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Meiji Electric on IIEE2019

Great News!!!

Meiji Electric Philippines Inc. will once again take part on the well-known product exhibition, the 44th Annual National Convention and IIEE 3E XPO 2019 at SMX Convention Center this 27 to 30 of November. This year’s theme for the IIEE@44 is Distinctive Journey in Advancing Global Competitiveness where it promotes the competitive abilities of each company on a global scale. The IIEE Expo focuses more on electrical, electronics and energy products, where many electrical practitioners take part. With this huge event, many companies will promote their brand and showcase their wide range of products, and Meiji Electric is one of them.

2019.poster Ad D5 11oct19 1

As some know, the Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers of the Philippines, Inc. or IIEE is the organization of electrical practitioners here in the Philippines. They are known for conducting this annual event to continuously enhance electrical practitioners’ competitiveness towards worldwide excellence.  They also help companies improve their market by giving them opportunities to meet more diversified consumers.

Meiji Electric Booth 398 – 399

Meiji Electric has been showcasing different electrical & industrial supplies in the event. Each year the company presents more efficient and energy saving electrical systems, like Electrical Panel Boards, Contactor Transfer Switches (CTS), Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS), Low Voltage Switch Gears (LVSG) and Frequency Inverter Controlled Systems.

Through Meiji’s industrial products like MCBs, ACBs, MCCBs, Magnetic Contactors and others, you can get maximum electrical protection for all your machineries and control extremely accurate electrical motor regulation. Various innovative electrical products will be featured like GFCI outlets, motion sensors, smoke detectors, extension sets and other related items that will make convenience and protection a priority for your home. The company will also display devices such as timers, AVRs and transformers that will speed up your business operations, protect your office appliances, and minimize electrical consumption.

Meiji Electric Products

Meiji Electric cordially invites all engineers, developers, project managers, interior designers and end users to visit our booth 398-399 within four consecutive days. The location is at the outmost right, near the corner. You can check out various electrical products which are on a special discount on our booth, and we will be happy to assist you with your requirements. See you there!

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Why should you get a GFCI outlet with a USB slot?

  1. Certified Shock Protection
  2. Damage Protection
  3. Enhanced Convenience
 If you’ve ever visited an electrical company in the Philippines, chances are, they’ve introduced to you GFCI outlets. If you didn’t already know, a GFCI outlet is an incredibly useful electrical socket that has the added benefit of protecting appliances or electrical equipment that are plugged into it from unforeseen electrical shocks.Fast forward to 2019 and a new and improved outlet has recently been released by Meiji Electric. This new version of the GFCI outlet only has one 220V plug but is now outfitted with two USB ports.It’s clear that this outlet is directed towards establishments that charge small devices and gadgets more than large appliances. Either way, the outlet is more than capable of handling these devices.With an international outlet, you and/or your customers no longer need to bring bulky adaptors to enjoy safe and secure usage. This kind of outlet is currently one-of-a-kind in the Philippines. With voltage protectors alongside it and a number of other electrical protection devices, it’s probably beneficial for you to make use of these outlets right away!Discover the double benefit of GFCI outlets with USB ports by reading through this article! 

Certified Shock Protection

Certified Shock ProtectionAs the leading GFCI supplier in the Philippines, it’s only fitting that Meiji Electric is at the forefront of the industry. They have designed this outlet with all the necessary safety precautions already embedded within it.For those who are yet to be familiar with GFCI outlets, these devices protect every device plugged into it from power fluctuations and overloading, and protects its users from shocks and even electrocution. GFCI outlets have built-in sensors that monitor the inflow and outflow of electricity to an appliance. Whenever a fluctuation is found, the outlet will immediately notice the change in electrical flow occurring and will quickly shut off the power. This simple sensing and power shut off can prevent many electrical mishaps from happening.Now, keep in mind the function of the USB ports. It’s no secret that handheld devices are easier to damage than large appliances—especially when it comes to voltage fluctuations. No longer will you have to worry about unfortunate electrical issues while charging mobile devices with this outlet!With GFCI outlets such as Meiji’s MGU-252, you’ll have maximum shock prevention for every device and appliance that is plugged into it! 

