Spot that Smoke, Stop the Fire!

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“There’s no smoke without fire.” Some of us believe this figuratively. But let’s take this literally!









News reports about fire break-outs spread as fast as fire scatters into houses. In the Philippines, three fire incidents were reported early this day about two o’clock in the morning: one in Davao City, another in Sta. Ana, Manila and another one in Quezon City. You might be asking, how come they didn’t notice the fire before it blazed? Or didn’t they sense or smell the smoke when the fire had just started?

When a person is asleep his nose does not sense smoke

According to Wikipedia, when a person is asleep his nose does not sense smoke nor does the brain. But the body will wake up if the lungs had been enveloped in smoke which then stimulates the brain and then he or she will be awakened.

But wouldn’t it be better, not to mention, safer if you just get buzzed by the sound of the great alarm?  In this day and age, it is very efficient and wise to have smoke detectors installed in your homes.


Meiji Smoke Alarm

Meiji Smoke Detector is a very effective device to prevent fire before it becomes bigger.

With this kind of device, you will be alarmed of a fire when you’re asleep, busy or in a different part of the house from where the fire is.  It can provide you extra warning time when you are awake, and it wakes you up if a fire occurs while you are asleep. It buys us time. And in a fire, time is definitely more precious than gold. It spells life.

Smoke detectors, work by regularly checking the air for hints of the gasses and smoke particles produced by a fire.

Installing Meiji Smoke Detectors has a lot of advantages. Here are some:

• You can respond to the alarm quickly as soon as you hear it. This will enable you to stop the fire from burning the whole office or house down. Smoke detector in homes and offices will lead you to the exact place where the smoke started. This will make it possible to get hold of a fire extinguisher or hose so that you can put off the flames.

• Smoke detectors in homes and offices will warn every person in the house or office immediately. It must function in alerting every person about the possibility of fire.  Due to its loud sound-providing feature, every person near the smoky area will surely be alarmed. That’s why experts suggest that every level of the house or office must have smoke detectors installed.

• It provides the person left in the house with precise time frame to get off before the fire breaks out.

stock-footage-smoke-detector-alarmRemember however, to test and clean your smoke detectors at least once a month. Never paint a smoke alarm because paints can clog the vents. Replace them if the testing fails and check batteries whenever necessary.

Smoke detectors can literally save your life, your family and even your business if a fire should happen. If your home doesn’t have smoke alarms, invest a few to purchase and install them. 

Your life is worth it!

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