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Meiji Electric hopes that your holiday season was filled with the warm company of friends and family. The holiday season is over, which means that it is time to put away your Christmas decorations. Here are some reminders to help keep safely storing your decors a holiday tradition in your home and in the future:


Meiji Fiber Optic Trees


Christmas tree

Let’s start with the highlight of the Christmas Season, the Christmas tree. You want to make sure that it is stored well, so it will continue to look great year after year. The box that the tree came in can be used to repackage it, but it can be a challenge to fit the tree back in after it’s been fluffed. Good thing the Meiji Fiber Optic Tree is so compact and easy to disassemble. You just have to fold its leaves and you are done in less than 10 minutes!


Holiday decorations are meant for temporary use

Leaving your decorations up for extended periods leaves wires unnecessarily exposed to the elements, which can decrease the product’s shelf life and increase the risk of electrical hazards. Store electrical decorations in a dry area that is not accessible by children or pets.

Inspect the wiring

As you take down holiday lights, inspect the wiring and discard any that have cracked or appear to have damaged wire insulation. Always unplug decorations by using the plug or gripping area.  Pulling on the cord could damage the wire and present a shock or fire hazard.

Properly label or store indoor decorations

Make sure to properly label or store indoor decorations separate from those intended for outdoor use. Put your old shoe boxes to good use; wrap your Christmas balls then store them inside the old shoe box.


Meiji Christmas Village

Storing your Meiji Christmas Village involves ensuring that it will look as good next Christmas as it did the year before. Most Christmas villages include small, breakable buildings so storing your village properly is really important. Keep the box in which your Christmas village originally came from; this comes with Styrofoam to ensure that the small ornaments in the village do not get damaged.  For older village pieces that are missing their original boxes, you can wrap each Christmas village in bubble wrap before putting it in a storage box. While it might be tempting to put two pieces together, those pieces can bump against one another and cause scratching, discoloration and breakage.



Christmas lights should be kept away from places with extreme temperatures and humidity

These factors can harm the filament of the bulbs. Also guard against mice because they can chew on the wires and ruin the strand of Christmas lights. Tangled wires are difficult to unwind and prone to bulb breakage. Christmas lights made with incandescent bulbs are normally switched on for long consecutive hours which can cause overheating. For safety reasons, it is advisable to have it checked by an electrician before using it again. Neatly wrap Christmas lights help make the decorating process faster and easier to re-use for the next Holiday Season.


Remember that you invested time and money in buying your special Christmas ornaments each year. These decors not only add cheerfulness to the Christmas Season, some also have high sentimental value so they need to be properly kept and maintained.




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A lot of fires during Christmas season are caused by electrical problems. Christmas decorations, trees and lights are included in these situations, and when they’re on fire, they are more likely to be serious.

Be extra cautious in decorating your home!

Meiji Electric has a complete line of LED Fiber Optic Christmas Trees which are very safe to use. These kinds of Christmas Trees make use of LED lights to prevent heat that may cause fires. It has longer life span than ordinary Christmas lights.

Meiji LED Fiber Optic Christmas Trees are more energy efficient than the ordinary ones. About 80% of the electrical energy is converted to light, while 20% is lost and converted into other forms of energy such as heat. This means, the lesser the heat, the lesser the chance of fire to happen.

Extremely durable

Also, one good quality of the LED lights designed on Meiji Fiber Optic Christmas Trees is their durability. They are extremely durable and built with sturdy components that are highly rugged and can withstand even the roughest conditions.

DSC03783 DSC03786 DSC03792











Be careful where you place extension cords

Set them up not under rugs as walking traffic can weaken the insulation and the wires can overheat, increasing the chances for fire. Be vigilant when placing cords behind or beneath furniture because pinched cords can fray and short. If you have pets, keep them away from cords to avoid entanglement and chewing.

And if you’re thinking where to buy affordable extensions cords with good quality, find great deals with Meiji Electric!

Extension cords of high performance

Meiji offers you extension cords of high performance designed to provide safety and ease especially this holiday season.

