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Meiji Electric Philippines Inc. is preparing for the upcoming IIEE Convention with the objective of actively promoting the company’s products. Many electrical practitioners and engineers are expected to participate in this event. With this in mind, we opt to aggressively introduce new and innovative products that will surely catch everyones attention.

For this year, Meiji will introduce new innovative products that are very in-demand in the market.  Many people nowadays depend on handheld electronic devices like smart phones, tablets, smart watches, etc. These gadgets are all relying on batteries and USB chargers, and this is where Meiji comes in.

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Introducing the new Meiji extension sets! These extension sets have USB outlets where you can directly charge your devices. The MES-1407 is an extension set with 3 international outlets with individual switches and 4 USB ports. You will no longer need bulky adapters and you can plug in your devices simultaneously.

MES-1408 has almost the same features like MES-1407 but it is more compact. It has 5 International outlets with an illuminated switch and also has 4 USB ports. Its tower design is very unique and can be used in offices, apartments and hotels. Meiji also has MES-1409, it is a Cube type extension set with 4 outlets [2 International + 2 Universal outlets w/o ground] and 2 additional USB ports. It has no base and smaller than the MES-1408.

MES-1411 is a tower type extension set with a handle for portability. It has 3 International outlets and 2 USB ports. It has a flat base design so it won’t stumble around while your devices are plugged-in. If you’re looking for a unique extension set, you might want to check out MES-1410. It is  a round type extension set with 3 International outlets and 2 USB ports. What sets this apart from the other extension sets is that it has a built-in light and lamp. You can choose to either use the bright light or the dim lamp. It can also be used as a night light in your room.

If you just want a simple extension set, you can use MES-1205 [3 Gang Duplex Convenience Outlet with Ground/Universal Outlets+ 3 USB Ports] or MES-1206 [5 Gang Universal Outlet with Ground+ 3 USB Ports]. These two are much convenient to use at home, you can also plug in your appliances along with your smart devices. All of Meiji’s extension sets are guaranteed safe to use and durable, made from polycarbonate plastic that can retain its color over the years.

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There are many more products that Meiji Electric will be offering at this event. It’s better to see it for yourself and visit our booth at 398-399. You can view all our products including Panel Boards, MCCB, MCB, ATS, CTS, MTS, AVRs, Step-Down Transformers, Wiring devices and much more.  IIEE 2019 will be held at SMX Convention Center from November 27 – 30, 2019. We hope to see you there!

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What are the dos and don’ts of using an extension cord?

  1. Do use the right type of extension cord
  2. Do inspect for damage before use
  3. Do place them in safe places
  4. Do buy those with a built-in circuit breaker
  5. Don’t plug them into one another
  6. Don’t overload with several appliances
  7. Don’t put them under rugs and carpets
  8. Don’t use as a substitute for permanent wiring
 Extension cords – also known as extension sets – have become such a necessity for households and office spaces that it’s come to the point where it’d be difficult to perform important tasks without them. Useful and convenient as they are, many people aren’t aware of the fact that they pose threats and hazards if they weren’t used properly. Any electrical company in the Philippines would agree with us when we say that extension cord safety is under-prioritized even though it is an equally important aspect of electrical precaution.When people are asked about electrical devices that could possibly cause electrical hazards, extension cords aren’t among the top answers. Usually, people would mention plugs, outlets, appliances, light fixtures, and such. While it’s great to be wary of these things, it’s important to keep in mind that extension cords pose the same hazards.Misuse of extension cords has always been one of the top causes of electrical fires around the world. Some may find this bewildering but there are right and wrong ways to use extension cords. We have both listed below, so continue reading to find out more! Do Use the Right Type of Extension Cord

Do Use the Right Type of Extension Cord

Extension cords come in a surprisingly wide variety of types that may be difficult for anyone to memorize. The most basic categories are light-duty, medium-duty, heavy-duty, indoor, and outdoor.Some are also assigned a certain letter that shows what they can and should be used for. An extension cord that is labeled ‘S’ means that it is a general-use cord for indoor spaces, while ‘W’ means it is for the outdoors.You can find information like this on the packaging, so make sure to check for those and match the description to the intended use. 

