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A panel board is a very essential part in a home and/or any establishment. It is comprised of circuit breakers that distribute power to different loads allowing us to do our daily activities. A distribution board is also where we can control power loads through our circuit breakers.

Home Panel 4 branchesIn choosing the best panel board for you and your family, we have to consider the following  1. Power loads 2. Quality and of course, 3. Price.

Briefly, let us look into these 3 points.  Number 1, your panel board must be able to fit in circuit breakers and other wirings corresponding to the requirements and necessities of your home. This way, you would be able to properly distribute power. You may consult your electrician to be sure you follow the Philippine Electrical Code for your safety.

2. Quality is something we all value in the things we purchase. Especially for panel boards, this can cause major losses if not death, if we don’t choose wisely.

3. Price. Whether you admit it or not, price can be a very attractive factor in any merchandise. It could be the buying power for many too. However, we also have to consider that what we pay for corresponds to the quality of raw materials used to make that product.  So the next time you get attracted to the price, think again.

So WHY is  Meiji Pane board the best choice?


Meiji Home Panels (MHP) are designed to last. Because Meiji panels are steel based and coated with glossy polycarbonate paint, you can be sure that your panel board need not be a deep dark secret inside the kitchen cabinet. You may also customize your MHP with labels to easily know which circuit breaker powers your room.


Meiji Home Panels look good. Pay the price of panel boards for purpose, convenience  and aesthetics. Position your MHP in accessible places. This way, you can easily shut off your main breaker in case of emergencies. Meiji has a very compact and classy design.


Meiji Home Panels are easy to use. Again, panel boards distribute power loads through your circuit breakers. MHP have various sizes to cater to your needs and necessities. Meiji home panels can accommodate 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, upto 20 2 pole circuit breakers. Meiji can also customize your box.

panel board 12 branchesWhen dealing with power and electricity, it is important to be cautious and very meticulous. After all, what you are going to trust or whichever you are going to use may affect not just the convenience but also the safety of your household or establishment. Meiji Panel boards have the 3 important qualities we need to consider in choosing our panel boards. Their good quality and other impressive characteristics just prove that Meiji panel board is truly the best choice.

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MHP-12PApplication Scope

MHP Series modular distribution box is applicable to electric circuit terminals with rated voltage 220/380V and AC 50/60Hz.Widely used at household, tall buildings, residence, station, port, supermarket, hospital, cinema and et. All plastic components of MHP modular distribution box adapts to fire resistant ABS, which has the advantage of impact resisting and excellent insulation.

The product conforms to standard BS EN 60439~3

JB. T 7121-93

Construction features

  • Beautiful design, practical construction
  • Easy installation and disassembly
  • Standardized design which provides excellent line, neutral and grounding connections set in suitable and safe positions
  • Special plastic design of this product features convenient DIN rail and height adjustment
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