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Are you tired of  sudden changes in temperature that force you to switch from one appliance to another in the middle of the night? Meiji has something for you.

Imagine this:   One night, you go to bed thinking you could easily fall asleep. You are already too tired but an hour has already passed and still you’re awake! It’s weird because the air conditioner has already been on for awhile now.  And then you start feeling uncomfortable.  Soon after, you begin to feel HOT AND IRRITATED because your air conditioning unit already switched off and still you’re awake. Just several minutes more, you feel sweat bursting out of your skin;  now making you more uncomfortable and annoyed.

At first, sure, you try not to bother simply because you understand that it is just one simple  reminder that you are in the Philippines. It’s one thing to live with. However, as minutes go by, you think there must be something I can do about this.

Here’s the thing:  You do not have to worry about saving electricity and because of it, compromise the comfort of your sleep! Meiji’s Aircon to Fan Timer (TC-V003)  can do the job for you.

Designed for convenience

AIRCON TO FAN TIMERThis device allows you to connect both your air conditioning unit and electric fan in just one device. And through its timer, you can even set the specific number of hours and minutes the air conditioning unit would work before it gets deactivated and before the device switches to fan.

This just means that you no longer have to endure all the drama entailed by the crazy temperature level shifts from all day.

Plus, it is also very easy to use. All you have to do is plug the two appliances to this device, set the timer, and you are ready to have a good night’s rest. Yes, without needing to get up in the middle of your slumber or waking up dripping in your own sweat.

For holidays or long weekends, you may also opt to just use ‘COOL’ so that your unit won’t turn your air conditioning unit off.  This way, you get to rejuvenate and relax at home. In cool days such a s September to December, you may choose to program your Meiji Aircon to Fan timer to ‘FAN’. This way your fan is off.

NO more hassle whether its during the day or at night! 😀

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Meiji aircon to fan timerThe New Meiji Aircon to Fan timer allows you to plug-in your air conditioner and electric fan in one unit. It has an international and universal outlet with a 4,400W and 20A load capacity. Meiji TC-V003 item accommodate your air conditioner up to 2 Horsepower.

With Meiji’s Aircon to Fan Item, say good bye to those hot, sweaty mornings! Now, you could set your air conditioner to turn off at your desired time (hours and minutes specified) and your electric fan to turn on immediately after.

No additional adapters needed for Meiji Aircon to Fan Timer makes use of a tandem plug workable at 220V, designed specifically for your aircon use.

You could also set the Meiji Aircon to Fan Timer to ‘COOL’ mode which means that the Aircon is always on. You can also set the item to ‘FAN’ which turns on the Fan item only. As ‘OFF’ mode turns both outlets off, which helps you save power.



1. Press ‘SET’

2. Input the number of hours desired for your aircon to be on.

3. Press ‘SET’ again, to input the number of minutes desired for your aircon to be on.

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