The 3-meters Meiji ‘13 Series’ Extension Cords (MES-1300 to 1308), rated at 10 amperes, 2500 watts, and the new Meiji Flying Saucer Strip MES-1400, are good enough to use for your Christmas trees, Christmas lights and other decorations, especially if they have bulky adaptors. They’re made from fire retardant, white plastic material which is a valuable tool in fire prevention.

Lengthy extension cord

Also, the Meiji ‘20 Series’, (WRP-2027 and WRP-2104) with a length of 3 to 5 meters, rated at 15 amperes, 3500 watts, is a 3-Gang Polarized Extension Set, suitable for your Christmas lights and other decorations. They’re available in white, black and green colors and come in 3 to 5-meter range to fulfill your need for a lengthy extension cord.

Always keep in mind that the most joyous of times can also be deadly. It’s never been wrong to be safe.

Happy Holidays!


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As the colder weather approaches, streets, sidewalks, malls and homes are busily reminding us that Christmas is coming. Christmas songs are now being played in several department stores. And of course, Christmas decorations had spread throughout the whole city.

Avoid the hassle on your Christmas shopping

Christmas is near! Avoid the hassle on your Christmas shopping and don’t go anywhere else because Meiji’s Apple Tipps is back!

Apple Tipps is Meiji Electric’s home of Christmas decors. From small tabletop decorations to dazzling Christmas Trees, we have them all.

Different types of Fiber Optic Christmas Trees

Different types of Fiber Optic Christmas Trees are available. Also, you can find here the Christmas trees with LED lights such as the Meiji Fiber Optic Pine Cone, Small Balls, Acrylic Star, Raindrops and Meiji Fiber Optic Balls.

LED Christmas Village Collections

Be amazed with the LED Christmas Village Collections like the one with moving cable car and skiing kids, the one with moving train, running reindeers, moving carousel, the one with mansion inside a book, and a whole lot more.

Cute little Christmas décors

Present also are the cute little Christmas décors with lights such as the sets of pointed and bonnet hat snowmen. Tabletops will be showcased together with the other moving Christmas decors. And if you need something to be displayed at your front door, Apple Tipps has the best wreath for you.

Cherry Blossom Trees

Aside from Christmas trees, you will also find Cherry Blossom Trees which can be a great gift for your friends and relatives this Christmas season. So these are not just for decorations, but great ideas for presents.

Please come and visit us at Unit 15 Landsdale Arcade, Mother Ignacia Street, Quezon City. Just opposite St. Paul the Apostle Parish church, you can see Apple Tipps’ Christmas decorations.

With Meiji Electric, enhance the reason for the Christmas season!




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Do you wish to have an instant Christmas tree? Do you want to avoid a hassle and messy set-ups?

Worry no more because Meiji understands what you want!

Meiji offers you easy-assemble pull-up Christmas trees that can surely lessen the hassle ordinary artificial Christmas trees bring. Have a Christmas tree in just a few minutes with Meiji Pull-Up Christmas Trees!

Meiji’s Pull-Up Christmas Trees

Meiji Pull-Up Christmas Trees come pre-decorated with lights, decors and other ornaments. Meiji Pull-Up Christmas Trees do not come separately in pieces. Also, like ordinary artificial Christmas trees that need a two to three part stand with many rows of branches, Meiji Pull-Up Christmas only need you to do 3 basic steps:

Easy Steps to Assemble a Pull-up Tree

•Assemble the central stand.

•Pull up the tree and place it on the stand.

•Plug it in and adjust any decorations as necessary.

There are many benefits of using Meiji Pull-Up Christmas Trees. First and foremost is the convenience at which it is assembled. No longer will you have to hope that all of the parts were gathered together the previous year, have everybody to put it together or need complicated instructions to finish putting the tree up.

The ease of assembly means that it takes very little time to decorate your Christmas tree. Meiji Pull-Up Christmas Trees come pre-decorated, meaning you don’t have to search for a cohesive Christmas ornament theme or spend hours evening out the decoration placement. Meiji Pull-Up Christmas Trees can save you money on both the additional lights and ornaments you would have otherwise purchased to complete your Christmas tree.

