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In today’s culture, amateur and professional burglars can easily pick locks or key bumping. They can even go through windows or any other doors of your house.

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Meiji Door Stopper Alarm (MDS-03)


Meiji Door Stopper Alarm

Meiji Door Stopper Alarm is just right for you and your home security concerns. Meiji Door Stopper Alarm is effective but inexpensive home security device that is simple and portable. This small security alarm device will scare them off when they attempt to open your door.

The Meiji Door Stop Alarm is extremely compact, so it’s convenient enough to take anywhere. With this handy device, you will be able to secure your dorm room, apartment, or any room in your home.

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Its rubber base pad provides grip on wood, tile, vinyl, and carpet. With secure gripping capability, the alarm can function as a door stop as well. With its option to turn on or off, the versatility of Meiji door Stopper Alarm is up to you.

The 85 db/3m decibel alarm warns you and your neighbors of a forced entry, and it’s enough of a warning to scare off most would-be intruders. The alarm is activated when pressure is applied to the top of the device when the door is opened.

Just place the pressure-sensitive Meiji Door Stop Alarm at the base of any door, and the device will release a powerful 85 decibel alarm when the door is opened.  Simply supply this device with a 9V battery power and its ready to function. Meiji Door Stopper Alarm can also be placed behind your windows, especially awning type windows.

Because robbers and burglars find a lot of means to get what they want, a double portion of safety against them must be applied. Warn everyone in your home and protect them from unwanted incidents from these criminals.

For best results, use one Meiji Door Stopper per door. At the end of the day, you wouldn’t want something bad to happen to you and to your family.


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Door stopper with alarmThese days, robbers find a lot of means and ways to get what they want. There is no such thing now as too safe. After all, you wouldn’t want to end up feeling sorry for yourself wishing you had done something more to protect your family and loved ones.

Meiji Door Stopper Alarm

We introduce to you MEIJI DOOR STOPPER ALARM! It can work as your door stopper and a burglar alarm at the same time. With its rubber footing material, Meiji door stopper is set in place and will not be easily removed. There is an ON-OFF button at the end of the Meiji Door Stopper that will allow you to be warned o

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nce there is an unwelcome visitor in your home. When you turn ON the switch, once the door slides on off switchunto the metal plate, this will automatically ring off the alarm.

The Meiji Door Stopper Alarm may be placed behind doors or on

your windows (especially awning type windows).

Technical Parameters:

Power Supply: 9V battery

Alarm Decibel: >85db/3m

Don’t let anyone rob your family of  your joy. Protect your homes with Meiji Alarms.


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