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Meiji Electric Philippines Inc. is preparing for the upcoming IIEE Convention with the objective of actively promoting the company’s products. Many electrical practitioners and engineers are expected to participate in this event. With this in mind, we opt to aggressively introduce new and innovative products that will surely catch everyones attention.

For this year, Meiji will introduce new innovative products that are very in-demand in the market.  Many people nowadays depend on handheld electronic devices like smart phones, tablets, smart watches, etc. These gadgets are all relying on batteries and USB chargers, and this is where Meiji comes in.

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Introducing the new Meiji extension sets! These extension sets have USB outlets where you can directly charge your devices. The MES-1407 is an extension set with 3 international outlets with individual switches and 4 USB ports. You will no longer need bulky adapters and you can plug in your devices simultaneously.

MES-1408 has almost the same features like MES-1407 but it is more compact. It has 5 International outlets with an illuminated switch and also has 4 USB ports. Its tower design is very unique and can be used in offices, apartments and hotels. Meiji also has MES-1409, it is a Cube type extension set with 4 outlets [2 International + 2 Universal outlets w/o ground] and 2 additional USB ports. It has no base and smaller than the MES-1408.

MES-1411 is a tower type extension set with a handle for portability. It has 3 International outlets and 2 USB ports. It has a flat base design so it won’t stumble around while your devices are plugged-in. If you’re looking for a unique extension set, you might want to check out MES-1410. It is  a round type extension set with 3 International outlets and 2 USB ports. What sets this apart from the other extension sets is that it has a built-in light and lamp. You can choose to either use the bright light or the dim lamp. It can also be used as a night light in your room.

If you just want a simple extension set, you can use MES-1205 [3 Gang Duplex Convenience Outlet with Ground/Universal Outlets+ 3 USB Ports] or MES-1206 [5 Gang Universal Outlet with Ground+ 3 USB Ports]. These two are much convenient to use at home, you can also plug in your appliances along with your smart devices. All of Meiji’s extension sets are guaranteed safe to use and durable, made from polycarbonate plastic that can retain its color over the years.

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There are many more products that Meiji Electric will be offering at this event. It’s better to see it for yourself and visit our booth at 398-399. You can view all our products including Panel Boards, MCCB, MCB, ATS, CTS, MTS, AVRs, Step-Down Transformers, Wiring devices and much more.  IIEE 2019 will be held at SMX Convention Center from November 27 – 30, 2019. We hope to see you there!

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Meiji Electric on IIEE2019

Great News!!!

Meiji Electric Philippines Inc. will once again take part on the well-known product exhibition, the 44th Annual National Convention and IIEE 3E XPO 2019 at SMX Convention Center this 27 to 30 of November. This year’s theme for the IIEE@44 is Distinctive Journey in Advancing Global Competitiveness where it promotes the competitive abilities of each company on a global scale. The IIEE Expo focuses more on electrical, electronics and energy products, where many electrical practitioners take part. With this huge event, many companies will promote their brand and showcase their wide range of products, and Meiji Electric is one of them.

2019.poster Ad D5 11oct19 1

As some know, the Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers of the Philippines, Inc. or IIEE is the organization of electrical practitioners here in the Philippines. They are known for conducting this annual event to continuously enhance electrical practitioners’ competitiveness towards worldwide excellence.  They also help companies improve their market by giving them opportunities to meet more diversified consumers.

Meiji Electric Booth 398 – 399

Meiji Electric has been showcasing different electrical & industrial supplies in the event. Each year the company presents more efficient and energy saving electrical systems, like Electrical Panel Boards, Contactor Transfer Switches (CTS), Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS), Low Voltage Switch Gears (LVSG) and Frequency Inverter Controlled Systems.

Through Meiji’s industrial products like MCBs, ACBs, MCCBs, Magnetic Contactors and others, you can get maximum electrical protection for all your machineries and control extremely accurate electrical motor regulation. Various innovative electrical products will be featured like GFCI outlets, motion sensors, smoke detectors, extension sets and other related items that will make convenience and protection a priority for your home. The company will also display devices such as timers, AVRs and transformers that will speed up your business operations, protect your office appliances, and minimize electrical consumption.

