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The Christmas bells are ringing, the Church choirs are singing, and the Christmas lights are blinking. It’s the season again, and you feel it come in all senses. You see all the decorations, you hear all the Christmas music, you smell the Christmas food which you also can taste, and you feel the coolness of the wind as the frigid breeze touches your skin. So along with the coming of this time of year, you join with the rest of the world. Maybe you’re planning on setting up a Christmas tree, extremely decorated, and spun around with flashing Christmas lights. Perhaps you’ve already even set it up. Well that’s a good thing, but have you ever considered the pros and cons of the traditional Christmas lights in light of fiber optics?

Traditional Christmas Lights               Advantages

 Traditional incandescent Christmas lights are very easily obtained. In any store, mall, or bazaar, you’ll be sure to find them there with a great variety to choose from. It ranges from the color, bulb size, wattage, and of course, price and quality. Versus fiber optics, the traditional Christmas lights are way easier to find in order to purchase.  In the context of illuminating Christmas trees, any regular Christmas tree, be it an artificial plastic one or a real pine tree, can be decorated with blinking, flashing ornaments.

Usually in decorating Christmas trees with fiber optics, the fiber optic system itself is built from the base of the Christmas tree to along its branches. If you were to illuminate a Christmas tree by the use of fiber optics, you would have to buy another tree. Another advantage of the traditional Christmas light is that you can put them along the border of the fence, by the roof of your house, or along around the edges of your windows. They’re very flexible and you can put them anywhere.


However, traditional incandescent Christmas lights gravely lose to fiber optic technology. Why? It’s because of a few reasons that are essence. Let’s look at this in the context of lighting a Christmas tree. Incandescent lights are not very efficient. Fiber optics are more efficient since it only needs one light source, and the fiber distributes the light to different points, unlike the traditional ones where each point that light emanates from is a separate light source.

Fiber optics can display different colors even though it’s just from one set. Traditional Christmas lights may vary in color, but the color of the set that you got is like that forever. The best it can do in variation is by how it changes the pattern of its blinking. How boring!

Most importantly, Christmas lights heat up. Fast. They’re the most common cause of fires in households. On the other hand, fiber optics don’t heat up at all. You can touch the glowing ends and you can still keep your fingertips unburnt.  Ever had an experience of being burnt by an incandescent light bulb from a Christmas light that’s as hot as an iron? Yeah. You know what I’m talking about.Fiber Optic Christmas Trees

Also, Christmas lights lit up through fiber optics don’t have to be turned off during the night. It saves so much energy and it so not prone to heating up, that you can keep the happiness lit up all throughout the night. Unlike Christmas trees lit by traditional Christmas lights, you’d have to unplug the lights throughout the time you sleep for safety and economical reasons.

Meiji Electric offers a choice of Fiber Optic Christmas Trees. You may deem it unnecessary to buy another Christmas tree, but this is an investment. Imagine the slash it will give your electric bill. Imagine the colors it can showcase off. Imagine the safety that you can have.

Here at Meiji Electric, your consumer delight is our prime priority. And it would be a shame to see your bearing with something that can be improved. So why don’t you give up using unsafe, low-tech incandescent Christmas lights and switch to Meiji Fiber Optics?

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Christmas is just around the corner. Are you ready? If you really enjoy Christmas, why don’t you share the spirit even to your place of work? Meiji small fiber optic trees can do just the work.  These items range from 20 to 35cm only; a décor but definitely not a distraction.

As mentioned in the previous articles, fiber optic Christmas trees save you more than double the electricity you use from your traditional Christmas lights. Not only does it look boring, having it each year every year, it’s also hard to maintain. So why don’t you give fiber optic a shot?

The JD30 and JD35

For your desks or counters in your office, you may want to check-out JD 30 and JD35 items. It’s a perfect fit. You have a choice whether to use an adapter or just your rechargeable batteries enough to bring the Christmas cheer to your workmates.

The Christmas Give-aways

If you’re problematic what impersonal but thoughtful gift to give your boss, friend, neighbor, maybe for a change you can give him small fiber optic Christmas trees in a box! These trees come in various designs and give off different colors. Go ahead, take your pick !

Gift Ideas for Christmas

Say no to the boring and usual trend in your gift-givings! Or better yet, why don’t you start the Christmas celebration with items not more than Php 300? I’m sure the Celebrant this Christmas will share your joy.

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Don’t you wish you could also experience snow in the warmth and comforts of your own home? Too bad we live in the Philippines? Who says we can’t? This Christmas, let Meiji make your childhood wishes come true!

