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Also known as power extenders, extension cords are helpful devices that typically extend or expand the reach of our household circuits for us to use our tools within a certain range. They are not a complete substitute for permanent wiring but they are acceptable to be connected for as long as we need them to increase operating efficiency of our household appliances and tools. In this article, we will discuss the types of extension cords and their best uses.


1. Light Duty Extension Cord with Two Wirescheap extension cords

This type of extension cord is best used for small appliances. They can only be used and operated for one or two devices such as lamps, clocks and other electrical devices up to 7 amperes. The cords are light and portable and they come in various lengths and gauge sizes: Gauge size 14 measured up to 1000 feet of cord length; gauge size 16 is paired with up to 50 feet of cord length; and gauge size 18 has up to 25 feet of cord length. Light duty extension cords are portable and they can be used either outdoors or indoors.



2. Medium to Heavy Duty Extension Cords with Three WiresMeiji extension cords

Medium to heavy duty extension cords are mostly approved to be used in outdoor setting. They are ideal to support devices such as the laptop computer, outdoor vacuum, portable compressor, mosquito killer, and entertainment devices. They are designed with a grounding wire on the plug which should not be plugged to any ungrounded electrical outlet, unless the device connected is double insulated.

For medium extension cords can power up devices up to 10 amperes. The gauge sizes and cord lengths likewise vary accordingly. The gauge size of 16 measures 25 feet of cord length; gauge size 14, 50 feet; and gauge size 12, 100 feet. On the other hand, heavy duty extension cords can extend power of appliances of up to 15 amperes. Gauge size 14 measures to 25 feet; gauge size 12, 50 feet; and gauge size 10, 100 feet. Heavy duty cords are used more in commercial industries such as construction sites.

3. Telephone Extension Cords

Commonly adapted in homes and offices, the telephone extension cord is simply plugged at one end in the jack and the other end in the telephone or data port. Its primary use is to extend telephone lines and fax machines. With two extra wires (making to the sum of four), it helps to accommodate certain multiple phone line systems and show when a line is in use.


The extension cord can really be a lifesaver but also to save lives, users must be able to use it properly and with care. Before purchasing an extension cord, determine the size of gauge and length of cord needed to power up your appliance at specific distances. Read the manufacturer’s instructions and enjoy usage for long.

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Kids, in general, are very mobile and curious with their surroundings. They want to explore everything. This makes them all the more prone to electric accidents especially since their curiosity greatly outweighs their judgment in sensing danger.

According to Electrical Safety Foundation International, nearly 7 kids everyday are hospitalized because of electric shock or burn injuries in their homes. This is only the result of touching and playing with a simple wall outlet. In addition, fires and burns are the third leading cause of deaths among children 14 and under. This only goes to show how rules are relevant in keeping your home and your kids safe from electric accidents.

Here are 8 rules that parents should tell their kids:

Rule #1: Do not play with cords, outlets, plugs, wires, and electrical appliances.

kids with cords

Kids may mistake electric conductors and appliances for toys and may tug or play with them. Adults constantly need to remind them to not play with electric conductors and appliances especially because electric cords, outlets, plugs, and wires are often within a child’s reach. This makes it all the more important to teach kids to not play with the conductors to avoid mishaps.

Rule #2: Ask help from a grown-up when you need to use something that needs electricity.

parent with kids in kitchen

Adult assistance would prevent kids from playing with electricity and making risky mistakes that could lead to a fire or bad injuries. Plus, it is an addition bonding time for parents and their children.

Rule #3: Do not play near electrical installations and appliances.

kids and appliances

Kids’ toys are made from different materials. Some are even flammable and could be dangerous near electric installations. Electrical appliances whether turned on or off may cause accidents. This poses as a risk to the child’s safety. It is best to keep the kids away from the risks that could be fatal.

Rule #4: Do not stick fingers into sockets.

kids and sockets

Because the human body is composed of 70% water, it’s an excellent conductor of electricity and could enter the body within seconds. Sticking fingers into sockets could result to severe burns, vision loss, hearing loss, brain damage, and death.

Rule #5: Do not bring electrical appliances in the bathroom.

baby bath toys

Water is a conductor of electricity. The bathroom, being a place that uses a lot of water can increase the chances of electric shock. Combined water and electricity will create an electric shock that can be very lethal most especially to kids.

Rule #6: Never touch electrical appliances with wet hands.

dry hands

Wet hands will ultimately lead to electric shock. This will result to worse and far more painful effects compared to sticking dry fingers into sockets.

Rule #7: Do not yank an electrical cord from its outlet

child hazards

Yanking an electric cord from its outlet can damage both the plug and outlet that can cause shorts, leading to grounding and shock.

Rule #8: Do not play with damaged electrical appliances.

Damaged electrical appliances should immediately be placed out of the kids’ reach. When turned on or played with, it can cause electric shock and in most cases death.

damaged extension cord

Electrical shock may occur at home and even at work.  It is unpredictable and can happen anytime. With kids at home, adults need to be twice as careful and vigilant of their kids. The best practice to avoid electric accidents is still to exercise proper care and precaution at home and at work.

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We have checked the market, and we have heard your needs. As we aim to satisfy and complete our extension cords line, we have answered your cry for better units to serve your home.

Revised Meiji’s MES-1300

This model is now 4 outlets with 2 international outlets and 2 universal outlets in 3 meters cord. Rated still at 250V, 10A and 2500VA. Now it’s slimmer, more compact and easier to handle.

This model has been frequently used together with computers and other accessories. Reason being is because it doesn’t take up much space and yet all 4 outlets can be maximized without adapters with its international or universal sockets. Another wise place to use it on is in your room where you can plug charges for your gadgets altogether. Since it has a master switch above, you need not unplug your gadgets or appliances, simply turn off your switch and it’s good as gone.

Meiji extension cordsLonger and Lengthier MES-1304 and 1306

MES-1307 is the 5 meters counterpart of our MES-1304. Still with its safety features, MES-1307 is a 4 international outlet extension cord with 4 individual fuses per outlet. These fuses serve as protection once the capacity of the extension cord has exceeded the allowable (2500Watts). Meiji still provides a circuit breaker (red button on the side) which automatically trips or shuts off when there was a short or over voltage that occurred. This usually happens during power-outs or thunders.


MES-1308 on the other hand, is MES-1306 but this time in 5 meters. With its 6 international outlets, individual fuse and a circuit breaker, you can’t go wrong with this one. Wise men say that there is nothing wrong with storing extra. In this particular case, I would have to agree. It saves you the hassle in choosing the right extension cord for your need. Due to the vast choice of extension cords in the market, this may actually leave you to settle for the cheapest one you see (which can also cause you more money when it breaks down). Not to mention taking up much time and effort going to the nearest hardware store. With Meiji’s MES-1308, buying a new extension cord will be something for the future because Meiji cords are meant to last.

We hope to serve more of your requests and we are more than happy to hear from you. Keep them coming guys!

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