Save Upto Php1,500 Monthly with LED Lights!

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Would you reckon that saving our planet by energy conservation is a good idea? Everybody loves being a hero in the simplest and most doable of ways. In this article, you will learn one way of accomplishing this: by using LEDs. Yes, we will be tackling about the advantages of using LED lights and how they can save resources, as compared to standard fluorescent/incandescent light bulbs.


LED in a NutshellLED environment friendly

LED (Light Emitting Diodes) are diodes that are so small in size that fitting them inside electronic circuits is just easy. As an efficient source of light, LEDs are now used almost everywhere in both household and commercial areas. There’s no surprise that many of the lamps, bulbs, digital watches, remote controls, electronic appliances, etc. sold in the market are equipped with these. For instance, LEDs are used to grow indoor plants as a substitute for sunlight, assisting in the process of photosynthesis. LED are also applied and installed to flash lights, vehicles, billboards, road signals, decorative and displays, and so on.

Step Up for Pluses

  • Lifespan: An LED light can be used up to 50,000 burning hours, whereas an incandescent bulb can only be used for 1,200 burning hours. With this said, you can save yourself from buying a new light bulb 41-42 times. Definitely, you can set aside some cash on this.
  • Energy Consumption: An LED bulb only uses one-tenth of the wattage that an incandescent bulb uses, to produce the same amount of light. They can drastically reduce your energy consumption and help save our natural resources.
  • Noise: LED lights do not have any disturbing sound, unlike the buzzing of fluorescent bulbs.
  • Durability: Unlike incandescent/ florescent lighting, LEDs do not break as easily. They produce less heat and they don’t contain toxic chemicals such as mercury, making them not only safer in case of an accident, but also better for the environment.
  • Environmental Safety: LED lights are up to 80% more efficient than traditional lighting thus requiring less energy and as a result, less pollution and less waste clogging up landfills.


With the above-mentioned pros, it’s clear that the far superior option is the LED bulb. Getting LED lights is a good long-term investment for you and for the world; one bulb at a time builds up to differences for the planet and your electricity bill.

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