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Hello everyone! It’s so refreshing to be back to work after the long Christmas Break! I’m sure that you enjoyed all the festivities last year, and as we open up the Year 2016, Meiji Electric is proud to present 3 new exciting items to watch out for.

#1 The Meiji 4-Port USB Extension Cord (MES-1405)




This latest extension cord has 4 USB o
utlets and is 1.5 meters in length.




#2 The Meiji Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter with 2 USB Outlets 3” x 3” (MGU-252)



The reliable Meiji GFCI now comes in a stylish 3” x 3” size with 1 international outlet and 2 USB outlets.





#3 The Meiji Quad Extension Set with 2 USB Outlets (MES-1404)




This high quality extension set has 4 international outlets and 4 USB outlets. It is 2 meters in length and has 2 main switches.




These 3 new items will be available very soon in the market, so watch out for more updates!

Call us now for your various electrical needs!

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Christmas is just around the corner and I’m sure that by now, you have already adorned your houses with Christmas trees, garlands and colourful parols. It is the most festive time of year and having a safe and secure home will keep the holidays brighter for you and your family. Before you get busy in buying your Christmas gifts and other preparations, please take a while to review our holiday electrical safety reminders to avoid any potential danger.

#1: Determine the number of available outlets

When decorating, determine first the number of available outlets and its location. Be sure that your installed electrical outlet can accommodate the total load of your Christmas decors. The most common problem when hanging Christmas lights is the unavailability of an electric outlet. If your outlet is far from your Christmas lights/ decors, use the Meiji 20 Series Extension sets (WRP 2104/2027) that are made up of polycarbonate ABS plastic material and ranges from 3-5 Metered wires. It also has 3 outlets rated from 1200 to 2500 Watts and your choice of white, black and even green colours.





You can also try our Meiji 13 Series Extension Sets (MES-1303 to 1306). This series consists of 3 to 6 international outlets with individual switches, shutters for child protection and fuses for each outlet. It also contains a circuit breaker to better protect your higher rated appliances. It is made up of fire-retardant plastic in grey colour, rated at a total of 2,500 Watts.

# 2: Turn off all indoor and outdoor electrical decorations before going to sleep or leaving the house.

# 3: Do not use electrical ornaments or light strings on artificial trees with metallic leaves or branches.

Or better yet, update your tree to the Fiber Optic Christmas TreesMeiji Fiber Optic Tree with programmable energy saving LEDs. This year, we have four new designs to choose from. The MFL-DL with LED dancing lights, MFL-RM with LED blinking colourful balls, The MFL-G that has steady gold fiber optic with colourful LEDs, and the MFL-SS which has LED stars with 8 different motions. With this type of Christmas tree, you don’t need to put on any Christmas lights and unlike the conventional tress, it does not heat up. Energy efficiency is another benefit of using this tree since LEDs only consumes 1/3 energy. This will add up to big savings on your electricity bill by the time the holiday season is over.

# 4: Do not overload electrical outlets.

Overloaded electrical outlets and faulty wires are a common cause of holiday fires. Avoid overloading outlets and only plug one high-wattage appliance into each outlet. Read the power consumption of your appliance and make sure it is within the capacity of your outlet.

# 5: Outdoor Christmas lights and decorations should be pluggedgfci with cover into circuits protected by Meiji Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GF-250/ MGF 250).

These are protective outlets designed to shut off an electric circuit when it detects current imbalance due to ground faults or grounded wires. Pair it up with the Meiji Weather Proof Cover (MCS-2204) for added protection!

# 6: Always unplug electrical decorations before replacing bulbs or fuses of your Christmas lights to avoid electric shock.

# 7: Make sure that you have a stand-alone Meiji Smoke Detector with Alarm (MSD-01/ MSD-02) 

smoke-detector-front-300x265With all the family reunions this Christmas season, your kitchen will surely be busy. Make sure that you have a stand-alone Meiji Smoke Detector with Alarm (MSD-01/ MSD-02) to warn you when it detects smoke; that is typically an indicator of fire.

