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Meiji Electric successfully showcased its latest consumer electrical items last March 15-19, 2017, at the Worldbex 2017 held in SMX Convention Center. The 22nd Philippine World Building and Construction Exposition (Worldbex) geared its boldest installment from 156 booths in PICC during its inception in 1996 to this year’s 1,000 booth from 16 countries occupying 60,000 sqm of exhibition space in World Trade Center and SMX Convention Center. The expo set the bar high once again for the trade and exposition industry, creating opportunities for all in the construction and design industry, allowing them new information, technologies and innovations both locally and globally.




For more than 30 years now, Meiji Electric has been providing a wide variety of electrical products in its effort to “Enhance energy to your everyday life”. Meiji Electric Philippines make convenience and protection a priority to homes and business establishments, through innovated and reliable protective devices. The company carries Electrical Controls and Distribution Equipment & Systems, ‘Wide Touch’ & Specialty Wiring Devices, Consumer Home Panel Boards, and related items.




Worldbex 2017 Meiji Electric Booth

This year’s booth was designed with Meiji’s signature color of bold red and white. Items that were displayed include various MCCB (Molded Case Circuit Breakers), MS (Magnetic Starters), Panelboards. Also featured are the Meiji Classic Series (MCS) Wiring Devices including the latest USB products, Floor and Pop-up Outlets, GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter)MTS (Manual Transfer Switch), and MHPs (Meiji Home Panels). Electrical consumer items such as ‘Meiji’ Transformers, Extension Sets, TimersSmoke DetectorsMotion SensorsAutomatic Voltage Regulators (AVRs), Adapters and many more  were also exhibited.


Guests and visitors were drawn by the wide range of innovative electrical displays in the booth; helpful staffs were also designated to answer all their inquiries. Big discounts and raffle prizes like Meiji Chocolates were also awarded to lucky customers.




Meiji Electric would like to thank all the visitors that dropped by and bought items at the recently concluded Worldbex Exhibit held at the SMX Convention Center. Customers who missed the event can still buy Meiji Electric’s innovative items at Ace Hardware, Handyman and Ortigas Home Depot. Call us at 448-7423, 727-5790, 414-4012 and 413-6636 or email us at sales@meijielectric.ph for your various electrical requirements! You can visit our showrooms located at Unit 15 Landsdale Arcade, Mother Ignacia, Quezon City and 1 Mabolo Street, New Manila, Quezon City.


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The electrical switch is one of the most basic yet essential electrical devices in your household. Although they practically all look the same, it functions in varied ways. Your home has numerous light switches to control various types of lighting.

Meiji Wiring Devices

Light switches control things like light combination, a fluorescent light, ceiling fan, outdoor entrance lights etc. It comes in different shapes, styles, and colors. But, have you ever gone DIY and went to a hardware to buy one? The sales agent will ask you whether you need, 1 gang 2 way, 3 gang 1 way, 2 gang 1 way, dimmer, or illuminated switches etc.  So what does it all mean? Do you know what the difference is?


It’s really quite simple.



            It refers to the number of light switches on the plate. A 1 gang switch will control a single lighting circuit, and with a 2 gang switch you can control two lighting circuits, and so on.

Meiji Blank Plates




1 Way Switch



The most common household switch, a single-pole or one-way switch has two terminals that simply turn the power on or off.








3 Way Switch



A three-way switch has three terminals; a four-way has four. These control a light from two or three locations, such as in a stairwell; at either end of a hallway; or in a large room with more than one entrance.







Meiji Dimmer Switch



A dimmer switch controls a light’s intensity. Usually you can replace any single-pole switch with a dimmer.







An illuminated switch has an indicator light when the switch is off. This is especially helpful to find the switch in dark rooms.


Meiji Illuminated Switch



Now you know the difference of light switches, ways and gangs! Call us now at 448-7423, 727-5790, 414-4012 and 413-6636 and let us quote your various electrical requirements! You can visit our showrooms located at Unit 15 Landsdale Arcade, Mother Ignacia, Quezon City and 1 Mabolo Street, New Manila, Quezon City. You can also visit any of our displays at ACE Hardware, Handyman or Ortigas Home Depot. We offer a complete line of traditional and updated modern wiring devices. Please see them to appreciate.

