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scary firesDo you know what the scariest thing that can happen in a fire? Some say its loss of possessions, some say burns, while others death. But what about you, what scares you in a fire?

I have not personally witnessed a fire happen to our home by God’s grace. I can only hear of tragic and horrific stories of parents coming home only to find out everything they have worked so hard for, gone in less than 15minutes!

There were also friends and classmates who share their fire experience. They say, it is one that will never be forgotten not only because of the loss but also the indelible mark it left on their skins.

So YOU, who have experienced FIRES that left you discouraged (at the least) and downhearted, and YOU, who DO NOT WANT to experience the damages FIRES can bring, WHAT CAN YOU DO?

Smoke detectors are devices made to detect upcoming danger.

TheseMeiji smoke detector sensors alarm people that there is smoke coming out of a particular area before it becomes too big to handle. This is one of the things that we should NOT hesitate to PURCHASE and install in our homes these days. With sudden changes of temperature and electrical surges happening in our country, smoke detectors could be one simple thing that can PREVENT DANGER from hitting you and your home.

So how can you save yourself and your family with SMOKE DETECTORS??

People inside your home should first be advised of its purpose and what to do when your smoke detectors alarm. Normally, smoke sensors should sound before fire is in its devouring state. So upon the sound of the alarm, users have to check IMMEDIATELY where the smoke is coming from. Once we have, turn the appliance (i.e. stove, air conditioner, flattening iron) completely OFF. And then, also turn off your Meiji smoke detector before your neighbor panics and calls the fire department.

Another instance is that you may have been awakened by the smoke detectors alarm in the middle of the night while everyone’s asleep. So the possibility of smoke building up to a fire is a reality. Now, allow your SMOKE DETECTOR to alarm continuously. (This way, others may also be alerted of the situation.)   Look for the possible cause of the fire and extinguish it. It is also VERY IMPORTANT to REMAIN CALM AND ALERT at this point.  This way, you can figure out your next course of action, such as calling for help, getting your loved ones and/or valuables out of the house and putting off the fire.

be preparedMeiji smoke detectors can save your family from fires

the damaging and depressing effects of fires by alerting you before it happens, allowing you time to put off the fire and also giving you and your home time to react before the fire eats everything up.

I believe we would all agree that our loved ones lives are the most important thing we can save in a fire. Smoke detector first priority is to allow you to pull you and your family out of harm’s way. We’ll never know when this type of misfortune can strike.  You owe it to your family to make sure you have one at home.

Provide your child the same safety offered in their International School in the Philippines. Because their security does not need to come at a greater cost.

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avoid fireFire as we know can be a huge benefit but may also be one’s worst enemy. An uncle of mine once said, “It is better for a thief to rob you of of some belongings than to have fire to consume everything you own.”

I say he’s definitely right. Fires are powerful and it would do us all good to know preventive measures to avoid being on its dark side. In this article, we used Readers Digest as our source for top reasons that cause fires in our homes:

  1. Inappropriate electrical installations. Some of us may adhere to do-it-yourself projects without the proper know-how of computing its ratings and proper specs. It is important to consult with licensed electricians before doing so.
  2. Careless keeping of combustible materials. During power outages, many of us make use of candles for temporary lighting. The problem is sometimes, these candles are left in places where it might get accidentally knocked over or forgotten. Matches, lighters or cigarettes should also be safely kept out of reach from children and in room temperature.
  3. Improper use of electrical equipments. Loosely plugged cords, overused outlets and extension cords are some of the no-nos in this category. One thing I learned is that it is better to invest in higher rated electrical equipments so as to provide allowances in case we will plug-in new appliances.
  4. Negligent use of cooking equipments. Kitchen atmosphere is very hot so grease, oils when splattered could cause fires. A safe tip is to be attentive of your cooking and do not leave your pans unattended.

Now that we are more informed of the top causes of fires in our homes and how to avoid it,  here are some WHAT-TO-DO tips for your safekeeping:

Smoke Alarms

What is the first sign of fire? That’s right. Smoke. So wouldn’t it do you good to have smoke detectors/alarms installed in your home? Smoke alarms are one of the most common yet most effective way to avoid massive damages caused by fires. Smoke detectors have built-in alarms to alert users or even wake them up. Install one now and save your life!

Power cords inspection

Properly manage appliances inside your house/office. Know its ratings, have provisions for surge protection and maintain cords untangled and unbroken.

Check Wirings

As said, short circuits are one of the most common causes of fire. If you have been living in your home for 2 decades now. Check on your circuit breakers and panel boards. It most probably may have rusts on them. Also check for overloaded circuit breakers. If so, invest in home panels. It would also do good to your home interiors.

prevent firesDo not leave anything unattended

This is also one of the main causes of fires nowadays. More often than not, we leave our dishes being cooked in the oven without anyone minding it  for a long time. To be safe, be sure not to leave anything, and when I say anything, we mean any thing combustible unattended specially when it turned on.

There are many things we can do to avoid fire. After being informed, what do you think you could contribute to your home’s safety? After all, our home is our responsibility.  As for me, I admit, I could be more conscious in double checking for any unplugged gadget or appliances left at home right before I leave for work, how about you?

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