Damage Protection

 As protected and durable the wiring in establishments may be, not all of them can withstand the test of time. As time goes on, insulation breaks down and a certain amount of electrical current may start to leak into appliances, mobile devices, and other electronics that are plugged in. This rather invisible occurrence won’t harm you directly, especially if your appliances don’t have a metal body—but it will most certainly damage plugged in devices. This leakage of electricity is one of the most common reasons why things such as computer hard disks and other large appliances with multiple sensitive components fail without prior notice.All of these are preventable simply by using a GFCI outlet! The electricity leak is also something that is easily identified by the GFCI’s sensors and thus triggers the automatic shutdown of power This helps prevent expensive equipment and appliances from being significantly damaged from a dangerously invisible hazard such as an electrical leak! 

Enhanced Convenience

Enhanced ConvenienceReducing the number of electrical sockets by one and adding two USB outlets can be seen as advantageous by some and disadvantageous by others. However, as the world goes, it’s leaning more towards becoming an incredible convenience. This is especially true since more and more people are using handheld, mobile devices that have a charging cable that doubles as a connector.This kind of GFCI outlet is, in reality, not as good of a choice for households because of the limited slots for appliances. However, the place that it does shine in is in establishments made for accommodations such as hotels, motels, and bed and breakfasts. These establishments will benefit greatly from the MGU-252 GFCI outlet. This is primarily because most of the items that will be plugged into them are mobile devices and some of your usual electronics such as cameras, video recorders, and other portable gadgets.GFCI with USB outlets make it very convenient for people who are on the go to quickly and safely plug in their devices for a top-up. With its International-rated outlet, you don’t have to use any bulky adaptors — just plug in any appliance that you need! It’s important to remember, however, that the outlet is rated at 220v. So you might still need a step-down transformer if you have a device that requires lower voltage levels. 

Key Takeaway

 The new MGU-252 is a GFCI Outlet with two USB ports. It’s essential in establishments made for accommodation such as hotels, inns, and travel lodges. It provides all the safety and security that the normal GFCI outlet has but makes it even more convenient for those who have to plug in handheld devices! Before using them, however, make sure that you get an electrical company in the Philippines to survey your establishment’s electrical wiring and system to see if you need to be aware of any electrical problem apart from what the GFCI outlets pick up.
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What are some suggestions to prevent electrical hazards in your homes?

  • Educate your family members
  • Hire a professional for electrical problems
  • Install GFCIs
  • Childproof your electrical system
  • Pay close attention to your appliances


Electrical companies in the Philippines are always advising their customers to keep their homes safe from any kind of electrical hazard. Electricity is constantly flowing through the walls of your home. If not managed properly, it can be the cause of potential harm to your whole family.

In order to create an environment that is safe from electrical hazards, Meiji – an electrical company in Manila – will be sharing a few insights on how you could prevent them from happening in the premises of your house. Read on to learn more about how you can make your home as safe as possible!

Educate Your Family Members!

Educate Your Family Members!

One of the first things you could to do to practice electrical safety is by teaching your family members (both young and old) about the many hazards that come with electricity. Since it’s something that is always present in your homes, it serves as an omnipresent threat to those who don’t understand it well.

The elderly and children are the most susceptible people in your household who could cause harm to themselves by misusing an electrical outlet or one of your appliances. Be sure to educate them well on how to properly use these items. If you prefer, you could put up a list showcasing some do’s and don’ts. Like this one below.


  1. Dry your hands before plugging an appliance.
  2. Unplug your device after it fully charged.
  3. Keep appliances and devices away from water.
  4. Be careful when unplugging a device.


  1. Never power several appliances with just one extension cord.
  2. Avoid overusing electronics because this may cause them to overheat.
  3. Do not try to fix a broken electrical appliance. Wait for supervision.
  4. Stop using an appliance with broken wires.


Hire a Professional for Problems

When you’re experiencing some kind of electrical problems, always let the professionals do it. Licensed electricians are trained in the installation, repair, and removal of electrical wiring—something that can’t just be a DIY project. Hiring an electrician will also ensure that everything will be done according to electrical safety codes and regulations.

