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This summer season, as we all look forward to enjoying the great summer outings or out of the country vacations, we also expect energy bills to rise due to the intense summer heat. Whether you are using your aircon more often, using more water to take showers, or using more electricity to run fans to get a cool breeze, energy saving tips can help your pocket and the Earth. Here are some energy saving tips to help you through this hot summer:

Efficient operation

Have your aircon cleaned or replace filters monthly for more efficient operation. Dirty filters restrict airflow and can cause the system to run longer, increasing energy use.

Unplug appliances and electronics

Unplug appliances and electronics when not in use. Plug home electronics, such as TVs, DVD players and computers into the MEIJI 13 Series Extension Sets MES-1303 to 1306. It has an individual power switch that you can turn off when the equipment is not in use.


Ceiling Fan

  1. When it is not that hot, give your aircon a much needed break by using a ceiling fan.


Protects Your Appliance

Meiji Voltage Protector with Timer4. Use Meiji Voltage Protector with Timer TC-V002, A Voltage Protector is a device that protects your appliance by cutting off power as it reaches the minimum allowable voltage drop or exceeds the maximum over voltage rating. With its built-in 8 programmable timer, you have the option to manage all your appliances by turning them on and off on your preferred time setting. Not only that, it also has varied day preferences: whether you want the timer to work  daily, weekly, monthly, only on weekdays, on alternating days, just set it and it’s done!



Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

5.Use Meiji Motion Sensors MS 01-04 on indoor and outdoor lighting. These are either wall, ceiling mounted or stand-alone type.  Sensors are great for those rooms where you stow your stuff, such as attics and basements so you don’t need to fumble for switches when your hands are full. It is also perfect for hallways where lights are just needed when you pass by.

Meiji Motion Sensors



Meiji Dimmer Switch


Dim Your Accent

6. Use the Meiji Dimmer Switch MCS1825 to dim your accent or decorative lights and halogen bulbs. Dimmers reduce power to the lighting source or bulb, so they save energy and can also extend bulb life.







  1. Keep the hot sun out of your home: When leaving your home, or at noon when the sun is at its hottest, pull your window treatments down to block out warm rays. Your interior spaces will feel cooler and your aircon won’t work as hard.

Turn Lights ON or OFF

  1. Meiji TCV004 24 Hour Rotary TimerUse the Meiji 24 Hour Rotary Timer TC-V004 to automatically turn lights ON and OFF at a specific time. This is perfect for giving your home a `lived in’ look while you’re away at work or on summer vacation.


Spend More Time Outside

9.Spend more time outside of your home: Summer time is a perfect excuse to get out and enjoy it! From swimming in pools to having a picnic or getting exercise outdoors, spending less time in your house will help your energy consumption bill.


Saving energy this summer shouldn’t be a major challenge. Use these helpful energy saving tips to protect your wallet, save the Earth and keep you and your family cool this summer. Do your part in making this summer enjoyable for all, and keep your energy consumption to minimum levels.


All these items are available at your nearest ACE Hardware, CW Home Depot and Handyman branches. Or call us at 448-7423, 414-4012 and 727-5790. You can also visit our 2 showrooms located at No. 1 Mabolo Street New Manila, Quezon City and Unit 15 Lansdale Arcade, Mother Ignacia, Quezon City

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There are many applications where a timer is important. Air conditioners, heaters, freezers and even lighting in an industrial or commercial setting often needs to be placed on a timer so that it will turn on when required, and turn off when not needed.


Meiji Industrial Timer (TC-V004)

Meiji Industrial Timer helps protect your energy supplies by reducing unnecessary ONs and OFFs of your equipment, and it can also help lessen your energy consumption by turning off equipment automatically.

Ideal for home, industrial and commercial applications

Meiji Industrial Timer is ideal for home, industrial and commercial applications. This is perfect for turning off lights, signages and other necessary circuits of your store or shop to prevent a shocking increase in your electric bill.

light_box signage







When you have a lot of appliances at home and you want them to be in one control, you can also use this amazing timer. Meiji Industrial Timer is also effective for turning on and off perimeter lights and ceiling fans in warehouses and industrial areas.

The Meiji Industrial Timer can accommodate your circuits up to 16 amperes and resistive from 100 to 240 volts providing direct 24 hour time switch control to your loads. Meiji Industrial Timer has a 24-hour rotary multiple range time setting for “ON/OFF “ and 150 hours back-up battery.  Meiji Industrial Timer is intended to have din rail mounting for easy maintenance.

How to Set the Time

Turn the programming dial clockwise to set the hour on the pointer, and then turn the programming dial again, to set precisely the minutes on the pointer

Setting On and Off Sequence

Push the pins outward on the specific time to turn on the timer switch, and maintain the pins inward, to turn off the timer switch.


