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Last November 25-28, 2015, The Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers of the Philippines, Inc. (IIEE) held a 4-day event at the SMX Convention Center. For this year, the theme was: IIEE @40: “A Journey of Service for Excellence”. There were technical sessions, products for all the electrical practitioners. This was a great opportunity for Meiji Electric to introduce itself to the public as well as widen their connections since majority of the guests are electrical engineering students, specialists and experts.

Meiji’s Booth at the 40th IIEE Annual Convention

Guests surely did not miss the brilliant red booth of Meiji Electric Philippines, Inc. They were captivated by the various electrical displays like Circuit Breakers, Meiji Home Panel Board, Voltage Protector, the Meiji GFCI, USB outlet, Flying Saucer Strip and Meiji Classic and Champagne Series wiring devices.

The highlight of this year’s entry is the Low Voltage SwitchgeaIMG_2744r (LVSG) complete with capacitor bank and dry-type transformer. It also utilized shiny tin-plated copper flat bars, instead of the usual copper bus bars that are normally used in panel boards.





The common trend in the exhibits nowadays is to hire attractive models with revealing attires. Meiji on the other hand, hired two smart and gorgeous well-dressed models that were actively promoting items to the guests. The knowledgeable Sales Executives were also present to IMG_2758answer all the queries of the guests.

Additional discount was also given to customers who bought items on the spot. Another gimmick that piqued the interest of visitors is the raffle draw where they got the chance to win exciting prizes such as Meiji umbrellas, white T-shirts and red Polo Shirts, tumblers, and even Meiji Chocolate bars.

This was indeed another successful event that has been participated by Meiji Electric! See you all again next year!

Contact us today, and let us be the one to cater your electrical requirements! IMG_2759

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If you have been part of the IIEE Expo 2014 at the SMX Convention Center, you might have seen or visited the red booth with a huge metal box at the center, shining white lights and dazzling Christmas Trees on the side. You’re right, that’s the booth of Meiji Electric Philippines, Inc.


IMG_20141126_165246 IMG_20141126_165315 IMG_20141129_225933









The IIEE Expo 2014 has become an opportunity for Meiji Electric to introduce itself to the delegates of the event and even to the public.  Guests such as developers, engineers, project managers, end-users and students had a great time visiting our area. With so much innovative products to see, industrial equipment to perceive and the exciting prizes from raffle draws, guests had gone back and forth the Meiji Booth.

Meiji Display at IIEE Expo 2014

The main attraction was the huge Capacitor Bank, placed in the middle of the booth, together with the panel boards on its side. This was the edge of the company as most of the visitors are electrical, electronics and communications engineers. Another plus was the innovative products displayed such as the Voltage Protector, the Flying Saucer Strip, the Meiji GFCI and the new USB outlet.



IMG_20141126_165409 IMG_20141126_165616IMG_20141126_165841










The other attraction that captivated the interest of most visitors, especially end-users, is the raffle draw where they won exciting prizes such as Meiji umbrellas, white T-shirts and red Polo Shirts , tumblers, and even Meiji Chocolate bars.


IMG_20141129_230129 IMG_20141129_231809 IMG_20141130_021002 IMG_20141130_051435







Surely, Meiji Electric took a great portion of the electrical controls and distribution market. Another successful event has been participated by Meiji Electric which will help the company towards growth and to further occupy the electrical controls and distribution, wiring devices and consumer markets.



Contact us today, and let us be the one to serve your electrical requirements for your ongoing and upcoming projects!

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Here we go again!

Meiji Electric will play a part in a well-known product exhibition known as the IIEE Expo 2014 to be held at SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia on November 26 to 29. But unlike the previous event PHILCONSTRUCT, where all construction materials are presented, the IIEE Expo focuses more on the electrical, electronics and energy products.

As some of us know, Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers of the Philippines, Inc. (IIEE) is the organization of electrical practitioners here in our country. And now, they’re their conducting this renowned event to continuously enhance electrical practitioners’ competitiveness towards global excellence.

Meiji Electric has been waiting for this opportunity to showcase its industrial side. This time, the company will present more on the efficient and energy saving electrical systems, like Electrical Panel Boards, Contactor Transfer Switches (CTS), Pump Controls, Low Voltage Switchgears and Frequency Inverter Controlled Systems.

