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Where should you place electrical sockets in your home?

  1. Bedroom
  2. Living Room
  3. Kitchen
  4. Bathroom
  5. Garage
  6. Home Office


Currently renovating your home? Or are you building a house from scratch? Then you may be trying to figure out where you should place electrical sockets in your home.

The easy answer? Place it in areas where you make use of electrical products.

Another thing that you should take note of is that you should only invest in sockets from a trusted electrical supplier in Metro Manila. Take a look at Meiji Electric’s Black Series or Classic Series for reliable sockets fit for your home.

Want to learn about the specific places in your home that you should place your electrical sockets in? Read on!




What electrical products in your bedroom need to be connected to a socket? The chargers for your devices? Lamps? An airconditioning unit and a fan? Note these down. These will dictate how many electrical sockets you will need to invest in.

After that, take note of where you are planning on placing these electrical products within the room. Will you charge your phone on your bedside table? Will you keep your fan parallel to your bed? This will be the basis of where exactly you would need to place the electrical sockets.

This will be the format for you to plan the placement of your electrical sockets around the rest of your home.


Living Room

Living Room

Your living room will need a lot of outlets for two reasons: the number of electrical products and the number of your guests.

Your living room will definitely have a lot of electrical products. From a television set, speakers, a DVD player, and more. If you want to hang your TV on a wall, put a socket directly behind it in order to hide its cords.

For your guests, imagine how many people will need to charge their mobile phones. You can install more sockets on the walls or you can install electrical sockets on the floor. Place a coffee table on top of it in order to keep things tidy.

You could also choose to invest in extension sets such as the MES-1306A [5M]. Another area of your home that will need a lot of electrical sockets is your kitchen.




Take note of the small and large appliances that you will have in your kitchen.

Place outlets around your kitchen island where you can plug mixers, blenders, and other small electrical appliances in.

Electrical products that make use of more electricity need higher amperage plugs. These include refrigerators and microwaves. Plan your kitchen layout well and place the plugs in the appropriate areas.

Make sure that you place the outlets away from any source of water. This is to prevent any accidents from happening. The same goes for electrical sockets in bathrooms.




It is important that you plan the sockets in your bathroom strategically. Do you need to have it near your sink for your electric toothbrush? Or maybe for your hair dryer?

For sockets that need to be placed in close proximity to sources of water, you will need a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. Consider the LG20-110v. If a water source makes contact with a socket, this will automatically shut off the power supply to that circuit.

Besides your bathroom, your garage is another part of your home that will need to have specially positioned sockets.




Don’t know why you would need a socket in your garage?

In addition to storing your cars, does a member of your family use the garage as their workbench? Do they need to make use of power tools to do this hobby?

This is why you need sockets in your garage space. Ask them which part of the garage they are planning on using. Place sockets along the wall of that area.

You could also choose to install an automatic garage door opener. If you do, then place an outlet in the center of the ceiling for it.

One part of your home where the placement of the sockets will be up to you is your home office.


Home Office

Home Office

Would you prefer to plug your computer into a floor plug? Or would you prefer it on a wall, slightly above your desk? Some people prefer to have floor sockets where they can plug in their printers, routers, and computers. Others prefer to have it on the wall so they would not need to crouch down to unplug it.

These are just some of the key areas of your home that you should place electrical sockets in. Take note of these to find other areas in your home that you can place sockets in.


Key Takeaway

Take note of these areas when you start planning the locations of your electrical sockets. Make sure that you also plan the wiring in order to prevent any electrical issues. Choose sockets that will go with the room’s interior design to help them blend in.

Before looking through an electrical supplier in Metro Manila, take note of the types of plugs your electrical products have. Meiji Electric has a number of choices for you such as USB Outlets (MCS-5215) and Universal Outlets (MCH-1022 Duplex Universal Outlet).

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What electrical products do you need for your new office space?

  1. Extension Sets
  2. Power Outlets
  3. Light Switches
  4. Circuit Breaker
  5. Smoke Detector
  6. Motion Sensor For Safety

Electrical products are mainstays in any office space. Your new office space is no exception to this, and as such, you should make sure that you have the best products. Before going to your local electrical supplier and start shopping, you must be informed of what the best electrical products are, and what purpose they serve in your new office space. To help you in that regard, here are six electrical products you need in your workplace.


Extension Sets

Extension Sets

It shouldn’t be a surprise that extension cords and sets are a part of this list as they are some of the handiest electrical products around. Having only two slots in your usual power outlets is a hindrance to this modern, technology-intensive era.

Extension sets not only give you an efficient workaround for that problem but also enable you and your workplace to do more and be productive. You can connect multiple computers and other devices that can help you get more work done.

However, do take note that attaching too many electrical products to a single extension cord can become a fire hazard, so make sure to distribute the electricity properly through many channels, outlets, and different extension sets. Our MES 1300 or 1400 series of extension sets should do the trick for you in terms of consistency and safety.


Power Outlets

Power Outlets

What would an extension set be without power outlets to supply them with electricity? Pretty much any electrical product would be useless without power outlets to supply the proper amount of electricity. Now, this particular electrical product might be a no-brainer, but not having enough of them can be detrimental to the success of your office space. Make sure you have plenty of outlets available and place them strategically so that your office is electrically enabled.