Finally, Meiji Pull-Up Christmas Trees takes up much less storage space compared to your old tree that has large branches that need to be boxed and stored. It makes a folding tree ideal for an apartment, condo or home with limited storage space. Since Pull-Up Christmas trees are easy to set up, they are also easy to disassemble. Once the holidays are over, simply reverse the directions to fold it back into its compact form.

Meiji Pull-Up Christmas Trees are ideal for entryways, apartments, condos, or offices. Placing it on the living room area or guest lounge will surely boost your Christmas spirit right up your visitors’ moods.

So get a move on creating a delightful Christmas tree in an instant! Contact us today for your early Christmas decoration ideas.

With Meiji, we make everything easy!

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Wonder why Filipinos celebrate Christmas as early as September?

imagesIndeed, Filipinos start Christmas in September. That’s how excited Filipinos are for the Christmas holiday. But did you know that we celebrate it until late January or early February?! The Philippines is officially recognized to have the world’s longest Christmas season ever. It’s a 5-month celebration here!

Filipinos love Christmas

We Filipinos love Christmas and a lot of us can consider ourselves obsessed with this season. Filipinos generally love parties and everything festive. That’s why even if it’s few months away from the actual celebration; we begin to set up Christmas stuffs. When the “ber” months come, expect the countdowns, Christmas themed TV commercials, early Christmas shopping ideas, and of course, Christmas decorations. Most of the Filipino families set up their Christmas decors as early as today!

Meiji Electric Philippines, Inc., supports this tradition

Being one of the leaders of the electrical market, Meiji Electric Philippines, Inc., supports this tradition of celebration in the Philippines!

Start an early enhancement in and out of your home with attractive, cost-efficient and durable Christmas decors, exclusively from Meiji Electric. From Fiber Optic Christmas trees, Christmas Villages Collection, Cherry Blossom Trees, Snowing Christmas Decors, Moving Reindeers, Pull-Up Trees, and many more!.


Can also be applied to commercial establishments

But not just in homes. Meiji Christmas items can also be applied to commercial establishments and offices. Having the Christmas spirit in the workplace will somehow boost working motivation and cooperation with others. Make an early Christmas motivation for the employees. Decorate door entrance, office cubicles and office lounge.


Let Meiji Electric help you complete your shopping list as early as possible!

Send us your inquiry at https://meijielectric.ph/contact/ or you may call our hotline: 448-7423 and 414-4012. You can also visit us at #1 Mabolo St. New Manila, Quezon City.

Christmas Spirit is just around the corner! This coming season, let the world know you’re merry and bright with Meiji Christmas items!

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September is nearing its end…  It’s almost Christmas Time!!! Have you prepared for your Christmas decors? If you have not, check out Meiji’s latest Christmas items!

This year, Meiji presents you with new additions: Christmas night lamps! We have 2 models, namely, the Christmas Tree and Christmas Santa.

Meiji’s Christmas Tree and Santa

Meiji Christmas night lamps may be displayed in your office cubicles, bed side tables and even be used as a table top decor.  We also give you a choice to make use of its adapter ready device and use an adapter or make it a battery operated item.

Meiji Christmas Night Lamps also make use of white LED lights so your night lamp will light up your room just right for the season. Do not miss out on this great bargain. Contact us for inquiries.

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Christmas breeze is finally filling the air! Are you excited?

We at Meiji Electric sure am! Introducing Meiji Electric Christmas Villages 2012 additions!

First off, we’d like to introduce our bigger, bolder, better Meiji Moving Train! The dimensions of this item are 12″ in length, 11.5″ in width and 13 .5″ in height.

Meiji Moving Train

Meiji Moving Train (YN-T1) consists of a 3 member’d choir at its top center serenading the 2 church goers by the staircase. Doesn’t it soothe your soul when church choir sings Christmas carols? At the upper right corner is a snowman that changes its colors. Just a little distraction from your friendly neighbor, Frosty! And of course the moving train at the bottom. See Santa? All aboard?

