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In every home, we need at least 3 essential wiring accessories. These accessories are not the immediate things we buy for our home. But sooner than later, we find ourselves going to the nearest hardware stores to buy ourselves these items.

This hope aims to inform you that indeed in every home, these 3 items are inevitable to buy. So make sure to have the best brand in mind. One that lasts for a long time. You can also buy yourselves extra pieces in case of new purchases of appliances.


Some of the appliances we buy abroad or ones that have been generously sent from abroad  do not have the same flat 220V plug that we use here in the Philippines. In this way, it would be a bigger hassle, not to mention more expensive to buy another socket outlet in hardware stores. Instead, we opt for round to flat adaptors or in other cases, flat to round adapters. This way, we just plug the adapter the plug of the appliance and voila! We can enjoy our new appliances/gadgets etc. While adapters are such a big convenience, we also have to consider their ratings because common sense tells us that power loads also go through this accessory since it is plugged into the wire. So make sure to have at least 10-20A especially when you are to plug it unto heating elements such as (flattening irons, hair dryers, curling irons and the like).

Nowadays, it is so convenient to buy universal adapters/universal traveling adapters because  one: it is portable! Bring it with you anywhere. And two: it’s universal! You don’t need to worry what type of plug Great Britain, England, Australia, China or HongKong uses because you have them all in your traveling universal adapter!emergency light with fan


No one can really tell when the lights go out or when Meralco suddenly couldn’t provide power for your house or office because of maintenance check-up and others. So keeping emergency lights at home (more than 2 if possible) is very useful.

Nowadays, there are emergency lights of LED type which can save your battery life much longer. There are also ones with a fan or radio. The fan for me is especially useful since you have no power to turn on your stand fan not unless you have your generators ready.

As much as possible, let’s try to avoid using candles during power outages. This results in such bigger hassles and discomforts when candles accidentally falls or burns someone/something.


In many occasions, the plugs that are connected to our gadgets or appliances are not enough to the outlet that we use it for. When this happens, we use extension cords in order for us to conveniently and comfortably use our gadgets. Same as true with adapters, we must also make sure that we use the appropriate extension cords. By this we urge to check the wattage/ampere rating of the appliances that will be plugged into the respective extension units.

Also make sure that you keep the wires of extension cords properly extended and not curled as this can cause complications and easy wear-out. Check out our post on how to to safely use your cords. It is also safe to properly keep these items organized and kept well to avoid accidents and injuries.

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.”- Colin Powell.

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First of all, you need to be knowledgeable when purchasing an extension cord. You need to determine where you’d be using that extension cord, and for what purposes. Will it be inside or outside the house? What kind of appliances will it be for? What is the wattage of the appliance? Will those appliances be used all at the same time? It is very important to ask these questions because each time you get it right, you are taking a step closer to safety for your home. But if you use extension cords the wrong way, you would be exposing yourself to serious danger. Here are some ways you could misuse your extension cords:

Using an indoor extension cord outdoors, and vice versa.

Extension cords are wired differently for different uses. Make sure to check the label first before using an extension cord.

overload extension cord

Using an appliance that exceeds the wattage capacity of the extension cord.

Of course, the extension cord wouldn’t be able to power your appliance properly, which can cause sparks that can turn into a fire.

child hazards

Placing the extension cord on high-traffic areas.

Placing your extension cord on areas like doorways, staircases, and other places where people frequently go will pose a risk not only to ruining the extension cord, but also bad accidents.

 extension cords

Using an extension cord for long periods of time.

Your extension cord is not Superman; like all other appliances, unplug when not in use. Prolonged use of extension cords will lead to faster deterioration, thus posing a greater risk to harm.

damaged extension cord

Using a damaged or hot extension cord.

This will also expose you to fires and injuries, especially if you touch the exposed inner conductors of a damaged cord. The same goes for using a really old and worn out extension cord. Also, do not use electrical tape to repair an extension set.


Nailing or stapling extension cords.