Light Switches

Light Switches

Light switches are another example of the necessary things you should have in your office space. The hidden wisdom behind this is that having the right amount of lighting is of utmost importance. Too often do you see offices and rooms in general that have poor lighting, but what most people don’t know is that this can lead to lower levels of productivity and worse, poor eyesight!

Avoid encountering these kinds of problems by keeping your space well-lit. At the same time, try not to go overboard with the illumination because that can become a distraction and could also adversely affect your employees and workers.


Circuit Breaker

Circuit Breaker

If safety is important to you (if it isn’t then you might have some priority issues), then circuit breakers are a must-have. These devices are standard issued, and you shouldn’t really be operating an office space if you do not have circuit breakers installed. The main reason why is because it automatically protects your closed circuits from short circuits, and power surges.

Short circuits are dangerous for your electrical products as it only takes one incident for your computer, transformer and other electrical devices to break thanks to a short. You can avoid that completely if you have a circuit breaker, and best of all, they can just be reset after being triggered, unlike a fuse that is essentially a one-time use protection device.

If you are looking for a specific circuit breaker, the C45N has an interrupting capacity of 6 KAIC at 240/415V which is perfect for most small electrical devices and appliances.


Smoke Detector

Smoke Detector

Smoke detectors are the next thing you need for your new space as it offers a level of protection that not many devices are going to provide. Once a smoke detector senses the smoke coming from a fire, it sounds a loud alarm to warn everyone inside the building.

Meiji Electric offers superior smoke detectors that effectively detect a fire before it can get worse. Our MSD – 02 has an alarm that produces a sound with a loudness of 85 decibels every 3 minutes. This ensures that everyone in an office will hear the alarm wherever they are! Aside from that, it also has a low-battery alarm, so people are also notified when it’s time to replace the battery.


Motion Sensor For Safety

Motion Sensor For Safety

Last but not least, for safety products perfect for your new office space, you have the motion sensor. Motion sensors are more technologically advanced than other entries in this list. It provides a greater detail of safety and protection against would-be criminals. In that regard, Meiji Electric also offers different types of motion sensors from ceiling type motion sensors to the door stopper variety. Either way, you can’t go wrong because they provide an adequate level of security to your office space.


Key Takeaway

It is important to have all the basics covered when it comes to owning a new office space. Security is also a priority as there’s really no telling what people can do these days. It is better to err on the side of caution when setting up your new office space. Make sure that your local electrical supplier has all the products listed above to make sure your new office is well-equipped and ready.

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What are the uses of motion sensors that you may not have known about?

  1. Open and close automatic doors
  2. Switch lights on when someone enters a room
  3. Turn on water faucets and toilets
  4. Protect churches from theft and tampering


A motion sensor (or motion detector as it is more commonly known) is a security system used to detect movements around a perimeter. Besides protecting homes from intruders, did you know that motion sensors are what automatically open doors in grocery stores and activate hand dryers in restrooms?

High-quality motion sensors from a trusted electrical supplier in Metro Manila such as Meiji Electric can be used for both residential and commercial use. When interconnected with an automated system, it can be programmed to do a number of tasks. Meiji Electric even offers a motion sensor that detects human voices through infrared technology!

Want to learn more about the uses of motion sensors that you may not have known about? Read on!


Open and Close Automatic Doors

Open and Close Automatic Doors

Are you the proud owner of a grocery store with automatic sliding doors? Are your children always excited to accompany you to the store so that they can play with these doors? Well then, you have motion sensors to thank for that.

Particular motion detectors called active sensors are used to detect movement so that it can signal doors to open or close. Also called Radar-based motion sensors, these electrical products emit tiny waves across a certain range. These waves hit objects around the device and reflect it back into the sensor. Any motion in front of the device will cause a shift in waves, which the sensor will detect and use to activate the sliding doors.

Another use for this type of motion sensor is to automatically turn on your house lights for you once you enter the room.


Switch Lights On When Someone Enters a Room

Switch Lights On When Someone Enters a Room

Do you happen to have a variety of lights inside your home? Give yourself an easier time turning on all these lights after a long day at work by installing motion sensors.

Meiji Electric’s MS-02 is a ceiling-type motion sensor that also acts as a fully automatic indoor light controller. It can detect you entering through the door from a distance of 3 to 6 meters, automatically turning all your house lights on as you enter through the door. Make sure to position the sensor right above your doorway in order for it to accurately detect your entrance.

Besides sliding doors and house lights, did you know that motion sensors can also turn on water faucets and flush toilets?


Turn On Water Faucets and Toilets

Turn On Water Faucets and Toilets

More and more shopping malls are choosing to shift to motion-activated water faucets and toilets. Instead of pressing a lever after you finish using the toilet, it automatically flushes after you stand up. When you wash your hands, simply place your hand under the sink head and water will flow out. The integration of motion sensors in restrooms is incredibly useful for sanitary purposes.

Both toilets and faucets use a type of sensor that detects your presence rather than movement. A sensor will detect your presence once you sit on the toilet and once you stand up and leave, you will be out of its range. Your absence will be its signal to activate the toilet’s flush. In terms of faucets, it detects your presence once you place your hand under the spout, activating the water. Once you take your hand off, it detects your absence and turns it off.

