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Worldbex is a 5 day event that will be held from March 16-20, 2016 at the World Trade Center Metro Manila, Philippines.

Worldbex 2016

This event puts together over 500 exhibiting companies and more than a thousand booths showcasing products like construction equipment, building materials, interior decorative items, garden and landscaping tools, DIY home improvement kits, lighting systems, alternative energy sources etc. in the Building Construction, Home Furnishings, Architecture & Designing industries.

Meiji Electric at Worldbex

Meiji Electric will once again join Worldbex to showcase their innovative items to the public. Some of the items that will be displayed are the Meiji Classic and Champagne Series Wiring Devices, Circuit Breakers, Contactors, Thermal Overload Relays, Timers, Motor Starters.


Meiji Items


Meiji’s pioneer items like the USB outlets, Meiji Home Panel Boards, Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs), Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVRs), Step-Down Transformers will also be showcased. This is also the perfect time to view the 3 new items namely the Meiji 4-Port USB Extension Cord  MES1405, The 3’’x3’’Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter with 1 International Outlet and 2 USB Outlets MGU252, The Quad Extension Set with 4 International Outlets and 4 USB Outlets MES1404.


Visitors can avail these items on a special limited offer! Plus, there is a special raffle game in Meiji Electric’s booth where visitors will get a chance win exciting prizes! So we are inviting all architects, engineers, project managers, interior designers and end users to visit Meiji Electric’s Booth Number 3024-3025 at Worldbex to view the various innovative products that provide safety and convenience to homes, commercial and industrial establishments.


See you all there and witness how Meiji Electric enhances energy to your everyday life!



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If you’re an avid fan of sci-fi movies or have seen at least one or two really good sci-fi films, you may have already definitely noticed they often have super cool technology! Somehow, movie writers end up imagining and creating random gadgets and devices, each one more cool and efficient and powerful than the last.

While a lot of sci-fi technology cooked up in movies still remain fictional, there are some that scientists actually managed to bring to real life! For example, who would have thought many years ago that having motion-sensor items in your own home in the Philippines would actually be possible?

Well it is. Amazingly, many gadgets used to be found only in movies have become part of our daily lives. This happens more often than you’d expect too. For example, these few times when sci-fi movies predicted future technologies….

Mobile Phones


Before mobile phones, we had… well, regular wired phones that stayed in our houses and weren’t in our hands 24/7. Did you know we actually owe our mobile phones to the Star Trek franchise? The inventor of the first cell phone, Martin Cooper, admitted his invention was inspired by the handheld communicators in the Star Trek universe. The classic handheld communicators were in the original television series and Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.



Not the old school tablets that Moses used to have, but modern tablets that are pretty much large phones or portable desktop monitors… eh, you know what we mean. You know exactly which tablet we are talking about because almost everyone we know has one! You’re even probably reading this article on a tablet right now. While tablets were only invented and became common a few years ago, the film 2001: A Space Odyssey contains a scene wherein a man is eating breakfast and watching the news on what looks like the table we have today. However, the movie was released in 1968! Now that’s foresight!

3D Printers


The mobile phone isn’t the only device predicted by Star Trek. In the franchise, there is a machine called a Replicator that is capable of creating objects out of thin air. The 3D printer is similar in a way that it can create/recreate something, but the process is a little more complicated than something appearing out of thin air. While we can print 3D food these days, it’s not mass produced and is still being worked on by scientists. Plus flavorwise, it’s practically tasteless (or so we heard).



People used to think it impossible to  have a real-time conversation with someone not within a few feet of you, let alone actually be able to see them! 2001: A Space Odyssey had this device, as did Blade Runner and several other sci-fi movies. Nowadays, not only can we video call someone using our phones, we can also use our webcams to chat with people from literally thousands of miles away.

It makes you think, doesn’t it, of how far our technology has come and how lucky we are that we were born in this era (or are we?). Regardless, we can also look forward to upcoming inventions and breakthroughs.

Are you also waiting for hoverboards to become as common as mobile phones? Or are there other advanced technologies you’re waiting to become reality? Let us know!

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Imagine a life without refrigerators, electric fans, televisions, computers, electric lights, and iron. Just picturing out such a life is difficult, isn’t it? Well, without electricity, all these things wouldn’t be able to make our lives more convenient. But what exactly is electricity, and how does it get to our homes?

