4 Things To Remember When Purchasing An International Adapter

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4 Things To Remember When Purchasing An International Adapter

What are things you should take note of when purchasing an international adapter?

  1. Keep it small
  2. It cannot convert voltages
  3. Take note of outlet and plug shapes
  4. The future: USBs and their ability to standardize power


Do you enjoy traveling to different locations around the world? Are you having difficulty charging your electrical products during these trips? Well, it may be because you have not availed of an international adapter from an electrical company in the Philippines.

The reason why you may be having a difficult time powering up your devices is that different countries have different types of sockets. You may notice that some plugs have 2 prongs while others have 3. You may also notice that different voltages are used per country. It is imperative to take note of these as ignoring it may result in the breakage of your device.

A trusted electrical company in the Philippines such as Meiji Electric has products that you can use to power your electrical products no matter what socket types are available.

Read on to learn about what to remember when purchasing an international adapter.


Keep It Small

Keep it Small

First and foremost, you must remember to keep your international adapter as small as possible. The smaller types of international adapters have a single plug to the electrical outlet, such as Meiji Electric’s GS-05B. The back of this international adapter can serve as an outlet for multiple types of plugs. This can be beneficial if you purchased an electrical product from another country that may not fit the electrical sockets back home.

Universal adapters are a bit more difficult to find in smaller sizes. This is because universal adapters contain various types of outlets and plugs in a cube-like setting. The problem with this is that the immense weight causes them to fall out of the socket. Another problem is that a wide universal adapter could potentially block the socket beside it. Instead, try to plan ahead and find the appropriate adapters with the right amount of plugs and outputs that would work in your future destination.

Besides considering the number of plugs an international adapter can handle, another thing to remember is that these cannot convert voltages.


It Cannot Convert Voltages

It Cannot Convert Voltages

It is important that you take note of the voltage range provided by the electrical sockets in the country you are traveling to. This is because specific electrical products can only handle a certain voltage range. Check your device for a small sticker or a small engraving that may list the range of voltages it can handle.

But how is this related to international adapters? Well, you have to take note that international adapters cannot convert voltages. Plugging your electrical product into an electrical socket with the wrong voltage will yield negative consequences. Signs that you may have plugged your electrical product into a socket with the wrong voltage are a broken device and a burning smell.

Besides the voltage range of an electrical product, you should take note of the types of outlets and plug shapes you should expect in the country that you will travel to.


Take Note of Outlet and Plug Shapes

Take Note of Outlet and Plug Shapes

Did you know that there are 15 types of outlet plugs available ranging from Type A to Type O? All of these work with their respective power sockets. Before your trip, you should research the types of sockets found in the specific countries and purchase the appropriate international adapter. When buying an electrical product with a unique plug, consider investing in an international adapter just for the device itself.

You could also avail of Meiji Electric’s MCS-0765, a compact universal adapter consisting of five plugs for travel to China, Australia, Europe, America, and the United States. You can also plug in any type of electrical product with any number of prongs into this universal adapter’s outlets.

These are just some perks of bringing along an international adapter to your trips. Feeling overwhelmed? Do not fret as the future of adapters is here.


The Future: USBs and Its Ability to Standardize Power

The Future: USBs and Its Ability to Standardize Power

Instead of investing in one international adapter per electrical product, you can now purchase two-socket or four-socket USB travel adapters instead. This can allow you to charge your phone, tablet, and power bank all through one device. Before you go to your electrical supplier and avail of a USB travel adapter, take note that this type of adapter can only accommodate personal gadgets and not other electrical products such as hair dryers or curling irons. In order to invest in the right adapter, take note of the types of electrical products that you will be bringing along with you on your trip.

These are the things you need to remember when purchasing an international adapter. Take these tips into consideration as you explore the different types in order to find the best one for you.


Key Takeaway

A trusted electrical company in the Philippines such as Meiji Electric has a variety of options to help international travelers keep their electrical products powered. With our easy-to-use and durable international adapters, you will always be assured to be ready no matter what country you are in.

Keep your phone and tablet fully charged and ready for the day with Meiji Electric!

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