Do Inspect for Damage Before Use

Much like what you would do for any electrical device, make it a habit to inspect the extension cord for damage before you plug them in.Check the plug, the cord, and the actual body of the device for anything that could disrupt the flow of electricity whether that’s small food crumbs, dirt, or physical damage. Even if the cord is newly-purchased, you should still do a quick inspection to be extra safe. 

Do Place them in Safe Places

Always place your extension cords somewhere you can see them so that you’d immediately be able to notice any signs of damage. It’s also ideal for them to be placed in low-traffic spaces so that people don’t accidentally trip on them. More importantly, avoid placing them in areas where water is a threat (e.g. kitchen and bathroom). 

Do Buy Those with A Built-In Circuit Breaker

If used properly, extension cords should not pose any kind of threat to you and your family. But in order to get that extra layer of protection, you should buy ones that come with a built-in circuit breaker. The circuit breaker is incorporated into the cord in order to protect your home and appliances from the dangers of electrical shorts and faults. Don’t Plug Them into One Another

Don’t Plug Them into One Another

Never plug extension cords into one another to extend their reach. Many people are guilty of this and we highly suggest that you stop this practice because it’s not safe for you or your devices.When you connect an extension cord to another, the electrical current and gauge flowing through are reduced. This means that the devices plugged in are going to receive insufficient voltage and this can possibly shorten their life. If the length of the cord isn’t sufficient, then we suggest you purchase a longer one instead. 

Don’t Overload with Several Appliances

It’s easy to overload an extension cord because they often come with three or four plug outlets. However, keep in mind that every cord was made to withstand a certain load and it is important to stay within the limits. Exceeding this recommended load is going to lead to power surges that may cause electrical hazards and damage your devices.In order to avoid this, you should know the amperage and wattage of the appliances you intend to plug in; make sure the overall sum is within the load capacity of the extension cord. 

Don’t Put Them Under Rugs and Carpets

People love to hide their extension cords under rugs and carpets to keep them from being eyesores but we are strongly against this. Placing them under a rug, carpet, sofa or bed prevents them from releasing their heat which can lead to overheating, electrical fire, or both.When you hide them, you might not be able to spot trouble before they could happen. Also, people are more likely to step on them, causing them possible injuries. Don’t Use as Substitute for Permanent Wiring

Don’t Use as Substitute for Permanent Wiring

Extension cords are only supposed to be temporary solutions for your wiring problems and should never be a permanent addition to the electrical system of your household or office. Continuous use is guaranteed to deteriorate the parts of the cord, opening up opportunities for dangerous electrical shocks and fires. If you have an extension cord that is plugged in a wall outlet 24/7, then you may want to consider having your home or office rewired or moving your appliances around. 

Key Takeaway

As one of the leading electrical companies in the Philippines, we highly advise Filipinos to practice extension cord safety. The guidelines posted above should help you determine what you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to extension cords. Educate yourself so you can be assured of your safety at home or in the office.Meiji Electric Philippines offers a wide range of extension cords. You can view them here. You can also check out our longer types by viewing these:  1301, 1302, 1303, 1304, 1305, 1306, 1307, 1308.
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Out of all the wiring devices in the Philippines, extension cords are probably one of the most flexible, and not just because they are usually quite long. Extension cords are considered to be flexible because unlike other wiring devices, you can take them anywhere! You can use them in any area of your house, and are also useful outside of your home.

Extension cords are very helpful but they too have limits. Without proper maintenance, you can damage your extension cords and, worse, put your life at risk. In order to avoid falling victim to electrical hazards, take care of your extension cords by following the safety tips below.


No Overloading

There are a lot of dos and don’ts when it comes to extension cords. One of the major don’ts is overloading, meaning plugging in too many devices at the same time. One could argue that this is exactly what it’s made for, but to be on the safe side avoid overloading your extension cord anyway. If you are not careful, overloading can lead to electrical fires.

Use it For Temporary Wiring

Rearranging appliances and furniture can be tricky, especially when you consider the wiring. Let’s say for example that a party will be held at your house and you want to place a certain appliance on a specific area, but since its cord is too short, you end up using an extension cord. This is fine if the arrangement is temporary.

