Steps on How to Change and Install Your Outlets

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Are  your electrical outlets starting to wear out? Think it’s about time to replace them? Worry no more because you can do it yourself! Read on and learn how.

Prepare the following items

First things first. Kindly prepare the following items:

1. Screwdriver

2. Wire strippers/ Pliers

3. Voltage tester

4. Electrical tape.


You always have to make sure that the circuit breaker controlling the outlet is OFF before taking any further action. Failing to do so will likely result to dangerous mishaps (i.e. electronic shocks and/or grounding) you wouldn’t dare to try.  To make sure, test your appliance before you proceed with the series of steps below on how to change and install your outlet.

Please take note that by doing so, you may also be turning off the power of the other outlets or loads within the same circuit.


Start off by removing the face plate or the cover of the outlet, then use the screwdriver to remove the 2 mounting screws that are attached to the utility box.


Slightly pull out the outlet which is composed of a series of electrical wires connected to the outlet.


Remove the electrical wires attached to the outlet.

Commonly you will notice three types of wires from the outlet. The black wire is known as the live wire, while the white wire is neutral. Thirdly, the green wire serves as the safety ground. However, in some countries, the purpose of the black wire and white wire are being interchanged. Most of the time, the color of the wire also varies.

The wires also differ in size and in order to check it you should be using a tool called wire gauge. In general, the typical sizes of wire being used in household outlets in our country is AWG #12 STRANDED wire and the AWG 14 STRANDED wire  for switches.


Get your new outlet. Attach the wires to the new outlet. Slightly push the outlet back into the utility box.

TIP: It would be a good practice to label the wires to avoid confusion when returning them back in place. universal outlets philippinesRemember that you have to match the old wires with the correct new wires.


Screw back the 2 mounting screws unto the utility box.


Cover up with the face plate and then turn on the power and test if everything is okay.

There you have it!  Congratulations! You’ve just learned  how to personally change and install your electrical outlets at home!

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