Electricity wouldn’t flow smoothly with these disturbances in your cord. Plus, since nails and staple wires are conductors of electrical flow, touching these while the extension cord is plugged may electrocute you. And it’s not cute at all.

half plugged extension cords

Half-plugging extension cords.

Touching the prongs of the cord while it is plugged halfway is a common reason why extension cords get burned. Make sure to always insert the plug to the outlet all the way.


Running extension cords through walls or ceilings.

This can cause the cord to overheat, exposing your house to a potential fire.

coiled extension cords

Using coiled cords.

I know, I know, it’s such a hassle to coil and uncoil your extension cord especially if the appliance isn’t THAT far from the outlet. But let me just inform you that using coiled cords also poses a risk to fires, which will turn out to be much more of a hassle in the end.


These precautions may be a lot for an extension cord, but imagine the repercussions when you miss out on any of them. Like they always say, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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check labelsExtension cords vary in length, size (wire gauge), wattage, thickness, and materials used depending on the manufacturer. While some are for indoors, others are for outdoors. As such you have to note the following tips on how to use them safely before you plug in to save you from possible injuries and/or property damages.

5 Ways of Using Extension Cords for Your Protection

1. Check the labels.

As previously mentioned, not all extension cords are the same. Though they may seem similar in appearance, you cannot plug your electric appliances to them quickly without knowing how they should work. Often when you buy an extension cord, it comes with important information such as ampere, wattage and voltage ratings. Take note of it.

Aside from knowing which devices you can plug in and the number of devices in the extension cord, you should also read through the labels that are on the cord itself. The wattage rating is most important. Don’t think that you can plug in your TV, computer, microwave and refrigerator at the same time just because you see that there are four outlets available  in the extension cord. Each cord in varying lengths has a different capacity. Usually the larger the wire is, the more power it can hold.

 outdoor extension cord2. Identify if the cord can be used outdoors.

Households normally use extension cords inside the house. But for those who have a swimming pool, garden, patio and garage area, you might also need to connect your appliance or electrical device to  extension cords particularly when no socket outlet is available outdoors. So note whether the extension cords you are considering to purchase would be suitable for outdoor use else it might result to fire hazard or electric shocks.

When not in use, organize your extension cords inside as they will be prone to deterioration faster when not organized and kept.

loose extension cords3. Plug extension cords completely.

Most of the time, we do not notice that our plugs are loosely connected to our outlets or extension outlets. This may cause grounding, malfunctions and if prolonged, burns. We had encountered this ourselves. Due to our extension cord being used here and there in our home, the plugs connected to it got loose. One day, we noticed one of the outlets was already blackish.

4. Store extension cords properly.

Besides using the extension cords suitably indoors and outdoors, you should also know where it’s safest to place them. For instance, some of the best examples are under light furniture and empty spaces. The worst places to put the extensions cords are below the sofa, underneath the rugs and those hidden places that can be most untidy as they will be damaged easily and have exposed wires which make your house susceptible to burns.

5. Cover unused openings.cover outlets

You won’t be using all outlets at the same time all the time. Also, you might want to save inactive or passive electric energy that adds on to your electricity bill. So when unused, cover the outlets with outlet covers. This is also a way to prevent your children and/or pets from harm and hazards.

Your family is most important and to keep them safe, run through this checklist for using your extension cords safely. Take precautions on overheating issues and go to your electrician for advice when such problems occur.

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What does it mean to be practical? In my opinion, being useful, convenient, and efficient in the way we do things means you are being practical. In the electrical world, being practical means being able to use the electrical devices with ease, with more options, and of course having cost efficiency.

Meiji metal strap switchesMeiji’s Classic Series of wiring devices include many types like doorbell push buttons, computer outlets, surface type switches and outlets and more. All Meiji wiring devices looks aesthetically good and are durable as well. But the most valuable characteristics perhaps is their practicality.