Next on our Christmas Village collection is Meiji Moving Carousel (YN-BCL). This item features the joy and entertainment found in carnivals and/or fairs.

Meiji Moving Carousel

Meiji Moving carousel is 13″ long, 9″ wide and 10.5″ high. You will find at your left, is a picture of the camaraderie of friends. I don’t know about you but it sure is a nice way to relax after all the walking and breath taking rides! And At your right, is a photo of  a puppet booth.  And what’s a carnival or fair without a moving carousel?

Meiji Moving Slide

Third on Meiji’s  Christmas Item collection is our moving slide. This item highlights the fun and adventure we can have in this Yuletide Season. As Christmas approaches, don’t you also anticipate the Christmas break that follows it? We think about our loved ones, vacation spots and activities we can try during the year end break. Meiji’s moving slide suggests a cool skiing trip!

Sliding Kids

Meiji moving slide (YN-SL) is 9″ in length, 9″ in width and 13″ in height. This item has a cozy rest house at the bottom with tenants having good conversations. Above, you will see the trek from where children slide down in fun!

Meiji Santa in a Mall

Another Meiji Christmas item brings you down memory lane as Meiji offers you the Santa in a mall item (YN-SIM). 13″ long, 8″ wide and 9″ high, this item is sure to let you think about what you wish for this year. Question is, have you been kind or naughty?

Christmas Santa

Meiji’s Santa in a Mall item brings out the child in us. It’s also a reminder to think about how we can give more especially to the children this Christmas time.

Meiji Santa on a Sleigh

Last, but definitely not the least is our Meiji’s Santa on a Sleigh. How better to capture Christmas’ gift-giving spirit than Santa’s sleigh full of gifts?

Christmas moving santa

Meiji’s santa on a sleigh item is 14″ long, 4.5″ wide and 7″ high. This item definitely goes well and could bring out variations in color to your Christmas collections. Notice the moving blazy red moving wheels too from Santa’s sleigh? Modern, right? :p

Capture and/or replay your fondest Christmas memories with Meiji Christmas 2012 collectibles! Enjoy!

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The flashing lights of the Yule tide testify the festivity of modern man about a timeless traditional celebration that is called Christmas. Maybe you have these flashing Merry Christmas lights that decorate your house or Christmas tree. The visual delight it gives is really awesome. Every child, passerby, or observer will feel the joy of Christmas even just because of that sight. However you don’t get things for free in this world. If we’re talking about your Christmas lights made of incandescent bulbs, you’re going to be in for a serious electric bill. Seriously.

I’m pretty sure that you know about the advantages of fiber optics versus incandescent light bulbs, right? There are several advantages already in addition to great potential savings, but in this article, I’m going to talk about mainly how you can enjoy Christmas without having to worry about the electric bill. During Christmas time, you already have given expenses – gifts, decorations, food, etc. It will be much more of a hassle if your electric bill will haunt you more even after December. So what’s the solution?

Meiji Fiber Optics

Meiji fiber optics can replace your boring, inefficient, and unsafe old Christmas lights. This is the new way to decorate aTHE Fibe Optics Christmas tree. In addition to all that safety, beauty, and variety, it saves your money. This works by harnessing the ability of fiber optics to pass light within itself. You see, instead of having hundreds of tiny individual incandescent light bulbs to light up, you only need to light up one 10 or 20-watt bulb to light up a whole Christmas tree! The fiber optics will do the rest of the work by distributing the light throughout the whole tree. It’s that easy! In addition to that, consider this. If you would want to have your Christmas tree decorated by a certain color Christmas lights, you would have to buy that kind of color, right? And if you get tired of that color or you have to change the color because you want the light to be according to the color theme of your interior design, you’d have to buy another one. And that’s trouble. In contrast, Meiji fiber optic Christmas trees have color wheels at their base which allows your tree to shine in a variety of colors.

So you see, you can save not only your electric bill, but so much more. That’s what you can do with Meiji fiber optics. It’s a big investment and it yields more than just savings, but safety, and satisfaction.

