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Kids, in general, are very mobile and curious with their surroundings. They want to explore everything. This makes them all the more prone to electric accidents especially since their curiosity greatly outweighs their judgment in sensing danger.

According to Electrical Safety Foundation International, nearly 7 kids everyday are hospitalized because of electric shock or burn injuries in their homes. This is only the result of touching and playing with a simple wall outlet. In addition, fires and burns are the third leading cause of deaths among children 14 and under. This only goes to show how rules are relevant in keeping your home and your kids safe from electric accidents.

Here are 8 rules that parents should tell their kids:

Rule #1: Do not play with cords, outlets, plugs, wires, and electrical appliances.

kids with cords

Kids may mistake electric conductors and appliances for toys and may tug or play with them. Adults constantly need to remind them to not play with electric conductors and appliances especially because electric cords, outlets, plugs, and wires are often within a child’s reach. This makes it all the more important to teach kids to not play with the conductors to avoid mishaps.

Rule #2: Ask help from a grown-up when you need to use something that needs electricity.

parent with kids in kitchen

Adult assistance would prevent kids from playing with electricity and making risky mistakes that could lead to a fire or bad injuries. Plus, it is an addition bonding time for parents and their children.

Rule #3: Do not play near electrical installations and appliances.

kids and appliances

Kids’ toys are made from different materials. Some are even flammable and could be dangerous near electric installations. Electrical appliances whether turned on or off may cause accidents. This poses as a risk to the child’s safety. It is best to keep the kids away from the risks that could be fatal.

Rule #4: Do not stick fingers into sockets.

kids and sockets

Because the human body is composed of 70% water, it’s an excellent conductor of electricity and could enter the body within seconds. Sticking fingers into sockets could result to severe burns, vision loss, hearing loss, brain damage, and death.

Rule #5: Do not bring electrical appliances in the bathroom.

baby bath toys

Water is a conductor of electricity. The bathroom, being a place that uses a lot of water can increase the chances of electric shock. Combined water and electricity will create an electric shock that can be very lethal most especially to kids.

Rule #6: Never touch electrical appliances with wet hands.

dry hands

Wet hands will ultimately lead to electric shock. This will result to worse and far more painful effects compared to sticking dry fingers into sockets.

Rule #7: Do not yank an electrical cord from its outlet

child hazards

Yanking an electric cord from its outlet can damage both the plug and outlet that can cause shorts, leading to grounding and shock.

Rule #8: Do not play with damaged electrical appliances.

Damaged electrical appliances should immediately be placed out of the kids’ reach. When turned on or played with, it can cause electric shock and in most cases death.

damaged extension cord

Electrical shock may occur at home and even at work.  It is unpredictable and can happen anytime. With kids at home, adults need to be twice as careful and vigilant of their kids. The best practice to avoid electric accidents is still to exercise proper care and precaution at home and at work.

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As a parent, it hurts you to see your child get hurt. You would always want the best for your children. And to protect him or her in the best way you possibly can is at the top of the list. But as we know, our children do not always listen the way we want them to. Majority of the time, they want to learn it the exploratory way, which unfortunately could at times mean, the hard way. Due to their nature of wanting to learn different things, possibilities of accidents surge as well. Sometimes, farther than we could ever imagine.

Numerous of studies show that children playing on faulty electrical wiring at home can get into serious accidents and even get electrocuted. As parents, it is also our responsibility to make sure that our apparatuses, appliances and wires are appropriate in rating and also properly maintained. As cliché as it sounds, it still holds true upto today: Prevention is better than cure.

Electrical Grounding, like burns have different degrees. According to Wikipedia, the allowable current a person can feel is at least 1mA at 60 Hertz for AC while 5mA at 60 Hertz for DC. The higher degree of electrical grounding on a person’s body may cause serious tissue damage or fibrillation which can lead to cardiac arrest.

