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            In line with Meiji Electric’s mission to provide innovative items for consumers, we would like to present the MEIJI QUAD EXTENSION SET MES-1404.



4 international outlets and 4 USB outlets

This new item has 4 international outlets and 4 USB outlets and is 2 meters in length. Messy adaptors will be a thing in the past since this item can accommodate any plug.   With its Quad shape, you can utilize all outlets at the same time without the cords being tangled up. The MES-1404 has a total power rating of 2500 Watts, 220V so you can charge up to 8 different gadgets simultaneously.

          Your safety is our number one priority, that’s why the MES-1404 is made up of fire resistant plastic material and is lightning proof too! It has a built-in overload protector which disrupts the flow of current in an electric circuit if the flow becomes inadequately high, thus protecting your gadgets or appliances.



          The MES-1404 comes with 2 master switches, one for the international outlets, and the other one is for the USB outlets. It also has a convenient handle which makes it easy to transport anywhere you go. Lastly, it has a rubber padding at the bottom so you’re sure it stays secure anywhere you wish to place it.


          So HURRY! Avail the MEIJI QUAD EXTENSION SET MES-1404 in your nearest Ace Hardware, Handyman and Home Depot Branches now! You can also visit us in our Main Office located at No. 1 Mabolo Street, New Manila, Quezon City.

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circular extension cordAre you always faced with the problem of not being able to fully use all the outlets of your extension cord due to bulky adapters and plugs?

Are you sick and tired of always looking at long rectangular shaped extension cords or power strips that take up much space?

How about those disastrous wires that get all tangled up under your furnitures?

Say no more! The new Meiji Circular Extension Cord (MES-1400) has arrived!

Meiji’s Circular Extension Cord

‘Meiji’ FSS (Flying Saucer Strip), with its unique round shaped ‘flying saucer’ design, is the answer to all your extension cord and power strip problems.

The new ‘Meiji’ FSS comes in a clean pure white color and can use 6 international outlets simultaneously even with bulky adaptors and plugs. It is suitable for use with all types of plugs without need for any messy adaptors.  The new Meiji extension cord also has rubberized pad footings for stable operation during use.

The ‘Meiji’ circular extension cord has 2 USB charging interfaces, which you can use for charging your mobile phones, cameras, mp3 players and other gadgets. Just your USB connector, and tada! Hassle free!

This Meiji power strip has an ‘easy to push’ round center main power switch with light indicator. Another feature is the soft ‘double action’ shutter found in each outlet for easy plugging and protection.

Nowadays, fluctuations with our electrical power happens regularly. Which is why, surge or voltage protection is important. The Meiji circular extension cord has an intelligent surge protector with resettable overload button. You won’t find this anywhere else.

You won’t go wrong with your most modern designed, top-of-the-line quality circular extension cords.

With its above-mentioned features, the‘Meiji is a MUST for all office, commercial and residential use.

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