Meiji Electric Products

Meiji Electric cordially invites all engineers, developers, project managers, interior designers and end users to visit our booth 398-399 within four consecutive days. The location is at the outmost right, near the corner. You can check out various electrical products which are on a special discount on our booth, and we will be happy to assist you with your requirements. See you there!

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What are the most important electrical safety tips to remember after a flood?

  1. Avoid entering flooded rooms.
  2. Don’t use electrical appliances that were submerged in water.
  3. Ask an expert to survey your electrical system.
  4. Replace severely damaged electrical components.
 At this point, storms and hurricanes have pretty much become two of the most common natural disasters that could occur in the world. Some are stronger than others, but you can guarantee that all of them have are fully capable to cause floods. In fact, heavy rainfall is enough to drown areas in knee-deep or waist-deep floods. Aside from the health hazards that these floods pose, your electrical supplier in Metro Manila will tell you that there are also electrical hazards you should be wary of.Most of us know of the threats that come with intense flooding so we try our best to prevent them before the rain even starts to fall. We prioritize prevention over anything else as that is what we were taught. We also know how to handle ourselves during times of disasters, but most of us are lost on the idea of post-disaster hazards and safety.A lot of things get damaged in floods and your electrical system is no exception. Improper handling of electrical parts and components after a flood can lead to injuries and fatalities, so make sure to follow these electrical safety tips for your own benefit!Avoid Entering Flooded Rooms

Avoid Entering Flooded Rooms

Once the rain stops pouring, it can be tempting to enter a flooded room or area in your house in order to start cleaning up, but we strongly advise against this. There are many dangers in doing this and you never know what will happen.Without a clear view of your surroundings due to the thick and deep flood water, you could step on some dangerous things such as exposed wires. There’s also the possibility of tripping over plugs and cords, which will very likely cause accidents.Instead of braving the flood, wait for it to subside. It may take a few hours or days depending on your drainage system, but waiting is a better option than getting injured. 

Don’t Use Electrical Appliances That Were Submerged in Water

Do not immediately plug in your electrical appliances or any other electrical devices in order to check their condition after the flood has subsided. Just because the water has been drained doesn’t mean that they’re safe to use. It is, in fact, the entire opposite.Chances are high that the appliances, devices, and things that were submerged in water are completely ruined. The only time you’re allowed to plug them in and test them out is after they’ve been inspected and evaluated by an expert.Additionally, stay away from any electrical devices, cords or outlets that were drenched or submerged in water to keep yourself safe. These can carry currents that are strong enough to inflict severe damage.Ask Experts to Survey

Ask an Expert to Survey Your Electrical System

The first thing you have to do after the rain has stopped and the flood has subsided is to call an expert to survey your home’s entire electrical system. You can call your local electrical company, an electrical supplier in Metro Manila, and practically anyone who has the right personnel to do it.They should be able to evaluate the extent of damage that your electrical system and grounding and bonding system (if you have one) sustained due to the flood. After which, allow them to individually inspect plugs, cords, and wires, and mark those that are safe for use. Only after you’ve asked an expert to do this can you move on and return to your normal life. 

Replace Severely Damaged Electrical Components

After you’ve had a licensed electrician check your electrical system for damage, the only thing you have to do is heed whatever advice he/she is going to give. If they say that it’s safe to use your plugs and wirings, then you’re free to use them without any worries.However, if they deem something broken and beyond repair, then have it replaced. As said earlier, appliances and devices submerged in water are unlikely to survive floods without any sort of damage, so it is more likely that you’ll have something repaired or replaced after a flood.It may be hard on your pockets, but it is the smarter decision as it keeps you safe from any electrical hazards. Besides, even if they do survive a flood, their lives will be short-lived and you will have to replace them in the very near future anyway. 

