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Isn’t it convenient when the lights automatically turn on when you enter a room? You don’t have to reach for the light switch and or have to find it in the dark. But aside from convenience, installing a Meiji Motion Sensor for your lighting fixtures can give you other advantages.

Here are some:

Conserve electricity

One of the major benefits of a Meiji Motion Sensor is that it can help you save substantial amounts of electricity. You and your family members and helpers have the possibility to forget to turn the lights off after you leave the room. Have Meiji Motion Sensor turn the lights off for you.

Also, accidentally leaving electrical devices on overnight contributes to a higher electricity bill. You’ll be able to light your garage, driveway, master’s bedroom, pantries, and entry ways only for the instances that you need to use them.


Meiji Motion Sensors are great deterrents from burglars, who may be startled by the sudden illumination or alarm. This can signal that someone is home. These can also alarm the neighbors that someone is trying to sneak into your house.


The cost of Meiji Motion Sensors range from P500 to P600, depending on the type, features, and style of the motion sensor you choose. Installing a motion sensor on your outdoor light can save more money which means your investment,will pay for itself in less than one year!

 motion sensors

Helps save the environment

Meiji Motion Sensors are great for lighting areas that you only use briefly, since they only stay on as long as you need. By automatically turning off after a few minutes, they prevent wasted electricity and help conserve energy resources. In fact, according to the Philippines Renewable Energy Data from IEA, the top source of energy in the Philippines is natural gas, which is used to generate electrical energy in our power plants. These are harmful to workers, pollute air and water, create greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to global warming. By using Meiji Motion Sensors, you also save the environment from the detrimental effects of natural gas!


Equipping your home with Meiji Motion Sensors gives you an added level of protection, especially when you leave your home. Also, when planning for your next vacation or extended trip away from home, it is highly recommended that you consider installing motion sensors into your home.  Not only will you be benefiting your home and family with this extra security, but your wallet and the environment will appreciate this as well.

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If you have areas in or around your home that only require light when someone is present, associating Meiji Motion Sensors to your lights can help you reduce your utility costs. At the same time, motion sensor lighting is an essential weapon in your home security system. But not only that, they can bring total convenience too! Here are 4 benefits of associating Meiji Motion Sensors to your lighting facilities:

Alert for intruders

If you are inside your home and busy watching TV or doing chores, you can be aware of intruders attempting to break in, especially at night. You can feel safer when prowlers get scared off when Meiji Motion Sensors detected them and spot lights on to them before they can even sneak in to your gate. It is proven fact that homes with motion sensors have less crime than those that do not.iStock_000004928383Medium

Lighting Convenience

Motion Sensors connected to lighting facilities are convenient for your family. This is a great benefit when you want to conveniently turn on lights in your comfort room without switching ON the lights manually. In the comfort room, when motion sensors cannot detect body movements anymore, it will automatically turn off. Besides, you wouldn’t want to let your lights in the comfort room turned on for a long time.Amanda+Seyfried+Amanda+Seyfried+Picks+Up+Groceries+ul9Qf8Eu4nvl

Extra Security

Outdoor motion sensor security lights help your neighbors watch your home. If you go on vacation, they can see if the light goes on in your gate, so they can go check out the house and call you or an emergency hotline.SAMSUNG

Light up Dark Areas

If you own a condo unit, dark hallways leading to your comfort room or kitchen area can be lightened up with Meiji Motion Sensors. Suppose you have to go to your rest room in the middle of the night and all lights are turned off already, with Meiji Motion Sensors, you can conveniently walk straight to where you’re heading. The same convenience applies when you want to have midnight snacks. Searching for the light switch in the kitchen in the middle of the night can be dangerous as lights are off and you might hit kitchen utensils, especially the knives. In one way or another, Meiji Motion Sensors can save your life!



Being conscious of what is going on in and around makes you safe and feel at ease. Save your family and money! With Meiji Electric, we make security and convenience a priority.


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Our daily living needs to be secured these days as burglars try a lot of means to get homes. Motion sensors can be considered a “must have” security device that can help discourage unwanted visitors. One of the ways we can avoid such is the use of a Ceiling-type Motion Sensor.

Ceiling-type Motion Sensorc26-B00192EUFY-3

A Ceiling-type Motion Sensor is a motion detecting equipment which uses passive infrared (PIR) energy to recognize the movement of heat or any person invited or uninvited in a specific area in your home. It is simply installed in your ceiling and voila! You reap the benefits of either having an alarm system or automatic lighting.