This kind of effort could prevent any injuries from happening. Since professionals are experts in their craft, the risk of them getting hurt drastically decreases compared to when someone with lesser knowledge attempts to fix things.

Install Gfcis

Install GFCIs

Ground fault circuit interrupter or GFCIs are required in places that are more prone to accidents. They will detect current leaks in electrical circuits—something that happens when an electronic device makes contact with water. It will, then, shut the power off which reduces the risks of electrical shocks and burns!

If your home didn’t come with the standard GFCI receptacles, then it would be best for you to get them replaced as soon as possible, particularly in your kitchens and bathrooms!


Childproof Your Electrical System

As mentioned, children are one of the most prone people in your household to electrocution due to their lack of knowledge. It’s nice putting up a do’s and don’ts list for them to always be reminded about what they should and shouldn’t do. But what if your kids still don’t know how to read?

Well, the best thing you could do is to childproof your home. Here are some examples of what you could do:

  • Place rubber coverings on of your sockets so they won’t end up putting their fingers in there out of curiosity.
  • Rearrange your furniture to hide all the wires and cables so they won’t play with them.
  • Try to keep small devices away from them by placing them in hard-to-reach places.

Pay Close Attention To Your Appliances

Pay Close Attention to Your Appliances

Appliances, especially those that are used often, could experience electrical issues. If it is having an issue turning on and off or if it is no longer performing like it used to, then there’s probably something wrong with them.

Prevent malfunctions from happening by unplugging the appliance right away. Don’t use it until a certified electrician from an electrical company in Manila inspects it, declaring whether it needs repairs or not. Wait until he says that it’s safe before using it again!


Key Takeaway

Make your home a safe haven from electrical hazards. Be sure to take note of all the tips listed above so you won’t ever have to worry about the safety of your house and your family.

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What are the roles of GFCIs?

  1. It prevents electrical hazards
  2. It promotes appliance safety
  3. It monitors electricity flow


It’s no secret that every electric company in the Philippines has made efforts to increase overall safety. Many electrical devices are created in order to reduce the likelihood of anyone in your family getting electrocuted. One of these safety devices is known as the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter or GFCIs.

Their purpose is to protect people from receiving electric shocks from faults while using electrical devices at home and in the workplace. They do this by comparing the input current to the output current. When a slight difference is found, the GFCI cuts off the power supply, therefore, reducing the chances of someone getting electrocuted.

According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI), GFCIs have contributed to the reduction of the number of home electrocutions by half. The capability of the GFCI to detect ground faults can protect you from severe electrical shocks—this is something that a number of UPS suppliers in Manila recommend homes and workplaces to get.

With that being said, here are a few points that show the importance of the GFCI for homes and workplaces.

Prevention of Electrical Hazards

Prevention of Electrical Hazards

Electricity is volatile and dangerous, especially when it is uncontained and is near a water source. Homeowners and businesses alike must take precautions when it comes to it. They can install GFCI receptacles to constantly monitor electricity moving through circuits. Once they detect a difference in the electrical current, then they automatically switch off power on the circuit alone.

For those who are wondering where GFCIs are needed most, they are often installed in areas that have water hazards such as bathrooms or kitchens. They could also be installed in outdoor spaces, particularly near pools, gardens, and garages. Essentially, they enable you to have outlets in and around areas where potential hazards can be found!

Keep in mind that GFCIs are not foolproof. They are designed to minimize, not eliminate the whole of an electrical shock. It doesn’t have the capability to stop an electric shock, rather it greatly reduces the risk of having an injury upon receiving one.


Appliance Safety

Preventing humans from getting electrocuted is its main purpose; protecting appliances and gadgets is a positive bonus. Take note that the National Electrical Code (NEC) has made GFCIs mandatory for certain appliances that are near something that deals with water. It’s also a requirement for all 15A, 20A, and 125V receptacles on or near kitchen countertops to have GFCI protection.

There are some appliances that are very much sensitive to the input of electricity that they get. Less power leads to weaker performance, while excessive power can lead to overcharging—which may result in reduced efficiency or worse, devices short-circuiting. Because GFCIs constantly monitor the electric circuit, even the slightest change over or under it will cause it to turn off.