However, extension cords are not recommended for permanent wiring arrangements. If one of your appliances has a short plug, you should install sockets instead of using extension cords.

Make Sure It’s Safe

There are plenty of extension cords in the market but be careful when shopping for one. Before making a purchase, make sure that the extension cord you choose is rated for the appliances that you plan to plug on it. You also need to ensure that your new cord is marked for indoor and outdoor (some extension cords are not safe to use outdoors). An unsafe extension cord might be cheaper, but it increases the risk of electrical threats – when you think about it, it’s not really worth it.  

Beware of Damaged Cords

Improper use of extension cords can cause damage. Through time, you might notice that the wire of your cord has become frayed, exposing the strands inside. This can be dangerous because contact to the exposed wiring underneath the sheath insulation can cause electric shocks and burns. To avoid this, make sure not to run your cords through doorways and avoid using staples or nails to attach the cord to any surface. Aside from frayed wires, you also have to watch out for other damages like overheating and short circuit.

Don’t Run Cords Under Carpets

This is pretty basic although plenty of people still refuse to follow this: do not run extension cords under carpets or cover them with rugs. Why? When current passes through your cord, electrical resistance causes two things: voltage drop and heating of the wire. If you cover your extension cord with rug or carpet, it might trap the heat and result to overheating. In turn, overheating will not only damage your cord, it can also lead to electrical fire!

Like any wiring device, it’s important to take care of your extension cords. Follow the safety tips above to make sure that your extension cords are in good condition at all times. This will not only prevent you from buying new cords often, it will also keep you and your appliances safe from electrical problems.

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            In line with Meiji Electric’s mission to provide innovative items for consumers, we would like to present the MEIJI QUAD EXTENSION SET MES-1404.



4 international outlets and 4 USB outlets

This new item has 4 international outlets and 4 USB outlets and is 2 meters in length. Messy adaptors will be a thing in the past since this item can accommodate any plug.   With its Quad shape, you can utilize all outlets at the same time without the cords being tangled up. The MES-1404 has a total power rating of 2500 Watts, 220V so you can charge up to 8 different gadgets simultaneously.

          Your safety is our number one priority, that’s why the MES-1404 is made up of fire resistant plastic material and is lightning proof too! It has a built-in overload protector which disrupts the flow of current in an electric circuit if the flow becomes inadequately high, thus protecting your gadgets or appliances.



          The MES-1404 comes with 2 master switches, one for the international outlets, and the other one is for the USB outlets. It also has a convenient handle which makes it easy to transport anywhere you go. Lastly, it has a rubber padding at the bottom so you’re sure it stays secure anywhere you wish to place it.


          So HURRY! Avail the MEIJI QUAD EXTENSION SET MES-1404 in your nearest Ace Hardware, Handyman and Home Depot Branches now! You can also visit us in our Main Office located at No. 1 Mabolo Street, New Manila, Quezon City.

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Chinese New Year is one of the most
important and festive event for the Filipino-Chinese community here in the Philippines. This 2016 we welcome the year of the Fire Monkey. The Monkey is the ninth sign in Chinese astrology with the number “9” being associated with ambition, activity, smartness, mischief and adventure.

chinese new year2


People customarily participate in parades and dragon dances that are organized and held in Binondo (China Town). The most known tradition include firecrackers that are believed to drive off bad luck and

the Tikoy, a Chinese sticky sweet treat that symbolizes the attraction of good luck.

In line with all the merriments, we would like to remind everyone to follow these precautions:

Handle fireworks with caution

only buy legal fireworks from reputable stores.  Always read the instructions and make sure you take all the necessary precautions before lighting them

Smoke Detector

Make sure you installed the Meiji Smoke Detector with Alarm (MSD-01/ MSD-02)
in your kitchens and never leave your cooking unattended. This stand-alone smoke detector alarms you when it detects smoke; to avoid the tragedies of fire.

