Revised and Renewed Meiji Extension Cords

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We have checked the market, and we have heard your needs. As we aim to satisfy and complete our extension cords line, we have answered your cry for better units to serve your home.

Revised Meiji’s MES-1300

This model is now 4 outlets with 2 international outlets and 2 universal outlets in 3 meters cord. Rated still at 250V, 10A and 2500VA. Now it’s slimmer, more compact and easier to handle.

This model has been frequently used together with computers and other accessories. Reason being is because it doesn’t take up much space and yet all 4 outlets can be maximized without adapters with its international or universal sockets. Another wise place to use it on is in your room where you can plug charges for your gadgets altogether. Since it has a master switch above, you need not unplug your gadgets or appliances, simply turn off your switch and it’s good as gone.

Meiji extension cordsLonger and Lengthier MES-1304 and 1306

MES-1307 is the 5 meters counterpart of our MES-1304. Still with its safety features, MES-1307 is a 4 international outlet extension cord with 4 individual fuses per outlet. These fuses serve as protection once the capacity of the extension cord has exceeded the allowable (2500Watts). Meiji still provides a circuit breaker (red button on the side) which automatically trips or shuts off when there was a short or over voltage that occurred. This usually happens during power-outs or thunders.


MES-1308 on the other hand, is MES-1306 but this time in 5 meters. With its 6 international outlets, individual fuse and a circuit breaker, you can’t go wrong with this one. Wise men say that there is nothing wrong with storing extra. In this particular case, I would have to agree. It saves you the hassle in choosing the right extension cord for your need. Due to the vast choice of extension cords in the market, this may actually leave you to settle for the cheapest one you see (which can also cause you more money when it breaks down). Not to mention taking up much time and effort going to the nearest hardware store. With Meiji’s MES-1308, buying a new extension cord will be something for the future because Meiji cords are meant to last.

We hope to serve more of your requests and we are more than happy to hear from you. Keep them coming guys!

2 responses to “Revised and Renewed Meiji Extension Cords”

  1. vlad says:

    one of socket dont light up and not working but is ok. the one near the breaker. can this be fixed ? i dont need anything just answers. thank you 🙂

    • HenryMeiji says:

      Hello Sir, you can bring it to the store where you bought it, we have a officer there that can help you with your problem, if its the light only that does not work,it is still fixable. if its the socket, let our technician fix it for you. Thank you~

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