In some cases, too much electricity flowing on a single circuit can cause overheating. When left alone, it might become a potential fire hazard. Again, the GFCIs monitoring of the electric circuit is more than enough to prevent such a thing from happening!

Monitoring of Electricity Flow

Monitoring of Electricity Flow

There are three types of GFCIs: Receptacles, circuit breakers, and temporary or portable GFCIs.

The receptacle is installed in place of individual outlets while the circuit breakers are installed in the panel board. On the other hand, temporary or portable GFCIs are often used in outdoor settings and in construction. They shouldn’t be used as permanent GFCIs to replace the first two types. In essence, all of them monitor the electrical circuits but have a different scope of effect.

When active, GFCIs are primarily used to reduce the risk of getting electrocuted. But while none of this happens, it’s probably the best indicator that ensures that the electricity flow around your house is stable.

That being said, you can use GFCIs to find electrical hazards or leaks. Since the circuit of GFCIs is predetermined, you’ll be able to pinpoint where these are. GFCIs are the most accurate gauge of electricity flow stability in your home. As long as none of the circuits suddenly turn off, your house is assured to have no problems electricity-wise!


Key Takeaway

Ever since its inception, GFCIs have contributed so much in the electrical safety department. They reduce the number of injuries and fatalities caused by such electrical hazards. There’s no electrical company in the Philippines that will not recommend the use GFCI. Every electronics provider, including UPS suppliers in Manila, agrees that GFCIs should be installed in certain parts of your house. Some would even say that it should be installed in all parts of every house and workplace!

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How can you avoid electrical hazards during the rainy season?

  1. Have your electrical fittings checked prior to the rainy season
  2. Clean and upgrade your appliances.
  3. Avoid doing electrical chores.
  4. Ensure your home is grounded.


There’re a lot of reasons to love the rainy season – gone are the heatwaves that cause inconveniences and casualties along with the need to keep your air conditioners running 24/7 and your unending desire to go to the beach to cool off. While people are taking comfort in the natural and cold breeze that the monsoon brings, somewhere in the Philippines, an electrical company is set and dedicated to devising a safety plan for the masses.

Companies and branches of the government concerned with health and safety are responsible for informing people of the dangers that come with the rainy season. Electrical companies, in particular, disseminate information regarding electrical hazards in order to keep their client base, as well as other people, safe.

Although accidents brought about by the combination of electricity and the monsoon are few and select, they still happen and they can be fatal. For you to be able to avoid these electrical hazards that occur during the rainy season, it is best that you follow the different ways we’ve listed below:

Have Electrical Fittings Checked

Have Your Electrical Fittings Checked Prior to the Rainy Season

Here’s an important safety precaution that is guaranteed to lessen your run-ins with electrical hazards – have your electrical fitting inspected by a professional. We’re all well aware that, in the Philippines, the rainy season starts sometime around June. Before that is several months of nothing but sunshine and scorching heat, which means there’s ample time to prepare our homes for the onset of heavy rainfall and floods.

During the dry season, it is recommended that you have your home’s electrical fittings checked and repaired (if needed) in order to decrease the chances of electrical shocks and other electrical hazards. A task of this caliber should be done by professionals like an expert from an electrical company in the Philippines.

Clean and Upgrade Appliances

Clean and Upgrade Your Appliances

On top of having your electrical fittings and systems inspected and repaired, we also suggest that you clean and upgrade your appliances especially the ones that you can’t do without during the rainy season. Appliances such as electric fans, refrigerators, and televisions are some great examples to consider in this aspect.

Heavy and constant rains are reasons for high humidity, dampness, and moisture, which, for the most part, are beneficial for everyone and everything except your electrical appliances. These things allow for the growth of fungus and mold – two of the things that could cause damage and increase the probability of electrical hazards such as electrocution. The only way to prevent this from happening is to clean your appliances constantly with a dry, clean cloth.

Aside from cleaning your appliances, inspect their parts for your safety. Make sure that the wires, plugs, and switches are in good, working condition. If not, consider having them repaired or replaced.

