Renewable Energy: Solar VS. Wind Energy

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In a time when everyone seems to be concerned about the environment, the idea of using renewable energy is something really interesting and even exciting.

Being renewable, it gives us a kind of relief for it is something we would not run out of and is therefore sustainable. These are also harvested through very efficient instruments that require lower maintenance compared to the traditional generators. Most of all, it gives off minimal waste products and is therefore more eco-friendly.

The two most common types of renewable energy used today are the solar and wind energy which are both efficient. In fact, there have been existing debates whether which of the two is truly the better technology. The thing with these two is that it is not really a matter of which one is the better one but which one fits  your needs more. Of course, unlike the other types of energy, each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.


Solar Energy

Solar Energy is harvested through the use of solar panels. Unlike wind turbines, solar panels are easier to set up. It requires no wiring and chords that makes it really simple. Also, these solar panels can be placed on roofs are not space-consuming. They are also almost maintenance free. Unlike other means of getting energy, they do not have moving and complicated parts that may wear out as time goes by. Solar panels are very durable that they cannot be affected and even damaged by different weather conditions. It is also easier to add some more solar panels in the system that has already been set up. Solar panels also harness energy while making no noise.

However, despite the zero-hassle energy harvesting process through the solar panels, there are some disadvantages that have to be considered as well. First, solar panels are more expensive compared to wind turbines. It should also be taken into consideration that even though appliances powered by solar energy have batteries that allow charging that ensures the availability of energy even when there is no sun, it may not still be enough since solar panels rely largely on sunlight and due to seasonal variations, sunlight may not be enough at times most especially when it is not summer.


Wind Energywind energy

Unlike the sunlight which may not be available all the time, wind blows all throughout the year. Large-scale turbines are also notable for their efficiency and they can be built in varying locations compared to the solar panels which usually work in sunny regions. Usually, these wind turbines are also cheaper compared to solar panels.

However, unlike the solar panels which can be situated on the roof of establishments, installation of turbines may be problematic in areas surrounded by neighbors as ideally they should be placed in open and high areas so as to avoid any abstraction and to make sure of safety as well. Also, these wind turbines ma not be as durable as the solar panels as its parts may be damaged due to some weather conditions. In this case, it may require maintenance.

Key Takeaway

Both of the two means of getting energy, like what was mentioned earlier, have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. In the end, the appropriateness of either solar or wind energy for you depends on your location, on your budget, and your needs.


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