Key Takeaway

Electrical hazards don’t go away after the rain stops pouring or the flood subsides. You are in constant danger until after you’ve had your electrical systems and appliances inspected and cleared for use. The only way to do this is to call your electrical company or electrical supplier and have them send a licensed technician to have a look at your home. Prior to an expert inspection, do your best to stay away from flooded rooms and avoid plugging in your appliances and systems. These guidelines should help keep you safe and bring regular electrical function back to your home after a flood!
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Meiji Electric- the leading electrical supplier in the Philippines, have always taken pride in introducing innovative items to the market. They were the first company to aggressively offer the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI), Marine Vapor Lamps, Contactor Transfer Switches (CTS), Key Card Control System and Home Panel Boards (MHP) in the Philippines. With company’s continuous endeavor to occupy significant items in the Electrical Controls market, Meiji Electric is proud to introduce the “Meiji White Panel Board”.


Meiji White Panel


The Meiji White Panel is a combination of Metal Panel Box and the Meiji Home Panel Plastic Cover. This was made as a response to the increasing needs of consultants and contractors who needs a bigger Ampere capacity for their main circuit breakers. Doesn’t ring a bell? Let me explain it to you:

What is a Panel Board?

The National Electrical Code® (NEC®) defines a panel board as a single panel or group of panel units designed for assembly in the form of a single panel, including buses and automatic over-current devices, and equipped with or without switches for the control of light, heat, or power circuits; designed to be placed in a cabinet or cutout box placed in or against a wall, partition, or other support; and accessible only from the front.

In summary, according to the NEC® definition, panel boards are:

  • Used to control light, heat, or power circuits
  • Placed in a cabinet or cutout box
  • Mounted in or against a wall
  • Accessible only from the front

Panel Boards are used in residential, commercial buildings and industrial facilities to safely control the distribution of electrical power throughout the facility. Most of us are familiar with the panel board found in a regular home. Power, purchased from a utility company like Meralco, enters the house through a metering device or what we normally call kilowatt hour meter. The power is then distributed from a load center to various branch circuits for lighting, appliances, and electrical outlets.


Now that you know what a panel board is, you are probably wondering what’s so special about the Meiji White Panel board? Hint: It is not just about the color.

The Meiji White Panel Board is a customized panel that is a hybrid of metal panel board and the Meiji Home Panel.


What is a Meiji Home Panel?

The Meiji Home Panel are modular distribution boxes applicable to electric circuit terminals rated at 220V Line to Line or 400V Line to Neutral. It is beautifully designed for simple installation and disassembly. It is widely used in household, tall buildings, townhouse residences, condominiums, etc. The plastic components of MHP modular panel box adapts to fire resistant ABS, which is impact resistant. It has convenient din rail and height adjustment features, as well as provisions for neutral and grounding.

Meiji Home Panel


Due to the compact design of the Meiji Home Panel, it can only accommodate a miniature circuit breaker up to 125 Ampere rating. This is the common problem of contractors since bigger houses require main breakers with higher ampacity. They will have to buy an independent enclosure for the main breaker and place the branches in a separate Meiji Home Panel.

To solve this problem, Meiji Electric came up with the Meiji While Panel– a newly designed panel board that shares the same good qualities of the Meiji Home Panel but only better because it can now accommodate a Molded Case Circuit breaker of 225A and even higher.


Meiji White Panel Board


With this advancement, you will no longer need a separate enclosure for your main circuit breaker. Some of you might be wondering, why not just get a standard panel board and get it over? The thing is, Meiji Home Panels and the White Panel Board are less expensive than the standard metal panel board. Add that they are very aesthetically appealing, therefore you don’t need to hide them in your kitchen cabinet. ‘Less expensive’ does not mean less quality, though, Meiji Electric has been in the marketing and fabrication of electrical control products for more than 30 years now, and with their vast number of customers, you can be assured of the quality and reliability of all their products. As a matter of fact, a leading construction and contracting company in the Philippines recently acquired a number of “Meiji White Panel” for the new townhouses that they are developing in New Manila, Quezon City. With this new partnership, expect to see more of the “Meiji White Panels” across the metro.


