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Halloween is just around the corner, time to bring out those decorations and make your houses look spooky.  It’s also time to dress up with your scary or superhero costumes and have a memorable Halloween this November. Nowadays, people become more creative in celebrating Halloween. From the costumes they are wearing to the decorations of their houses, and it turned into a season where they can showcase their creativity in more interesting ways. Along with the festivity, there is a risk of having an accident inside or outside your house, as an Electrical Company in Manila, Meiji Electric would like to share these safety tips to make this spooky celebration worry-free and exciting.

Halloween electrical Tips from Meiji Electric:

  • Check your Halloween decorations
  • Use GFCI and other Safety Electrical Devices
  • Avoid overloading your Extension Sets
  • Place decorations on safe locations
  • Invest on a Smoke Detector
  • Power off all décor when not in use

Being an electrical company in the Philippines, the company feels responsible to give some information and tips on how can you avoid disastrous and electrical-related accident during such important events. The company also promotes awareness on how you can evaluate your wiring system to make sure you won’t have to worry about using your electrical devices no matter what occasion or event you are going to.

Not much like Christmas, Halloween is a different occasion where families opt to decorate their houses with different kinds of spooky decorations like Jack o Lanterns, floating ghosts, bats and spider webs. These kinds of decorations are prone to fire accidents if you don’t do it properly, but worry no more because Meiji Electric is here to guide you on how you can enjoy a spooky yet safe Halloween this year.


Before you put up your decorations, you should inspect it first and check for signs of damage like crack wires, faulty plugs, dents and other things that could disrupt the functionality or can cause electrical hazards. Make sure that there is no severe damage on the plugs and wirings, these damaged decors should be replaced for the safety of everyone. 

Aside from examining the quality of your decor, you should also look at the electrical devices and plugs that you’re going to use. Sockets, outlets, and cords must all be in good condition to assure your safety. 

Meiji Halloween, Check you Halloween decorations
Check your decorations first before displaying Halloween Pumkins


When you’re using outdoor decors like lantern or lamps be sure to use GFCI outlets, this is to ensure the safety of the person installing the decorations. GFCI protects you from ground faults due to short circuit, preventing you from getting electrocuted by cutting off the electricity. Other than GFCI you can also use safety electrical devices like AVR, Voltage Protector, and Step-down Transformers. These kinds of devices protect your appliances or even your decorations from getting overloaded and give you more protection from electrical accidents.

Halloween GFCI Table
Halloween holiday decoration Ground fault circuit interrupter GFCI


If you’re putting up all your decorations, don’t forget to check how much wattage or amperage your electrical system can handle, this is to avoid overloading your extension sets. There’s a huge chance of overloading your circuits and causing a short circuit if you mindlessly plug in all your Halloween decorations in just one outlet. In order to avoid this, know how much wattage each piece of decor needs and add everything up. The sum must not exceed the capacity of the extension set in which you intend to plug it in. You should consider switching to a different circuit or add new extension set if it does not meet the requirements of your decorations.

Halloween Extension Set and Decoration
Halloween holiday decoration Extension Set Power Strip Outlets


Location is important when you’re decorating your home. Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, avoid placing them in walking areas like corridors as they may pose as tripping hazards, especially for extension cords and other kinds of wirings. You should also keep in mind to place your wires and plugs away from the water source because it is prone to electrical short circuits. In tucking up your wires avoid using metals like nails or staple, better use insulated tapes or coated wires on organizing them.  Also check if the position of your decors is not prone to weather changes, you won’t know if it will suddenly rain outside.


The smoke detector is a great device for detecting fire inside your house, in some instances you might forget to turn off your decorations that might overload and cause fire. If your family is fast asleep and there is a sudden accident, the smoke detector will do its job and alarm everyone inside the house with its loud noise.  With this, you can prevent fire from getting bigger and save your home.

Halloween Smoke Detector
Halloween holiday decoration Smoke Detector, Smoke Alarm, Fire Alarm


Lastly, power off all your decorations when not in use. Whenever there is no one at home, during the early hours of the day until the afternoon, and at the deepest of nights when everybody’s asleep, these are the times when you should turn off your decorations.


It’s very exciting to celebrate Halloween and dress up as ghosts or monsters, there are lots of candies and food available for your family, but accidents, electrical shocks and fire will surely spoil all those things so make sure to follow these electrical tips.  You can now avoid electrical accidents and have a hazard-free celebration for this upcoming Halloween. Be sure to Visit the Meiji Electric Website to get more electrical tips to make your daily life easier and worry-free.

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wiring devices philippinesEvery year, plenty of people fall victim to electrical hazards. The number tends to rise sometime around December. To avoid this, we are advised to take necessary precautions, including replacing your old wiring devices. When neglected, faulty wiring devices in the Philippines can spark problems and electrical hazards.

Save your home from future hazards by taking the necessary steps to prevent electrical problems in your wiring devices. Here is a list of things you can do to minimize the risk of electrical hazards.


Check Extension Cords

Before turning on or plugging something in your extension cords, inspect them first. Make sure that the insulation doesn’t have cracks, tears, or abrasions. Also, do not to knot the cables. Knotting extension cables can harm the conductor and increase the risk of fire.

Inspect Power Tools

Inspect your power tools regularly. If you see that the cords and plugs’ insulation, blades, or grounding pin is damaged, have them repaired before using them again. Watch out for overheating, smoke, or a burning smell. If you experience any of these in your tools, stop using them as soon as possible.

Replace Damaged Insulated Tools

Check your insulated tools for damages. If you find a crack or cut on the insulated layer of the tool, stop using it. Once damaged, your insulated tool becomes more of an electrical conductor and puts you at risk of injury.

Don’t Alter Electrical Plugs

Sometimes, people alter electrical plugs to fit into a socket. NEVER do this because it is dangerous. This will increase the chances of catching fire in your home, and the likelihood of electrocution and shock. If you really need to modify your electrical plug, have an electrician do it. An even safer option would be to just replace your old two-prong outlets with grounded outlets which has three prongs.

Keep Extension Cords Inside

Are you using an extension cord for your lights display outside? Keep the extension cord in a safe place or inside the house as much as possible. If the cord cannot be placed inside the house, just make sure that it won’t be stepped on or run over by your car outside. Otherwise, the cord’s conductor might break or become deformed. Just because you can’t see a tear in the cord, doesn’t mean that you are safe! Conductor damage happens in the core of the cable and might lead to electrical fire.

Keep Your Wiring Devices Dry

Electricity and water don’t mix well. So whatever happens, keep your wiring devices dry. Don’t use power tools in wet environment. You can install GFCI, which can detect when a powered device comes into contact with water. When this happens, the GFCI shuts off the power to prevent shocks and burns. It can help save you from electrocution!

Use Outlet Covers

Exposed outlets might harm children. Unknown to the dangers of electrocution or shock, they might stick their fingers or other objects in the socket. To avoid this, purchase outlet covers from your electrical supplier.


Anyone can be a victim of electrical hazard due to damaged wiring devices. So make sure to take the necessary precaution advised above. And remember that it’s important to protect your home from these hazards not only during December, but all year round.

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