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Over voltage is something that happens at home but may not be aware of. Apart from the hassle it gives people, it can also be really dangerous and even traumatic. Flash overs, sparks, and uncanny smell, which are just some of the things that might come out whenever there is an over voltage, are some things we do not like to happen.

Given this reality, it is then best to avoid over voltage in any way. But how can one do this? Read on and learn.voltage ratings

  1. Take note of your appliances’ voltage requirements.

    One of the most common causes of over voltage is when a particular home appliance or equipment is plugged into an outlet which has higher voltage. Because of this, there is more amount of voltage flowing into the equipment, so much higher than its maximum requirement. And so over voltage occurs. The best way to avoid this is to take note of the voltage requirements of your equipment.

  2. Use transformers properly.

    To deal with voltage differences, use step-up or step-down transformers. This is to make sure that the voltage that flows to your equipment when you plug it is just enough. A transformer will either step up or step down voltage level, depending on type.

  3. Be careful when dealing with insulators.

    One of the causes of over voltage is a break somewhere on the insulator. Because of this, the current from the source is not allowed to pass through the path and reach the other end. In result, this current flows back to the source, now with its voltage doubled. This is the reason why one has to be careful when handling insulators. Also, you have to be very picky about the ones you use.

  4. Stop using appliances when there is a storm.

    Among the most lightning surgescommon causes of over voltage are external ones. Lightning is one good example. When there is lightning, any appliance at home could be at risk. This is because current can actually flow from some metal components outside the house up to your system and that could just ruin some of your appliances.

  5. Consult with experts regularly.

    Always have your system checked so you would know if there is anything wrong. Do not wait until something wrong happens before you take action. Consulting with experts would also help you to be enlightened about some technicalities that are very crucial. And as we all know, getting rid of ignorance on matters as important as this one could be really helpful.

Over voltage can really be a problem. But if you know how to prevent this, there would be nothing to worry about.

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Many people do not understand the powers of surge protector. Just because lightning is said to not strike the same place twice, it doesn’t mean that it won’t strike at all. Safety is not something we should skimp on, unless your favorite emotion is regret. Therefore, you must understand the benefits of using surge protectors in your own home.

AVR alternativeDifferent Types of Surge Protectors

Take note that while surge protectors do a lot of what their name suggests, there are different kinds that offer varying degrees of protection. For instance, portable voltage protectors do their job for one or two appliances with some limitations, although they are still adequate and affordable for most cases. Whole house surge protectors do a lot more for a wider area, although you’ll be putting down more cash for it. In any case, you must know what surge protectors can do for you in these conditions.


  •  Protects Your Appliances

Portable power strips are sometimes marketed as surge protectors as they do provide some circuit-breaking capabilities and surge protection. Using them for your appliances can help you keep them from shorting during adverse conditions. Of course, a whole house surge protector takes it further by protecting everything within the allotted area in the household. Purchase a good one from a reputable supplier in order to avail of the warranty in case that something does get damaged.

  •  Keeps Computers Safe

These days, surge protectors are primarily used to keep computers from sizzling out since they’re very sensitive to power surges. While modern home computers do have their own built-in protections courtesy of both the power supply and the BIOS, having them hooked up to a  surge protector or UPS will ensure that you prevent considerable damage and data loss in an event of a power outage, lightning strike, or any other unforeseen situation involving the power.

Data loss is definitely a concern these days, especially with files, databases, and other important information in digital format is crucial. Losing them due to some accident could spell disaster for a lot of people, and surge protectors are definitely good insurance to help prevent such woes. They’re so important that computer retailers do sell surge protectors and other power accessories to prevent such catastrophes, and the good ones are worth the cost.

  •  Ease of Use

aircon timerSurge protectors are generally user-friendly as their application is quite straightforward. Whole house surge protectors are a bit more  complicated, but they do function based on a simple principle. They act as bridges that restricts the amount of voltage coming in, so the power is controlled in the event of a surge. They also provide the added benefit of giving you peace of mind and security in times of power outages as there’s no real need to unplug your appliances and devices since you are protected from surges right there. When power is restored after an outage, the surge protector opens the circuit and safely lets the power back in.

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