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Did you know that champagnes originated from the vineyards of Champagne region of the prestigious country, France? In the medieval times, the churches owned these vineyards and used champagnes in sacrament for Holy Communion. Later, champagne wines were served as part of coronation festivities for the French kings. Since then, royalty became associated with this sparkling wine even up to these days.

Don’t you just wish to experience the riches it carries?

Bring home the elegance of France’s Champagne as Meiji presents the new series of switches and outlets!

Meiji’s Champagne Series

download (1)Champagne Series Wiring devices are Meiji’s stylishly innovated switches and outlets which come in Black, Silver and Gold plates. Unlike other colorful wiring devices, Meiji Champagne Series come in pure stainless steel that can match your wall interiors. They are designed to bring classy appearance to your home without giving up the durability all wiring devices should have.

Champagne Series wiring devices that comprise of convenient outlet, telephone modular outlet, computer modular outlet, CATV outlets, switches, push button switch, etc., have a rating of 15 Amperes at 300 volts, except for the Aircon outlet which is rated at 20 Amperes. All Champagne Series outlets have a parallel screw-type connection that is necessary as most outlets use stranded wires. The usual snap-type connection can have difficulties accommodating stranded wires. But with this parallel screw-type feature, you can easily connect the said wires into the pair of spacious screw-type slot. Let them experience the wide-touch feature of these switches and be astounded with the convenience brought by your mixed-and-matched outlets.

Champagne Series Switches have wide silver contact point which allows stronger conductivity that result to longer usage.With Champagne Series’ metal strap feature on its plate, these are prepared from wear and tear forces.

Whenever visitors would come to see you and your house, make them surprised with awe as they look into your attractive and interior-friendly wiring devices. On top of these, Meiji elegant-looking Champagne Series can be acquired just within your means!


Bonjour to your beautiful home!





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We all know what electrical outlets and switches are, and that it is a standard for every home to have. Wiring devices power our home appliances as well as to lighten the whole house. Receptacles provide a safer port where appliances can connect and power up. Switches on the other hand, are used to turn-on and turn-off the lights without a direct contact to its wires. But isn’t that what all brands of wiring devices do? The question is, how long will they last? Do they look nice for your interior design and for your visitors? Are they worth the price you paid for?

Let me share to you what I know!



When it comes to durability, Meiji outlets and switches has metal strap all over, which no one can claim with an affordable price. Unlike ordinary wiring devices that are made from very brittle plastic material, Meiji Classic Series wiring devices are made from flexible and non-fading polycarbonate glossy-white finish that protects you from direct contact to electricity. Meiji switches can take pressure during turn-on and turn-off process without easily breaking. Due to its wider contact point, you will receive a sturdier conductivity for a safer consumption of electricity. Meiji outlets has an accommodating screw-type terminals made perfectly for the standard solid and stranded wires. A screw-type terminal has many advantages over the Snap-On type. For one, with the Snap-On type you cannot retighten the terminals, you must buy a new one. The Meiji screw-type terminal can be easily retightened with a twist of a screw. Another great feature is that, Meiji wiring devices has interchangeable parts and can be mixed and matched with one another. Just remember not to combine low voltage (telephone) and high voltage (outlet) physically in the same set to avoid any damage to your appliances during a short.



When it comes to designs, white is the standard color for wiring devices. But if you want to attractively match these durable switches and outlets to your interior design, Meiji Champagne Series is just right for you! With the new elegant look from champagne-colored and pure stainless steel cover, your home design will definitely look better and classier. Your visitors will be amazed how easy you could professionally blend those outlets and switches to your interior.


Meiji switches and outlets are all user-friendly and reliable, even inexpensive enough to acquire if you really want to enhance your everyday living. In a new age, people are much wiser than before, knowing all options and choosing just the right one. So what are you waiting for? Choose Meiji Wiring Devices and it’s yours with just a flip of a switch!

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silver switchesA new addition to Meiji’s Wiring Device Collection: Champagne Series. This series comes with champagne black, champagne silver and champagne gold. Now, your wiring devices which include switches, outlets, telephone cable outlets and computer cable outlets can match your wall interior.

Made for Design

These days, many interior designers prefer wiring devices to blend well with the furniture in your home. Some would opt to compliment it with the walls or even the tiles at a particular area. Meiji therefore, wants to black outlets supplierSATISFY this demand. Durability without sacrificing aesthetics; this is what champagne series is all about.