Meiji White Panel Interior


Like the Meiji Home Panel, the Meiji White Panel can also accommodate up to 40x2P branches. Match them with the PS Quality Certified Meiji Miniature Circuit Breakers for your utmost electrical protection. No competing product comes close in terms of features, ease of use and price.



Meiji Electric LVSG

Lighting and Distribution Panel Boards

Meiji Electric also offers Lighting and Distribution Panel Boards that can be customized to meet specific customer needs, without compromising the high degree of standards and engineering. Manual Transfer Switch (MTS), Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS), Low Voltage Switch Gears (LVSG), Main Distribution Panels (MDP), Capacitor Banks, Busbar Gutters, Control Box and Frequency Inverter Controlled Systems, and related items are also available.

When it comes to the safety of your family, homes and establishments, power and electricity is not something that should be taken lightly. Trust only the best to have a peace of mind and avoid complications in the future.

To know more about the Meiji White Panel or if you would like to request a scheduled product demonstration, please call us at 448-7423, 727-5790, 413-6636, 414-4012. You can also email us at sales@meijielectric.ph for your various electrical requirements! Our showrooms are located at 1 Mabolo Street, New Manila, Quezon City and Appletipps- Unit 15 Landsdale Arcade, Mother Ignacia, Quezon City. You can also buy our consumer electrical items at your nearest ACE Hardware, Handyman or Ortigas Home Depot branches.

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Christmas carols are dominating the airwaves once again, it seems that Christmas Season comes earlier and earlier every year. Philippines is a country known to celebrate the world’s longest Christmas season as Filipinos around the world mark September 1st as the beginning of the countdown to Christmas. The countdown spans from September to December, otherwise known as the “Ber Months”. The holiday season is a rich and vital part of Filipino culture and tradition, from elaborate Christmas decorations, midnight mass, gift-giving to sumptuous all-night Noche Buena parties during Christmas Eve.


Appletipps Christmas Showroom

Now, you can start decorating your home with Meiji’s Christmas items available  at SM Homeworld and Appletipps Showroom. Bring your family together in filling up the holiday spirit in every room of your home. Here are some of Meiji’s Christmas Items which you can choose from:



LED Color Changing Snowman

If  you are dreaming of whimsical winter months, decorate your home with  these LED color changing snowmen that are available in 12 different designs.

Meiji LED Color Changing Snowman


Their winter white crystal body lights up from within, with colors changing from red, green and blue. Having a hard time thinking of what Christmas gifts to give your godchildren, friends or officemates this year? Why not give them this adorable snowman instead?


Meiji LED Snowmen

With their sparkling white bodies and cozy hat and scarves, these adorable snowmen will surely add Christmas cheer to any home.



Meiji Snow Dome

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! You couldn’t help but sing when you see this electric snow dome with polyresin. Meiji Snow Domes are unlike the traditional Christmas glass snow globes that are very heavy and needs constant shaking.

Meiji Snow Dome

Just plug in the AC adaptor for a continuously blowing snow dome that lights up with multi-colored LEDs and plays festive melodies. You can choose from Santa, Snowmen or Windmill Designs. The Meiji Snow Dome is a fresh twist on a classic Christmas decoration!



Meiji Gift Box

Add sparkle and joy to your holiday displays with these gift boxes with LED lights. These glittering boxes are great as table centerpieces and it will fit perfectly under your Christmas tree, console table, entryway and other display areas. It comes in 3 different sizes: small, medium and large.

Meiji LED Gift Boxes

You can mix and match the  white, red and gold colored gift boxes with matching gold, red and green bows. It is made up of sturdy wire frame wrapped in sparkling mesh so you are assured of its durability.



Meiji Christmas Village

Create a warm and elegant touch of Christmas spirit in your home with these Christmas villages whose timeless aesthetic appeal never goes out of style.