Caring and providing excellent electrical products for our customers is something we strive to do all year round. On behalf of Meiji Electric, I would like to extend our sincerest thanks for your continued patronage, and wishing you a Joyful plus safe Christmas and a Prosperous as well as electrically secured New Year!

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Ayala Land, Inc., the leading real estate developer in the Philippines, AYALA 2recently sealed a deal with Meiji Electric Philippines, Inc. and obtained 2,000 pieces of MGF-250, the only Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) with a combination of an International and a Universal Outlet being offered in the market to date. Unlike other traditional GFCI’s, which are almost always Duplex Parallel Flat Pin convenience outlets (C.O.’s) with Ground, the MGF-250 works on any plug without any need for messy adaptors.

One Serendra

A posh 12-hectare garden condominium development of Ayala Land Premier located at Bonifacio Global City (BGC) trusted the Meiji GFCI in the line of electrical safety and protection. These will be used in all the units of the East and Wing Towers for added safety and security of all their residents. As some of you may know, the Meiji GFCI (MGF-250) is effective in preventing hazardous accidents especially in wet areas. It is usually located in comfort rooms, laundry areas or other wet places where an occurrence of a ground fault is prone.

AYALA 1The Meiji GFCI (MGF-250) can monitor current imbalance that an appliance consumes. In an event of an imbalance like a ground fault, it will trip automatically to stop current and prevent serious damages. It can detect as low as 0.006 amperes (6 milliamperes) and stops the flow of electricity immediately. For example, if you are in the bathroom and would like to use your hair blower, the MGF-250 will detect any ground fault and will immediately trip and not reach a person’s body. This is a very wise investment to avoid life threatening accidents. Homes, hotels, condominiums, buildings etc. will surely benefit from GFCI.


Being chosen by Ayala Land, Inc., to supply GFCI’s for One Serendra is undeniably a great achievement that only proves that Meiji Electric Philippines is the leading GFCI supplier in the Philippines.

So what are you waiting for? Call us now and see how we can enhance energy to your everyday living!


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Filipino homes are filled with various appliances, from large mainstays like refrigerators and washing machines to smaller tools like toaster ovens and hair dryers. These appliances often prove vital for day-to-day activities, and can be expensive to replace if damaged or destroyed. For this reason, you’ll want to learn how to protect household appliances from electrical disturbances such as voltage fluctuations and overload.

  1. Meiji Voltage ProtectorC360_2015-05-13-12-01-05-902

The quickest and least expensive solution for protecting appliances is plugging them into Meiji Voltage Protector. These voltage protecting devices designed to turn-off in the event of a voltage fluctuation, cutting off power to your appliances and protecting them.

Note that not all voltage protecting devices have the same feature and capacity. Meiji Voltage Protector has the capacity of 4400 watts in a 220V output. Meiji Voltage Protector also has a “power-on-delay of 2 minutes” which can help prevent inrush current that might damage your appliances.

  1. Meiji AVRC360_2015-05-13-11-48-45-898

Partner AVRs with your appliances. A more thorough and robust solution than using voltage protecting device is to use Meiji Servo-motor type AVRs for regulating the voltage even while your appliance is running. Because this type of surge protection works during a voltage spike, it avoids the appliance plugged-in to be affected by the spike. It offers greater protection for your appliances than individual power strips.

Whole-house surge protectors are usually designed to accept 240 volts, which means you’ll need 2 empty and adjacent 120-volt spaces in your panel to install this device.

  1. Meiji Extension CordC360_2015-05-13-11-54-53-257

Meiji Extension Cords are rated at 10A and are made from fire retardant plastic material.