Avoid Doing Electrical Chores

Avoid Doing Electrical Chores

It should go without saying that electrical chores, especially outdoor ones, should be put off until the skies clear up. Unless you are a trained engineer, you should stay indoors and away from potentially dangerous electrical systems during a heavy rainfall.

As said before, the season causes moisture, dampness, and humidity and these could interfere with your work. Not to mention that fiddling with electrical systems that are drenched in rainwater is extremely hazardous.

While indoor electrical chores are less dangerous, they should still be performed with extreme caution, so make sure to take safety precautions before doing them. Additionally, avoid touching any electrical part with wet or damp hands as the slightest wetness could cause danger.

Make Sure Your Home is Grounded

Ensure Your Home Is Grounded

When people say they got grounded, it often means that they experienced a slight and non-fatal electric shock from touching a certain electrical part. However, what we mean when we say to get your home grounded is to connect the metallic parts from your appliances, types of machinery, and devices to an earth plate or electrode found underground.

Ensuring that your home is properly grounded lowers the chances of electrocution from accidentally touching an exposed wire, plugging in things or even switching them on and off. The practice may be foreign to you, so try asking an expert for help. Professional electricians should help with earthing or grounding your home and other tasks.

One such item that can definitely help ensure that your home is properly grounded is Meiji’s very own GFCI outlet: built to ensure that your home is grounded without any risk of injury or any life-threatening scenarios, especially during the rainy season!

Key Takeaway

It is important to remember that the rainy season doesn’t just bring cold winds and comforting rain showers but also additional hazards that could cause severe damage to our homes and to ourselves. The danger of handling electrical parts and appliances doubles when heavy rains start to fall, so it is imperative that you tread cautiously and wisely.

Aside from being aware of the risks, you should learn of ways to avoid them in order to guarantee your safety. There are a lot of precautions that are pretty common sense and we’ve avoided those. Instead, what we have here are ways that many people may not know of but are equally crucial nonetheless.

Once you’ve followed the things listed above, you’ll become less prone to electrical hazards and more alert to handle any consequences should accidents happen!

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The Philippine International Construction Equipment, Building Materials, Interior & Exterior Products Exhibition and Technology Forum (PHILCONSTRUCT)-  the biggest expo of its kind in the Philippines, has been defining the landscape of building and construction in the country for over two decades.


This year, the event will be held on January 6-9 2018 at the SMX Convention Center, SM Mall of Asia Pasay City. The event is organized by the Philippine Construction Association, Inc. (PCA), the leading organization in building and construction whose members are responsible for over 70% of all construction projects in the country.


Every year, Meiji Electric participates in various exhibits to showcase their innovative items and the Philconstruct 2018 cannot be missed! As it now serves as the annual meeting place for the industry’s movers and shakers, gathering hundreds of the leading suppliers and thousands of trade buyers in one venue. Visit Meiji Electric at Booth Number H30 to view their advance electrical items like the  newly designed 2.1 USB Outlet, Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI’s), Meiji White Panel Board, Variable Frequency Inverter, Step Down Transformer, Automatic Voltage Regulator, Meiji Home Panel Board and many more.


And here are some reasons why you should visit Meiji Electric at Booth Number H30:

  • Purchase any Meiji Electric item at the exhibit to get a big discount!
  • Take a selfie at the Meiji Electric booth and use the hashtag #MEIJIELECTRIC to get an additional discount.
  • Upload your selfie with any Meiji Electric item with the hashtag #MEIJIELECTRIC and you will get a FREE Meiji chocolate.
  • Get a FREE Meiji giveaway  when you spend a minimum purchase of 2,000 PHP on any Meiji Electric item.


So what are you waiting for? Mark your calendars now, and see you there!

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Brace yourselves; Meiji Electric will once again join Worldbex or The Philippine World Building and Construction Exposition on March 15-19, 2017. Now running on its 22nd installment, Worldbex expanded their venues by adding an Electrical Pavilion at the SMX Convention Center aside from the exhibits at the World Trade Center. There are also shuttles that will take you to and fro the two venues. For more than a decade, WORLDBEX has been a haven for the local and international building and construction industry. It is dubbed as Asia’s most attended construction exposition with a visitor profile of more than 150,000. WORLDBEX is known for putting together over 500 exhibiting companies ranging from building materials equipment services, construction design and development, for lining up the country’s best architects and interior designers, plus the leading manufacturers and furniture exporters, and for bringing in the biggest names in the local and international building and construction scene for seminars.