Keep Candles Out of Reach

Keep candles out of reach of children and combustible materials. After all the gatherings, check for smouldering cigarette butts or firecrackers and extinguish it properly

Avoid Overloading

Avoid overloading electrical sockets and extension sets. An extension set has a limit to how many amperes it can take so, to help reduce the risk of fire, be careful not to overload them. The Meiji 13 and 20 Series Extension Cord (MES-1303 to 1306, WRP 2104/ 2027) has a
power rating from 1,200 to 2,500 Watts that comes in 3 to 5-meter ranges. It consists of 3 to 6 international outlets for the 13 series and 3 parallel outlets for the 20 series. CNY dishes

Filipino-Chinese communities in the Philippines
celebrate Chinese New Year every year in hope of attracting prosperity, closer family ties and peace. Most Filipino-Chinese families usually clean their homes thoroughly, prepare lucky money in red envelopes, serve sweet foods and display various food and fruits on a table, which is believed to invite good fortune.  So for all the Filipino Chinese Community, Kiong Hee Huat Tsai!

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It’s 2016 already and with the ever growing selection of electronic gadgets (iPhone, iPads, Android Devices, Smart watches etc.), it seems that it’s about time to upgrade power outlets with USB functionality.

New 4-Port USB Charger Extension Cord

20160108_143439Introducing the new Meiji 4-Port USB Charger Extension Cord (MES-1405). It comes in a revolutionary 4 USB outlets that has two 2 Amperes (for tablets and laptops) and two 1 Ampere (for cell phones, MP3 players, etc.) of charging power.  Now you can charge up to four electronic devices simultaneously. The device is strategically designed with four generously spaced horizontal USB Ports which provides additional room for maneuvering of charging cords and reduces entangling of cables while charging. Plus, adapter-free charging eliminates the need to buy a separate adaptor just to charge your device. This is especially useful for electronic devices whose USB charger does not come with an adaptor. There is also a LED light display when you switch the on/ power button.  Lastly, its 2 meters cord length and compact design makes it very portable, and convenient for traveling.


The Meiji 4-Port USB Charger Extension Cord is especially made to be compatible with the latest technology with an aesthetically appealing design. Now you can spend less time charging your devices and more time enjoying them!

Visit us now at your nearest Ace Hardware, Handyman and Home Depot branches and grab one now!

Or simply call (02) 448-7423; 414-4012; 727-5790; 413-6636 for a hassle free, no traffic and free parking experience.

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Have you seen the latest installment of the Star Wars franchise? This is a continuation of the saga set thirty years after Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi. Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a blockbuster hit that shattered box office records with $1.5 billion in worldwide ticket sales.

Meiji’s Flying Saucer Strip

In line with the resurgence of the Star Wars phenomenon, fans will definitely love the Meiji’ Flying Saucer Strip FSS (MES-1400), mes14001-510x510which resembles the Star Wars Droid ships. It has a clean pure white colour that has 6 international outlets. Its round shape allows you to plug-in 6 devices simultaneously even with bulky adaptors, maximizing all 6 outlets. It is suitable to use with all sorts of plugs plus there’s a soft ‘double action’ shutter set up in each outlet for easy plugging and security.



The ‘Meiji’ FSS also has 2 USB ports which you can use for empowering your mobile phones, cameras, laptops, MP3 players and other electronic gadgets. This Meiji power strip has an ‘easy to push’ round center main power switch with light indicator. Another great feature is the intelligent surge protector with re-settable overload button so you don’t have to worry about electrical fluctuations. Lastly, it has a rubberized bottom pad for steady operation during use.


The force is indeed strong with the Meiji’ Flying Saucer Strip. You won’t go wrong with its modern-day design and exceptional quality.

Order now and May the Force be with you!

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During New Year, a lot of us usually make a list of resolutions on self-improvement. Some of the most common goals in New Year’s resolutions are to lose weight, make more money and to quit smoking. For a change, why not include improving electrical safety in our homes as a part of the list?

Meiji Electric encourages you to practice electrical safety measures that can help keep you and your family safe. The start of a new year is the perfect time for homeowners to start electrical safety. Some common causes of electrical fires are caused by faulty electrical outlets, old wiring, and problems with cords, plugs and switches. It is best that we are equipped with the proper knowledge to avoid any future losses that we can actually avoid.