Ceiling-type Motion Sensors detect the presence or absence of people in your home and turn lights on and off accordingly. They can reduce your lighting energy consumption by 50 percent or more in some circumstances, but the savings for any given installed sensor can be much less. As a result, it’s important to carefully consider some before installing one in a specific location.

Secure your home with Meiji Ceiling-type Motion Sensor!

360˚ detection range


Because Meiji Electric offers you a Ceiling-type Motion Sensor with a 360˚ detection range, you can be sure that your home is secured against several possible criminal acts which cannot be detected if nobody is around.

Meiji Ceiling-type Motion Sensor (MS-02) is also a fully automatic indoor security light controller capable of controlling your lights up to 1200W incandescent or 300W fluorescent lighting. With detection distance of 3 to 6 meters (<24˚), all movements can be spotted accurately. Like the light switches in our home, Meiji Ceiling type motion sensor needs a 220-240VAC power supply.

Can be effectively used in areas that are often unoccupied

Shower-led-motion-sensor-light-MB980-ShowerMeiji Ceiling-type Motion Sensors can also be effectively used in areas that are often unoccupied, including some offices, warehouses, storerooms, restrooms, corridors, stairwells, office lounges, and conference rooms. Meiji Ceiling-type Motion Sensor can also be useful in schools, colleges, nurseries, churches, libraries, and other areas where tampering is a concern. Considerations for your motion sensor placement include sources of ambient temperature changes such as heating vents; sources of movement such as pets, wind, and normal traffic patterns.led-motion-sensor-ceiling-light-MB980-Stairs
Nowadays, motion sensors show to be very effective because of their different uses. Having a little knowledge about their type, functions and best installation is a “must” to prevent misuse and disappointments. And to maximize the best usage of motion sensors, particularly the Ceiling-type, make sure to invest on the brand which you entrust your safety and convenience.

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Motion sensors are great for adding in extra security for your home. Aside from fortifying your home’s security, it can also deduct chances of false alarms. Don’t you just hate waking up in the wee hours just to find out there’s actually nothing? Or heading straight home after you’ve been notified by the house alarm and then turns out to be some glitch in the system?

Worry no more. Knowing where to place your motion detectors can minimize false alarms and keep your mind at peace. Here’s how. The typical sensors installed in your house use Passive Infrared (PIR) to measure temperature and catch changes or alterations made in its coverage’s temperature like everything inside a room. Significant changes in temperature in a room, for example, moving human body heat, can easily be detected by these PIR sensors. And consequently, raise an alarm.

To heighten your security and get a better sight of unwanted intruders, you need to select the right nooks and corners to place your sensors.

You can follow these pointers from the security expert themselves to maximize home security.

motion with voice sensor

Sensor should be mounted securely

First and foremost, you have to check if the motion sensor is securely mounted. If it isn’t, then it could be a cause for false positive alarms. When a sensor is not properly attached and happens to move itself or slide off, it could count as motion and therefore activate its own alarm.

Take in mind that any variatio in temperature can set off your motion sensor. So it is wise not to put it near air vents, heating elements (refrigerator, air conditioners, lights) and rather keep it far from them as possible. As vents can often give off a difference in temperature, on rare situations can eventually get your alarm going when aimed near it. With distancing the sensors from them it can thus, cut down possibilities of raising false alarms.


Place sensors towards entry points

Strategically place sensors towards entry points. This is the best way to detect if there are intruders in your house. After all, the perks of having a motion sensor lie in the determent of burglars by triggering the security system’s alarm before they reach what they’ve come for. “That” they won’t see coming. With that said, you should put up sensors directly facing possible entry ways such as doors or windows.motion sensor area

Take advantage of the area your sensors will be covering

Take advantage of the area your sensors will be covering. To have a full scope on your sensors’ coverage by making sure they don’t have an obstructed view of the whole area. Most homeowners prefer mounted sensors since they are attached on the walls, it is easier for them to detect motion and get a full view of the room. Corners are the most likely ideal position for mounted detectors to gain more scope.

And finally, the last piece of advice from the professionals is that more than one sensor can take your home’s security a fairly long way. A few good ones that are carefully and properly placed is absolutely a fine count on your house’s security and of course, your peace of mind. Why not put up a few in hallways and stairways to avoid blind spots and keep your home safe and sound from intruders or trespassers.

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