Motion detectors found on toilets are called wall-mounted motion sensors. These can also be utilized in establishments such as churches to protect them from theft and tampering.


Protect Churches From Theft and Tampering

Churches and other establishments left unused at night may be at risk of theft and tampering. In order to prevent this possibility, churches have installed motion sensors that will trigger a security alarm if an unwanted intruder forcefully makes its way into the establishment. This can also be used for businesses that are not open for 24 hours.

Meiji Electric’s MS-01 is a high-quality motion sensor that can be strategically placed around a building to protect all possible entryways. Take note that motion sensors work best when motion is parallel to it, not walking directly toward it. It would make sense for you to install sensors along walls that an intruder would walk beside, such as a narrow pathway or a hallway.

Motion sensors can work as an efficient security system on their own, but their capabilities can grow even more when integrated with other electrical systems.


Key Takeaway

Avail of affordable yet high-quality motion sensors from a trusted electrical supplier in Metro Manila such as Meiji Electric for your industrial and residential needs. Protect your property with this efficient security system. Connect sensors to computerized systems to automatically activate the lights in your home. Or create a more relaxing experience for your customers by installing motion sensors that can open and close doors as well as faucets. Boost efficiency both at home and in your business by installing high-quality motion sensors.

Invest in your own motion sensors from a trusted electrical supplier in Metro Manila such as Meiji Electric to see for yourself exactly what it can do.

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What are the important things you need to know about switches?

  1. Gangs refer to the number of switches
  2. Switches can be one way or two way
    • One way switches have two terminals
    • Two-way switches have three terminals
  3. Intermediate switches can be controlled from three different places
  4. Where should you install different switches?


Light switches are simple enough, right? You push a button, the light turns on. You push it again and the light turns off. But, did you know that there are other variations of light switches that you may not know of?

In order to choose the most ideal light switches for each part of your home, avail of the services of a trusted electrical supplier in Metro Manila such as Meiji Electric. Choose from 1-Gang 1-Way switches, 2-Gang 1-Way switches, 2-Gang 2-Way switches, and more.

Feeling confused? Don’t worry. Before you get started, you must first need to know the basics of light switches. Read on to learn about everything you need to know about switches.


Gangs Refer To The Number of Switches

Gangs Refer To The Number Of Switches

A gang is a term used to refer to the number of switches on a light switch plate. A light switch plate is the protective covering that holds the toggle which controls the switch. When you look for the ideal electrical switch from a professional electrical supplier such as Meiji Electric, you will notice that their products are labeled as 1-Gang (ex. MCS-0121), 2-Gang (ex. MCS-0122), and 3-Gang (ex. MCS-0123). More often than not, the maximum number of switches on a plate in a household setting is 3.

A single gang switch controls a single light. Having 2 or 3 gang switches means that you have two or three types of light in a room. If you want a single gang to control two types of light, you would need what is called a 2-Way switch.


Switches Can Be One Way Or Two Way

Switches Can Be One Way Or Two Way


A “way” is the term used to describe what a light switch can do. Products come in labels such as 1-Way, 2-Way, and 3-Way switches. Each of these terms has its own respective number of terminals, which is what determines its capabilities. They can also be mixed and matched with a number of gangs (switches).


One Way Switches Have Two Terminals

A 1-Way switch only has two terminals: on or off. When the toggle is switched on, the terminal is connected to a current and the light turns on. When the toggle is switched off, the terminal is disconnected from the current and the light turns off.

A 2-Way Switch is a little more complicated than that.


Two Way Switches Have Three Terminals

If you want to be able to control a single light from two different places, then a 2-Way switch is what you need. When the toggle to one switch is turned off, the current is not disconnected, but rather, it is diverted to another terminal.

In order to help you visualize a 2-Way switch, imagine a long staircase in your home. On the bottom of the staircase is a light switch (S1), and on the top of the stairs is another light switch (S2). Imagine that you just got home from a long day at work. As you walk up the staircase, you flip S1 on to illuminate the way. However, you don’t want to leave this light on overnight since you’ll be sleeping in your room anyway, so you flip S2 and turn off the light. This is an example of a 2-Way switch.

If you have a bigger room that is in need of more than 2 switches, then you may need an Intermediate Switch.


Intermediate Switches Can Be Controlled From Three Different Places

Intermediate Switches Can Be Controlled From Three Different Places

The wiring of intermediate switches is complicated, so we will not delve too much into it. Instead, let us use another example to help you understand it further. Think about a kitchen that has three entrances: from the backyard, from the living room, and from the dining area. In order to turn lights on or off from any of these entrances, you will need to attach a light switch beside each one. An intermediate switch is what you need in order to redirect the current to the right switch.

Now that you know the different types of gangs and ways, let’s put it into action.


Where should you install different switches?

The number of gangs and ways you will need in a room will depend on how many entrances it has. Here are some examples to help you better plan how many of each you would need for your light switches.


Living Room

Living Room

TYPE OF SWITCH: 3-Gang, 1-Way

Let’s say that your living room has only one entrance and three light sources. It would be best to invest in a 3-Gang, 1-Way switch such as Meiji Electric’s MCS-0123B. This light switch is also colored black to immerse you in when watching your favorite movies.


