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Out of all the wiring devices in the Philippines, extension cords are probably one of the most flexible, and not just because they are usually quite long. Extension cords are considered to be flexible because unlike other wiring devices, you can take them anywhere! You can use them in any area of your house, and are also useful outside of your home.

Extension cords are very helpful but they too have limits. Without proper maintenance, you can damage your extension cords and, worse, put your life at risk. In order to avoid falling victim to electrical hazards, take care of your extension cords by following the safety tips below.


No Overloading

There are a lot of dos and don’ts when it comes to extension cords. One of the major don’ts is overloading, meaning plugging in too many devices at the same time. One could argue that this is exactly what it’s made for, but to be on the safe side avoid overloading your extension cord anyway. If you are not careful, overloading can lead to electrical fires.

Use it For Temporary Wiring

Rearranging appliances and furniture can be tricky, especially when you consider the wiring. Let’s say for example that a party will be held at your house and you want to place a certain appliance on a specific area, but since its cord is too short, you end up using an extension cord. This is fine if the arrangement is temporary.

However, extension cords are not recommended for permanent wiring arrangements. If one of your appliances has a short plug, you should install sockets instead of using extension cords.

Make Sure It’s Safe

There are plenty of extension cords in the market but be careful when shopping for one. Before making a purchase, make sure that the extension cord you choose is rated for the appliances that you plan to plug on it. You also need to ensure that your new cord is marked for indoor and outdoor (some extension cords are not safe to use outdoors). An unsafe extension cord might be cheaper, but it increases the risk of electrical threats – when you think about it, it’s not really worth it.  

Beware of Damaged Cords

Improper use of extension cords can cause damage. Through time, you might notice that the wire of your cord has become frayed, exposing the strands inside. This can be dangerous because contact to the exposed wiring underneath the sheath insulation can cause electric shocks and burns. To avoid this, make sure not to run your cords through doorways and avoid using staples or nails to attach the cord to any surface. Aside from frayed wires, you also have to watch out for other damages like overheating and short circuit.

Don’t Run Cords Under Carpets

This is pretty basic although plenty of people still refuse to follow this: do not run extension cords under carpets or cover them with rugs. Why? When current passes through your cord, electrical resistance causes two things: voltage drop and heating of the wire. If you cover your extension cord with rug or carpet, it might trap the heat and result to overheating. In turn, overheating will not only damage your cord, it can also lead to electrical fire!

Like any wiring device, it’s important to take care of your extension cords. Follow the safety tips above to make sure that your extension cords are in good condition at all times. This will not only prevent you from buying new cords often, it will also keep you and your appliances safe from electrical problems.

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Extension cords are basically found almost Extension Cords with Surge Protectioneverywhere.  It’s practically a need in our society. It can be seen in our respective homes, offices and schools. Most of us might not even notice these extension cords since they have always been there positioned in that area for such a long time. Having established this, let us look into other ways our extension cords help us.

  • Extensions

Especially this Christmas season, when we need to plug-in more devices than we usually do; for example a Christmas Tree as a Christmas decor, an extension cord would be of great help. This time of the year also, we would often use extension cords when relatives and friends gather in our homes. This can be used to provide power for extra electric fans and the like. From the word itself, these cords help us in extending our electrical power source. For instance, if you lack a plug where you need to have one, you can have your extension cord do the work.

  • Many-in-one

You can have your television set, speakers, DVD player, and other gadgets plugged into the extension cord and use them at the same time. Most often, socket outlets only provide two holes which can plug-in only two appliances. With the use of an extension cord, you can plug several low wattage devices and provide power. You don’t even need to unplug all of them after using, you may just turn off the main power switch or unplug the extension and all of the power source will be cut. Meiji also models which have individual switches for the particular outlet. How convenient!

  • Connector

An added feature of extension cords these days are ones that have a USB Extension sets connector. If you are the type who often use cameras and upload the images right away, then you can benefit on this extension cord. No need to worry about outlets at your home, or in your favorite coffee shops!

The Top 3 mentioned uses of extension cord will not be utilized if we over use it. Please be aware of the AMPERE /WATTAGE RATINGS of the extension cords we purchase. Make sure that the devices you will plug-in are appropriate for your extension cord.