Here are 6 items that can improve your Electrical System at home:

  1. Buy a MEIJI Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) SVC 500-10000 C360_2015-05-13-11-48-45-898for your refrigerators and flat screen TVs. It is used to protect your computers and other appliances against surging and fluctuating of electricity by maintaining the load voltage against voltage variances. The Meiji AVRs are available from 500VA to 10,000VA.
  1. Check and replace your damaged extension cords with the Meiji 13 extensionsand 20 Series Extension Cord (MES-1303 to 1306, WRP 2104/ 2027). It has a power rating from 1,200 to 2,500 Watts that comes in 3 to 5-meter ranges. It consists of 3 to 6 international outlets for the 13 series and 3 parallel outlets for the 20 series.
  1. Install the Meiji Voltage Protector (TC-V001) to your air conditioners, refrigerators, laptops, and other appliances. It is a device that protects your appliance by cutting off power as it reaches the minimum allowable voltage drop or exceeds the maximum over voltage rating. The Meiji Voltage Protector with Timer (TC-V002) on the other hand has an added feature of 8 programmable timer setting options for your various day preferences. Meaning you can set the timer to work daily, weekly, monthly, weekdays, or whatever schedule that suits you.C360_2015-05-13-12-01-05-902
  1. Buy the Meiji Aircon to Fan Timer(TC-V003) that has an international and universal outlet to set your air conditioner to turn off at your preferred time and your electric fan to turn on immediately after. The Meiji TC-V003 can accommodate an air conditioner with up to 2 horsepower. With this item, you will surely save a lot on your electricity bill this year.
  1. Install the stand-alone Meiji Smoke Detector with Alarm (MSD-02) smoke-detector-front-300x265that doesn’t need to be wired to a main system.  The Meiji Smoke Detector alarms you that there’s a major smoke or heat coming from a particular area. This way, it can help you protect your home from the tragedies of fire.


Update your home electrical system with the Meiji Home Panel Home Panel 1 branch breaker(MHP-02 to MHP 3x16P) which comes in different sizes ranging from 1-48 ways. These are modular, fire resistant distribution boxes applicable for electric circuit terminals rated at 220V line to line, 400V line to neutral system. It is easy to install and disassemble with a beautiful design so you don’t need to hide it in the kitchen cabinet.

These are just some of the innovative items of Meiji Electric that can protect your home and your family. Keep in mind that all of us promise to make changes to improve our lives especially during the start of the year. However, some will fall short just before reaching March, but that doesn’t mean your New Year’s resolutions should not be done. So get up now and go to your nearest ACE Hardware, Handyman and Home Depot branches or contact us directly to avail of these items now!

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A lot of fires during Christmas season are caused by electrical problems. Christmas decorations, trees and lights are included in these situations, and when they’re on fire, they are more likely to be serious.

Be extra cautious in decorating your home!

Meiji Electric has a complete line of LED Fiber Optic Christmas Trees which are very safe to use. These kinds of Christmas Trees make use of LED lights to prevent heat that may cause fires. It has longer life span than ordinary Christmas lights.

Meiji LED Fiber Optic Christmas Trees are more energy efficient than the ordinary ones. About 80% of the electrical energy is converted to light, while 20% is lost and converted into other forms of energy such as heat. This means, the lesser the heat, the lesser the chance of fire to happen.

Extremely durable

Also, one good quality of the LED lights designed on Meiji Fiber Optic Christmas Trees is their durability. They are extremely durable and built with sturdy components that are highly rugged and can withstand even the roughest conditions.

DSC03783 DSC03786 DSC03792











Be careful where you place extension cords

Set them up not under rugs as walking traffic can weaken the insulation and the wires can overheat, increasing the chances for fire. Be vigilant when placing cords behind or beneath furniture because pinched cords can fray and short. If you have pets, keep them away from cords to avoid entanglement and chewing.

And if you’re thinking where to buy affordable extensions cords with good quality, find great deals with Meiji Electric!

Extension cords of high performance

Meiji offers you extension cords of high performance designed to provide safety and ease especially this holiday season.