Nothing beats the relaxing feeling of gazing at these tiny, jovial town. Each model includes music and a variety of LED Fiber Optic lights. Similar with Meiji’s Fiber Optic Trees, these are energy and cost efficient items because it makes use of LED or fiber optic lights. As we know, light-emitting diode (LED) lights last longer and are more energy efficient compared to the conventional Christmas lights.

See your children’s faces light up when they gaze into these beautiful Christmas Villages with moving train, skater, ferris wheel, carousel and sleigh. Create wonderful stories and memories with these beautiful collections of treasured pieces that will surely give your home a warm, joyful look during the holidays.



Meiji Fiber Optic Tabletop Christmas Tree

Decorating for Christmas is the highlight of the year for some people. However, it can be a little tricky to decorate a small home with big Christmas decorations or when you live in a condominium. Fret not, there are still a ton of ways you can get into the Christmas spirit and one of those ways is by decorating with Meiji Fiber Optic Tabletop Christmas trees!


Meiji Fiber Optic Table Top Tree

These Christmas decorations can be added into any room of your home  or office table and come in so many different styles. If you want an elegant look, you can get a Table Top Christmas Tree with Angel topper. If you are looking for something simple, there is a Tabletop Tree with a Star topper while another one  has multicolor LED light bulbs. With its height of only 2 feet tall, it can fit on just about any sized table and help spread the holiday joy.



Meiji Fiber Optic Christmas Trees

Fiber optic trees do not heat up, unlike the conventional Christmas lights. This type of tree ensures the safety of your home from fire, because it does not radiate heat. Meiji Fiber Optic trees are so easy to assemble and disassemble and are available in 2ft, 4ft, 5ft and 6ft.


Meiji Fiber Optic Christmas Tree

There are so many models to choose from,  some have built-in decors such as star, angel, candle sticks, multicolor light bulbs and Christmas balls. Selected models also comes with a button control where you can set the color and lights to 8 different sequences like combination, waves, sequential, slow glow, chasing/flash, slow fade, twinkle, and steady on. The best thing about this tree is its energy efficiency as it consumes 10 times less energy compared to ordinary Christmas bulbs.



If you are looking for Christmas decorations, Meiji Electric has a wide selection of Christmas items so you can find the best decoration to match your home style. There are so many options for both small and large homes so everyone can enjoy decorating for the holidays.


Meiji Christmas Items


For more information, please call 413-0600, 351-1902 and 351-1710 or email us at appletipps.meiji@gmail.com  for your inquiries. You can visit our Christmas  items showroom at Appletipps located in Unit 15 Landsdale Arcade, Mother Ignacia, Quezon City and 1 Mabolo Street, New Manila Quezon City. All Meiji Christmas items are also displayed at SM Homeworld.


Updated: October 5, 2017


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World Entrepreneur Business Expo 2014 is a renowned event that  will soon take place in the last three days of  March at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City. It is to be held with the 60th Anniversary of the Federation of Filipino-Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Inc. (FFCCCII).  All the biggest names in business were invited to participate and were challenged to show the guts they have in acquiring market share.

The most interesting and biggest part of the event will be the product presentation. In the first two days (March 28 and 29), show hours will be at 10:30am to 6:30pm. And on the last day (March 30), show hours will start at 10:30am until 6:00pm.




Products to be exhibited are:

–          Automotive/Vehicles

–          Best Philippine Products

–          Construction and Hardware

–          Electronics and Personal Gadgets

–          Fashion and Lifestyle

–          Food and Drinks

–          Machinery and Technology


Since, construction and electrical materials are Meiji Electric Philippines’ specialty, we grab this chance and decided not to just take part but completely engage Meiji on the event. We joined the event to show that we’ve got what it takes to compete with other participating businesses, particularly in the practice of the electrical controls market.

