Reasons Why Switches and Outlets Get Worn out

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Have you ever experienced pulling out the adapter charger of your mobile phone and had the shoLight Switchesck of your life because the whole outlet got plugged out as well? Or have you heard of an incident wherein someone was turning on or off a switch and by doing so, his or her finger pressed all the way to the utility box inside it? If you or someone you know has had this type of EMBARRASSING EXPERIENCE, let us help you overcome it. But for those who have not, by reading this article, we can assure you that it won’t happen to you.

You need 3 things

When a switch or an outlet is being installed, as you already know, you need 3 things: a utility box, wire (AWG #12) and the switch with plate or outlet with plate. You first remove the plate; Outlet Platesand then screw together the body of the switch or outlet then put back its plate. The problem however is that the plates of the switches and outlets sold in the market are mostly of plastic strap in nature. This strap is found at the back sides of the switch and outlet nearest to the plate. And usually, HERE IS WHERE THE PROBLEM BEGINS.

Plastic strap is not strong enough

Due to excess pressure, wear and tear and overuse, the switch or the outlet moves deeper into plate, thus the mishaps mentioned earlier happens. The plastic strap is not strong enough to take on the pressure, the repeated turn on/s and off/s to your switch and the plug-in and out/s to your outlets.

Be sure to spend wisely

But the inevitable and necessary gesture of turning on and off your switch lights helps you to save energy. The same thing goes for plugging-in and out your flattening iron and other appliances after use, correct? Yes! This act also avoids unwanted damages and expenses to your house. But what do you do about your wiring devices? Should you really just keep buying them every so often? Take note commodities keep increasing, be sure to spend wisely.

Make use of full metal straps

We propose that you use Meiji switches and outlets. This eliminates the problems of the previously mentioned issues because only Meiji’s switches and outlets make use of full metal straps to the plate so that your switches and outlets are protected. As the company has been in the electrical business for more than 20 years now, it has developed Meiji wiring devices to the markets’ ultimate need.

Non-fading polycarbonate

Meiji switches and outlets have a non-fading polycarbonate glossy-white finish. Using it for long periods of time would not be a problem both physically and aesthetically but is in fact expected. It could easily match and blend in with the interior of your home.

Practicality, mix-and-match, and cost efficient

The Meiji Classic Series has a complete line of wiring devices including telephone modular outlets, door bell push buttons, computer outlets, surface type switches and outlets and many others. Aside from its aesthetics and durability, it also promotes practicality with its mix-and-match feature. In case you would want to combine a switch together with your outlet so that you no longer need to plug-in and out your appliance, but just turn on the switch; you may do so with Meiji wiring devices. Being so. it is very cost efficient because not only does it save you the time and effort to plug-in and out an item, but also saves you the money to buy another set of outlet, switch and wires because it got worn-out.

Parallel screw type terminals

Meiji outlets also have parallel screw type terminals as its unique feature. This is because in the Philippines, the wire size commonly used is 3.5mm2 (AWG #12 Stranded) thus the conventional snap type connection cannot accommodate the thickness of the said wires. Given Meiji’s parallel screw type outlet feature, you can easily connect the 3.5mm2 wires into the pair of spacious screw type slot and interconnect several outlets in one circuit, making it a better and more convenient choice.

Safety and reliability

Aside from its features, you can also be assured of the safety and reliability of Meiji’s wiring devices as it has ICC Certificates and passed international tests.

Don’t underestimate your home for a lesser cost of wiring devices. Choose Meiji wiring devices-less hassle, better living.

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