Bedroom with a connected bathroom

TYPE OF SWITCH: 1-Gang, 2-Way

For your bedroom, you would probably have an entrance from the hallway and another from the bathroom. If you want to be able to turn your lights on and off after getting out of the connected bathroom or after coming in from the hallway, then it would be ideal to invest in two 1-Gang, 2-Way switches.




TYPE OF SWITCH: 2-Gang, 3-Way

Imagine that your garage has one light source and three entryways: one from the front door, one from the backyard, and another from the side of the house. It would be ideal to invest in three different switches placed beside the entrances. Try out Meiji Electric’s MCS-0222 for a reliable and long-lasting 2-Gang, 3-Way switch.

Now you know the basics of switches in terms of gangs and switches. Use this newfound knowledge and apply it to your home to give you an easier time.


Key Takeaway

Now that you know about the basics of gangs and ways, you can better plan the arrangement and connection of multiple light switches around your home. Take into consideration the strategic placement of these switches in order to better aid you in your everyday life. To ensure that the switches that you will be purchasing are long-lasting and durable, avail of products from a trusted electrical supplier in Metro Manila such as Meiji Electric.

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Why should we use quality-checked electrical products?

  1. It can affect people’s safety
  2. Ensure that imported products are reliable
  3. Avoid house fires
  4. Find trustworthy companies


Electrical products have the potential to be life-threatening if their quality is not properly scrutinized. If you have never had an issue with your electrical products before, then you must be getting your supply from a trusted and authorized electrical supplier in Metro Manila. Electrical products in the Philippines have to undergo a rigorous process to determine if they are safe enough to be used by the everyday person. To be more specific, mandatory certification is done for products that can affect the life, health, and the safety of people and the environment.

Interested in learning more? Read on to find out other reasons why you should only use quality-checked electrical products.


It Can Affect People’s Safety

It Can Affect People’s Safety

Electrical products are made of intricate pieces that must work together perfectly in order to not cause harm to the user. In terms of your home, faulty electrical products could severely harm you or your loved ones. For commercial and industrial establishments, the use of uncertified electrical products could lead to drastic consequences. In order to ensure the safety of the users as well as the people around electrical products, the Philippines has its own regulatory body.

The Bureau of Product Standards (BPS) is under the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). It was established to handle the development and implementation of the Philippine National Standards (PNS). They are also the body that handles the licensing of the Philippine Standard (PS) mark. With this mark, products are certified to be safe for usage under the authority of the PNS. Besides local products, electrical products imported into the country also need to be inspected and approved. This is where the ICC comes in.


Ensure that Imported Products Are Reliable

Ensure that Imported Products Are Reliable

Even if imported electrical products look high-quality, it is still better to check and see if they have been branded with Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) stickers. This type of certification is also given by the BPS as the Philippine representative of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The governing body inspects every shipment that comes into the Philippines in order to see if it meets local and international safety standards.

Electrical products that must undergo mandatory certification include wiring devices, wires, and cables. In the case of extension cords such as Meiji’s MES-2027BW [5M], it is inspected to see if the product is well-made enough to not short circuit when used by the customer. The wire’s coating will also be inspected to ensure that users will not be shocked when they come into contact with it. These are important to thoroughly check in order to prevent the possibility of sparks, which could start a fire in your home.


Avoid House Fires

Avoid House Fires

As electrical products make use of electrical energy that causes excessive heat, it is important that the material used to coat the wires is inspected. This is because the extreme heat could cause the insulation around the wires to melt, such as in the case of a low-quality electrical product. Once the wire is exposed and makes contact with a metal outlet casing or with another circuit wire, it will produce a visible spark. This spark could start a fire as it catches on to flammable materials around it.

In order to prevent this possibility from happening, check to see if every single one of your electrical products has either the Philippine Standard (PS) or the Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) marks. Make sure to also check the proper voltage that you should use for each of your devices. This is because if you supply a device with a voltage that it is not designed for, there is a possibility of fire, burning, or an explosion. Ensure that your electrical products are safe by choosing to purchase them from trustworthy companies.


Find Trustworthy Companies

Find Trustworthy Companies

Certified trustworthy companies are those that have a license to use the Philippine Standard (PS) Quality and Safety marks. For international companies, one sign of their reliability is if they have an Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) certification. Trust only companies who bear these marks in order to ensure the quality and safety of your electrical products.

Take these reasons into consideration while you shop for your next electrical products. Trust only products that pass both local and international standards.


Key Takeaway

Electrical products are created in order to aid people; it should not be a source of worry or hazard. In order to live a worry-free life, it would be ideal to purchase your products from a trusted and certified electrical supplier in Metro Manila. Thoroughly inspect an electrical product for any signs of an Import Commodity Clearance sticker or a Philippine Standard mark. If the device you are interested in has these marks, then it means that it is safe for you to take home.

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What is the difference between residential and industrial breakers?

  1. Residential circuit breakers
  2. Industrial circuit breakers


Circuit breakers are tasked with protecting an establishment’s electrical circuits from being damaged by power surges and short circuits. These breakers work by interrupting the power flow during one of these surges, ensuring that electrical products within that location would not be damaged by power overloading.