Try something new, cool and attractive this year

Instead of putting up your traditional tree for the 50th year, why not try something new, cool and attractive tree this year? We introduce to you Meiji Snowing Trees! With your choice of height: 2.7, 4 and 6 feet and design: Tree, Snowman, Penguin or Snowman including Christmas lights and decors (depending on the character). These trees have tubes inside where the snow follows a path leading to the motor which blows it upwards continuously similar to how water fountains work.

The Penguin Snowing Christmas Tree

Penguin Snowing Tree 6ft.

The Santa Snowing Christmas Tree

Christmas Snowing Santa


The Snowman Snowing Christmas Tree

Snowmen Snowing Christmas Tree

Come on! Have your relatives, friends and family members gather on your Snowy home this year!

Now after enjoying the snowy feel of your home, consider also matching your Snowing Tree with Meiji’s Table Top Snowing Canisters. We have an array of designs to offer you: Tree, Santa, Snowman, Revolving Santa, Santa by Fire and Snowman with Reindeer. You could add this up to your collection as a hobby for the holidays, or give it as a gift for someone your friends you know who collects or add it up as decors of your living room. These Snowing Table Tops include music and lights and workable via a 220V adapter.


Snowing Choir Table Top

Meiji Table Top Choir

Revolving Snowing Santa Table top

Revolving Santa with Reindeer and Sleigh

Gift Suggestions 2011

2011 Table Tops

Last but not the least; Meiji gives you an item that will bring you down memory lane. Remember those small items you just love to shake and enjoy watching snow fall down? Yes, that’s right! Snow globes! We know you are accustomed to the snow globes you have to shake for the snow to fall but now, you don’t have to bother no more. Just plug-in the adapter and these dolls not only have snow falling down but also sing carols for you! These Snow Globes are inside the tummies of Santa, Snowman and Penguin. Adorable must-haves this year for your family to enjoy and your friends to share with!

Meiji Snowing Penguin DollPenguin Doll

Decors: Snowfalling SnowmanSnow ‘falling’ Snowman

Christmas Snowing Santa DollSnowing Santa Doll

Collect them all and have a Snowy Merry Christmas this year everyone! 🙂

Snowing Table Tops for Chirstmas Gifts

All Table Top Snowing Designs

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Fiber-Optic-Christmas-TreeIt’s berrr months again. How time flies! Another year is coming close to an end. But before it does, let’s not forget to celebrate the wonderful season of giving: Christmas.

Usually as our culture promotes to have each of us set-up a Christmas tree in our homes and have it colorfully decorated, whether it be ornaments, garlands and the usual Christmas lights.

This article is here to inform you why you should buy for yourself a Fiber Optic Christmas tree versus the conventional one.

Fiber Optic VS Conventional

As you can see, fiber optic trees are composed of long, thin strands of pure glass that are arranged in bundles that can transmit light over a long distance. In each strand of fiber optic has 3 parts: a thin glass center where light travels, a material that reflects the light and a coating that protects the fiber. In its base is a color wheel, which could give your tree a display of variety of colors more than what the colorful Christmas light can give you. You need not worry about having to buy a new set just because one bulb got busted because in Meij Fiber optic trees, you need only to replace a 10watts halogen bulb for the 2ft trees and 20 watts for 4ft and up!

Fiber optic trees do not heat up unlike the conventional ones. This type of tree ensures your home of safety especially from fires. As you enjoy an all day and night Christmas ambiance, you also don’t need to worry that your little ones want to play with the lights or hold it for long. Because it does not radiate heat, they can do so all day as much as they want to.

Fiber-Optic-Christmas-TreesFiber optic trees are inexpensive. In fact, it allows you to maximize the cost of the tree because it lasts really long. Personally our family has been using our Meiji Fiber Optic-Green for 6 years now and it still works like new and we have not bought Christmas lights ever since!

Aside from these, Meiji Fiber Optic trees are also easy to assemble and disassemble. You simply have to open up its leaves and you’re all set-up! Some models have built-in decors too such as star, candle stick or Christmas balls etc. This way, it is really cost efficient. Not only this, Fiber Optic trees are also energy efficient using 10 times less energy than that of an ordinary Christmas bulb.

Meiji Fiber Optic trees are available in 2ft, 4ft, 5ft, 6.5ft and 8ft. There are also a variety of designs to choose from namely, Acicular, Balls, Candle Stick, Shining Green, White and this year’s new release: Black! Check it out in SM Department Stores décor section, Ace Hardware, Ace Express and National bookstores.

Treat yourself a Fiber Optic Christmas tree this year and have a Merry Meiji Christmas!

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