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As the colder weather approaches, streets, sidewalks, malls and homes are busily reminding us that Christmas is coming. Christmas songs are now being played in several department stores. And of course, Christmas decorations had spread throughout the whole city.

Avoid the hassle on your Christmas shopping

Christmas is near! Avoid the hassle on your Christmas shopping and don’t go anywhere else because Meiji’s Apple Tipps is back!

Apple Tipps is Meiji Electric’s home of Christmas decors. From small tabletop decorations to dazzling Christmas Trees, we have them all.

Different types of Fiber Optic Christmas Trees

Different types of Fiber Optic Christmas Trees are available. Also, you can find here the Christmas trees with LED lights such as the Meiji Fiber Optic Pine Cone, Small Balls, Acrylic Star, Raindrops and Meiji Fiber Optic Balls.

LED Christmas Village Collections

Be amazed with the LED Christmas Village Collections like the one with moving cable car and skiing kids, the one with moving train, running reindeers, moving carousel, the one with mansion inside a book, and a whole lot more.

Cute little Christmas décors

Present also are the cute little Christmas décors with lights such as the sets of pointed and bonnet hat snowmen. Tabletops will be showcased together with the other moving Christmas decors. And if you need something to be displayed at your front door, Apple Tipps has the best wreath for you.

Cherry Blossom Trees

Aside from Christmas trees, you will also find Cherry Blossom Trees which can be a great gift for your friends and relatives this Christmas season. So these are not just for decorations, but great ideas for presents.

Please come and visit us at Unit 15 Landsdale Arcade, Mother Ignacia Street, Quezon City. Just opposite St. Paul the Apostle Parish church, you can see Apple Tipps’ Christmas decorations.

With Meiji Electric, enhance the reason for the Christmas season!




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