Our Showcase

Visit Meiji Electric’s Booth number 184-185 to view the latest electrical items that bring safety and convenience to your everyday lives.  Items that will be displayed include electrical consumer items such as ‘Meiji’ Step-Up and Step-Down Transformers, Extension Sets, TimersSmoke DetectorsMotion SensorsAutomatic Voltage Regulators (AVRs), Adapters, Classic (MCS) and Champagne Series (MCH) Wiring Devices and the latest USB products. Various MCCB (Molded Case Circuit Breakers), MS (Magnetic Starters), Panelboards, MTS (Manual Transfer Switch)MHPs (Meiji Home Panels) with Key Card Switch Control Circuitry, Distribution and Control Panel Boards, and the bestselling  GFCI’s (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) will also be showcased.


Drop by Meiji Electric’s Booth number 184-185 at the Electrical Pavilion located at the SMX Convention Center, to view all the latest electrical items and get a chance to win exciting raffle prizes, giveaways, discounts, and bundled promos!


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Electronic devices have become a necessity across almost all generations now, with a majority now owning cell phones, laptops, tablets, smart watches etc. Millennials are leading the way, using electronic devices for a variety of functions, including internet, email, music, games, video and a whole lot of things you could only imagine before. As more and more people use and depend on their electronic devices, Meiji Electric designed the Meiji MGU252, the only Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) that has one international outlet and 2 USB outlets. Aside from the international outlet that accommodates any plug, it allows users to charge 2 separate USB powered electronic devices directly from the wall and eliminates the need of bulky adaptors while giving you the protection from ground fault.

What is ground fault?

Not everyone really understand what this means. Basically, a ground fault is an electrical path between a power source and a grounded surface. Almost all electrical devices and appliances are “grounded” to ensure they can be safely operated by consumers, but devices can still lose their grounding and redirect electrical currents to the nearest channel that provides a path to the ground, which is your body. This can especially occur in wet areas like toilets, bathrooms and laundry areas, wherein your wet hands or body becomes a conductor of electricity. This is why it is important to install the Meiji Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI). The GFCI’s function is to constantly monitor the power current flowing through a circuit, and the moment the GFCI detects a current imbalance, it shuts off the power to that outlet thus preventing serious injury.


Ongoing advancements in technology

Meiji Electric being known for providing innovative items, also improves their line of electrical items to ensure convenience and protection in homes and commercial establishments. The Meiji MGU252 not only protects you and your family, it also follows UL standards giving you confidence and assurance of its reliability and durability.






The MGU252 is easy to install and it comes with a FREE custom-made 3’’x 3’’ utility box. Its modern design blends with interior decor, making it suitable for home, office, hotels, meeting rooms, restaurants, airport lounges and more.

If your GFCI gets tripped, you can just press the reset button to restore power to the circuit. It is advisable to test the GFCI monthly to check if it is functioning accurately. It is also recommended that GFCIs be installed in areas where appliances and power tools are used in close proximity to water. They are most often found in kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms, or even out-of-doors or in the garage where electric power tools might be used.









Meiji GFCI

Informing People

Time and again Meiji Electric has been informing people about the importance of using a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) to avoid electrocution. Protect you and your family and buy the Meiji GFCI now! Aside from MGU252, Meiji Electric also has other models namely the MGF250, GF250, LG20. (Please refer to the image above)


Call us at 448-7423, 727-5790, 414-4012 and 413-6636 or email us at sales@meijielectric.ph for your various electrical requirements! You can visit our showrooms located at Unit 15 Landsdale Arcade, Mother Ignacia, Quezon City and 1 Mabolo Street, New Manila, Quezon City. You can also buy our items at ACE Hardware, Handyman or Ortigas Home Depot.

