Secure your Home with Meiji Ceiling-type Motion Sensor

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Our daily living needs to be secured these days as burglars try a lot of means to get homes. Motion sensors can be considered a “must have” security device that can help discourage unwanted visitors. One of the ways we can avoid such is the use of a Ceiling-type Motion Sensor.

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A Ceiling-type Motion Sensor is a motion detecting equipment which uses passive infrared (PIR) energy to recognize the movement of heat or any person invited or uninvited in a specific area in your home. It is simply installed in your ceiling and voila! You reap the benefits of either having an alarm system or automatic lighting.

Ceiling-type Motion Sensors detect the presence or absence of people in your home and turn lights on and off accordingly. They can reduce your lighting energy consumption by 50 percent or more in some circumstances, but the savings for any given installed sensor can be much less. As a result, it’s important to carefully consider some before installing one in a specific location.

Secure your home with Meiji Ceiling-type Motion Sensor!

360˚ detection range


Because Meiji Electric offers you a Ceiling-type Motion Sensor with a 360˚ detection range, you can be sure that your home is secured against several possible criminal acts which cannot be detected if nobody is around.

Meiji Ceiling-type Motion Sensor (MS-02) is also a fully automatic indoor security light controller capable of controlling your lights up to 1200W incandescent or 300W fluorescent lighting. With detection distance of 3 to 6 meters (<24˚), all movements can be spotted accurately. Like the light switches in our home, Meiji Ceiling type motion sensor needs a 220-240VAC power supply.

Can be effectively used in areas that are often unoccupied

Shower-led-motion-sensor-light-MB980-ShowerMeiji Ceiling-type Motion Sensors can also be effectively used in areas that are often unoccupied, including some offices, warehouses, storerooms, restrooms, corridors, stairwells, office lounges, and conference rooms. Meiji Ceiling-type Motion Sensor can also be useful in schools, colleges, nurseries, churches, libraries, and other areas where tampering is a concern. Considerations for your motion sensor placement include sources of ambient temperature changes such as heating vents; sources of movement such as pets, wind, and normal traffic patterns.led-motion-sensor-ceiling-light-MB980-Stairs
Nowadays, motion sensors show to be very effective because of their different uses. Having a little knowledge about their type, functions and best installation is a “must” to prevent misuse and disappointments. And to maximize the best usage of motion sensors, particularly the Ceiling-type, make sure to invest on the brand which you entrust your safety and convenience.

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  1. Jean Prado says:

    I’m interested with the Meiji Ceiling-type Motion Sensor which lights on and off if there’s a movement. Is there a supply available in Metro Manila, Philippines? You’re answer/reply will be much appreciated.
    Thank You.

  2. Ian Bailio says:

    Where can I buy Meiji motion sensors here in Cebu?



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