Meiji Electric Philippines is the up and coming market leader of ‘Wide Touch’ and specialty wiring devices like the Meiji Classic Series and the much awaited Meiji Champagne Series. As we know, Meiji Electric is the distributor of ‘LS’ electrical control equipment and systems and accessories here in the Philippines. We supply electrical control components such as Circuit Breakers, Contactors, Thermal Overload Relays, Timers, Motor Starters, and other electrical marine items. Innovative products are a specialty by Meiji, along with USB outlets, Meiji Home Panel Boards, Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs), Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVRs),  Step-Down Transformers  and many more.

With all confidence, Meiji Electric Philippines is proud to participate in this prestigious event and present our innovative ideas in the market. Being part of the event, we would also like to cordially invite all readers, potential buyers, developers, engineers, architects, interior designers and the rest of those who just want to experience and capture with their very own eyes our outstanding electrical products. This will surely enhance the use of energy in people’s everyday life.  See it for yourself and be surprised with the new Meiji Electric Philippines, Inc.!


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Home improvement are easy and practical. And nowadays, for people like you and me, practicality works. DIY home improvements are most of the time easy to do by ourselves and are almost always extremely effective. Here are some creative home improvement hacks that you can do in a DIY manner.

Turn old door knobs into classy towel hangers.

old door knobs

When in a rush, many people have a habit of just hanging the towel to the closest thing it can be placed to. Usually it’s the doorknob of the bathroom. Since it’s sort of already become a habit for humanity, why not make the most out of it right? To make your shower place a bit more decorative (in a cheap way), take your old, unused and broken door knobs and stick them on the walls of your bathroom. Good idea, eh?

Bury your spare key brilliantly.

art attack

The dilemma of where to hide the emergency spare has gone on for too long. It’s time to solve this problem by using a medicine bottle and a piece of pine cone. Insert the key inside an old medicine bottle with the piece of pine cone attached to one end. Bury it in such a way that it will appear to just be an ordinary pine cone on in the soil.

Use an extra shower curtain rod for extra storage.

 art attacks

Don’t blame yourself if you didn’t think of this right away. If you did, however, then you can congratulate yourself for being a step ahead of the human race.

A cheap CD tower turned on its side makes for a great bathroom organizer.

bathroom organizer

Nobody has the time to organize everything in his or her bathroom all the time especially if you’ve got a work schedule that keeps you on the run. A quick fix for a little order is to use a cd tower by turning it on its side so the opening faces upwards. Viola! Instant organization!

You can use an old laundry basket for polka dotted walls.

 designed walls

Everybody has old laundry baskets that aren’t being used anymore. Instead of throwing it out, cut out its sides and use them as guides to repaint your walls in polka dot fashion. That is, of course, if you’re into repainting your walls.

Use old drawers as decorative shelves.

designed shelves

You’ll never run out of uses for drawers, neither will your for shelves. So if you’re lacking in shelves, just take out your old draws and stick em’ up the walls in whatever fashion seems decorative to your taste.

Foam noodles in your garage can save your car door and wall.

car garage precautions

Why aren’t more people doing this? It is amazing to simply realize that you no longer have to be extremely afraid of denting your car door whenever you are about to get down of your vehicle. Invest in some foam noodles. Trust me on this; it will be an investment you’ll never regret!

Organize your cables with toilet paper tubes.

organize cables

When toilet papers run out, so does the use of the paper tubes that hold them. Or so we thought. On the contrary, these tubes come very handy in organizing spare cables.

Cereal box dividers.

decorative boxes

Empty cereal boxes don’t have to be thrown out empty anymore with this technique. With the help of a little gift wrapper and some tape, you can make very decorative closet dividers with these boxes.

Use Nail Polish to differentiate your keys.

colorful keys

Nobody thought that painting keys with nail polish would be so much fun and needless to say, it is a very effective technique for labeling!

Glue a magnet to the bottom of your hammer so you don’t have to hold nails in your mouth.

 hammer and nails

No matter the size of your house or bank account, time and time again you will need to do some hammering for repairs. Glue a magnet to the bottom of your hammer to avoid having to use your mouth to hold on to nails.

So there you have it! We hope you will enjoy and make good use of these improvement techniques!


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