Through Meiji’s industrial products like VFDs, ACBs, MCCBs, Magnetic Contactors and others, maximize the protection of all your machineries and control extremely accurate electrical motor regulation. All with a high degree of engineering, at a more economical level, yet in line with high quality standards.

Not only that, with various electrical products to be featured, you can choose innovative products like GFCI outlets, motion sensors, smoke detectors, and other related items that will make convenience and protection a priority to your home. The company will also display devices such as timers, AVRs and transformers that will speed up your business operations protect your office appliances and minimize electrical consumption.

Therefore, we cordially invite all engineers, developers, project managers, interior designers and end users to visit our place within four consecutive days. Meiji occupied two booths, 10 and 11, located near the entrance of the exhibit area, a more accessible place for visitors to participate in exciting surprises!

Meiji Electric, enhancing energy to your everyday life.

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From the recent PHILCONSTRUCT 2014, a construction product exhibition, held at the SMX Convention Center, Meiji Electric had successfully presented its potential of leading the electrical controls and distribution market.

For four consecutive days, Meiji Electric’s booth was mobbed by a large crowd, particularly developers, architects, project managers, engineers and a lot of end users. Even celebrities and some government officials dropped by the place.

Through the glass mobiles and outstanding red, yellow and white color combination, perfectg glittering LED lights, home, commercial, industrial and Christmas product displays, together with Meiji sales personnel and two gorgeous models, Meiji Electric stood out on the first hall of the events arena.

Meiji’s Innovation at Display

Many guests were amazed by the new innovative products displayed in the booth such as the Meiji USB outlet, Meiji Flying Saucer Strip, the famous MGF250, Meiji Home Panels, Fiber Optic LED Christmas trees and the Christmas Villages. No wonder Meiji Electric got besieged in the said event.

Visitors can’t help themselves from coming back in the area as Meiji launched a raffle, where every two hours, a lucky business card-dropper wins a Meiji gift package which comprises of Meiji tumbler, Meiji red polo shirt and a Christmas tabletop decor.

But most importantly, the goal to top the electrical controls and distribution market in the construction materials product exhibit was accomplished. A lot of end users purchased right there and then due to Meiji’s 10% discount on all displayed items.

Also, other exhibitors went to the Meiji booth, to see Meiji Electric’s new innovative products that they might need for future projects or building requirements.

Another fruitful event has been marked on Meiji Electric’s milestones checklist.  See you for more upcoming trade shows.





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Mark November 5 to 8, 2014 on your calendars as Meiji Electric joins the well-known construction product exhibit, PHILCONSTRUCT at the SMX Convention Center, SM MOA Complex.


PHILCONSTRUCT is the 25th technology forum and product exhibition for Philippine international construction equipment, building materials, and interior and exterior products. PHILCONSTRUCT has dedicated itself to being a trade show for the industry, by the industry. Over 25 countries will be represented and 1,500 companies will participate.

As Meiji Electric becomes part of the exhibit, the company takes this opportunity to promote its products to the electrical controls and distribution market. Since the exhibit caters to the construction market, the company will showcase products like Wiring Devices, Circuit Breakers, Home Panel Boards and related items.

Meiji’s Display of Products

Meiji Electric has a complete line of electrical controls and distribution equipment. These include Circuit Breakers, Motor Starters, Contactors, Thermal Overload Relays, Timers, Motor Starters, and other related items. Innovative products such as USB outlets, Meiji Home Panel Boards, Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs), Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVRs), Step-Down Transformers and ‘Wide Touch’ Wiring Devices shall also be displayed during the exhibit.PHILCONSTRUCT

With all confidence, Meiji Electric Philippines, Inc. is gratified to join this big event and present innovative ideas in the market. Being part of the event, we would like to warmly invite again all readers, potential buyers, developers, engineers, architects, and interior designers. For those of you who would want to experience and capture our outstanding electrical products, please join us in the country’s number one construction show and see for yourself the enhancement we bring to everyone’s life.


Construction can never be complete without our electrical items, build your future with Meiji Electric!







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