How to Know the Best Step-down Transformer ‘Rating’ for your Equipment

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Transformers 50-100W

How would you use your imported oven toaster rated at 110V if our voltage supply here in the Philippines is 220V?

Use a step-down transformer

The answer is just simple, use a step-down transformer as it converts alternating current (AC) from one voltage to another voltage, like from 220V to 110V.

But some of you may be confuse, because aside from the voltage rating, wattage rating must also be considered. So the real question is how you will know what rating of transformer you will need.

Determining the rating of your equipment

Determining the rating of your equipment is easy. Technical parameters are usually written at the back of your equipment. You should know the voltage requirement. Usually, imported equipment is rated at 110V or 100V. Keep in mind that MERALCO gives out only plus and minus 10% accuracy of the normal 220V. That is why you need a step-down transformer.

For instance, your imported oven toaster is rated at 1500 watts and runs on 110V power supply. If it’s rated in amperes, you’ll just have to do the math of conversion. Usually, the safest allowance of the transformer you can give is 3 times the wattage rating of your equipment. So the safest transformer that can support your oven toaster is a 5000 watts step-down transformer, step-down because MERALCO supplies us 220V and you have to transform it into 110V.

Many equipment require a large burst of current

Many equipment such as those motor-operated like washing machine and compressors require a large burst of current when during start-up and transition to normal operating circumstances. Some may not be motor-operated but most of them has cooling or heating element such as microwave oven, sterilizers, coffee makers and the likes.

In both cases, you should use much higher wattage of transformer. This allowance is for safety purposes like in-rush currents.

Meiji Electric offers you Step-down transformers

Meiji Electric offers you Step-down transformers with a thorough voltage conversion of 220V down to 110V or 100V. Wattage rating is from 50W up to 10,000W. Anything in between, we’ve got it for you! Meiji Step-down transformers have 110V and 100V outputs in international outlets and come with built-in fuse protection.

Step-down Transformers Transformers 50-100W

So give the best support to your equipment by using Meiji Step-down Transformers!


8 responses to “How to Know the Best Step-down Transformer ‘Rating’ for your Equipment”

  1. Joan Naguit says:

    My oven toaster is from the US and has the following electrical ratings written at the bottom as:
    120v, 60Hz, 1200W
    Is an AVR (used with a desktop computer) safe enough to be used to operate the toaster?
    Will appreciate it if you could help me out. Thanks!

  2. Joan Naguit says:

    Thank you!

  3. Manuel Sangalang says:

    I have a portable air conditioner which has these ratings, 110v, 10.8A, with 4100w cooling and 4100 heating capacities. I don’t intend to use the heating function. May I ask what transformer should I get?

    • John says:

      Hi Manuel,

      Usually we recommend to triple the rating of your appliance (appliance wattage X 3 = wattage of transformer). But we suggest to consult your technician so they can check what is appropriate transformer for your ac.

      As of the moment our highest wattage of transformer is 10000 watts. 🙂

      Thank you

  4. Honesto S. Estabillo says:

    I have a hair blower/drier with these ff. ratings: 125 volts/1875 watts. What would be the required rating of step-down transformer (220/110 v) to use? Tnx

    • HenryMeiji says:

      Hello Sir, in regards in your question it is better to use at least 3X of the appliance wattage the stepdown transformer that you will use.

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