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Here are some tips & tricks you can follow to have a worry free Christmas this December. Get this advise from trusted electrical companies in the Philippines and make the coming season a joyful and exciting holiday!!

Meiji Christmas Items

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 Another year, full of milestones, has been accomplished and Meiji Electric is honored to be part of your daily lives. In your home, office, businesses and to different industries, we are gratified to enhance your electricity for convenience and safety.

photo 3Meiji Electric has made protection and convenience significant to your home. From essential circuits; outlets and switches, panel boards and circuit breakers, Meiji Electric has given and will continue to give you safe and good quality electrical products.

From machine protection for better usage, from office machines to commercial establishments’ equipment, Meiji Electric has developed power consumption and regulation.  Also, upgrading the gearshifts of heavy-duty industrial machines and enhancing motor-operated loads, Meiji Electric products are there.

And every Christmas, helping you decorate your home and office with Meiji Christmas items also makes us feel happy. Giving you some tips for design, convenience and safety have been always part of our sales service.

Happy Holidays from Meiji

Meiji Electric Philippines, Inc., a leader in electrical and distribution market, would like to acknowledge all of you for your support to the company. From customers who pick up our items, to our regular industrial clients, to the developers, project managers and contractors who use our products in their projects, and consumers who favor our items for their home use, we wish you a cheerful Christmas and a happy New Year!

For the years to come, we look forward to serving you more and enhancing energy further to your everyday life.





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This coming Christmas season, don’t hesitate to invest on the unswerving Meiji LED Fiber Optic Christmas Trees!
Meiji LED Fiber Optic Christmas Trees can create a breathtaking color-changing effect or steady lighting for your Christmas theme decorations. These are fiber optic materials that are flame retardant in numerous length sizes. Light can go into one end of the strand, resulting in a spectacular light show of any imaginable colors towards the end that shines into your room.

Fiber Optic Christmas Trees

FOC LED STARMeiji LED Fiber Optic Christmas Trees can change your household Christmas theme into a wonderfully attractive display of flashing lights. It can also change into a more dazzling array of other colors. What’s more interesting is that they do not give out heat, only light. This prevents them from catching fire like a real tree can when it dries out in your living room. You can cover your Christmas tree with cotton strands to simulate snow, or put on different decors as there is no heat given off, therefore no fear of fire hazards.


With Meiji LED Fiber Optic Christmas Trees, you do not need to put on any Christmas lights. You don’t have to worry about bulbs that are inter-dependent, wherein one bulb burns out, the whole series of lights will also be out.

FOC LED CANDLEAnd unlike the conventional fiber optic Christmas trees, there are no motors or halogen bulbs that may emit heat and consume energy.

Meiji LED Fiber Optic Christmas Trees are smart and wise investments because they are very energy efficient, as they may even use only one tenth of the energy consumed by conventional Christmas lights! Meiji LED Fiber Optic Christmas Trees will last for a long time, and are definitely more economical than standard Christmas trees with conventional lights.


With easy set up in just a few minutes, Meiji LED Fiber Optic Christmas Trees can be the most beautiful home decoration this coming Christmas season!


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