this reason that most desktop computers you will see in any household or office is connected to an anti power surge unit, or voltage protectors.

In the worst case scenario, power surges might start house fire. This is the last thing insurance companies and I’m sure ninety nine percent of the people want. Of course there’s always that one percent who want to remodel their houses by intentionally burning it down to get their insurance money.

What are voltage protectors?

Voltage protectors are there for protecting your appliances from voltage spikes! If you have a desktop computer in your home that wasn’t built by you, you probably have one of these guardian machines. If you aren’t sure what it looks like, you can go check out where your computer is plugged into. Chances are you’ll know immediately what you’re looking for, if you don’t then you probably don’t have a voltage protector and should seriously look into getting one as soon as possible.

Discussing the scientific and engineering technicalities of how voltage protectors work will require lengthy paragraphs filled with terminologies only engineers will probably understand. Basically, all you need to know is that modern day equipment, devices and appliances have components that are very sensitive to fluctuations of power and should therefore be protected at all costs. Take for example elevators which require a lot of power to switch on and off, should anything happen to the components that make it work because of power surges could mean a lot of trouble for people inside it and repairmen as well.

Drop by your nearest hardware and electronics shop and grab a voltage protector for all your heavy appliances. Of course, you don’t have to overreact and plug your light bulbs into voltage protectors. Just make sure that all of your most important equipment are protected.

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Hello Valued Customers!

AVR alternativeAs our ACE HARDWARE sale just finished, and as per your sincere request for more… we  give-in and want more of you a chance to avail of our sale. Fear no more shoppers, for it’s Handyman’s turn for a whole month’s sale! Check out Meiji displays on our Handyman outlets (Galeria, Ermita, Metroeast, Farmers and Limketkai).

We’ll be giving 10% off on our Voltage Protectors and Voltage Protectors with Timers! Do away with cashing out more money for AVRs when your low to medium wattage appliances can be protected by your Meiji Voltage Meiji timers PhilippinesProtectors!

These items are the most updated technology to compliment your electrical needs released late last year.

Handyman stores nationwide will be having its electrical sale this April! Be sure to get your wallets and lists ready for an efficient shopping! Enjoy!

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