This article does not only warn parents on the possibility of grounding at home, but also gives light on what to do when  such a mishap happens to your love ones:

Cut the power source

The moment you see that your child is holding onto a wire, or something electrical, find the source immediately and turn it off, pull the plug or tell your child to let go. If you need to be the one to take it off, it is important to make sure that you are also safe from being electrocuted (e.g. cut the power off with dry hands, don’t use electrically conducive materials such as metal, wire, etc).

Check Breathing

In case your child is unconscious, it is important to check if your kid is still breathing. Remember the ABCs.

  • A: Establish an airway for the victim.
  • B: Check for signs of breathing.
  • C: Check the victim for a pulse.

If there’s no circulation, conduct CPR by:

  1. Place the heel of your on your child’s breastbone.
  2. Keep the head tilted back
  3. Press down a depth of 1/3 to 1/2 on your child’s chest for compression.
  4. Do 30 fast, hard and non-stop compressions.

Check Skin Color

A good indication if a person is well or not is his skin color. Once a person’s turns pale, there must be something wrong. If he or she is not, continue checking his or her pulse and breathing then immediately seek for doctor’s help.

  • Burnt Skin – check also for burnt skin after the electrical grounding. To give your child comfort, first check to what extent was the burn.  1st and 2nd degree burns can be remedied with ice while 3rd degree burn should be washed with water. 3rd degree burns requires immediate medical attention. Do not hesitate to go to the nearest hospital for this.

Undergo medical tests

Medical tests should be administered in order to repair if there are any damages incurred upon electrocution. This could also give you and your child the peace of mind after the accident.

happy family photo

The above-mentioned steps could prolong a child’s life in case of electrical groundings. Knowing how to perform simple first-aids could also be very helpful for us parents to practice in case of any unfortunate incident our child gets into.

We hope you find this helpful! Just a friendly advice from Meiji, your electrical supplier.

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As the chills of December breezed in, it has always been a family tradition ever since I was young that we go to Baguio. For the passed 4 years, we have been staying in at Baguio Country Club (BCC).

It has been a wonderful experience ever since because of individual personal reasons by each member of the family. The people are wonderful; hospitable and friendly. They even welcome you with snacks and drinks.

For my dad, the greens were his escape! He loved having breakfast early morning at the veranda, or what BCC calls Cotterman. As he eats and reads his morning paper, birds and the voices of golf players were his background music.

For my mom, since John Hay was nearby, she could live there. My mom, perhaps like yours, loves to shop! Our dad even says she’s born to shop, hehe! Well I hope not… BCC is in close proximity to many good restaurants in Baguio too. So that’s a major plus!

For the ‘kids’ or kids at heart, you, like us, may enjoy their facilities. In its Sports Complex, you can play bowling, billiards, ping pong, and arcade. My siblings and I spent hours there and made a lot of fun memories.

The Locker roomsFor those of you who are sporty, BCC has a mini-golf driving range, indoor heated pool, heated jacuzzi and kiddie pool for the whole family to enjoy. In addition, they also have a gym! And this year, to top it off, the men’s locker rooms are newly renovated!

As you can see from this photo, it is 5-star quality! With these magnetic lockers, no need for keys so no hassles while you’re working-out. You’re free to use their alcohol, lotion, powder, disposable shaver and so on. And to our surprise, they’re using Meiji Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI)!

Meiji’s GFCI at Baguio Country Club

Meiji GFCI unlike other weatherproof outlets protects both the user and the appliance plugged in from shocks and other faulty wiring. It is The new BCC showers difficult to avoid that while we shave or even dry our hair, our hands may be wet. Plus, accidents happen when they are least expected. So we really credit BCC for the choice of using Meiji’s Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters.

As tradition, our family spends the New Year here and enjoys their count down and fireworks displays! For those of you who are a fan of fireworks, you ought to visit Baguio Country Club’s!

For me, they are much better than Hong Kong Disneyland’s! See for yourself.Meiji GFCI in BCC

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