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Christmas is just around the corner. Are you ready? If you really enjoy Christmas, why don’t you share the spirit even to your place of work? Meiji small fiber optic trees can do just the work.  These items range from 20 to 35cm only; a décor but definitely not a distraction.

As mentioned in the previous articles, fiber optic Christmas trees save you more than double the electricity you use from your traditional Christmas lights. Not only does it look boring, having it each year every year, it’s also hard to maintain. So why don’t you give fiber optic a shot?

The JD30 and JD35

For your desks or counters in your office, you may want to check-out JD 30 and JD35 items. It’s a perfect fit. You have a choice whether to use an adapter or just your rechargeable batteries enough to bring the Christmas cheer to your workmates.

The Christmas Give-aways

If you’re problematic what impersonal but thoughtful gift to give your boss, friend, neighbor, maybe for a change you can give him small fiber optic Christmas trees in a box! These trees come in various designs and give off different colors. Go ahead, take your pick !

Gift Ideas for Christmas

Say no to the boring and usual trend in your gift-givings! Or better yet, why don’t you start the Christmas celebration with items not more than Php 300? I’m sure the Celebrant this Christmas will share your joy.

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We are less than 100 days away from Christmas! Can you hear the bells? Can you feel the chills? No? It’s probably because of the typhoons coming to and fro our country. Personally I noticed that we have been experiencing a lot of disasters lately, there’s Ondoy, gun shooting in malls, bus accidents and many more. How about you?

Easy Steps to Assemble a Pull-up Tree

Meiji Convenient, Hassle-Free Christmas Tree

But one of the many things I love and had grown into with us Filipinos, is the great faith we have in our Almighty Father. We get back on our feet believing by faith that He will take care of us (Bathala na!); that He has great purpose for allowing things to happen, even if we could never understand why. So whoever, you are, whatever may have happened to you and your family this year, may you trust in your loving, gracious Father to celebrate with His family the joy of having His Son Jesus! May you welcome Him in your hearts this Season.

Many of you must be writing down your must-haves by this time: your wish lists for the annual gift giving you soon will be having with loved ones and family. So before you spoil yourselves of the fun and excitement of receiving your most awaited presents, why don’t you start decorating your own home?

Meiji offers you a convenient and hassle free Christmas tree, the Pull-up Tree!

It’s a one-pull-all-inclusive-Christmas tree, in less than 5 minutes. This tree includes lights, decors and garlands.  So for those of you who will be having relatives over this season and do not really enjoy shopping and squeezing for the best prices with other shoppers in the malls, this is the tree for you!

There are 3 easy steps for the Meiji Pull-Up tree:

Step 1: Assemble the posts for a stand.

Step 2: Pull up the Christmas tree

Step 3: Place it in the first assembled stands and plug-in an outlet.

Voila! You have a fully decorated Christmas tree.

How you used to put up your traditional Christmas tree

Given these 3 steps, I think you can easily point out the BIG advantage of Meiji’s Pull-Up Tree. But to state the obvious, let’s give a brief comparison of how you used to put up your traditional Christmas tree.

First, you need to attach the stems to the tree one by one. Then, you go to a trusted shop and purchase a set or two of your preferred Christmas lights. Trusted, in hopes that none of the lights are busted. You know 1 light busted may not let the others lit, right? So after this, you put the Christmas lights around your tree. And it doesn’t stop there! You still have to put garlands, decors and others to make it a decent looking Christmas tree; one that would not show how little time you gave it because you have so many other things you have to do and prepare for the season. And more importantly, to show and make your guests feel the warmth of Christmas in your home.

Practicality counts

In our day and age, practicality counts. Try the Meiji Pull-up Tree and enjoy more time catching up and sharing stories with your loved ones instead of getting dusted, tired and drenched in sweat while preparing it. You may also enjoy our Christmas Village collection.

Treasure your time, cherish the moments of Christmas and have a hassle free one by Meiji Electric.

Merry Christmas to you all!

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