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Do you know that unlike other GFCI’s, the whole family of Meiji Electric’s GFCI’s MGU252, MGF250, GF250 and LG20 are classified as Class A in accordance with UL943 as they are rated at 6mA. sensitivity rating? In other words, Meiji GFCI’s can detect as little as .006 Ampere of ground fault.  UL Standard indicates the `let go factor’ of women and children should not be more than 6mA sensitivity rating because anything above this range is where `freezing currents’ start and it may not be possible to `let go.’ Prevent these accidents and install the Meiji GFCI’s in your bathroom, garage, and other wet prone areas now.


Our newest addition is the MGU252, the only square GFCI with a combination of 1 international outlet and 2 USB outlets. It is designed for convenience of use with all USB-dependent gadgets and devices while protecting you in wet prone areas.

MGU-252 with UB-252



Here are some advantages of installing a Meiji MGU-252 GFCI:

  • It works on any type of plugs, no need for bulky adaptors.
  • It has 2 USB ports, 5V 2A for charging smart phones, tablets, laptops, etc.
  • It has a safety Test button, so you can check if the Ground Fault Detection feature is functioning properly.
  • It will work even without a grounding system.
  • It is accurate, reliable and user-friendly with an innovative and modern design.
  • It comes with a free Utility Box UB252 which is specially designed for the MGU252.

Electrical Code

The Electrical Code requires installing a GFCI  for all wet areas, this is necessary to avoid ground fault which happens when electricity passes through our wet body before it reaches the ground.  The GFCI is different from conventional receptacles, because in the event of a ground fault, it automatically trips, and stops the flow of electricity to your body, thus preventing serious injury.


Choose from our various types of GFCI’s to have that maximum electrical safety in your home and establishments! Aside from the MGU252, we also offer 3 other GFCI’s namely:


MGF250The MGF250– The only GFCI with a combination of 1 international outlet and 1 universal outlet. It is also classified as Class A GFCI rated at 16A, 250V with the same basic features as MGU252.










The other Class A GFCI’s are GF250 (220V) and LG20 (110V) – These have duplex parallel convenience outlets with ground both of which are also UL and CSA certified. Their load capacities are 20A which can plug in 2 devices at the same time.








Call us now at 448-7423, 413-6636 or 727-5790 to avail of these items. Our main office is located at No. 1 Mabolo Street, New Manila, Quezon City. You can also visit us in your nearest Ace Hardware, Handyman and CW Home Depot Branches near you.


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Meiji Electric at Worldbex 2016

If you were one of the thousands of guests who visited Worldbex 2016 at the World Trade Center last March 16 to 20, I am sure you were drawn by the striking red and white booth of Meiji Electric. Guests couldn’t help but utter “WOW” when they pass by the modern-day booth.  It’s like a high-end shop of electrical items in the middle of the exhibit. Guests marveled at the various Meiji items that were showcased and arranged like cell phones in the booth. There were also two TV screens which displayed Meiji Electric’s other items. Not only were the products explained by the sales executives, there were also eye-catching models that accommodated all the guests’ queries.

Meiji Electric at Worldbex 2016.3

Equipment Display

Meiji Electric displayed their extensive line of electrical controls and distribution equipment. These include the complete line of `Meiji’ Classic Series Wiring Devices, Home Panel Boards, Circuit Breakers, Extension Cords, Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs), Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVRs), Step-Down Transformers and Timers. Other innovative products such as USB outlets were also displayed during the exhibit.

Meiji Electric at Worldbex 2016.4

Many visitors were impressed with the three new Meiji items namely the Meiji 4-Port USB Extension Cord  MES1405, the 3’’x3’’Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter with 1 International Outlet and 2 USB Outlets MGU252, the Quad Extension Set with 4 International Outlets and 4 USB Outlets MES1404. All items were sold like hotcakes because of special bundled promos and special discount on some displayed items.

Lastly, Meiji Electric launched a raffle game, wherein lucky business card-droppers and visitors; especially those who bought items,  got a chance to win Meiji gift items like chocolates, Meiji tumblers, Meiji red polo shirts and Meiji white T-shirts.

Once again, thank you everyone for visiting Meiji Electric’s booth.  This is a great initial event for 2016! See you all again in the next upcoming trade show!

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