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Security is an important factor when house-hunting. We want to know that our house will be safe from intruders each time we leave, and we want to be able to close our eyes and fall asleep without worrying about being attacked during the night. It is for this very reason that people invest in different security systems like alarms and motion sensors available in the Philippines.

Then there are those who take security to the next level. There are locations in this world that are very heavily guarded, not even the most skilled spies can ever hope to access them.

There are places in this world that are not accessible to just about anyone. Here are some of the most secured locations on Earth:

Fort Knox

fort knox

This place is home to 5, 000 tons of gold bullion, the original U.S. Constitution, Declaration of Indpendence, and the Magna Carta during World War 2. Anyone who tries to break in will have to get past the electric fences, armed guards, and thick granite walls. Inside is a 22-ton blast-proof door. It’s protected by a code that is divided to ten different individuals. Since there is no single person who knows the secret code, one will have to gather all 10 individuals to open that door. There are also about 30,000 soldiers from the military camp whose primary priority is the security of Fort Knox.

Cheyenne Mountain

Cheyenne Mountain

During the cold war, the US Missile Warning Center and North American Aerospace Defense Command were hosted here. It has 25-ton doors that can withstand a 30-megaton blast. The offices inside the mountain can be found 2, 000 feet into the mountain’s granite. They pump air inside — probably the cleanest — that’s processed through a state-of-the-art filter.

Bold Lane Car Park

This is perhaps the most secure car park in the world. To access the facility, you have to avail a bar code ticket which indicates your exact parking spot. Once you park your car, motion detectors will be activated which will sound the alarm if something happens to your car while you were gone. The emergency system can lock down Bold Lane in 45 seconds.

Svalbard Seed Vault

Svalbard Seed Vault

In the event of apocalyptic disaster, the humans who survive will have at least 500, 000 plant species to help the earth survive. The location is 430 feet above sea level which means that even if ice caps melt, the vault will remain untouched. The place can be found in a mountain that has no roads leading to it and cannot be found on any of the maps sold to the public today.

ADX Florence Prison

fort knox

Also known as the Alcatraz of the Rockies, ADX or Administative Maximum Facility is a supermax prison for men. It houses the most dangerous criminals in the US. Its security includes attack dogs, remote controlled steel doors, laser beams, and pressure pads. All materials in the rooms are made of concrete steel. In addition, when prisoners look out the window, all they’ll see is the sky, making it hard to pinpoint where they are inside the facility.

Like these buildings, your family and home also deserve maximum protection. Employ only the best security systems and motion sensors from Meiji to keep everything you hold dear safe from intruders.

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