These circuit breakers are some of the most important electrical products around, as residential and industrial areas use circuit breakers from trusted electrical suppliers in Metro Manila. Circuit breakers can be classified between residential and industrial. Each type provides protection to their designated areas and performs the same basic functions, but there are some differences that are worth noting to make sure that you will be able to get the ideal circuit breaker in your home or workplace.


Residential Circuit Breakers

Residential Circuit Breakers

Before residential circuit breakers became the standard in homes, most households used fuses to protect circuits whenever overloads and short circuits occur. There is a wire inside the fuse that would melt in order to interrupt the power flow. The fuse would then need to be replaced after. While fuses are effective in doing their job, the constant need for replacement after power surges is both inefficient and dangerous, especially when short circuits happen.

One of the advantages of using residential circuit breakers is that you would no longer have to replace fuses, as it would only need to be reset after a power surge so it can be used again. It is worth noting that there are different types of residential circuit breakers that help protect crucial electrical products from getting damaged. Here are some of these types:


Miniature Breakers – One of the most common types of residential circuit breakers, miniature breakers are used for low voltage systems in a household. An example of a miniature breaker that you can get from an electrical supplier in Metro Manila is the Meiji JVM16-3P and the JMV16-2P. These miniature breakers are handy during unexpected power surges, protecting your electrical products from breaking.

Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters – AFCI breakers are essential in preventing electrical fires, which are some of the most dangerous hazards that can happen during the power surge.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters – Used for areas like bathrooms and kitchens, GFCI breakers are used to protect against electrical currents that might come into contact with water and other types of liquid.

Single Pole – These breakers are used for outlets and switches in a home, which are the most common locations in which electrical products are present.

Double Pole – A stronger and larger type of circuit breaker that can handle higher voltage electrical products, the double pole breaker functions similarly to its single pole counterpart.


Industrial Circuit Breakers

Industrial Circuit Breakers

Various industries, especially the ones involved in manufacturing and processing, use a slew of machines and tools that require a lot of electrical energy to use. Electrical products that are damaged during power surges and short circuits will not only compromise operations, they are also very costly. It is best to use industrial circuit breakers to be able to protect these machines and keep them running afterwards.

These industrial circuit breakers are larger, which allows them to handle higher voltages. Industrial breakers can also be part of an electrical safety system, which provides more control over which areas have been hit with power surges, and ensure that each area will be protected accordingly. Here are some of the common types of industrial circuit breakers:


High Volt Industrial Breakers – Found in transmission circuits and networks, these circuit breakers are tasked with protecting crucial equipment from getting damaged. These breakers also have systems in place to counter these hazards in case of emergency, allowing them to become a preemptive protective measure.

Medium Volt Industrial Breakers – While these breakers are smaller versions of high volt breakers, they still have protective systems in place to prevent power surges.

Low Volt Industrial Breakers – Used for smaller equipment, these breakers are for lower voltage facilities and machines, and are very common in different industries.

Industrial Electromagnetic Breakers – These breakers activate in times of high magnetic activity, which in turn breaks the circuit immediately.

Industrial Thermal Electromagnetic Breakers – These breakers protect electrical products from a variety of power surges triggered by magnetic activity and changes in temperatures. The breaker responds to different levels of power surges, allowing circuits to be broken once they have reached a certain threshold.


Key Takeaway

Circuit breakers are one of the most important electrical products today. They provide protection from unexpected power surges and short circuits to ensure that your outlets, appliances, machines, and tools are safe from damage. Different types of circuit breakers offer up their own set of benefits in terms of providing protection, which is why choosing the right one would allow you to provide the best electrical safety system available.

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Where should you place your smoke detectors in your home or workplace?

  1. Where to Place Smoke Detectors In Your Home
    • Bedroom
    • Living Room
    • Kitchen
  2. Where to Place Smoke Detectors In Your Workplace
    • Storage areas
    • Meeting Room
    • Parking Garage


In order for smoke detectors to do their job protecting your home and workplace, it is imperative that you place them in the right areas. High-quality smoke detectors from a trusted electrical supplier in Metro Manila can only function to its full capacity when they’re properly situated.

One of the most important things to take note of is that smoke rises. This means that you should be installing a smoke detector on every level of your home or workplace. In order to detect smoke in a large property, it would also be for the best to invest in more alarms.

Read on to learn more about the most ideal places to place your smoke detectors in your home or workplace.


Where to Place Smoke Detectors In Your Home

Where to Place Smoke Detectors In Your Home

The first indication of a fire that you will detect is the smoke that emanates from it. Without the aid of a smoke detector, you may only be aware of the fire once it is too late. When placing smoke detectors in your home, you should avoid installing them near openings that could interfere with its system. These openings include doors, windows, and air conditioning units.

Once the smoke detector senses smoke in the area, it will then emit a loud alarm. Meiji’s MSD-01 Smoke Detector is made up of high-quality parts that ensure its reliability. The sensitivity of the sensor can help detect even the earliest signs of a fire. The alarm of its electronic horn also has a wide reach in order to alert residents from anywhere inside the home.



You are left at your most vulnerable when you are peacefully sleeping on your bed. Smoke detectors are a good investment for instances wherein a fire breaks out while you are asleep. These detectors should be placed inside every single bedroom in your home. You should also install detectors in the hallway right outside each bedroom.

Thinking ahead and investing in smoke detectors can help you live a worry-free lifestyle.