We here at Meiji Electronic, the best electrical supplier in the Philippines, will give you a lowdown on how this force of nature powers our modern-day devices.

meiji power best electric supplier philippines

Definition of Electricity

Electricity is a type of energy formed by the existence and movement of an electrical charge such as protons or electrons. Protons are positively charged, while protons are negatively charged. Like particles repel from one another while those with opposite charges attract one another.

Forms of Electricity

There are two forms of Electricity: Static and Current electricity.

static electricity meiji


Sometimes, when you comb your hair really fast, there is some sort of energy that makes your hair strands stand by themselves. Or sometimes you experience a shot of electricity when your skin makes contact with another person. Some call it magic, but it’s actually static electricity. This is caused by the imbalance of opposite charges, which results to the electrons bouncing around atoms to relieve energy. Another example is one of nature’s most beautiful phenomenon, lightning.

current electricity meiji


You may have seen the letters AC and DC when it comes to electronics. AC stands for alternating current, while DC stands for direct current. It is easy to know the difference between the two currents. Direct Current flows in only one direction, while Alternating current goes back and forth. Direct Current is applicable to toys and small gadgets while Alternating is applicable to large household appliances such as washing machines.

How does Electricity Travel to Your Home?

Before electricity can reach your home, it has to be produced first, and there are different ways to generate electricity for mass consumption. There are different possible ways to generate power: moving water (hydroelectric), nuclear fission (nuclear), wind, and the sun (solar). Here in the Philippines, however, the most common one, which is also the most common one around the world, is burning fossil fuel – coal or petroleum – to produce steam, which powers the large turbines. When these turbines move, electricity is produced.

Next, the electricity moves through the power plant to the transformers, where the voltage is raised to allow the electricity to travel through long distances. The electricity is sent through power lines that can last for miles to a substation transformer, where the voltage is lowered down. Finally, it is sent to a pole transformer to reduce once and for all the voltage down to 120 to 250 volts.

This electricity flows to a service box that measures how much electricity you use. Breakers and fusers are also located here to insulate the wires from any possible electrical overload. The electricity then flows through your home to power whatever electronic device you have, such as your computer or microwave.

We have been living with electricity for so long that it’s already taken for granted. But now that you know more about this all-too-important resource, you probably appreciate it even more.

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Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVRs) are widely used in industrial and household application to obtain the stability and good regulation of different electrical equipment. Hence, we must know the best capabiliAVR1ties an AVR should have.

  1. Surge Protection

Surge protection feature cannot be removed from an AVR as it is one of the main purposes of it. When power supply suddenly rise with a great intensity, surge protector built-in the AVR shields the computer or any other connected equipment from that strong power flow. With an AVR, the equipment is safe and secured as it continues to operate.

  1. Short Circuit ProtectionAVR2

Whether it is a circuit breaker or a fuse, what’s important is the protection it gives when short circuit happens. This feature of an AVR will cause the fuse or breaker to blow or trip first before anything can happen to the equipment associated with it. But this doesn’t mean that the AVR is damaged. Circuit breakers as short circuit protectors automatically trip and cut the power off. Fuses on the other hand, blow and also cut the power line. Thus, it must be reset or replaced upon occurrence of the short circuit.

  1.  Line Noise ReductionAVR3

The audible noise released from high-voltage lines is caused by the discharge of power that happens when the intensity of the electrical flow on the conductor surface is greater than the intensity necessary to start a flow of electric current. AVRs reduce line noises which can irritate users when using light or heavy-duty equipment.

  1.  Servo Motor Technology

AVR4Servo-Motor AVR uses an advanced electronic controlled servo-motor concept to control a motorized variable transformer. Because of the motors involved, there is a small delay in voltage correction. However, the output voltage is accurate. This capability of an AVR tends to be extremely effective when considering large applications, as it is able to maintain its accuracy despite of input balance and load balance at any power factor.


Meiji AVRs got all these four features for you! From 500 to 10,000 power wattages, you can have the right and precise AVR.

Invest now in Meiji’s AVRs and experience the real enhancement for your valued equipment.

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investment.meijiHave you ever experienced a power fluctuation?  For most of us who are not technically-inclined, we don’t usually think or mind about power loads. But the power that comes in our house has everything to do with the bills we pay later. Interested? That’s what I thought.

Definition of power fluctuation

To put it in a layman’s definition, “power fluctuation” occurs when the voltage in your house or any place that uses electricity begins to fall or rise, meaning there is an inconsistency in the flow of electricity.