Meiji came up with a classy champagne series still with the advantages of  Classic Series Wiring Devices. Yesss, its AFFORDABLE, don’t you worry! Meiji Champagne Series still have its metal strap to protect your switches from wear and tear pressures. It also has its mix-and-match accessory. You can still enjoy the wide touch for your Meiji switches. And the parallel screw type for your Meiji outlets. And what’s more, it still promotes the practicality and reliability that Meiji Wiring Devices are known for! gold cable outlets

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Meiji offers its customers with high quality switches and outlets as well. These products are not only elegant to look at, but they are easy to install and they will surely last as they can withstand pressure due to long term usage. Both switches and outlets have the same principles employed for aesthetics and durability.

Meiji’s Metal Strap Switches

To understand the product more, let us take a deeper look at Meiji switches. Meiji switches like any typical switch has these parts: the switch itself which can be of different types, the strap, and finally the plate which serves as a cover for the switch and the utility box.

Meiji switches supplier

The strap which is also called the yoke, is the part where the switch or outlet to be installed is clipped or attached. Then this strap is then screwed on to the utility box where the switch is being installed, and then finally a plate will be enclosed onto the box. Having so, the strap in installation has to be sturdy enough to support the body. Thus, Meiji uses metal straps.


Meiji employs a full metal material finish for their straps or yoke. Why metal? The deal is that one of the most common reasons of switches or outlets getting worn out or out of place is due to repeated usage or pressure. For switches, repeated flips or pushes introduces stress, and for outlets, repeated pulls and pushes of electrical plugs introduces a similar kind of stress. The stress is then transferred to the part which supports the switch or outlet, which is the strap or yoke. Once worn out, the switch or outlet will move deeper into the plate, as the strap supporting them had already worn out or bent or worse, broken. This scenario is the main cause for worn out switches or outlets. So Meiji uses a full metal strap  that comes along with their switches and outlets. The metal strap makes sure that upon attachment onto the utility box, the switch or outlet will be stable and can withstand constant and long pressure or usage, eliminating the risk for worn out scenarios. Thus, letting you save effort and money from replacing or repairing switches and outlets.

Not only are Meiji switches or outlets durable, they also look elegant as they are made from non-fading polycarbonate glossy-white finish. This type of finish will match any home interior and will surely last a long time! Meiji’s 30 year experience gives customers the best design for their needs by providing durable and elegant switches and outlets. Try it and see for yourself!

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Imagine: You are watching television in your living room, and you feel sleepy. Naturally, you got up, turned the TV off and would go up to your bedroom. You turn the lights on at the stairwell, went up, and got stuck. Why? Well you wondered “How will I switch it off?” It would be unwise and very inconvenient if you go down again to turn it off. Then just go up with the lights off…something that you should have done in the first place.

Hassle, I know.

Of course you wanted something that can help you with that. And yes, the solution is here! Say hello to 3-way switch. Who would have known how easy your life can be with this???

How It Works

To make it simple (including me), three way switches make it easy to control the switch from two different locations. This can be very useful for 2-storey houses, or long corridors. Obviously, you will need 2 switches for this, as opposed to the regular one switch requirement. In three-way switches, the flow of electricity is not stopped, but rather being channeled to another connector. It has three terminals, in which one terminal can be connected to the second and third terminal.

It may be hard to comprehend in words, so hopefully the diagram will do justice. For an attempt to explain it much simpler, in the diagram, the numbers 1, 2 and 3 represent the three terminals. When you first flip the switch, terminal 1 and 3 are connected, turning the light on. On the other hand, pushing the other switch will make terminals 2 and 3 connected, turning the light off. The special part is, you flip either of the switches (1 or 2), the light will either turn on or off, depending on its previous action. The electricity basically flows around the three terminals. Suffice to say, the first switch is not only meant for “On” function, or the second switch is not only for “Off”.

Try It!

Like the example in the beginning, if you have 3-way switches at home (situated at the bottom and top landing of the stairs), you can witness the convenience of having this switch. As soon as you are about to go up the stairs, switch on the light. Feel free to walk up the stair flight. Upon reaching the second floor of your home, you can now switch the light off using the switch which is on the same floor as you are. No need to go down again!