Living Room

Fires can break out at any time. One of the reasons that fires can start is if a wire short circuits. Think of your living room; it is probably filled with Electrical wires that are strategically placed behind your walls. In order to prepare yourself for any sudden short circuit incident, install a smoke detector in your living room.

Keep your smoke detector at least ten feet away from the kitchen in order to prevent any false alarms. This is because the heat and smoke from cooking appliances could be falsely detected as a fire, triggering the alarm.



There are a number of appliances in your kitchen that could be the source of a fire. In order to alert other people in the household in the case of a fire, install a number of smoke detectors within your kitchen area. Take note that these should be installed at least ten feet away from any kitchen appliances.

The sensitivity of smoke detectors can also be adjusted to sense a certain temperature in order to not detect false alarms caused by the heat from your appliances.

Just like your home, there are also certain factors you should take into consideration when installing smoke detectors in your workplace.


Where to Place Smoke Detectors In Your Workplace

Where to Place Smoke Detectors In Your Workplace

The 2008 Revised Fire Code of the Philippines or Republic Act No. 9514 requires commercial establishments to install safety warning systems such as smoke detectors in every building. These detectors are mandated by law to be placed either in every room or on every story of the property.

If you have a large building, it may be for the best to install smoke detectors strategically, as smoke detectors can detect up to 10-40 feet, which means high ceilings and large halls might need smoke detectors around each side or corner to ensure fire hazards would be intercepted.

The placement of smoke detectors in workplaces is crucial because of the large number of people that work within the building. In order to keep these employees safe, it is important that you take into consideration even places that are not visited as often, such as storage areas.


Storage areas

The danger with storage areas is that this location is not always visited. This means that if a fire starts in this area, it may take some time for people to notice it. In order to maintain the safety of every employee, it is important that you place a smoke detector in storage areas and in other less visited places. If your storage area is in a basement, install a smoke alarm at the bottom of the staircase and on top of the staircase.


Meeting Room

Another area of your workplace that might not always be used is the meeting room. Fires could start in an unused meeting room for a number of reasons. As such, it is important to install a safety device with a loud alarm in order to best alert employees of the situation. Meiji’s MSD-02 Smoke Detector has an alarming alarm of 85 decibels every three minutes.

Besides these enclosed areas, an area that might be difficult to spot fire is in a parking garage.


Parking Garage

Similar to kitchens in homes, smoke detectors can be falsely triggered by car emissions in a parking garage. As such, it would be best to adjust the sensitivity settings of smoke detectors placed in this area in order to detect a certain temperature. Install these detectors no more than 12 inches away from the ceiling in order to better detect the smoke as it rises.

Take note of these places in order to find the most ideal spots to place your smoke detectors both in your home and in your workplace.


Key Takeaway

Even if you bought a number of units of the best quality smoke detectors from a trusted electrical supplier in Metro Manila, it would not reach peak efficiency without the right placement. Be proactive in your positioning in order for you to be prepared for any fire-related emergency. Take into consideration the different possible fire sources within your home or workplace in order to plan the layout of your smoke detectors.

Trust professional electrical suppliers in Metro Manila such as Meiji for the most reliable smoke detectors that you can install into your home or workplace.

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How do weather-proof electrical products keep you safe during the rainy season?

  1. Keep electrical products out of the rain
  2. Weather-proofing your electrical products outdoors
  3. Benefits of using weather-proof electrical products


The rainy season is upon us once again. That could mean trouble for the electrical products that you just bought from your electrical supplier from Metro Manila. Rainwater can be considered one of the biggest hazards to any electrical product as it can cause a lot of damage and a plethora of safety hazards.

This makes weather-proofing your electrical products during this season an important priority. You need to keep these products safe from the rain in order to keep them running. Along with some handy weather-proof products, here are some effective ways to weather-proof your electrical products during the rainy season.


Keep your electrical products out of the rain

Keep Your Electronics Out Of The Rain

The first and most basic step of weather-proofing your electrical products is to make sure that these products are far from any exposure and rain as much as possible. While there are certain electrical devices that can be set up outdoors, any electrical product that can be damaged by rain or any form of liquid must be kept indoors and at a safe distance away. These products used outdoors can include power tools, lighting fixtures, gardening tools, and even generators.

It is best to check for any electrical appliance outdoors and unplug them when it starts to rain. Keeping your electrical products away from the rain will ensure that no device or product will be damaged. You’re also making sure that people in your home or workplace are not being harmed by electric shocks. Extreme forms of electric shock can be dangerous and sometimes even fatal. The sparks generated from compromised electrical equipment can also be a cause for electrical fires and other damage to your home or workplace. As soon as the first signs of rain are present, the best approach is to take electrical tools and devices indoors for optimal safety.


Weather-proofing your electrical products outdoors

Weather Proofing Your Electronics Outdoors

After keeping most of your electrical appliances indoors and away from the rain, the next step is to weather-proof your outdoor electrical products, such as electrical outlets and circuit breakers. Weather-proofing is crucial in these areas since these electrical products are exposed to a variety of external elements that can damage them, causing more problems and safety issues that can harm your home or workplace.