Safety should always come first. Note  that overloading may cause short circuits and/or worse start a fire.  Choose wisely.

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You were having a good time with the family. All chilled out, relaxed as you watch a good movie by the living room… And then all of a sudden, the phone rang at the climax point! Startled, you tried to grab the phone. Unfortunately, you tipped over your sister’s drink and alas! The floor is drained wet including the newly bought extension cord!

This article aims to inform what immediate steps you can take in case accidents such as having liquid or food particles going inside your  extension cords.

What are the immediate actions to take? First things first, do not panic. This is one of the many situation where you should be logical and practical instead of getting overwhelmed by worry and panic.

Dealing with Liquid Accidents

Taking as many precautions as possible, listed are some of the basic things that you need to do when dealing with this kind of situation:

  1. If the appliance plugged in consumes high power, turn off the circuit breaker to cut off the main source of electricity.
  2. Make sure your hands are dry as you pull the plug of the appliance or gadget that is plugged into the extension cord.
  3. You may also unplug the extension cord from the outlet if this is more convenient or accessible for you. Still, make sure your hands are dry.
  4. If you are using Meiji extension cords with switch (single or individual), you may turn off the switch immediately.
  5. Refrain your children to touch any metal parts or exposed wires of the extension cord.
  6. After fulfilling either steps 1-4, dry the surrounding areas, including the extension cord to avoid other accidents. Also,  move the cord away from the soaked areas.
  7. Dry off the extension cord thoroughly; you can use a dry cloth to dry on it and let it sit there few days or hours depending on how much liquid was poured into it.
  8. Do not leave the extension cord coiled up in wet. Extend and lay it out as open and exposed for it to dry well.electrical cord
  9. Place it under a mild temperature cooler or heater to make sure that the inside parts of the cord gets dried.
  10. Never try to repair any cracks, breaks or tears of the wet cord with a tape.
  11. Let an expert electrician check your power cords before using it.
  12. Wait for a few days or weeks and make sure it is completely dry before you try to use it again.

We cannot predict circumstances that can meddle with the safety of our home. As much as possible, it is good to be ready with ‘What-to-Do’ steps to avoid further damage.  With this article, now you are more equipped when this accident happens. Stay safe! 🙂

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What do you if you have an appliance but you cannot connect the plug and reach the wall outlet? Use an extension cord. But the question is, will that cord be safe for your appliance? Sudden electrical surges can destroy the appliance if the cord does not have the surge protection feature. Some cords also are poor in quality, that its outlet does not generate the needed power anymore.

One should purchase extension cords with the valuable appliances to be plugged on them in mind. Also, the cords should be worth the money.

Meiji offers now a new 13-series of heavy-duty extension cord sets collection. They are of a bus bar type in connection.

Meiji’s 13 series collection’s main feature is its bus bar type connection with 1-switch-for-all-sockets for easy switching on and off of all connected appliances. In addition to this, it has its built-in surge protection which is very important to protect your connected appliances from sudden electrical surges. All cords from this collection will be of high-quality which you will surely find useful.

There are 3 models for this 13-Series collection, and each has universal sockets to cater to all kinds of international male socket plugs that you may have.

Meiji heavy-duty extension cords


Meiji MES-1300

The first 1300 model has 6 (3 universal and 3 round to flat) outlets with a single switch lamp indicator for easy switching on and off of connected appliances. Meiji MES-1300 model is rated at 250V, 10A and 2500W, so with its high voltage, current, and power rating, this will be a wise choice for connecting multiple devices. It has 3 meters long wire, providing long reach from the outlet to your appliances.

Meiji MES-1301

The 1301 is a 3 universal outlet model which is also rated at 250V, 10A and 2500W, which is also good for connecting several high power appliances. Unlike 1300, this only has a wire length of only 2 meters, eliminating more chances of wire tangling.

Meiji’s MES-1302

The last member to the collection is 1302, which is similar to MES-1301, except this model has 4 universal outlets instead of 3.

