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This coming Christmas season, don’t hesitate to invest on the unswerving Meiji LED Fiber Optic Christmas Trees!
Meiji LED Fiber Optic Christmas Trees can create a breathtaking color-changing effect or steady lighting for your Christmas theme decorations. These are fiber optic materials that are flame retardant in numerous length sizes. Light can go into one end of the strand, resulting in a spectacular light show of any imaginable colors towards the end that shines into your room.

Fiber Optic Christmas Trees

FOC LED STARMeiji LED Fiber Optic Christmas Trees can change your household Christmas theme into a wonderfully attractive display of flashing lights. It can also change into a more dazzling array of other colors. What’s more interesting is that they do not give out heat, only light. This prevents them from catching fire like a real tree can when it dries out in your living room. You can cover your Christmas tree with cotton strands to simulate snow, or put on different decors as there is no heat given off, therefore no fear of fire hazards.


With Meiji LED Fiber Optic Christmas Trees, you do not need to put on any Christmas lights. You don’t have to worry about bulbs that are inter-dependent, wherein one bulb burns out, the whole series of lights will also be out.

FOC LED CANDLEAnd unlike the conventional fiber optic Christmas trees, there are no motors or halogen bulbs that may emit heat and consume energy.

Meiji LED Fiber Optic Christmas Trees are smart and wise investments because they are very energy efficient, as they may even use only one tenth of the energy consumed by conventional Christmas lights! Meiji LED Fiber Optic Christmas Trees will last for a long time, and are definitely more economical than standard Christmas trees with conventional lights.


With easy set up in just a few minutes, Meiji LED Fiber Optic Christmas Trees can be the most beautiful home decoration this coming Christmas season!


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philippine_christmas” Where would you find the most Christmas spirit in the world? It’s hard to say for certain, but if a global competition were to be held, the Philippines would have an excellent shot at winning.”-CNN, Dec. 5, 2012.

Truly, Philippines has made its mark in the world when it comes to celebrating Christmas. And it makes us proud, right? The land where there is no winter or snow every Christmas time is now considered one of the merriest countries in the world in celebrating Christmas season. And year after year, we keep on trying new things to make our Christmas celebration more joyful and memorable especially for the children. And if you’re one of the many who can relate, which I am sure you are!  Meiji Electric is here to give some of our products you shouldn’t miss this Christmas season.

Meiji Fiber Optic Christmas Trees

Want to give traditional Christmas trees a twist? Why not try our Meiji Fiber optic Christmas Tree Collection?So whether you want to go with colorful Christmas balls or Classic raindrop tree, surely this is a good choice.  Convenience, safe and hassle-free, what could you ever wish for?meiji_pinecone

Meiji Christmas Villages Collection

If you want to showcase your creativity by creating ‘eye-candy’ decorations, Meiji Christmas Village Collection is perfect for you! Definitely, this is not something that you will let your feet pass without enjoying its beauty even for a while. Not to mention, Meiji Christmas villages’ Christmas music brings you the Christmas spirit even after a long and tiring day at work.  Tip: Try adding 1 or 2 pieces every year to your Christmas Village Collection; I’m sure your investment will not be wasted when you see how it became more beautiful every year.

meiji_Christmas Village


Meiji Christmas Decors

Tired of wrapping the same kind of gifts year after year? Now is the time you say goodbye to the usual gifts and say hello to Meiji Electric Christmas Decoration. This is a perfect gift to your friends and office mates from all ages. You can choose from Meiji Cherry Blossoms and Snowmen with changing LED. Both are very inviting and fun to look at. And perfect stress reliever, too!


So there you have it! Different Meiji Christmas items that will make your Christmas this year more fun, joyful and festive.

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Another year about to end… It’s really drawing near…Do you know it’s Christmas time at all?(SONG SYMBOL)

We’re starting to hear songs at the shopping malls. We see bazaars left and right. And ladies, our four lettered favorite word S-A-L-E are everywhere! You know it’s Christmas! So, are you filling your house with the warmth of Christmas spirit?

Meiji came up with new ways to make your Christmas this year more colorful and cost-efficient. Who says these dilemmas should stop us from showcasing our creativity this season? No matter how busy you are and tight your budget may be, worry no more, because Meiji Electric is here to help you decorate your home and make it more beautiful as it is!

This 2013, Meiji Electric introduces its new collection of Fiber optic with multi-colored LED Christmas trees.