The 3-meters Meiji ‘13 Series’ Extension Cords (MES-1300 to 1308), rated at 10 amperes, 2500 watts, and the new Meiji Flying Saucer Strip MES-1400, are good enough to use for your Christmas trees, Christmas lights and other decorations, especially if they have bulky adaptors. They’re made from fire retardant, white plastic material which is a valuable tool in fire prevention.

Lengthy extension cord

Also, the Meiji ‘20 Series’, (WRP-2027 and WRP-2104) with a length of 3 to 5 meters, rated at 15 amperes, 3500 watts, is a 3-Gang Polarized Extension Set, suitable for your Christmas lights and other decorations. They’re available in white, black and green colors and come in 3 to 5-meter range to fulfill your need for a lengthy extension cord.

Always keep in mind that the most joyous of times can also be deadly. It’s never been wrong to be safe.

Happy Holidays!


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Are you thinking of renovating your house this summer? Many take advantage of the fact that it is summer (less probability to rain), to have their houses renovated. This way, the work can be continuous and going out to depots and DIYs will not be too hard. Remember also that wiring devices including those worn-out switches and outlets can contribute much to your house’ interior. Install heavy-duty wiring devices with metal strap that can last you for good together with the new Meiji USB Outlet.

images (2)

It is a very wise decision to invest in extension cords these days due to the fact that they are more cost effective than installing another outlet in a certain part of the house. Due to our imported appliances from abroad, we get to deal with different types of plugs: UK Plug, American, European, etc. This is why many electrical suppliers now came up with international outlet extension sets. Here are Meiji’s Innovative Extension sets that can connect your home to convenience! Find out the wide range of choices MEIJI Electric has to offer!


These kinds of polarized extension sets are durable, reliable and safe. These are made up of copper bars to be more functional than other extension cords. With a power rating of 2,500 Watts, 6 Ampere, 250 Volts, you can maximize its capacity in holding appliances. It comes in 3 to 5-meter range to fulfill your need for a lengthy extension cord.



It is made up of polycarbonate white ABS plastic material that brings a glossy white look clean and classy your extension cords. Extension cords should at least have a rating equal to or greater to the requirements needed to run equipments effectively. With its features of 3-5 Meter wires, 3 outlets rated at 3,500 Watts, 15 Amperes, 250 Volts you will be gratified and won’t even think twice to utilize this one.


13 SERIES (MES-1300 to 1308)


These kinds of polarized extension sets are durable, reliable and safe. These are made up of copper bars to be more functional than other extension cords. With a power rating of 2,500 Watts, 6 Ampere, 250 Volts, you can maximize its capacity in holding appliances. It comes in 3 to 5-meter range to satisfy your need for a lengthy extension cord.


This is the type of extension cord that will exceed buyers’ expectations. 13 series extension cords consists of 3 to 6 international outlets with individual switches, comes in 2 to 3 meters and fuse for each outlet. This fuse protects your computer or any other appliances as it blows to indicate sudden surge exceeding limit and other faults.


It also contains a circuit breaker to fortify its protection for your high-rated appliances. When it trips, this would be a warning that your appliance may be experiencing faults, shorts and/or others problems. On top of that, it is made up of fire-retardant plastic in grey color. With a rating of at 2,500 Watts, 10 Amperes, 250 Volts you can assure your appliance’s safety.



The new-fangled ‘Meiji’ FSS comes in a clean pure white color and can use 6 international outlets all at the same time even with unwieldy plugs and adaptors. It is appropriate to use with all sorts of plugs without need for any messy adaptors. There’s a soft ‘double action’ shutter set up in each outlet for easy plugging and security.


The ‘Meiji’ FSS has 2 USB ports which you can use for empowering your mobile phones, cameras, laptops, mp3 players and other gadgets. This Meiji power strip has an ‘easy to push’ round center main power switch with light indicator. Lastly, it has a rubberized bottom pad for steady operation during use.


All extension cords provide a convenient way to use electrical equipment that can’t reach a wall outlet. Invest now in Meiji’s Extension Power Strips and be electrified to the center of the universe!

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