For example, you use your air conditioner, DVD player and TV at the same time.  Then you noticed that your lights flickered a bit. That is a sign of power fluctuation.

How about during a storm, you notice that before the power outage, your lights blinked along with your other appliances? You thought it was weird? No. Again, that is a sign of power fluctuation.

Power fluctuation might cause damage to appliances

Maybe most of us might think that it’s just normal. Yes, it is. Because we only depend on our power supplier and our power supplier only depends on power plant. That is why there is nothing we can do but to deal with it. But did you know that power fluctuation might cause little to serious damage to our appliances especially to sensitive ones like our computers and televisions? And that is something we shouldn’t be dealing with. Like what my Mom said, our appliances should be treated as an investment. So why just sit and let your appliances be damaged when you know you can do something?

Use Automatic Voltage Regulator

Meiji AVR 500WOne of this is through the use of Automatic Voltage Regulator or most commonly known as AVR. An AVR controls and limits the voltage going into a device or load. It is designed to automatically maintain constant voltage levels our appliances are receiving. AVR regulates input voltage for a stable electrical output. And through that, it also prolongs the usage life of an appliance. Perfect to be used especially with one of the most sensitive appliance in our household and offices, our personal computers. Since computer chips are very delicate that even a small power fluctuation could damage its hard drive, we need AVRs. Imagine the big hassle it would create if your computer crashed?

So now, who says our appliances couldn’t have a life saver? There will be is no reason to regret buying expensive and quality appliances because of our fear of power fluctuation. With Meiji Automatic Voltage Regulator, our investment is in good hands.

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Hello Valued Friends!

A wonderful way to welcome the Chinese New Year and celebrate Valentines day!

Meiji Electric supports Ace Hardware by giving 10% off on all Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVRs) from 500watts to 5000watts!

Come visit us and know what AVRs are for and how it  can save your appliances!

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Hello friends! In line with our privilege to provide you with the best quality and service of AVRs, allow us to introduce the new look of Meiji AVR 500-1500 VA.

Included still is a convenient switch for easier turn-on and shut-off without the need of pulling the plug from your wall outlet.

Still having the same features from the previous AVR, 3: 220V outlet and 1: 110V, fuse protection, delay and a quick start button, we have been serving you but now with more properly connected wires for your safety and easy maintenance.


Still having the same number of outlets: 2-220V, 2-110V.

With its new Quick start button in front for your convenience and pleasure; no need to wait for 3-5minutes delay!

Having also a new feature of a breaker reset-type type instead of a fuse; eliminating the hassle of replacing it each time there will be fluctuations in your electricity that will cause an over or under-voltage.

Not to mention, a more compact type that will save you more space!

Meiji AVR features


For this item, we really revitalized the look! Now having a more compact size, Meiji SVC-5000W also has a built-in Manual Transfer Switch (MTS) for your choice of servo-motor type or relay-type!

Still with your choice of 2 outlets: 1-110V; 1-220V.

Try and see for yourself the difference of how AVRs are supposed to work for you!

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Click here to check out our entire list of available AVRs and order them straight to your home today!

Servo Motor AVRsAn Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) is one that is used to protect our computers and other appliances (i.e. refrigerators, flat screen TVs) against surging and fluctuating of electricity by maintaining the load voltage against wide variances.

This is also necessary especially for places where power outages frequently happen as such as our country resulting in excessive in rush current upon power resumption.

Servo-motor AVRs

Meiji AVRs are servo-motor type with 4 universal outlets (3: 220V and 1:110V). We also have power-on delay of 5-8 minutes so as to protect the appliance for sudden surges of electricity. However, we also have a Quick-start feature to override this in case of an immediate need. Like our transformers, our AVR units also have a fuse protective device for over voltage. This will be the initial warning as it blows to inform you or the user that the ampere rating being used is more than the allowable. It also protects your appliance against short circuits and other dangerous faults to avoid accidents like fire.

Included also is a convenient switch for easier turn-on and shut-off without the need of pulling the plug from your wall outlet.

For our 3000w and 5000w units, we also have a built-in circuit breaker to better protect your higher rated appliances. When it trips, this would be a warning that your appliance may be experiencing faults, shorts and/or others.

The features and benefits of Meiji AVRs are more than what you can ask for!

Available wattages:







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