Want to add some drama to your Christmas trees? The downward movement of white LED lights elude a feeling of calmness and relaxation. If you’re the type to relax and unwind on your living room, this Meiji fiber optic tree is perfect for your “emo” moments. This would surely light up the spot on your porches or garden too.

Meiji_ raindrop


How about a bright colorful touch of Christmas tree? Looking at this Meiji Christmas tree from afar will give you an illusion of a bunch of colorful butterflies resting on a tree.

Many of us enjoy varying colors during Christmas. In my opinion, colors signify joy. Perhaps it’s why there is a saying, rainbow after the rain. This Meiji Christmas tree is simple, yet colorful. It is up to you if you would still include Christmas decors in it. But again for busy moms and home owners, this tree does not only save you the money of buying decors, but also the time of choosing and placing them on your tree.



Usually Christmas decors in the decor section include Christmas balls. Why? It’s simple yet elegant. It also gives your Christmas tree a fuller look. So this year, Meiji brings you its 2013 version of Christmas tree with small balls.

Many of our valued customers say this is a great buy because it’s so easy to assemble and disassemble. Meiji small balls Christmas tree is also very neatly decorated so all you have to do is open its leaves, plug-in the adapter and voila! You’re colorfully, wonderfully set for a Christmas party.



The second favorite on Christmas decors is the star. As we know, the star symbolizes the guide for the 3 kings or the 3 wise men in pursuit of the Messiah. And what good news it brings knowing that today our Messiah lives in our hearts and remembered in our homes.

The Meiji acrylic star Christmas tree is an improvement of the last year’s Meiji fiber optic with star tree.


Meiji’s Fiber Optic with LED collection of Christmas trees is the wisest choice for Christmas trees this season. Apart from the convenience it offers: you only need to open and close its leaves to assemble and disassemble respectively, the cost-efficiency: LED and fiber optics combined, safety: no over heating of lights  and the beauty it offers: bright, colorful lights, it is something worth your time and effort in purchasing.

At our home, we had been using our Meiji fiber optic tree for going 6 years now and it still works well. We plan to get another one of the colorful trees to place it beside the door. A sure way to welcoming the Christmas spirit in our home.

We know that Christmas trees are good reminders and decors for Christmas. Afterall, Christmas is a season to celebrate, a time to be joyful and creative at the same time. But let us not forget the reason for celebrating this season. The birth of Jesus Christ, our Savior was born to save and serve mankind. May we all accept it with repented hearts.

Merry Christmas Meiji readers!

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The flashing lights of the Yule tide testify the festivity of modern man about a timeless traditional celebration that is called Christmas. Maybe you have these flashing Merry Christmas lights that decorate your house or Christmas tree. The visual delight it gives is really awesome. Every child, passerby, or observer will feel the joy of Christmas even just because of that sight. However you don’t get things for free in this world. If we’re talking about your Christmas lights made of incandescent bulbs, you’re going to be in for a serious electric bill. Seriously.

I’m pretty sure that you know about the advantages of fiber optics versus incandescent light bulbs, right? There are several advantages already in addition to great potential savings, but in this article, I’m going to talk about mainly how you can enjoy Christmas without having to worry about the electric bill. During Christmas time, you already have given expenses – gifts, decorations, food, etc. It will be much more of a hassle if your electric bill will haunt you more even after December. So what’s the solution?

Meiji Fiber Optics

Meiji fiber optics can replace your boring, inefficient, and unsafe old Christmas lights. This is the new way to decorate aTHE Fibe Optics Christmas tree. In addition to all that safety, beauty, and variety, it saves your money. This works by harnessing the ability of fiber optics to pass light within itself. You see, instead of having hundreds of tiny individual incandescent light bulbs to light up, you only need to light up one 10 or 20-watt bulb to light up a whole Christmas tree! The fiber optics will do the rest of the work by distributing the light throughout the whole tree. It’s that easy! In addition to that, consider this. If you would want to have your Christmas tree decorated by a certain color Christmas lights, you would have to buy that kind of color, right? And if you get tired of that color or you have to change the color because you want the light to be according to the color theme of your interior design, you’d have to buy another one. And that’s trouble. In contrast, Meiji fiber optic Christmas trees have color wheels at their base which allows your tree to shine in a variety of colors.

So you see, you can save not only your electric bill, but so much more. That’s what you can do with Meiji fiber optics. It’s a big investment and it yields more than just savings, but safety, and satisfaction.

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