Using weather-proof products is the best approach to protect your home or workplace from the rain and other elements. A good example of a weather-proof product you can use outdoors is the Meiji Classic Series: MCS 2204. The IEC certified outdoor electric outlet provides a protective cover against liquids that can enter your electrical products. The MCS 2204 has an IP65 rating, which ensures that your outlet is protected from dust ingress and low-pressure water from any direction.

Weather-proof enclosures are also another handy product to have. These can protect your circuit panels and breaker switches, both of which are crucial to your power supply. Products like the Meiji MHWP series offer the best protection from rain, dust, heat, and even ultraviolet radiation. These highly durable and affordable enclosures ensure that your electrical products and power supply will be safe from outside elements.


Why use weather-proof electrical products?

Why Use Weather Proof Electric Products

Weather-proofing electrical products offer a huge number of safety benefits that would protect your home or workplace from outside elements. Here are some important reasons as to why using weather-proofing electrical products will help you keep safe during extreme weather conditions.


Resistant to extreme conditions

Along with being able to protect your outdoor electrical products from the rain, using weather-proof electrical products also allows you to protect your electric outlets and circuits from other elements such as dust and heat as well. In countries like the Philippines where the summer and rainy seasons come and go alternately, it is important to be prepared for both extremes.

The rainy season can be the most damaging due to instances such as flooding and leakage which can harm compromise your electrical products and harm the people in your home or workplace. Electrical fires during the rainy season can be caused by exposed outlets and circuit panels that come into contact with liquids. This is why weather-proofing is the best step to take. By using weather-proof products, you will be able to provide the best protection for your electrical devices.


Improved safety of your home and workplace

Safety is of utmost importance in any home or workplace. Using weather-proof electrical products ensures that your outdoor electrical products will be provided with improved safety. These weather-proof products comply with international safety standards. This means that these products have passed a variety of safety checks and that everything would be much safer than before. Safety is always a primary concern, and adding some weather-proofing to your home or workplace will only bring about more benefits.


Key Takeaway


The rainy season can be one of the riskiest times of the year for electrical devices. Improving the safety of your home and workplace by using weather-proof electrical products allows you to weather the storm and keep everything safe. Weather-proofing is a must for any location, and these handy tips will surely help make rainy days that much more bearable.

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Which Meiji Electric extension should you use in your home?

  1. MES-3011 collection
  2. MES-2027 collection
  3. MES-1300 collection
  4. MES-1400 collection


Among the many electrical suppliers in Metro Manila, Meiji Electric is the one that’s at the forefront of innovation, particularly when it comes to efficient and safe electrical devices. That being said, you should be careful with the many devices that you buy and install in your home. Although there are many that promise safety and efficiency, it’s not practical for you to only rely on what they claim.

Often, you’ll find yourself spoiled with choices when it comes to deciding which electrical device to pick. Because of this, the tendency is for you to choose the first one you find, the cheapest one, or the one recommended by the salesperson. That being said, you should never settle for anything. Even just choosing which extension set you’ll pick should be treated as an important decision.

Not all extension sets are made the same way. In a typical hardware store, you’re going to see numerous brands and kinds of extension cords. Some look no different from the rest, while others have specific features inlaid to them. The bottom line is, not every kind of extension cord is efficiently used in every kind of home. Sometimes, it’s better to be precise and choose specific kinds of extension sets for your home.

To provide more context, here’s a short discussion on Meiji Electric’s line of extension sets and where they’ll be used efficiently.


MES-3011 Collection

MES-3011 Collection

This is an extension set with a 3-meter cord and 3 outlets at the end. There’s one outlet on one side, and two outlets on the other for better accessibility.

These are the simplest extension cords that you can get. The outlets are placed this way to allow for at least 2 complicated plugs to be placed without covering up the other outlets. Its 3-meter length lets it extend to a sizable area, perfect for living rooms that have appliances placed in the middle, away from wall sockets.


MES-2027 Collection

MES-2027 Collection

These extension sets also have three outlets at the end. The difference is that the outlets are placed side-by-side. This collection also comes in 3-meter, 5-meter, and 10-meter variants. These are made of polycarbonate ABS plastic material which helps bring out a glossy, clean, and modern look.

This is the extension cord that you will typically see in most homes. It looks and feels simple. It’s best used in applications wherein the plug of the appliance doesn’t need an adaptor. This is because the layout of the outlets almost ensures that another outlet will be taken up. That doesn’t mean it can’t be used for such applications, however.

This extension set has the most versatility when it comes to its reach. With 3, 5, and 10-meter cords, you can use it for your living room, or as a temporary extension for housework and even construction projects at home!


MES-1300 Collection

This series of extension sets are polarized, durable, and safe. They come with three to six international outlets that each have their own switch and fuse. The fuse is there to protect whatever is plugged in from sudden surges that exceed its limit as well as other faults.

The MES-1300 collection also has a built-in circuit breaker that fortifies the protection of your high-rated appliances. On the off-chance that it trips, you can be sure that it’s a warning sign that your appliance might be experiencing electrical faults or problems.
Lastly, this series is made up of copper bars in order to be more functional than your typical extension sets.

These kinds of extension sets are best used in areas where there are a variety of different appliances that need individual protection. An example of places where it’s best used is a home office. You have your computer, monitor, printer, scanner, and many other appliances that would need to be plugged in accordingly.