One of the advantages of Meiji’s wiring devices is they provide us with the option to do mix-and-match. How? Let us take a sample scenario. You have an appliance you want to plug in an outlet, and at the same time, you wish to have a switch in the same area to control that appliance being plugged into the outlet. To accomplish this task, how can you ensure you do things the practical way? First off, having the outlet and switch in single area will be better to save space and to have easier control as you don’t have to go to a separate area to control the outlet’s power.

With Meiji Classic Series switches, this goal can be accomplished as there are many available modules or kits that offer choices of wiring device combinations.  And the great thing about it is that you can personally do it yourself. All you have to do is add on a switch unto the plate that controls it, and this solves the issue mentioned previously. No added cost for another set of switch or other devices such as extension cords. This way, you preserve the neatness and interior of your home.


Be practical! Simply purchase for yourself a Meiji set wiring device and do your own mix and matching. But what if  you’d like to change the other switch into a universal outlet and then add a switch? Answer: Go ahead! Meiji’s mix-and-match allows you to add on up to 3 elements, whenever you want, whatever you like!

There is a complete line of wiring devices available from the classic series collection. This Meiji wiring device feature definitely makes  it easier on the part of us, consumers. And since there are sudden add-ons we don’t expect, (i.e. a CCTV, computer outlet, telephone outlet, etc) we don’t need to worry because Meiji understands our needs.

Your wiring device will also be more durable as there will be no need to plug in and out of an appliance in the case of an outlet and switch combination; avoiding risks of worn out devices, and then again, saving you money.

Option to Change

One technical aspect to look at is the option to change devices within the module of the wiring devices, specifically the outlets. Meiji outlets have parallel screw type terminals as its unique feature. To explain, Philippines uses wires that are of AWG #12 Stranded type, having a quite thick 3.5mm2 wire cross sectional area, and its thickness cannot be handled or accommodated by conventional snap type connection of the utility box in our country. So connecting several outlets in a utility box is quite a hassle. But since Meiji employs parallel screw type terminal connections for its outlets, connecting the wires to the outlets will be a breeze. Simply screw on the AWG #12 wires and you are set, no need to deal with snapping them on which is much harder to do. Connecting additional outlets to the same box will be possible as the parallel type connection allows this. So with Meiji outlets, it is easier to install outlets, again making it more practical compared to other brands.

Also, safety and reliability is assured for these devise as it has ICC Certificates and passed international tests. With all of these in mind, choose the best! Choose Meiji for your wiring device needs for a better and practical living.

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Extension Cords

One of our company’s most sellable items is our extension sets. We categorize them into the Classic Series and the 13 series. For our Classic Series, they are known for our polycarbonate white ABS plastic material. It gives your extension cords a glossy white look: clean and classy. Given our features of 3-5 Metered wires, 3 outlets rated at 3,500 Watts, 15 Amperes, 250 Volts and your choice of white black and green (available only during Christmas season), not to mention our very competitive prices, in the market. You wouldn’t even think twice.


As we continue to research on good, affordable items, one of our newly released items include our 13 series extension cords. This series consists of 3 until 6 universal outlets with individual switches, shutters for child protection and fuses for each outlet.

This fuse protects your computer or other appliances as it blows to indicate over voltage and or other faults.

Extension Sets 3M with Surge Protection

It also contains a circuit breaker to better protect your higher rated appliances. When it trips, this would be a warning that your appliance may be experiencing faults, shorts and/or others.

It is made up of fire-retardant plastic in grey color, rated at 2,500 Watts, 10 Amperes, 250 Volts assuring the items’ durability and reliability.

Surface Extensions

For people who would need very lengthy surface outlets, we would like to introduce you to our surface type models. To make it sturdy, reliable and safe, these are made up of copper bars to also be more effective. Rated at 2,500 Watts, 10 Ampere, 250 Volts, with its competitive price, you wouldn’t ask for more.

Make sure what your money’s worth, only buy Meiji Extension Cords. We make sure it’s more than worth-it!

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