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philippine_christmas” Where would you find the most Christmas spirit in the world? It’s hard to say for certain, but if a global competition were to be held, the Philippines would have an excellent shot at winning.”-CNN, Dec. 5, 2012.

Truly, Philippines has made its mark in the world when it comes to celebrating Christmas. And it makes us proud, right? The land where there is no winter or snow every Christmas time is now considered one of the merriest countries in the world in celebrating Christmas season. And year after year, we keep on trying new things to make our Christmas celebration more joyful and memorable especially for the children. And if you’re one of the many who can relate, which I am sure you are!  Meiji Electric is here to give some of our products you shouldn’t miss this Christmas season.

Meiji Fiber Optic Christmas Trees

Want to give traditional Christmas trees a twist? Why not try our Meiji Fiber optic Christmas Tree Collection?So whether you want to go with colorful Christmas balls or Classic raindrop tree, surely this is a good choice.  Convenience, safe and hassle-free, what could you ever wish for?meiji_pinecone

Meiji Christmas Villages Collection

If you want to showcase your creativity by creating ‘eye-candy’ decorations, Meiji Christmas Village Collection is perfect for you! Definitely, this is not something that you will let your feet pass without enjoying its beauty even for a while. Not to mention, Meiji Christmas villages’ Christmas music brings you the Christmas spirit even after a long and tiring day at work.  Tip: Try adding 1 or 2 pieces every year to your Christmas Village Collection; I’m sure your investment will not be wasted when you see how it became more beautiful every year.

meiji_Christmas Village


Meiji Christmas Decors

Tired of wrapping the same kind of gifts year after year? Now is the time you say goodbye to the usual gifts and say hello to Meiji Electric Christmas Decoration. This is a perfect gift to your friends and office mates from all ages. You can choose from Meiji Cherry Blossoms and Snowmen with changing LED. Both are very inviting and fun to look at. And perfect stress reliever, too!


So there you have it! Different Meiji Christmas items that will make your Christmas this year more fun, joyful and festive.

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Can’t get enough with Christmas Villages? Well, wait no more! For 2013 Christmas Collection is ready to rock your world this Yuletide season.  Introducing, five designs that will remind us of the joyful spirit of this much awaited time of the year. Are you ready for a tour? So am I!

Let’s start with Meiji Moving Cable car (YN-CC). Meiji Moving Cable Car consists of two houses being connected by a cable car. Riding a cable car in the middle of a village laden with snow in Christmas season where you can see different Christmas lights and decorations, isn’t that fun?

christmas village w moving cable car

Meiji Moving Cable car with Skiing kids (YN-CS)

Want to add some drama with the cable cars? Try Meiji Moving Cable car with Skiing kids (YN-CS). It highlights the adventure we could experience during Christmas season. From the left; you can see the kids skiing from the house on top of the hill connected to another house by the cable cars. These are kids sliding down! Remember how you used to enjoy your slide?

At the bottom are friends having their chit chat. I wonder if they are talking about their ski experience.

christmas village w cablecar and skiing

Meiji Fiber Optic with Falls (YN-BF)

Next stop, Meiji Fiber Optic with Falls (YN-BF). If there is something that is always included in Meiji’s Christmas Village Collection year after year, it is the moving train. But now, we included another twist to spice it up. Aside from the moving train on top, is a fiber optic waterfall at the bottom. Be amazed on how it changes its color after 3 seconds.

christmas village w fiber optic waterfall

Meiji Christmas Village Santa and Running Reindeer (YN-SR)

With Meiji Christmas Village Santa and Running Reindeer (YN-SR), I’m sure you’ll end up singing the famous Christmas song “Santa Claus is coming to Town!” Moms? These are for the young ones looking forward to Christmas Eve. See how Santa’s on their way to deliver gifts for the good kids this year? Personally, I remember myself crying for how many days when the time my parents forgot to put a card to my gifts, and I thought I was naughty on Santa’s list (Hahaha!). I can’t help myself but to remember those days every time I see this Christmas village. 🙂

See that elf at the bottom carrying gifts? I ‘m curious whose that lucky kid who will receive that.

christmas village w running raindeers

Meiji Santa Ski with Running Lights (YN-SK)

Last but definitely not the least, Meiji Santa Ski with Running Lights (YN-SK). Who say Santa Claus couldn’t ride a ski? Well, giant Santa can! How about the running lights on Santa’s ski and snow? Cool, right? I’m sure most of the guys will go for it! 🙂

santa skii w running lights

So, there you go guys! Meiji’s 2013 Christmas Village Collection. More reason to keep collecting year after year. If you haven’t been into collecting Christmas Village, now is the perfect time you should start building your own Christmas Village. Have a Merry Christmas everyone. 🙂

christmas village 2013 collection

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Christmas Tree with StarsMany people believe that Christmas trees have always been associated with Christmas traditions and the coming of Christ. As soon as the changing of the season, households begin to decorate their houses with Christmas related items such as colorful lights, balls, stars, parols and the like. Don’t you find it weird that we set up our Christmas trees inside our homes when we usually find trees outside our home?

This article aims to quench one of your childhood curiosity of when did Christmas Trees Began?

Christmas Tree with Candle Stick

The Winter Sosltice

Many years ago, before the founding of Christianity, December 21 and 22 were believed to have the shortest days and longest nights in a year. They called it “the winter solstice”. During those days of continuous snowing, people all over the world fear the cold, dark, and scary weather. Some people believed that the sun god became sick, hence the short daylight. Egyptians are hopeful that their god named Ra who is the ruler of the sun and lighting in the world got sick. Romans, on the other hand, celebrate the so-called Satunalia – a feast in honor of Saturn, the god of agriculture.

Christmas BallsDuring that time, the Egyptians, the Romans, the British men, and people from other parts of the universe believed in one thing: that adorning their homes with greens such as pine trees and evergreen boroughs will help them get through those days and make Ra and the sun god recover from illness, and that the farms will soon be fruitful by the blessing of Saturn.

Germans are said to first use trees in their homes. Initially, they used leaves and wood to make a pyramid that soon resembled a tree. Christmas lights, however, were said to have begun when an infamous Protestant reformer named Martin Luther noticed how beautiful the sky was on one evening and wished to replicate it for his family. Americans did not easily embrace the concept of Christmas trees since they think of it as a pagan symbol.

But how exactly did Christmas trees become so popular? Sometime in 1846, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were photographed around a Christmas tree. It has always been said that Queen Victoria is very careful and particular with her subjects, and since she is one of the icons in fashion of her time, the popularity of Christmas trees has shoot up, not only in Britain but also in the other parts of the world who follow the Queen’s style.

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