Because of the safety and reliability of this extension set—it can also be used in offices where multiple computers, laptops, and other appliances need to be plugged in for people to work.


MES-1400 Collection

MES-1400 Collection

This series of extension cords have the most variety in Meiji’s inventory. These extension sets can be used for different purposes and applications.

MES-1400 and MES-1401 is an extension set in the form of a disc that has six international outlets and two USB charging ports. They come with 3-meter and 5-meter cords respectively.
MES-1402 is a smaller version of the 1300 series. It only has two outlets and two USB ports.
MES-1404 is a rounded cube with four international outlets and four USB ports; and
MES 1405 is an extension cord that only has four USB charging ports.

In essence, each of these extension sets has a specific niche it can fill. They are all reliable and safe to use.

With the recent prominence of USB cord-based charging cables for phones, Meiji Electric extension sets have made it easier than ever before to supply power to your devices. You can just plug your charging cable straight into the USB ports found in these extension cords instead of using a bulky and cumbersome adaptor.


Key Takeaway

Seldom will you see an electrical supplier in Metro Manila undergo a number of innovations and come up with amazing products just like Meiji Electric. That being said, you should understand that although extension sets are primarily used to extend the reach of outlets, they’re also made to make plugging in appliances more convenient for the customers.

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What are the key events of WORLDBEX 2019?

  1. WORLDBEX background
  2. Meiji Electric Philippines Inc.
  3. The Success of WORLDBEX 2019


Last month, the 24th Philippine World Building and Construction Expo, or more commonly referred to as WORLDBEX 2019 took place at the World Trade Center in Pasay City. It was a high-yielding trade event that was geared towards introducing a variety of business-to-business opportunities. From electrical suppliers in Metro Manila to various construction companies all over the Philippines, different industries were eager to participate and show off their innovations.

The theme of the event was “A World Built Bolder”. It aimed to improve the standards of excellence for the industries that participated. The event focused on showcasing products and services that uphold a commitment to continuous innovation and economic sustainability. It was also an event where people can share their knowledge and insights on the latest trends, challenges, and solutions in the global construction and design scene. Here’s how it went for Meiji Electric:


WORLDBEX Background

WORLDBEX Background

WORLDBEX is one of the biggest events of the year for those who are in the building and construction industry. For engineers, architects, contractors, and distributors, it’s one of their most awaited expos of the year.

In this event, notable companies from different industries are given the chance to showcase their products and services. This way, they also improve their brand in the eyes of potential clients as well as their peers.

The event is known for its welcoming and friendly atmosphere. People from different companies visit the booths of their fellow participants to test out each other’s products. This often leads to partnerships and collaborations. It can sometimes lead to a bit of friendly competition as well since, in essence, the event aims to bring the people of these industries together.

Aside from company representatives, there are also prospective customers scouting the area for their next big purchase. WORLDBEX is a great avenue wherein companies can find more prospects and boost their branding and reputation at the same time.

For 24 years, WORLDBEX has always been the place for industry leaders and newcomers to get acquainted with one another. It’s an event that helps up and coming businesses be more visible.


Meiji Electric Philippines Inc.

Meiji Electric Philippines Inc.

Our goal in our participation in this event is to primarily promote our brand. During the event, we offered different kinds of promos and discounts that we believed would appeal to those that were present there. The deals we had to include the following: Square Deal, Bundle Deal, and the Breaker Deal Promo.

The Square Deal promo provides a 50% discount for every switch that you buy along with a free metal box to store them in. Customers had different types of switches to choose from — from the 2-gang, all the way up to 6-gang switches. They can also come in 1- or 3-way switches and be either illuminated or non-illuminated. The promo started during the event and can still be acquired for as long as supplies last.

With so many companies offering different kinds of promos all over the event, we also decided to bring out the big guns and go toe-to-toe with them. During the whole convention, the competition for customers was at its peak.

Another promo we offered was the Breaker Deal Promo. Same with the previous one, it also provides a 50% discount. This deal, in particular, was created to promote the Circuit breakers that Meiji Electric has to offer. These range from 15A to 1250A. Also, for every set of breakers you include, you can save 50% off on your purchase!

The last promo we offered was the Bundle Deal Promo which offered you two extension sets for the price of one. This deal can be availed for PHP888, PHP1111, and PHP1300. The best part is that you’re the one who will choose from the different types of extension sets provided!


The Success of WORLDBEX 2019

The Success of WORLDBEX 2019

Overall, we can say that the whole event was a huge success. The venue was filled to the brim with booths from different companies and industries. A plethora of products and services, both old and new, were showcased to everyone at the event. Many companies seem to have created partnerships with one another—further enhancing the future developments of these group of industries.

Meiji Electric was able to acquire new clients that will possibly be a great help in the future. We were also able to unveil to the public some many products and services that we have. WORLDBEX 2019 has provided various opportunities for Meiji Electric and many other companies. Everyone will be looking forward to the next WORLDBEX event!


Key Takeaway

Seldom will you see an event that invites so many companies from a plethora of different industries. For WORLDBEX 2019, electrical suppliers in Metro Manila were given priority along with construction companies, home design businesses, and the like.

The whole event aimed to create harmony and synergy within the industries included. As stated in their main theme “A World Built Bolder”, this year, it aims to introduce an enhanced level of building with all the important factors included.

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