Meiji Industrial Timer is just right for your needs as it works for many different applications. Now, your daily businesses can be energy conscious while still benefiting from their electrical equipment. Its one-of-a-kind features are perfect for people who are on the go.

With Meiji Industrial Timer, you can ensure that your store or even your home is safe.


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MERRY CHRISTMASChristmas is here! With it are the rush and hustle of buying gifts, preparing for parties, cooking favorite dishes, and giving to others the blessing we have for this year requires much effort and sacrifice.

Time is an essential commodity

Time is an essential commodity especially in this busy season so owning a timer can greatly help individuals who are not usually at home or who would like to be in control of what’s going on at home.

Timers vary in shapes and sizes

Timers vary in shapes and sizes and for Meiji timer, upon the user’s preference, it can also be customized accordingly.  Having a timer can allow you to organize your schedule WITHOUT  having to compromise the tasks and things you need to attend to.  Scheduling the activities ahead of time so it could be programmed into your timer can also work to your advantage. For example: You would like the garage lights to be opened every 6:00 pm so you wouldn’t need to go home to a dark house after work.  Another example would be if you would like to relax into your  air conditioned room at 10:00pm every weekends. This can be arranged with your Meiji Timers!

Very useful for students and workers

Also, giving timers as gift can be greatly appreciated by the receiver since this can be very useful for Timer with Voltage Protetectorstudents, workers whether single or married alike.  This gift is low-maintenance unlike the other gadgets in the market  and inexpensive as well as handy because one can bring it anywhere even in faraway travels.

Timers can really help us celebrate the season

There are timers that operate on batteries while other ones may use wire type.  Some also opt to have them come with alarm systems and an individual can easily set it on his desired time and sleep to his heart’s content without worrying of waking up late for an engagement. There is no danger of it getting lost because almost anyone can afford to buy it.  Timers can really help us celebrate the season free of hassle because in the midst of preparation and whirlwind of activities, one is reminded of his priorities of what should be done first and when.  One thing that’s clear is the durability and being user-friendly of the gadget.  Even old folks can use timers without having to read the whole manual with complex technical terms.  One can just set it to his own satisfaction accordingly.  There are many brands that offer these kind of gadget so people must choose wisely depending upon the model and style they want for themselves or for somebody if it is given as a gift.

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24-hour timerIf you’re looking for great deals, you may include this article in your list. Recently Meiji Electric has showcased one of the most interesting items in their product line. A new technology of Timers with Voltage Protection!

As we personally use this at home and it works perfectly, I felt it was only appropriate to write an article about it. My sister and I was looking for an aircon timer in a hardware store. Luckily, we were told about Meiji’s 24-Hour Timer. As we reviewed the item, we found out that it not only can be used for aircon, it also has 8 timer options, with your choice of days! My sister and I are currently maximizing these options in our room. Our setting was set in 8 ways of course:

Meiji’s 24-Hour Timer

On Mondays, since she has no work, turn on time is at 11pm and turn-off time at 12noon. For Tuesdays, turn on at 10pm and turn off at 5am. On Wednesdays, since we have Bible Study, turn on at 7pm and turn off at 5am. For Thursdays, we usually stay home, so the air condition is already on by 7pm and off at 5am. Friday is our night-outs with friends so its set to turn on at 1am and off at 10am. Saturdays and Sundays, we set it to be on from 1pm and then turn off at 4pm and then turn on again at 10pm and then off at 8am the next day.

So this was how ours was set. You may also use this with your flat screen TVs, sound system, water heaters/pump and more. As long as you comply with its load capacity at 4,400W, 20A, just plug and play!

But it doesn’t stop there. This item also has a built-in voltage protector to keep your appliances safe from the usual fluctuations in our country. No need to worry about resetting the items plugged-in as Meiji Timer with Voltage Protector will automatically turn-on as the voltage stabilizes to a power safe to use for your appliances.

Setting your Meiji Timer is a one time thing so once and for all, do away with the hassle of manually turning on and off an appliance whenever you wish to do so. No more manually turning on your aircon just to get more hours of sleep during the weekends! What are you waiting for? Try it now!

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Hello Valued Customers!

AVR alternativeAs our ACE HARDWARE sale just finished, and as per your sincere request for more… we  give-in and want more of you a chance to avail of our sale. Fear no more shoppers, for it’s Handyman’s turn for a whole month’s sale! Check out Meiji displays on our Handyman outlets (Galeria, Ermita, Metroeast, Farmers and Limketkai).

We’ll be giving 10% off on our Voltage Protectors and Voltage Protectors with Timers! Do away with cashing out more money for AVRs when your low to medium wattage appliances can be protected by your Meiji Voltage Meiji timers PhilippinesProtectors!

These items are the most updated technology to compliment your electrical needs released late last year.

Handyman stores nationwide will be having its electrical sale this April! Be sure to get your wallets and lists ready for an efficient shopping! Enjoy!

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