The Philippines constantly experiences a lot of electrical surges brought about by the irregular flow of electricity. Meiji can protect all your appliances and at the same time provide the extension needed for your convenience. Connecting international appliances won’t be a problem as the 13-series have built-in universal outlets.

Choose the best and have the best in Meiji heavy duty extension cords.

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Problem 1

Don’t you hate it when you’re using your laptop and it’s running on low battery, and when you try to plug it up to the nearest socket, you find yourself in an extremely awkward situation because the socket is so far from where your laptop is? Or don’t you hate it when you’re using any appliance – electric fan, television, desktop computer, or lamp and the nearest socket outlet is far that the wires are all tensed up to one foot above the ground – like a trip wire waiting for you to sever the connection anytime? Well that can only be fixed in two practical ways – one of which is WAY practical than the other.

  • First option: Rearrange your appliances so that they all are within a comfortable vicinity from the socket (but that would still be a problem since most socket outlets have can only accommodate  two appliances, and I’m sure you have more than just two).
  • Buy an extension cord.

Problem 2

Now have you ever considered what it will be like for any of your most valued electronics – your computer or flat screen HD television set to be rendered useless because of damage even though you protect it with the best of your ability? Have you considered what level of frustration would go through your mind if you find out that having it fixed is more expensive than buying a brand new one just like it? Well you don’t have to. I’m specifically talking about damage due to a sudden, out-of-the-blue power surge or spike due to a lightning strike or any other cause. No warning will be given to you when this happens. This chooses no one. It could just come anytime and literally give your appliance the shock of its operating life. Probably unknown to you, it’s just an accident waiting to happen and your most prized electronics are like sitting ducks – waiting for that unfortunate day.

Two problems

The need of an extension cord and the need of surge protection. One solution. Could there be possibly any answer to this dilemma? Thank God for Meiji – yes of course! Meiji brings you their extension cords with built-in surge protectors. What more can you ask from a long extension wire and a 250-Volt, 10-Ampere, 2500-Watt rating aside from its built-in surge protection? Its safety and convenience in one product. The best is, you can choose from three variations of these exciting gadgets from Meiji: The Meiji MES-1300, The Meiji MES-1301, and The Meiji MES-1302 (respectively as in the picture). All three of these have the built in protection that is necessary. The Meiji MES-1301 and 1302 have 2 meters long wire, while the 1300 has a 3-meter-long wire. How ‘bout that for convenience and protection?surge protected sockets

To be true to the necessary maintenance of your beloved electronics requires the utmost protection. (That’s for the appliances’ sake). But there’s also the convenience you yourself need for your sake. The Meiji extension cord – it cares for your safety and convenience – just like the overall satisfaction brought to you by any Meiji Electric product. Try it and see for yourself! I know I did.

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Do you trust your extension cords for your valued appliances? Are you sure they are worth the money you bought them for?

Meiji brings you theheavy-duty extension cords new heavy-duty extension sets from our 13-series collection!

With bus bar type connections, 1-switch-for-all-sockets and built-in surge protection, Meiji assures you with quality extension cords you’ll surely enjoy.

Meiji offers you additional 3 models of extensions with universal socket outlets to cater to your imported appliances:

Meiji MES-1300

To start off,  Meiji MES-1300 model. It has 6 (3 universal and 3 round to flat) outlets with a single switch lamp indicator. Meiji MES-1300 model is rated at 250V, 10A and 2500W. This is really a good buy especially if you have a number of items to be plugged in. It conserves a lot of space, practical and it can save you a sum amount of money in buying additional models of extension cords. This model has 3meters long wire.

Meiji MES-1301, on the other hand is a 3 gang universal model also rated at 250V, 10A and 2500W. So for your higher wattage appliances (i.e.) coffee maker, over toaster and the like, this item fits like a glove. No need to worry about tangled wires because Meiji MES-1301 wire is only 2 meters long.

Meiji MES-1302

Last but definitely not the least, is Meiji’s MES-1302. Similar to MES-1301 except this item has 4 universal outlets into it.

As you are aware, our country experiences a lot of electrical surges brought about by the fluctuations in our power. Make sure you protect your appliances with items fit to the Philippine society.  We know Meiji surge protection extension cords can.

Know how to choose the best and have the best.

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