Having a three-way switch at home is for convenience’ sake. It would save you the time and energy from walking to and from the switch. We do not want that hassle, of course. Do not confuse it with 3-gang switch. That’s a different story. So before you overlook this need, make sure that you have a three-way switch at home!

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Have you ever experienced pulling out the adapter charger of your mobile phone and had the shoLight Switchesck of your life because the whole outlet got plugged out as well? Or have you heard of an incident wherein someone was turning on or off a switch and by doing so, his or her finger pressed all the way to the utility box inside it? If you or someone you know has had this type of EMBARRASSING EXPERIENCE, let us help you overcome it. But for those who have not, by reading this article, we can assure you that it won’t happen to you.

You need 3 things

When a switch or an outlet is being installed, as you already know, you need 3 things: a utility box, wire (AWG #12) and the switch with plate or outlet with plate. You first remove the plate; Outlet Platesand then screw together the body of the switch or outlet then put back its plate. The problem however is that the plates of the switches and outlets sold in the market are mostly of plastic strap in nature. This strap is found at the back sides of the switch and outlet nearest to the plate. And usually, HERE IS WHERE THE PROBLEM BEGINS.

Plastic strap is not strong enough

Due to excess pressure, wear and tear and overuse, the switch or the outlet moves deeper into plate, thus the mishaps mentioned earlier happens. The plastic strap is not strong enough to take on the pressure, the repeated turn on/s and off/s to your switch and the plug-in and out/s to your outlets.

Be sure to spend wisely

But the inevitable and necessary gesture of turning on and off your switch lights helps you to save energy. The same thing goes for plugging-in and out your flattening iron and other appliances after use, correct? Yes! This act also avoids unwanted damages and expenses to your house. But what do you do about your wiring devices? Should you really just keep buying them every so often? Take note commodities keep increasing, be sure to spend wisely.

Make use of full metal straps

We propose that you use Meiji switches and outlets. This eliminates the problems of the previously mentioned issues because only Meiji’s switches and outlets make use of full metal straps to the plate so that your switches and outlets are protected. As the company has been in the electrical business for more than 20 years now, it has developed Meiji wiring devices to the markets’ ultimate need.

Non-fading polycarbonate

Meiji switches and outlets have a non-fading polycarbonate glossy-white finish. Using it for long periods of time would not be a problem both physically and aesthetically but is in fact expected. It could easily match and blend in with the interior of your home.

Practicality, mix-and-match, and cost efficient

The Meiji Classic Series has a complete line of wiring devices including telephone modular outlets, door bell push buttons, computer outlets, surface type switches and outlets and many others. Aside from its aesthetics and durability, it also promotes practicality with its mix-and-match feature. In case you would want to combine a switch together with your outlet so that you no longer need to plug-in and out your appliance, but just turn on the switch; you may do so with Meiji wiring devices. Being so. it is very cost efficient because not only does it save you the time and effort to plug-in and out an item, but also saves you the money to buy another set of outlet, switch and wires because it got worn-out.

Parallel screw type terminals

Meiji outlets also have parallel screw type terminals as its unique feature. This is because in the Philippines, the wire size commonly used is 3.5mm2 (AWG #12 Stranded) thus the conventional snap type connection cannot accommodate the thickness of the said wires. Given Meiji’s parallel screw type outlet feature, you can easily connect the 3.5mm2 wires into the pair of spacious screw type slot and interconnect several outlets in one circuit, making it a better and more convenient choice.

Safety and reliability

Aside from its features, you can also be assured of the safety and reliability of Meiji’s wiring devices as it has ICC Certificates and passed international tests.

Don’t underestimate your home for a lesser cost of wiring devices. Choose Meiji wiring devices-less hassle, better living.

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MCS Switches is a full wide-touch series made up of Polycarbonate glossy white material which adds elegance to the look of the house.

We supply 1-3 gang; 1 way, 3 ways and 4 ways switches to give you control in every part of your home. You can choose  illuminated or ordinary indicator with your choice of color  to locate these easily.

Our switches, like outlets, are also known for it’s metal strap for extra protection. This prevents the strap from breaking upon installation of your friendly technician.

MCS Switches Design

switch elements


gang switches

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