This can be a good solution if you are dealing with many appliances but you lack wall outlets or you need power supply near your working area, just be sure that you would plug-in these extension cords to an appropriate AVR. Meiji Extension Cords have built-in fuse protection in case of an overload. Each outlet has its own individual switch. So when you are done using one outlet, you can turn off the switch to save on power.

  1. Meiji GFCIC360_2015-05-13-12-08-58-574

In many countries, especially here in the Philippines, GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlets are required in kitchens and bathrooms, and other wet areas. These outlets monitor the electricity flowing into and out of each socket and shut off the flow if the difference exceeds a certain amount.

Install Meiji GFCI outlets throughout your home. These outlets help protect against “ground faults” – when electricity flows out of an appliance’s wiring and into the ground through the nearest conductor. If this conductor happens to be a person, severe injury or death can result. Meiji GFCI outlets are rated 20A with sensitivity rating of 6mA.

Updating your existing outlets with GFCI outlets (especially in wet areas like kitchens and bathrooms) is a quick way to add additional protection against electrical problems with your appliances.

  1. Meiji UPSC360_2015-05-13-11-47-06-567

Protect appliances from power outages using Meiji Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). A UPS is like of large power strip that contains a backup battery. If any problems are detected in the incoming voltage (which includes both surges and power outages), the battery engages, allowing you to operate the appliance without interruption. Meiji UPS also has a built-in AVR. Using this with your desktop computers may also save your files from sudden damages.

So the next time you think about protecting your home and your valuable appliances from electrical problems, make sure to contact Meiji Electric, your trusted electrical supplier here in the Philippines!

For any updates please call Meiji Electric Philippines Inc.

Tel. Nos. (63-2) 448-7423 / 414-4012 / 727-5790 / 413-6636

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meiji gfciHave you ever wished to yourself,” If only I can play my Mp3 or iPod while taking a bath, dry my hair with a hair blower or use my electronic shaver inside the bathroom without any fear of electric shocks, it would be fantastic!” Wish no more because with a ground proof, Meiji GFCI, it can happen.

There are a lot of things that we want to do inside our home but afraid to because of fear of accidents. One of the most common and fatal accidents inside a home is electrocution leading to death caused by electric shock. This happens frequently in wet areas like bathroom,  laundry and kitchen. And of course, none of us want that to happen inside our own homes. So like what they always say, Prevention is better than cure, we should always put our family’s safety on top priority. You wouldn’t just want to sit there and wait until something bad happens to them, right? We want an assurance that our home is safe to live in without compromising the things we usually do.

Install a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlet.

This is the best thing to do to assure the safety of your loved ones in your home. a GFCI will automatically trip or quickly stop the flow of electricity to our body in the event of a ground fault to prevent any serious injury. It prevents dangerous and life-threatening accidents as we use electrical and electronic devices while our hands are wet. There may also be times that we do not immediately notice cut and broken wires of our kitchen appliances which can be very dangerous. The operation of washing machine and other wet area equipments can also cause serious accidents if not used properly. So imagine how many house accidents will be prevented if every home uses a Meiji GFCI?


Studies show that 99% of the female and infants’ population have a “let go” limit of 6 milliamps. Meaning, higher than 6 milliamps can cause painful shock and you begin to lose muscular control. But, with Meiji’s Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, the moment ground fault reaches 6 milliamps, it will immediately trip and not reach a person’s body. It comes with 2 designs, the GF-250 for 220V and LG-20 for 110V which both have 2 parallel outlets. Meiji’s, MGF250 is the first GFCI with combination of International and Universal outlets. Surely, with Meiji’s GFCI, you can never go wrong!

So now, girls will have no worry blow-drying their hair after shower and guys can do their shaving inside the bathrooms while every mom out there can do their laundry and dishes with no worry of electric shock. But always remember that accidents happen unexpectedly. And it excuses no one. So to counterattack, we need to be double cautious inside our homes. And we can not do it alone, we need the right partners to take good care of our family and loved ones, and you can trust Meiji’s GFCI to do just the job.

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